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1948 EPHS Flipbook PDF

1948 East Providence High School




Dedication To Adt'isor of tbe Class of 19-IR

To attempt in some small measure to show our appreciation to our faculty advisor for his genuine friendliness, for his sincere interest in our class collectively and individually, for his cheerful and untiring effort in our behalf, and for the fact that he has helped make our years here in East Providence High

chool more en-

joyable, ·w e, the Class of 1948, do dedicate to him this issue of Tbe Crimson and do tender to him our sincere thank for all that he has done for u ·.

Picture ofthe year

Faculty JAMI




PrmCI pal GO D\X'I tssisttml Principal


PRI (.III.A 0. Al.l>l GEORGE E. BL HKI HLRMA l. Bt H Gl AD't S I. ( ARHOI I LESI IE I. \RSO CATHLH A. ( O't I [ I 1/ ABFTH B. Ct Sill (, LOLl FARBf:R ·TrPHr"' l. [AR ( '\1 CIFMI T 1·\S(IHILI HARRIF'T A. GOI l Loll r V. Go ( 1).

llon·me h.1, the c.1p.1ciq· not onl) for dom • I · ~d1ool work well. but .1l'o for getting it in on time. ) h.H the .1bilin· for doing things th.n \1.'1.'111 to br tor othen. Ilorl.';ll.'l' .d,o 1~.1\ .1 ~' ondcrful plT\on.1lity to .Hid to lwr othu· .H:compli,hmcnl\. \Vith .dl of her .1\~et\ she ., urc tO \UCI.'l'I.'J. :\liRI.t\~1



1Sr ,\PPI J'BY (1-2 1), ,\11 -Statc llJnJ ( 1 -~-3) • • ', I. lc t. ( 1-2 \), !1.1 cball (1-2), R. LIN . (1-~-\). Softh.tll ( 1-2), !Ia kcthJIJ (1-2).

llrrr i, .1 girl "ho nl.l) \1.'1.'111 quirt to you, but to tho,r "ho kno\\ hrr she is full of fun ,lfld i' ,·cry good hc.1rtl.'d .1nd hclpf ul. During hrr thrrc ) ~111'1.1m, '' ith her ,hiny bra\\ trumpet, Ius been .1 \cry f.1ithful band membrr. It ccrt.1inl) took cour.tgc on tho,c cold morning,, :\liri.1m.




,\ rl·h pend, p.ut ot his time with a cert.1in red hc.1d and p.ut "ith .1 blond trying dc,pcr.Hcly to figure them out. I lc like\ to d.tncc .1nd is .1 most enjopbk· partner. Alton mir.11.'ulomh· fimh time for home "ork .1ml succes\fulh· complete\ i{. ·


Im \Dl OR I> I



Iud; {1-Z), \\ n tlono.,




·y hi, ~ood looking young nun is well known .uound E. P., p.trtind.trl) .unon~ th~ f~minine mcmbu·s. You rc.tlly r.1n 't bl.1m~ them, thou~h. Ik..,idl·s h.n ing good looks .tnd .1 gcncrom .tmount of br.tin powa, h.ts .1 friendly pl·rson.tlity \\ hu.:h cr1.1bks him to make fricmh whnen~r he goes. JOI L' \R/00'1 A

, JR .

.J. \'. n._cball and I ootb.tll ( • IloJII \), ( horm (2). Johnny is one of our good-natured and ambitious dcfemenK·n on th~ hock~y J lis cooperation and .nhletic .tbility h,t\'e cntamly been .1n .t\\et to thi~ sport . .John i\ alw.tys re.tdy to lend .1 helping lund, and hts qutet manners h,t,·e g.1ined for him th~ l.tstin~ friendship of both the students .llld f.H:ulty.

DORIS AR/0 'l \ Blue-e) cd, blomk, .tnd bu,y nukmg f nends e\ er) d 1\, Doris is .1 h.tppy-go-lucky girl, whom it\ fun to be with hL .thoys knows what to s.ty at the right time and place. Dons has a sweet disposition, and her quiet w.t) has been admired by m.tny. That's wh) she is such .1 ''ell-liked ~al.tround E. P.

I !ere is E. P.\ bowling pro from \\'.Hchemokct. .John c.lll comt.tntly be seen around the howling .tlleys, .tnd he ccrt.tinly is .1 help to his bowling You can .th\ .tys rccogni/e him by his moH outst.tnding fe.lture, hio; grnt big smile. This "ill indeed help him .tlong !.ncr in lifl·.

