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3-Privileges Villa Owner Members Flipbook PDF

3-Privileges Villa Owner Members




SENTIERREPADRE CANYON PrivilegesVilla Owner/Members

The Sentierre key is meant to symbolically open “all doors” at Sentierre Padre Canyon Resort and Sanctuary. It will enable Owner/Members to experience the ultra-luxury amenities and the widest range of individually customized Pathways that the Resort has to offer. Those who share these experiences and Pathways with each other, help to strengthen the Sentierre Sense of Community providing a foundation for a lasting family legacy.Capitalized terms in this booklet are defined in the “Sentierre Language and Terms” booklet.Representative floor plans, amenities, facilities, sketches, drawings, photographs, layouts, specifications, square footage, procedures and costsfor Sentierre Padre Canyon contain general descriptions only and are subject to change without notice. The renderings and photographs shownare visualizations of current design or operational concepts. No guarantee is made that the features, amenities, facilities and exact costs depictedor communicated by artists’ renderings or otherwise described herein will be provided, or, if provided, will be of the same type, size or nature asdepicted or described. For California buyers, the California Department of Real Estate has not inspected, examined, or qualified this offering.

SENTIERRE luxury amenities and experiencesBy providing the use of a strategic selection of ResortAmenities combined with unique Pathway activities forall ages, Villa Owner/Members realize significant value— far beyond that of the Villa itself. These SentierrePrivileges are exciting, meaningful and are partiallymade possible by the assistance and creativity of theSentierre Path Guide chosen by each Owner/Member.Many of these Privileges will be available based on apriority determined by The Order, established by thechronological order in which the Villas are purchased.The Order is a source of value that stays with the Villaand provides the annual priority to choose the time touse the Sentierre Yacht and many other priority-basedPrivileges. The array of Privileges to use the luxuryamenities and aspirational Pathways will cause allyour family members to return on a regular basis tothe Sentierre Padre Canyon Resort & Sanctuary. ThesePrivileges and Pathways will be the foundation forcreating your own legacy at the Resort. The servicesoffered by Sentierre Padre Canyon for your Villa, relievesyou of maintenance and security challenges. Page 3

Unique Resort Amenities create an aspirational environment alluring guests back toSentierre Padre Canyon on a consistent basis. Sentierre understands that it is the littlethings that count. Remembering special details are part of the Sentierre’s Sense ofCommunity and are consistently applied by focus and hard work of the team members.

SENTIERRE sharing pathways to create a sense of community and desire to return Amenities, Privileges Founder Key CommentsGeneral Information Members MembersVilla Owner/Members purchase Villas with Founder Owner Key Owner/ Funds from the sales proceeds of Villas will bethe expectation that Sentierre Padre Canyon’s /Members are Members are used to help pay for 1) Villa and infrastructurelevel of design, hospitality operations, service defined as those all other Villa development costs, 2) shared resort hoteland brand value is delivered daily on a long who purchase a Buyers. amenity, service and support facilities andterm basis. This creates and enhances the Villa designated Resort Shared Area development costs andvalue of the Resort and of the individual for Founders. 3) other costs of the planning, development,Villas. It also introduces the Owner/Member marketing/sales of the Villas and the Resort.into the Sentierre Community. Contact your Path Guide or the reservations department.In order to preserve and enhance the value Required. Required.of the Resort experience and of the Villas,Owner/Members will be subject to ResortRules. Notification of residence by Owner/Members and their Guests is required.Maintenance, Resort Amenities Use and ServicesVilla Maintenance. The Resort Owner will be Required. Required. The Villa Owner/Member will beresponsible for the regular care, maintenance, responsible for all Assessments to berepair of (1) the exterior of each Villa (excluding collected on a monthly, quarterly or otherVilla pools), (2) the landscaping and other non- basis as selected by the Resort Managerstructural Improvements on each Lot; and with the approval of the Resort Committee.the (3) Access Drives. Villa Assessments shall The Villa Assessment will include the costsbe charged to pay for each Owner/Member’s associated with Resort Amenities describedProportionate Share of these costs, subject to below.the Maximum Assessment.Resort Amenities. Owner/Members are Required. Required. Shared amenity costs will be collected on aprovided the use of Resort Amenities and the monthly, quarterly or other basis as may beResort Shared Areas subject to the Resort assessed by the Resort Manager with theRules. Owner/Members will be charged for approval of the Resort Committee as part ofeach Villa’s Proportionate Share of the cost the Villa Assessment.of (1) operating, maintaining, repairing andreplacing the Resort Amenities and other Page 5improvements to the Resort Shared Area,and (2) insuring the Resort Shared Area, allsubject to the Maximum Assessment.

Sentierre’s Path Guides make it easy to have fun whether it is hiking new trails, cookinglessons, ski lessons or working with your Master Path Guide or Children’s Path Guide inplanning balloon rides, shopping trips, play groups or countless other activities. SentierreResorts simplify your life by shouldering the stress of planning and organizing your trip andits activities and events. Path Guides make it fun for all ages and groups.

