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Savina & Drones

Singer Introduction

Matchless music, dreamlike voice.

[Savina & Drones] will eventually make us cry. Korean female singer-songwriter, Savina&Drones. She is a charismatic and talented singer-songwriter artist. Her attractive voice tone is unforgettable, powerful, and dreamlike as if it would appear in a dream. She was nominated for Pop Album of the Year and Pop Song of the Year at the 2017 Korean Music Awards. She is known to the public in and out of Korea through numerous drama OSTs, Including Eugene’s theme song [My Home] in ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ [Glass bridge] in ‘The Bride of Habaek,’ and the OSTs of ‘Hot Stove League,’ ‘Mistress,’ ‘Just Between Lovers,’ and ‘My Secret Terius.’ Savina&Drones is a singer-songwriter who debuted in 2010 with her EP album, [Dose To Live]. Her spell-like unique name combines her Catholic baptismal name ‘Savina’ and ‘Drone’, which means a resonating sound. Her name means ‘Savina’s music and the resonating sound in the listeners’ hearts.’ Just like the meaning of her name, she makes music with touching messages and dreamlike voices to mesmerize the listeners. Her fans naturally gathered through word-of-mouth because she didn’t often appear on television. However, recently she participated in drama OSTs such as those of [Mr. Sunshine,] [The Bride of Habaek,] and [Just Between Lovers,] making it easier to listen to her voice more often. [I'm Live], the concert of Savina & Drones, was a time to feel the power of her music from 'So when it goes,' 'Don't break your heart,' ‘We Are,' 'Where Are You,' and to 'Stay.‘ Savina&Drones explained the motivation and meaning of the song between each performance, making everyone in the concert to get absorbed into her music.


SAVINA / Vocalist, Composer, Lyricist, producer Name : Choi Minyoung Birth date : January 28th Blood type : O Career : Registered Nurse, work experience in a general hospital. Instagram : savina_drones


Establishment : 2008 Debut : 2010년 Current member : Savina Former member : •1st album Savina •2nd album- Cho Yongmin (Guitar), Kim Dongryul (Drum), Yoo Seunghye (Piano), Jeong Hyunseo(Bass), Min Kyungjoon(Electronics)

Affiliation : Woman And Mans (2010~2013)

/ Savi Music (one-person agency) (2014~present)

Album / Song

•2010. 01. 14 EP [Does To Live] •2011. 01. 27 1st official album [Gayo] •2016. 05. 06 2nd official album [Our Time Lies Within]


•A Year Long Part. 1 - When I Become an Adult (Prelude) 2020.10.24 •A Year Long Part. 2 - Where All Loves End 2020.11.24 •A Year Long Part. 3 – ChristBlue’sMas 2020.12.24

OST •2018 tvN drama OST Part 6. – [My Home (Eugene's Song) ] •2019 SBS drama OST Part 5. –[DOWN] •2022 webtoon OST part 2. [We Loved Each Other So Much] and more.


•2018 Auvers 1st official album [Siren] feat. Savina&Drones •2020 Misozium 1st official album [Cranberry] feat. Savina&Drones and more.

Awards •2017 nomination for the in Korean Music Awards - 2nd album [Our Time Lies Within] •2017 nomination for the in Korean Music Awards -title song [Don’t break your heart] •2016 Bugs Music Pop/Ballad Album of the Year - The coexistence of coldness and warmth, the esthetics of fantasy and lyricism, Savina & Drones [Our Time Lies Within] •2019 Bugs Music [The Best Korean Album in the 2010s] for Ballad/Pop genre Savina&Drones – [Our Time Lies Within] (2016)


Does To Live


Our Time Lies Within (Eng ver.)

A year long part 1. Prelude

A year long part 2. Where All Loves End

A year long part 3. ChrisBlue’sMas


· Glowingdog EP ‘Texture’ · The Hermit – Savina & Drones

· Jo Jung-chi 3rd official album ‘3’ Fix Me – Savina & Drones

· Auvers 1st official album ‘Moby Dick’

· Misozium 1st official album ‘Flower Arrangement’

· Siren– Savina&Drones

· Cranberry – Savina&Drones



tvN drama

OST Part .2 [Glass Bridge]

jtbc drama

OST Part 2. – [Aurora]

OCN drama OST Part 1. – [Cuddle]

tvN drama OST Part 6. – [My Home (Eugene's Song)]

MBC drama OST Part 6. – [My Sunshine]

SBS drama

OST Part 5. –[DOWN]

jtbc drama

OST part 1. [Moving Away]

Webtoon OST part 2. [We Loved Each Other So Much]

Songs & Lyrics

Don’t break your heart

Don't breaking heart There is no way to reach the things I long for They don’t stay here There is no way to lay down the heartbreaking words They don’t leave me As your sadness crosses the river I wish I could take it away Breaking heart Breaking my love The sky is dark, but nobody visits me

Breaking my love Like a breaking petal I hope you will not return after being lost Breaking heart I can’t see you You flow far away without letting me hold you Breaking my love Like a breaking petal I hope you will not return after being lost Breaking heart

Songs & Lyrics

So When It Goes

So when it goes Stop moving forward and take a rest beside me Even if the world is surprised as you breathe the pain always smiles as it is It will heal, heal, heal someday You are alone without us and flow, flow, flow to disappear

As time goes on, the pain will heal, heal, heal someday You are alone without us and breathe, so does the world Even if everyone seems to walk without anything wrong, there is nobody without a wound The star in the sky is the tear of the pain

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