\1\RJORII B.l\kcth.tll



(I, 'inc om, 2 '\on (om. {\), \

II L B \RBO)A i' th.n ver~ t.tll d.1rk young l.1d who occupies a ,e,lt in room 5 .md '' ho contributes to the general merriment. lie i' mually found ch.lttrring in ,1 group and always enjoys him,clf. l>.lnn · doc'>n't t.tkl· p.trt in .1ny \ports, but he is mu.t!l~ '>ecn cheering our tc.1ms to 'ictory.

ROBFR'I' l OL I) BARCH! ( lwru (2-3), (




Bob, who ro'>e to f.1mc ,1\ .1 tenor in the chon!\, rushc., home e.1ch d.ty after '>chool to care for his pigs and pumpkim. J fc is e\.tremcly versatile; fint we sec him as .1 pious pilgrim, l.1ter ,1\ .1 chorister, ,tnd then a\ an authority on current l ' \ ents. Bob\ c.1mp.1ign speeches will never be for~ottcn .tnd neither will Bob.



< nm\on

( ), 1\o\\lm• (2), I rI John i\ .1 very t.tll, good-lookin~ young m.m who i quite a br.tiny fellow when it come to \olid geometry. J le i well liked by .til of hi, cl,t\\nute\ ,\\well .1~ br hi~ te.u:her~ becau c of _his courtcou~ nunncr, his neat .tppc.l;,tncc .tnd hi\ plca\ing \Oil:





C1 Bl. NT

(1-2-3), All Stm (2-1), .flbl rwock (2-Jj.


( lub


Roger\ the quiet littk· nun who keep~ u~ l.tughing ,ll lunch with hi, droll \tori~:\. He sureh knows h1\ ~tudies and he\ .1 m.tthcnutlcian '' ho \Omcdav ~-1\' follow in Einstein' footHep\. Roger is ,1 mcticulou\ d;0 tf you girls .uc lolo ( I -l).




\X'illi.un i, the: Gcnl Knrp.l of our cb\\. lIe ~pend\ 1110\t of hi~ p.trl' timl' pl.n r'1~ thl' drum' .tnd hopes somc:d.ty to bl: in .1 k.1ding band. \Vith his grl'.ll t.tknr in this field, \\CO arl' ure h \\ill Ht.lln hi goal.




(,lo j, .lh\ .l)' found tn the rmdst of fun .1nd frolic. llcr Lt, orit~ paHim~ j, w.nching th~ Hav~n ba~k~tball t~am play. rnc~ ,hl· to ~nt~r Quincy aft~r gr.tduation .md b~­ l~ll1L' .1 nurs~, (,lori.l studi~d Latin which pro,·~d to b~ on~ of h~r mmt enjo) .tbk· 'ubjects . .\IATTIII \\ JOSI PH CL A

Y, JR .

.\l.!tt) .tppL·.us to b~ .1 shy lad; but, bcrng .1 true, hl· Ius .1 bit of thL· dn·il himself in him. ot only ish~ .th\ .n·, for .1 l.tu,•h, but .tho h~ pro\ id~s many hi~1sclf . .\hn}; .1 frosty morning when the rest of the countryside is dr~.1min~, ) ou'll find ~l.ltty out in the cold tr.tining for the track tL'.l;n on which hl· did so wdl.

RICJ lARD JOSI PI I C 01 I I ) Ithll



l ( l ) ,I'r a ~

, ( .tpt.(l),

''"'·Com. ( 2-l ) , IHs Pre,. (2). jJbhcr"uhl likes to Ol'LUP' he; sp.ue ~imc rc.1ding .1 good book or scun,., ,1 mo\'ic lll (I), lm\nJ,




~1orc fun dun .1 b.1rrd of monkeys- that's Muriel. In this ~pi ) ou'll find humor .1nd .1 wond~.:rful pcrson.1liry ~.:t

oO' b) her pen good looks. \Vc'll never forget her angelic look ,1s the ~l.ulonn.1 in the Chrrstnus sscmblv. ,\1uricl's prdt) blue c l's .Hl' Olll' of hl'r grl'.ltl'H Jssets. .II thi~ and a 111.1n too-wh.n a gal!




