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Annika Campos 12 - Humility

CN 5

Every time a human being becomes aware of his/her limitations and weaknesses, he/she discovers his/her real self. Curiosity is an important factor in the decision making of the human person. Through curiosity, this led people to come up with various goals and dreams in different aspects of their lives. However, there are certain limitations that prevent them from achieving that certain goal. As they become aware of their limitations, they are able to recognize their weaknesses. Hence, they begin to reflect on these questions, 1) What are the things that I need to improve? 2) Is this really for me? 3) Am I worthy? Hence, curiosity can lead the human person to overthink about their own reality. Although overthinking could cause negativity to the human mind, this enables them to become aware of their inner selves. Additionally, they start to become aware of their surroundings causing them to realize their true reality. Although limitations can also lead to different possibilities, it can also be a sign that this dream is not really for us. Limitation does not necessarily mean that we can’t do it, it’s just that we have to think outside the box to discover different things that are more aligned to our strengths and weaknesses. By reflecting on these two things, the human person starts to discover their true selves.