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With works made possible by resident donations, the permanent Sculpture Collection of Tribby Arts Center engages Shell Point residents and visitors alike. The Collection includes works in a variety of mediums that are installed in the Tribby’s interior spaces and landscape. In the Schlackman Sculpture Garden, bronze and metal works represent the Tribby’s goal to nurture creativity and engage the mind through programs in the visual, literary and performing arts. Inside the Tribby, kinetic sculptures evoke our beautiful Florida landscape, while two works displayed in the secondlevel Conference Room represent the immense talent of Shell Point’s own resident artists. 139470.indd 3

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Margaret A. “Maggie” Tribby Created by Steven Dickey

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A bronze sculpture of Shell Point resident Margaret A. “Maggie” Tribby (b. 1926) greets visitors to the Tribby Arts Center. Created by Florida artist Steven Dickey (b. 1949) in 2021, the sculpture pictures Maggie holding her beloved companion, Gracie. Maggie asked to be depicted looking into the arts center, so she could watch and smile at all the fun residents are having inside. The sculpture, which was carved in clay and then cast in bronze, was made possible by a donation from this very generous benefactress.

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The Creative Spirit Created by Steven Dickey

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The Creative Spirit (2021) was made possible by a donation from resident Mary Ann Sedlock. The work was carved in clay by Florida artist Steven Dickey (b. 1949) and cast in bronze. Dickey used his imagination to create a figure representing all Shell Point artists. The dog is modeled after Mary Ann’s pet, Snoopy Red Velvet. Dickey has created numerous bronze sculptures, including a series of bronze busts installed along the Riverwalk of Tampa, Florida. This accomplished artist also made Fountain of the Dolphins (1998) at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk in Staten Island.

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The Engaged Mind Created by Steven Dickey

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2/8/22 11:34 AM

The Engaged Mind (2021), created by artist Steven Dickey (b. 1949) as one of three bronze sculptures in the Tribby landscape, was made possible by resident Marie-Michelle McCarthy. A photograph of Marie-Michelle’s husband, Robert, inspired this figure who has temporarily put aside his book, The Engaged Mind, to take a sip of coffee and greet visitors walking onto the patio of the Tribby Café, also made possible by Marie-Michelle. Robert’s dog, Chico, sits patiently nearby.

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Stanchion Created by Lin Emery

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2/8/22 11:34 AM

Stanchion, a sculpture by the award-winning New Orleans-based artist Lin Emery (1926-2021), is the most recent addition to the Sculpture Garden and was made possible by a gift from Shell Point resident Jan van Laer. Lin Emery is famous for her kinetic artworks, many monumental in size, that blend form and movement, and she exhibited her work throughout the United States and around the world. Tribby Arts Center now joins the long list of distinguished museum and private collections that include her work. Stanchion, created from polished aluminum, appears delicate but is designed to withstand high winds.

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Garden Benches Created by Doug Hays

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Created by Florida artist Doug Hays (b. 1968), a group of six garden benches (2021) in the Sculpture Garden represents the performing arts. Each bench features a musical measure selected by its donor. For her music, Betsy Conrad selected Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, which Betsy has played on the piano since a young girl. Ruth and Terry Furhovden choose You Are My Sunshine, which is special to them both and which Ruth often sang to her mother. Take Me Home, Country Roads expresses Andrea and Phil Gainer’s fond memories of living in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia. Deborah Welch La Gorce selected Shadow Dancing thinking of dancing with her husband, John, in Santiago, Chile. Anne Wardlow’s bench features Joy to the World to express memories singing Christmas carols with her family. Finally, Tinka Zeitvogel selected Wien, du Stadt meiner Träume as a memory of living in Vienna with her husband, Fred.

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Glassinators Created by Andrew Carson

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In the Atrium (made possible by a gift from Deloris Wright), kinetic sculptures called Glassinators set the stage for Shell Point’s hub of creative and cultural activity. Their creator, Andrew Carson (b. 1962) of Washington, is internationally known for his wind-driven kinetic sculptures; these are the first he has mechanized for indoor use. Made of stainless steel, cast glass, copper and brass, each ring moves, driven by a separate motor. The sculpture “trees” rise above a floor evoking the landscape of Florida, while the lights overhead recall clouds. The sculptures were made possible by Shell Point resident Margaret A. “Maggie” Tribby.

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Portrait of Dr. George Lockhart III, created by June Lockhart (b. 1920) in 1997, won Best of Show in the 2017 exhibition Ageless Creativity, which factors in the history of Tribby Arts Center. The bust depicts June’s husband. June has worked in many mediums as a professional artist; the acclaimed sculptor Marshall Fredericks (1908-1998) was her mentor. This artwork has been donated by the artist at the invitation of Shell Point.

Arab Village (post-2000) by potter Myron W. “Mike” Klein (b. 1919) is the largest clay object created to date in the Shell Point Pottery Studio. In his career, Mike was a physicist who helped develop night vision goggles, and so it is fitting that his artwork depicts a village at night. This artwork has been donated to Tribby Arts Center at the invitation of Shell Point.


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