\VII l.IA.\1 l I:IGI ITO

You kno\\ Bob, of cour\L'. lle\ good-n.Hured, wdllikl•d idlow "ho 'Pl'rllh \Oml' of hi, .lfter ,chool hour\ workin~ .lt tilL· llopL·. Bob\ full of fun; he lo\'es .1 ~ood time .tnd t".ln .th\ .n' lw countl'llon to be thl· lifl• of thl' p.trty. RIC liARD I:I.I.IOT II) I I R I nothall (1-2 l), llo,ke} (2-i), ,,.;, ( (I), Jabherv.u,k (:?-3), ~lJge

"om. en e of humor, .md we slull never fo~gct thl' c ride \\l'' t.tkcn \\ ith lll'r in her old r.lttktrap truck.


Qc '' /)

I ioncl may be quiet in chool and serious .tbout his studies, but he i not lacking in per.,on.tltty. Thi boy who spl•nth his after-~chool houn working in hi father\ ton· ha, a friend!) per,on.tlity whi h i plca,mg to c1 eryonc and '' hid1 h.\\ nude him very popubr at school.







Doruld is th.u tall, sl1m, d.trk-luired young nun who i rather quiet and apparent!) ~h). lie i~ the 'erious type of \tudent \\ ho li\ n 10r I' b ) I' ro d ( l ), 'ioi t h.tll ( I ) , ( lw rus 0), JJbh< r\\u~k (2).

Don't let shyness fool you, for .\Ltris is \cry .1cti\e and F. P. If vou .1rc ~.1d, ec this brown -e\·ed bc.lUt\ from Ri,cr~idc .111(1 v~ur troubles will be O\er, for .ha w.trn{ smile .tnd plca~ing w;y .1re factor of her popul.uity. i~ one of the moH ~o ::: i.1blc girls .1 round





Th.n bo\ \Ou han· he.ud .1bout, who one dav wok o\·cr

~tr. Ohcn'~ hiHon· d.!\\ .1nd uccecdcd, " none. other th.1n

I\ldie. !lis humor~m penon.1lity h.! \ brou~ht much enjo) ment to the mcml)l•n of hi, cl.t~s. lie i, .1 ,inccrc friend .1nd po\\C\\l'S .1 wond~:rful J,,pcsition "hid1 ''ill b~: rcmcmberc,l b) the cl.m of '4S.

l ORI.TTA llo11111

K1-lli - lri ( 1- 2- l ), \ ' ,. e

~tFDI~ IRO~ ~oci f)

Pre ~.

{2 ), ( lwru {2-3).

I Oll'•t.l is a tin\ little ~irl "ith long bbck hair and cute little dimpil;,. ~hL ts ,dJom 'cen in the corridon without her f.1ithful fnLnd .1nC\', lon:•tt.t i, .1h\,l\' full of fun .1ml .1lw.1) s h.l\ ,1 ple1\ln~ 'n~ilc on her i.1cc i~r her tc.1cl1crs .1~ wdl .1, for her cbssmJtc~.



lbncl { I 2- l ) , R. I. l est . l n • I



I. lc t. ( 3 ) .


DI R R I. Solo &

I Llrq i'i one of the quieter members of our enior cl.tss; j,, hl·\ quiet in ,chool. but out,idc he rc.11ly nukl.', up for it. One of his chief imcn·'t' i, hi, cl.uinct which hl· in the b.1nd. lle\ l'l'.111~ .1 good-n.HureJ fellow, .1nd \\ l' "i h him .1 lot of luck.


111"1 I 1 'A I I Sir ;\IFI I 0 You m.l) thin! that I kll'n 1' .t quil't ~irl; but if you do, ,:. ou don't kno\\ hc..'r "dl .lt .til. Ildl'n i, .1 tin), good-n.Hurl'd, d.trk-luirt•d girl "ith a rt'.Hh 'upply of joke,, All in ,til ,!w ha~ blt'n .1 fine p.d .mJ .1 cia nute "~.·II '' orth k1H>\\ in g .




Til ;\1['1"'1 S

( hon.. (2-3), ~lo\1mmmg (2).

Jo) c~..·'s S\\ t'Ct nuk .llld ~heay hello for everyone h.n·e beln the 'our~o.t' of ht•r m:tll\' flit•mhhil'' .ll E. P. She enjo,:.' .1 good time .md .tdd .1 sp.trk of lifl' to .tn,:. group . .Jo)Cl' i~ .tim o11c..' of our bc..'st jittabug .



