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VAGUE THOUGHTS OF A LUCID MIND Reveal The Bright Side Of The Dark


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To Mom and Dad  

Thank You For all Your Devotion and Prayers  

I Love You



ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Writing is something that comes when you unfold the deep thoughts of your conscious and subconscious mind which is a result of your unconscious thoughts. I would like to mention all who in uenced my life though there are not much people.   I’m grateful to those people who never supported me , who made me feel that I am the worst creature in this world.   I would also like to thank those people who betrayed me, left me in the streets of darkness .   I am grateful to them because they are the reason because of which I found the Ray of Light for diminishing the darkness around me. They gave me the best life lesson that I and only I can make changes in my life. I created my own Light in the Vague Sight.   I am grateful To my Mother Anju Bhardwaj, a Goddess who carved out a soul like me , who created a jolly aura in and around me . She devoted her life for her family and I wish that her devotion brings out the best result.   I am grateful to my Father Mukesh Pareek who devoted all his life in giving his daughters a life that most people just dream of . He gave me the


chance to learn hundreds of Talents.He is a God in himself who has gained remarkable knowledge in every eld in this world. He has always tried to turn all my dreams into reality.    Finally, to all those who have been really helpful and kind to me, I wish you all be the part of my life Always.  

Thank You All.



FOREWORD         The title of this book of poems

"Vague Thoughts of  a Lucid Mind" not only de nes the inner and outer con icts of a human mind  but it also explains beautiful tangled words in general.

Although Pankhuri's work portrays the con ict between her inner dark and bright self on the one hand, it also confronts  the gray colorless world on the other hand, placing her within a scintillating inner and outer world of different shades which may mirror the soul in a most ruthless way.



PREFACE "If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it?"   What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring in nite light to your life? In the Bestselling work

" Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind"  poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side.   The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind.   The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. There Are Even Couplet And Triplet After Every Poem which Makes The Book More Enchanting.   Get ready to

    Unlock the Secrets of Bright Side of The Dark.  



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Acknowledgements Foreword Preface


Chapter 1 The Darkness Begins


Chapter 2 Dark Mind of The Bright Soul


Chapter 3 It is Just My Mind


Chapter 4 Chaos of The Mind


Chapter 5 Intuitions


Chapter 6 The Real Jewel


Chapter 7 Head and Heart


Chapter 8 Soaked in Love