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2022 KAG Benefit Guide Draft 28 Flipbook PDF

2022 KAG Benefit Guide Draft 28




ACCIDENT INSURANCE Supplemental Voluntary Benefits

ACCIDENT INSURANCE Accident coverage is available through Mutual of Omaha and helps provide you with benefits in the event you or a loved one are in an accident. Most major medical insurance plans only pay a portion of bills related to accidents. The accident plan can help offset these expenses not covered by your medical plan.  How does it work? Protection for accidental on or off-the-job injuries Cash benefits paid directly to you to help pay for deductibles, treatment, living expenses, loss of income and more Guarantee Issue, meaning no medical questions to answer Pays in addition to other insurance coverage Coverage is available for dependents Please review the plan summary for a listing of covered benefits Cost of Coverage? The cost of Accident coverage is based on the plan you are selecting and coverage tier. Please visit PlanSource to review your cost of coverage.

Accident Coverage

This insurance pays a benefit for each injury, treatment or service included in the policy that occurs as the result of a covered accident.

For example, Jeff’s son, Jake, was playing soccer during recess at school. He was tripped and falls hard, injures his shoulder, and is transported by ambulance to the ER due to concerns of head trauma. The ER doctor orders a CT scan to check for any facial or head injuries and a shoulder X-ray.

Jake was diagnosed with a concussion and a broken collarbone. His arm was set in a sling, and he was released to his pediatrician for follow-up care. Jake visits his pediatrician at two weeks and one month after the accident to make sure he’s healing well. In the meantime, Jeff starts receiving bills for the care Jake received. The ambulance bill alone was $556. He’s a pretty healthy kid, so a health insurance deductible of $1,500 had to be met before Jeff’s health insurance would begin covering Jake’s care, and after that, there’s a 20% copay.

Accident benefits pay in addition to other insurance, and can be used to help cover gaps in health insurance or other expenses if the unexpected happens.





CT Scan


ER Visit X-ray





Follow-Up Visit 1


Broken Collarbone Follow-Up Visit 2 Total Benefit

$300 $75


Note: The benefits shown in this example are for a sample design and may vary from the benefits that are available to you.

*For additional details please visit with a Benefit Counselor or reference PlanSource.