J \ H.-chall (2), f. V. llo kC) (2) . is quite..' interl'stl'd in politic\ .tnd keeps posted on .111 ,ttf.tirs. \\'e n.Hur.tlly cxpc..'~tcd him to bl'~in prcparJtion for .1 c.uccr. Howe\ cr, this JO' fdlow with the mdodious tenor \oice w bl'come .111 u11dat.lkt•r, oi .til things! Betta lc.un to ~urh th.n smile..'! Hov.l1n Club (i), \ cc I'·cs. (

I TOPI: I:! IZi\Bl'TII .\1lJ. 'RO lktt,:. is J mmi~ lo\Cr .md pb) the ''ell. She .tlso cnjo) s re.1ding good boob. Bookkeeping 1 her f.n oritt• mbjcct, .md footb.dl, of cour,c, i ht•r f.n oritc \port. Betty i\ 111 th,• group .tnd to m.lkl• otliIIY

Ki-Hi-lri (I), Sv.


(2), ( horm (2 1).

Jo.m, .tlthough .1 cen.tin .1 \ Ltd t.tkl's up .1 lot of her timl', Hill has s:tvl'd mough of 1t to nuke hasclf wcll-kno'' n .uound the school. E\Tn though slw h.\\ .1 totu.:h of rl'd in hl'r luir this dol'sn 't indi~.ltl' .1 hot temper, for Jo.ln is .1 \ l'r} fril'ndl) pl'rson.



BI· Vl· IU Y I ORR I ' I 1\1 RRJ\ Y R1n

( om. (2),

oc. ( em. 0), Il l\.! ng (I 2 3), lla k tball (1-2-n, IIJScball (I) .

An infinite p.nicnce '' ith her \\ ork, .1 d iHinn air of good bn·edin g, .1 c.1lmness of ruture, .1 prett y f.1cc- mi them together .1nd ~ ou h.tve B v, one o f our senior . gt' \ cnjo} mo t ~pllrt but partic ular! ) bowling. I fer ,lttention seems to be centered m.1inly on a blond Scckonker. (I I J\RI Is




' ARDO/ \

Sugc ( rc\\ (2 3).

( h.ulie ha duk ,., '' Y h.1ir and .1 bag full o f joh . I le i .1 gn·at lo\'l'f' of .1nim.1b, e\peci.dly horses, .tnd hl• .ulort·~ the countn m.1int.1inin~ th.H there i' no pl.u:e like Seekonk. I uck) ' hopes to ent~r t.lte thi fall and \\C 'i h him the best of luck.

\)C II


I Jere is .1 girl who c.m .1l\\'.1ys lK• rehcd upon to tell thl' late\t joke or report on ,chool luppening\, Doming.1 .md ro~ cc C.lll mu.111)' be el'n to~ethcr in or out of trouble. I think her winning smile has been the secret of her success in high school.

JOIL T I [)\\' M~D I ' IU 101 s. JR. f. \ , l ootball ( 1) , J. \'. JI.Hk thall (2) , I h- ) ( 1-2-l). Johnn gl\ cs you the impre~sion that he is quiet, but his iriends know th.n he isn't. !though his interest docs not ll'ntcr .mmnd ,1-(irh, Johnny h.\\ lot' of admirers. lie i\ YCr) much interl'~tcd in the sport\ world and 1s right on the be.1m \\ ith up- inform.nion.

OR.\1 \ I \

I' ,,th.1l

I( I 101) I ) , l1.1 I>.~ II (I '


' orm\ nuin interests .m: De ~toby .md sports. 1\lthou~h he h.l\n t t.1kl·n .1n .1Cti\'C p.ut in .1ny school sports except b.l\t'b.1ll. orm is n·ry much interested in pri' .He g.tmcs. All tcat:hns "ill spe.1k .1 good \\Ord for this well-beh.n ed, t,:t•ntlem.llll) 1





Ol \


C,cor~e is .1 \\ dl-liked member of our cl.l~s. I Ie\ r.tther quiet but 'er) good-n.nureJ. I le went out for ft.otb.1ll .1nd tr.1ck but '' .1s forced to discontinue them bcc.wse of .1 lund injurr. lie c.1n mu.1lly be seen running .uound '' ith Clem Dcl.1hunt, his best fril•nd.



