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9th Annual Black History Spoken Word and Art Exhibit Flipbook PDF

9th Annual Black History Spoken Word and Art Exhibit




In a speech delivered in 1896, “Democracy and Education,” Booker T Washington said, “Each colored child had spent on him this year for his education about fifty cents, while one of your [white] children had spent on him this year for education not far from twenty dollars. And yet each citizen of this county is expected to share the burdens and privileges of our democratic form of government just as intelligently and conscientiously as the citizens of your beloved Kings County.” Surprisingly, today there was is still a great disparity between educational funding as nonwhite school districts receive about 23 billion dollars less than white districts (EdBuild). Not to mention the fact that NYC holds some of the most segregated schools in the country. Even here in New Rochelle, 60 years after the desegregation of Lincoln school, we face the “Honors Dilemma” urging every New Rochelle resident to consider whether there is segregation in our honors and AP classes and what are we going to do about it. I was inspired to create this collage piece by conservations in my African American History class and with friends about the lack of diversity in our honors classes and how it illustrates the effects of segregation on the current educational system. To illustrate the connection between past and present by including pictures from the segregation period and recent pictures about modern segregation. I also added gouache paintings of two students. I outlined their brains and filled that negative space with flowers. The white student who receives a greater foundation for growth has more flower blossoms because he was given more opportunities to thrive and grow as an intellectual. While the student of color does not receive the same resources and does not receive the same opportunities to tap into his potential (i.e. the flower buds). By illustrating the effects of economic and educational segregation, my piece is a call to action to address the lingering effects of our past and create a future where all students receive the resources they need and deserve.

Abigail Schuler, Grade 3 Ward

Abraham Suarez, Grade 8

Alana Turner, Grade 8 ALMS

Alyssa Patterson, Grade 11 Campus School

Angelina Chacko, Grade 8th ALMS Del Guercio

Angeline Yang, Grade 4 Davis

Angelos Iliadis Artwork-Ward

Areli Morgado, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio

Arianna Singletary Artwork-Ward

Ava Elzam, Grade 7

Azana Martin, Grade 7 Suplina Untitled

Barnard kindergarten Ms. Pinn Black History Month 2021

Ben Vinelli, Grade 4 -Ward

Bella DeCola, Grade 4 - Davis

Benjamin Vinelli, Grade 4 Ward- Anderson

Bricio, Grade 3 Trinity

Carlos Calderon Hernandez, Grade 7 - Suplina- Untitled drawing

Carolina Sandoval, Grade12- NRHS Mrs. Knott

Casey Goldstein, Grade 4 - Davis

Cecilia Martinez, Grade 5 Davis

Charmone Adams, Grade 4 - Davis

Christian Golio, Grade 4 - Davis

Christopher Powell, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Cilley Ibarra Cordoba, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Claire Feeley, Grade 4 Davis

DaRiana Creacy, Grade 5 - Davis

Eden Knight, Grade 7ALMS Del Guercio

Elena Adams, Grade 8 ALMS

Elivia Thompson, Grade 4 – Davis

Elsa Confalone, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Emma Albert, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Emma Farley, Grade 10 NRHS Booker T. Washington

Emmanuel Barajas, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio

Eric Collins Jr., Grade 5 - Davis

Estuardo, Grade 3 Trinity

Gabe Morse, Grade 4 - Ward

Grace Forcino, Grade 4 – Davis

Hailey, Grade 3 Trinity

Inaya Uzun, Grade 11 NRHS Tarantino

Inspiration- Faith Ringgold

Inspired by Faith Ringgold 1

Inspired by Faith Ringgold 2

Inspired by Faith Ringgold 3

Inspired by Faith Ringgold 4

Inspired by Faith Ringgold 5

Isaac Evans, Grade 7– Suplina

Isabella, Grade 3 Trinity

Isabella Leone - Ward

Isabella Prasad, Grade 5 Davis

Ivy Pickens, Grade 4 Davis

Izabella Kasco, Grade 8 - Suplina ALMS

Jackson Cavanaugh, Grade 5 Ward - Anderson

Jack Speight, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

James Fraker, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio

Jasleen Mendoza, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Jessenia Abrego, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Julia LoConte, Grade 5 - Davis

Kamila Arroyave, Grade 3 Davis

Katie Sanchez, Grade 4 - Jefferson Ms. Diaz

Keira Omea, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio

Krista Arena, Grade 5 Jefferson

Lauriane Mede, Grade12- NRHS Mrs. Knott

Layla McDonald, Grade 5 – Davis

Leyah Perdomo, Grade 5 Davis

Livia Costa, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

London Grey Artwork-Ward

Madeline Weiss, Grade 8 - Suplina ALMS

Matteo Arroyave, Grade 3 Davis

Maya Clark, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Mia Giordano, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Mikaela, Grade 3 Trinity

Milan Smith, Grade 5 - Davis

Nadine Ahmed Essmat Seif El-Dawla, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Nalani Canales, Grade 4 – Davis

Nalani Canales, Grade 4 - Davis (2)

Natalia Sanchez, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Nathan Hoffman, Grade 5 - Ward Anderson

Nels Aurelien, Grade 7 - ALMS Del Guercio

Noah Yairi, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Noah Yairi, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Nyanjeh Belewa - BHM Project

Parker Cavanaugh, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Quetzalli Tejeda, Grade 4 Jefferson

Rafael Calazans, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Riley Botensten Ward – Anderson

Rosie Palmer, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio

Rowan Tamagna, Grade 4 - Davis

Salome Alarcon-Lemay Artwork Front

Samantha Aisner Artwork- Ward Front

Samantha Aisner, Grade 4 Ward – Anderson

Shelby B. Grade 3 Trinity

Siana Mathai, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Sofia Valdovinos, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Sophia Ochoa, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Sterly Dusuaud, Grade 8 ALMS Del Guercio

Trinity-Collens and Gaudio art students

Trinity-Quinn Grade 3 art students

Trinity-Selvaggi and Rosa art students

Valeria Carmen, Grade 7 - Suplina ALMS

Yesenia Ayala, Grade 7- Suplina ALMS

Seth Harary, NRHS

Julia Camoes, NRHS

Alexandra Bruff, NRHS

Leyana Navarro, NRHS

Lacie Maher, NRHS

Sebastian Teran, NRHS

Sydney Thomas, NRHS

Regina Caruso, NRHS

Ben Deutsch, NRHS

Ashley Mendez, NRHS

Emily Lopez, NRHS

Serena Richmond, NRHS

Keilla Saiwala. NRHS

Pre-K Class, Barnard Milena Cerreta (Teacher)


Paola Alvarez, NRHS

Equality Begins with Education

John Mecca, NRHS

Zarah Lopez, Grade 7 ALMS Del Guercio