SENTIERRE many pathways - one destinationAmenities, Privileges Founder Key Comments Members MembersA La Carte Services. Resort Owner Each service Each service These services will be paid for as charged bywill provide Owner/Members with the provided upon provided upon the Owner/Member with a standard creditopportunity to request services and products request will request will card or other arrangement made betweensimilar to those made available to nightly have separate have separate the Owner/Member and the Resort Ownerguests at the Resort (collectively, the “Resort pricing. pricing. as facilitated by the Resort Manager.Services”). These include housekeeping, in- Yes See Page dining, interior maintenance, securityand others.Yacht Amenity Use. Under a separate Yacht YesUse Agreement, the terms and conditions ofOwner/Member use of the Sentierre Yacht isdescribed. See Page 11 of this booklet.PrivilegesAutomatic guest room upgrades at Sentierre Yes, based on Yes, based on Reservations to be made through a PathPadre Canyon for friends or family for occupancy. occupancy. Guide or through the reservation system withreservations made by Owner / Members. No fee for policies set by the Resort Manager. access. Each of Owner/Members should expect to payAccess to Sentierre Path Guides with No fee for the Pathways customary service charges or access to all Pathways such as water access. Each of will havesports activities, fishing, boating, hiking the Pathways varying, biking, ski/snowboarding events will haveand experiences, fashion, design, helicopter varying costs.transportation and tours, art and other culturalexperiences, some remote entertainment andmore.Local car service with driver. Yes, at cost Yes, at cost The cost will be periodically updated by except for plus customary the provider and as approved by the Resort customary service charges Manager. service charges (tip). (tip). Page 7

Sentierre Padre Canyon’s Amenities provide a wide range of exclusive luxury experiencesand facilities. The use of exclusive Member Rooms, Member Locker Rooms, cabanas andChef’s Table all delivered without pretense in a relaxed setting where Owner/Membersand their guests can enjoy the surroundings. Other unique Resort Amenities create anaspirational environment that draws people back to the Resort again and again.

SENTIERRE luxury without pretenseAmenities, Privileges Founder Key Comments Members MembersAccess to the exclusive Member’s Lounge. Yes. At no cost. Yes. At no cost. Alcoholic beverages will have a cost. TheIncludes hors d’oeuvres and beverages at Yes. At no cost. Resort Manager will establish serving timesscheduled seasonal times. Includes separate Yes. At no cost. and policies to be approved the ResortKid’s are near the Member Lounge. Based on Committee.Access to Member’s Locker Room. availability. Family style lockers for storage of water toys Yes. Rental and recreational clothing.Preferred seating and reservations in the Based on cost of cabanas The Resort Manager will provide the reservationResort restaurants. availability. will vary with policy to preserve recognition of The Order.Priority access to swimming pools and Yes. Rental season and time The Resort Manager will provide thereservations for us of the cabanas. cost of cabanas of week. reservation policy to preserve Owner/Member will vary with Yes. priorities to be approved by the ResortSpecial pricing in the Resort restaurants. season and time Committee. of week. Yes. At no cost. Yes. Available Special pricing will be set by the Resort Manager and will change with seasonsAccess to the fitness center. Yes. At no cost. At no charge, and time of week. There will be no special based on pricing of alcoholic beverages pursuant toLimited special pricing on Sanctuary services Available availability. Utah Law.and treatments. Yes. Once each Available 24/7. year, at no cost The Resort Manager will provide the specialUse of meeting rooms and event areas. Basic At no charge, for food except pricing policies which will be adjustedtable setup & linens are included. based on customary seasonally and subject to availability.Annual chef’s table for 10 People. availability. gratuity. Food and beverages are not included. Yes. Once each year, at no cost Alcoholic beverages are not included. for food except Scheduling shall be managed by Resort customary Manager with reservations made in accordance gratuity. with priority of The Order. Page 9

The Sentierre Yacht is destined for beautiful Lake Powell and is currently being designedby Bravada Yachts in Phoenix. This luxurious craft will be 115 feet long by 24 feet wide. Itwill sport several staterooms and will be the perfect venue for special events, celebrations,business meetings and family trips. It will only be available to Owner/Members.

Amenities, Privileges Founder Key Comments Members MembersExclusive first offer invitation to all major Yes. Yes. Costs of these events will vary.local Resort sponsored or organized events Yes. Yes.and performances. Yes. Yes. These programs are subject to availability andAccess to related entertainment events require reservations. Costs of admissions of(Tuacahn Center for the Arts sponsored these events will and performances, etc.). These programs are subject to availabilityPriority use of the Resort’s children's and require reservations. Costs will dependprograms and facilities. upon the nature of the program or activity. The use period of the yacht will be establishedVilla Owner/Member use of the Sentierre Five nights, six Three nights, by annual reservations, with reservation priorityYacht on Lake Powell. Annual use includes days each year four days each determined by “The Order” in which Villas area crew consisting of a captain, mate and on dates chosen year on dates reserved and/or purchased. For example, thechef and includes use of a ski boat and two by Founder chosen by Key third person to reserve or purchase a Villa willWaveRunners. Owner/Members will pay their Member. Member. have the third choice of use periods (among allallocable share of yacht operating costs during Owners/ Members) of yacht time each year.their use period. Costs include crew labor, The choice of use dates will be in Januaryfood, fuel, dock charges plus a pro rata share of each year. Owner/Members with yachtof a reserve for maintenance, replacement, priority are free to combine or exchange userepairs and administrative overhead. There dates between them, but separate rules will beis no charge for rent. Cost allocations shall be formulated by the Resort Manager that governdetermined by the Resort Manager and may be any other potential exchanges.subject to annual changes. Page 11

To explore ownership opportunities please contact:DAVID CASTLETON or ELLEN [email protected] [email protected] Or visit theSentierre Discovery Center Ancestor Square 2 West St. George Blvd St. George, Utah 84770Open Mon – Sat, 11am – 7pm 435.218.3294