CI C Il I I /101


" (3), SeniOr l'l.t) l'r d. (ll, ( horus ( 2 ).

li1 l r• (2 1), llmdut• (2-)), (

( .1rol) n is one of the snunest girh of East Pro\ idence :n both dre" .md studies. Chcmistr) is her fayorite subject. [, idcntl) stud) ing h.H its re\\' ,uds, for shl· recei,·ed an 1\ in this ditticult subject. ( .1rolyn pbns to become .1 nu se .dter gr.1du.1tion. 1 ler wit, fl'non.1lit), .1nd fricnJI) blul' e) c will nuke her .1n .1\Sl't to .1ny hospit.1l.



lin• 1 \on I D. A R. A".ud, S"m11nin!; (\), Bwlin FI DRII>(, [ PR \Ill\


' \ , Soc ( c 11

Y, JR. ( \ ) , ., 1 hunun dyn.tmo. As soon a\ he .tppe.ns, the fun lK·gins. o p.trty is complete without him . I lis f.tithful c,u Jkdilu h,l\ rmhed\" .tiling students safeh· to their doorstq1s. He helps only th~ f.tire; se:x through tl;e door. Buttertum lifes.n en .ue one of rlK· nuny joys 1 I.trold h.l\ brought to little I:. P.


"1 \lUI

( a nlt:l'n ( o n


RA \10) .:! \

lny h.l\ good looks, pretty luir (which be coitlcd in so nuny w.1~ ') lovely clothes, .tnd .1 charming nunner. There\ nt:\ cr .1 dull moment "hen she\ .uound with her fun .1nd her hc.lrtv l.tugh which makes you forget your troubles. There\ n; doubt th.u Iny is,, poi1ular girl.

\liCJ IAI:I RI I'-l, JR .


rtc k

I 1- l ) •

I I.. 'I


.John, better kno'' n as onm to his friends, usu,dl~ be seen working .lt Dokc\ ReH lUr.tnt .tfter school. I Ie 1s a member of our track tum, .tnd his f.n oritl' p.tst•m~ is d.tncing. ' onny is also .111 acti,·c member of th~.: .1\ tl Re~ervc




(, .1! (2).

Danny is .1 sports lover. His f.n oritc 'POrt .uc golf .111d ba eball, wh1ch he plays well. He also enjoys mo\ ies and good things to cat. His fa,oritc subjects .1re histOr) .tnd geography. After he graduates in June, Ihnny to go on to trade school.



Grace, with her pn:tty auburn h.11r .111d sh,.:ht build is om: of our mot popular and well- liked students )hL ''brimming over with fun and mischief and h.IS quit~: 1 smsc of humor. JuH to look at her twinkling e~es nukes one feel h.tppy. Please work in my office. Grace!




.JA,\tl S K EI'J'I I R I< I I A R I>S Indoor ,md Outdoor I rJ k (I), All-'it.Hc llJnd (I 2-3),

rcstlrns; (2),


\'\'~,til know Jimnw; if

it were not for him and hi~ trom-

bon~ tlw s,;.tn~I~J llann~r wouldn't be h.tlf a dfccti,-~ in ,\\wmblie\. I Ic h.ts nuny friends po~sibly bec.tuse of hi~ w.n y h.1ir and wonderful smil~. J !e l1.1s .1 1-:eniu~ for getting out of trouble .ts r.tpidly as he get~ into it. DA \'1[) ASfi\X'ORTH RII CY \\ rcstlins (~-l), J-h-Y (1-2-\).

T.tll. blond, ,tnd l1.1nd~ome: th.u\•. I le Ius ,1muwd the entire stud\' hall with his .mecdotes concerning his c.lts. h.ts bee~ ucce\\ful during hi t\\ o years on the ~·re~tling l li~ techniqu~..· j, terrific. D.we cl.tims it i~ unwise to mimic friends especially when the te.tchcr is looking.

IlLli'\ \1\R'I JUIEY lf, • 'in i I\ Bmdrn• (1-l), S"rmming (1), Crimson (1).

J lclen is one of the home room four girls who .tlw.tys seem to b..· do in~ sonll·thing to bafill' :\1 r. ',uson. l Ier long brown luir .1nd blu~ e) es h,t\ e c.tptivated the he.1rt of an East

Prm idcnce gr.tdu.H~ by the n,\Jlll' of .Jimmy. I lclen has bern t'.tithful mrmbrr of th

( luh (1-2),

ant. Com. (1-1-l), R2 kctb2ll (I) . who al" .1ys m.111.1 ·e~ to get hc:r home-

Barbara's the girl work assignments done. \Vl· cert.tinly en\,. her .tmbition. Besides being noted for her schob,tic .tbditie,, g,nb.u.t' .tlso an avid football hL \ .tl\\ .n·s \el'll dlll'rin~ the to victor~. Barbara pltns to enter ~1ursing nc t ) Good luck in your new career,!

