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A farmer, his son and donkey Flipbook PDF

A farmer, his son and donkey





An Aesop Fable Read the fable. Donkey A Farmer, His Son, and Their were taking their donkey to ne fine day, a far mer and his son a good price. Before long, market. They hoped to sell him for collecting water from a well. they met some women who were n. “Those two are trudging “How ver y silly,” said the wome ld be carrying one of them on along on foot when the donkey cou its back.” boy onto the donkey’s back Hearing this, the far mer lifted his ’s side. and walked happily along by his son and cried, “You should be Presently an old man saw them Have you no respect for age? Your ashamed of yourself, young man. uld be walking!” Red-faced with father should be riding, and you sho down and helped his father get embarrassment, the son quickly got up on the donkey. when they came upon a group They had gone only a little fur ther se at all? ” they laughed. “Both of of young girls. “Have you no sen ’s back. Why should either one you would easily fit on the donkey ty road?” Feeling sure they were of you have to walk along the dus get behind him on the donkey’s right, the far mer helped his son

O Reading Sequence

back. met a townsman. “How cruel As they neared the market they poor animal has too heavy a load. you are !” he shouted. “That little than he is to carry the two of You two are better able to carry him the two got off the donkey. They you.” Eager to do the right thing, ng him onto a pole, and strained tied the donkey’s legs together, slu they crossed the bridge near the to carry him on their shoulders as entrance to the market. nspeople laughed and Seeing this strange sight, the tow loudly that they scared the laughed. In fact, they laughed so kicked off the ropes that donkey. The frightened animal ran away. bound its legs, fell off the pole, and woman who “That will teach you,” said an old to please everyone, had followed them. “He who tries pleases no one.”

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Reprinted with permission from Brain Quest Third Grade Workbook

(Workman, 2008).

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Answer the questions. What is the moral of the story? Describe it in your own words.

Place the pictures in the correct order by numbering them 1 through 5. Write a short descriptive caption below each picture.

Reading Sequence

Reprinted with permission from Brain Quest Third Grade Workbook

(Workman, 2008).

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