A problem to no one, a friend to .til nnt t he the motto of Thelma. Laughing seems to be one of her f.t, oritL' pastimes, and well it is, for her \Oice is soft .tnd \\\l'Ct .tnd h.1s a merry tinkle th.n is ple.\S,1nt to he.1r. 1\ll who kno\\ Thelma agree that there i no lK·tter ( riL·nd or comp.tnion to be found. 0 \VI ALD ALEX\


roen. Pia) U lwr ( 1).

Sht•' full oi pep .md good humor ami not h.trd on the eye either. Yep! Th.n\ Doris, one of the cutest little blonde in the senior cl.t". I ler friendly pcnorulity and h.1ppy nature h.n l' m.Hk· Dnr;s .1 friend of jmt .tbout cvcq member of l· .1st Prm idcno.;e Iligh School.


• J:I





:\bnrn i .1 r.nht•r ~crious-minded but well-liked member of our se.nior cl.tss. I Ito\ l(Uiet in school, receives good marks in his tudit•s, .tnd is .th\ .l) s willin~ to help .1 fellow-student. I lis m.tin rntcr,·st outside oi school is photography which he hopl'S to 'tud~ .tfter gr.tdu.nion .

. inwn\ th.H r.nher noisr fellow from room 8. He is mu.dl) seu1 '' rth .1 groupo( fellows, but he do.:sn 't seem Jt .til intercstld in the fairer se-.. fIe is a lop! supporter of .til ~port c\cnts .tnd is wen quite often gi' ing his lungs a tr~ out .It tlk• footll.lll g.tmcs.





• ' DI RS

Bru~t· .th\ .1) \ b~ \l'~n Jt .til of our foot lull g.tme\ .tnd nuny of tht· otht•r sports ~vent\ .tlthough ht• docsn't in .111) of tl1em. If you eva w.111t .1 good chocol.ttt' so~l.t, goO\ a to o \ "hen.• Brut't' "orb, .111d h~ will gl.tdl) Ill I

\ Oll lllll',


SC IrE I-F I.E \

( I ),

Hat·\ tl1e girl we .til try to, for she ~ollects th~ sltps. Ann h.n don~ .1 ' ' onderful job working in the office. \\ t heJr ,he is quite J ptJniH, .tnd we regret she h.ts hpt tim ulent hiddm. \\' e hopl' Ann will succee I in rtJthlllg \\' dksll.'\ ( ollq.:~. '' hich lk• WJnt\ to .lttt•nd.

DORIS I II:ll 1/mmr \o,

Sl \R S 1

Dori~. who is one of our \enion \\ho h.t\e fini shl.'d .1 lurd course with tlying colors, h.n .111 .tur.t of quiet rt'strve Jbout her thJt gi' es one J feeling of confidence. Ont• rcJitzes immedi.nclv she is sincere .tnd tru~t '' orth\; one \\ants her for ·.1 frit·nd. I In good m.trks .Hl' tlw t ' ll\ • of nlJny of her classnutes.


II Sl'\11.10

Jenn) is one girl who cJn .tdJust hl'rsclf to .dmost ,ltl) situJtion. This ability, which is bckin,~.: in so nuny girl,, is .tbund.tnt in Jennil'. In .tddition to this tr.tit she .dso lu .1 pleJsing pcnonality and .1 ' ' ondl'rful sl'nse of humor. All this added togl'ther is surt• to aid her in l.tta life.

PETI R PAI.\1 SI PF J \ !lJ .~b.11l I ) :\1cct Pete- that is, if it's po\\iblc tlut you h.l\'cn't\ ml't him. I Ie's t.tkm .1 r.nhcr h.trd counl' .H high schoof. yet he manJgcs to pep up C\cry om· of his cl.tssl' \\ irh his bright pl'rson.tlity .111d \\itt) rcm.trk~. Ill'' .1 .gr.tnd guy, .tnd you can't help liking him.


RUT! I ,\tA Y SI IARP llollor oorl} .:-.:om. Com. (l), lhskctllJII (I).

Ruthie i\ .1 brown-luired, blue-eyed l.ts from room IX. She likes dancing .tnd mo\·ies .tnd love~ gymnastic . She i ,ln l' cellent b.1 ketb.tll pl.tyer .tnd swimmer. There .trc few student~ who work as hard to achieve results .1~ she dO('s. Ruthie works in ~l neighborhood ~tore in her sp.tre time. EDIT! I ADELAIDE

II.\' A

Fdith, with her warm )mile, sweet disposition, .tnd good manners, i) one of our prettier girls. f ler smde for e\ eryone is well-known throughout the school. Shl has set a good e ample for the underclassmen, and WL .ue '>ure her person.tlny :tnd .tbility will help her to achil'\e whatever goal she chooses.

PAL\tYR \ SIL \ 1 RIA lh-lri (2-J), Pre. (1), ,\ ''" bh (um. l), Hu,..ling (2-3), Lib. \ox. (I), '"'c. (om. (~).Sen. P!ar ()), Towni~ (2-l), amerJ (lob {2).

Yes, tim is P.1l, th.n liveh senior'' hom one can ee dashing through the corridon of old E. P. Her fncndh attitude to~v .1 rd e,· t:r) one has made many friends for her: Students '' ho m·\ e1 got to know her h.t\'e missed .1 great deal, for P.d is re.tll) .1 '' onderful person.

Al'C,lJS'IJ, 'E I L R I ADO SI\t A , JR. I

I est


( lwrm

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\Vc picturL' (,us .1s .1 cl.ts~ comcdi.lll; but actualh he bbors :tc.dousl} to get alll'.td, dmng his homework mcnculousl} l'\l'r) night he doc'n 't h.n c a date. I Ii~ basso prof undo h,ts bl'l'n .1 f.tctor in making the chorus a success.

B \RB \RA ELAI. 1 \ occ Pre. (2), So


\11 rH

2),. nm ( •Ill lo\\ni~ (2-l), Hu,..ling (l), Sen. Pl.t) Prod. (l).

B.ub.tra is thl• cute senior '' ho was elected assistant editor of the To" nil· in her wnior ve.u. ~he LJn usualh be seen tr) ing to get .1 scoop for the paper. \\ 1th her ple~~ing pcrson.dity .wd lwr loH' of fun, h.ts won many fril'nds .ll

F. P.


J ·\


~" rnn,


I S\1ITI I ' 1

Bo" tng (I).

J.lnice i\ a sweet .1mi lo\:el} member of our senior cl.1ss. This cute little brunette nuy sc~:rn r.tther quiet .lt lint, but \\hen vou re.1lly g~:t to know her it's a differcrlt .'>ton. Shl h.1s .1 '' onderft;l pnson.llit\ .llld it\ just impossible not to lih hl·r. l\1 \R TJIA ROot i• I, Buv. li11g l l J, Sv. imnung ( l • 'i. \ t1nest footb.tll er\, is .1 fellow wellknown around sdwol for thl· hil.uiou clubs which he org.tni/c. After ~chool/de can b._. ccn tr)ing to co.t h1s j.tlopie to ,..,u stlrted. I k "dl ever be f.tnwu s for hi rendition of " The '>p.tni.trd Song."

Cy A



(), lui:. l o"nic ( ~ - 3 ) , Cnnuo n (3) , I rcnc h ( lub ( I ) . Scnao r 1'1.1> her ( .1 ) .

c;,.imming ( 1- -

ancy is a quiet little bdy. Among her favoritl.' paHimes .trc skting, dancing, and musiL ~he worries const.tntly .tbout her work in geometr) cb\S. , .tilL}' plans to continue her scho011ng .tfter gr.tdu.ttion but ,1\ yet has not lk-t:ilhl \\ she would lih• to \tud) .

.JOII. T BI R ((, . Y

ARD TIIELL, JR. ) , \\ r, .d

1); (

1-2 I)

Johnny is t.tll, blond ..tnt! t!dinitcly good-looking. I ike most boys he 1s interested in nl.ln) sports, but his f.t\'Orite is roller skating. f le i~ .t "hi/ on sk.ttes, .tnd he's often found .tt the rink. Johnn) \ like.tble disposition .tnd pleasing nunlll'r\ .tre kno\\ n to .til his many friends .tnd cbssnutes .

.\1AR Y TI 10~1 \