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Dromana College Presents


Frankston Arts Centre 2019 Friday May 10th | 7pm Saturday May 11th | 1pm and 7pm

“Barnum’s the name. P.T. Barnum. And I want to tell you that tonight you are going to see-bar none-every sight, wonder and miracle that name stands for!”

From the Principal It is with great pride that I welcome you to the 2019 Dromana College production of ‘Barnum’. Tonight is a highlight of the college calendar and a time for our college community to celebrate the achievements and talents of our young people. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the students and staff for their dedication, involvement and participation in this superb production and to express my gratitude for your support of our college. I wish all the cast and crew all the best and I hope you enjoy this wonderful performance. Alan Marr PRINCIPAL

From the Production Team It is our greatest pleasure to have been given the opportunity to produce another full scale musical spectacular for the Dromana College school community, featuring over 100 incredibly passionate and talented students both on stage and behind the scenes. After our 2017 production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, we knew we had to find the perfect show for this community, a show that would highlight and showcase the incredible range of talents we have in the school and ‘Barnum: The Greatest Show on Earth’ was the perfect fit! From big dance numbers, to exhilarating circus features, soaring vocal pieces (everything from sultry jazz to opera!) emotional acting, and even an on-stage marching band, ‘Barnum’ has been an incredible journey and we are so very proud of all the students who have given their time, their talents and their positive energy to this production. There are so many people we would like to thank for helping us continue to develop and promote the Performing Arts faculty at Dromana College, but we would especially like to thank Mr Alan Marr, the administration team and the school council for their ongoing trust and support. To the cast and crew of ‘Barnum’ - thank you and chookas! Michelle Day, Jacqui Rodden, Sarah Cossey (Production Coordinators)

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Originally Produced on the Broadway Stage by Judy Gordon, Cy Coleman, Maurice and Lois F. Rosenfeld in association with Irwin Feld and Kenneth Feld. “Barnum” is presented by permission of ORiGiN™ Theatrical On behalf of Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Produced and Performed by the Staff and Students at Dromana Secondary College Frankston Arts Centre 2019 Friday May 10th | 7pm Saturday May 11th | 1pm and 7pm

Scenes and Musical Numbers Pre Show Entertainment In the Foyer - Barkers On The Stage - Guided Tour of ‘Barnum’s Museum’ with Miss Amy and Miss Anna Beecher

Act One Overture - Circus Performers, Chairy, Barnum, Ringmasters ‘There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute’ - Barnum and Troop A Dancers ‘Thank God I’m Old’ - Troop B Dancers, Joice Heth and her ‘Tapping Friends’ Whipcrack - Ringmasters, Barnum, Chairy Womens Emporium Chase - Clowns, Women of the Emporium, Chairy and Barnum ‘Colours of my Life’ - Barnum, Chairy, Soloist Dancers Brick Chase - Barnum, Amos Scudder ‘One Brick at a Time’ - Museum Workers, Aerobics Trio, Chairy ‘Museum Song’ - Barnum Museum Crossover - Amos Scudder, Barnum ‘I like your style’ (Underscore) - Chairy, Barnum, Amos Scudder, Solo Dancer, Ringmasters, Mr and Mrs Stratton, Tom Thumb ‘Bigger Isn’t Better’ - Tom Thumb, Solo Dancer, Ringmasters Clowns - Circus Clowns The Swedish Nightingale - Barnum, Jenny Lind, Barkers ‘Love Makes Such Fools of Us All’ - Jenny Lind ‘Out There’ - Barnum, Ringmasters, Tom Thumb, Joice Heth, Jenny Lind, Troop B Dancers

Act Two ‘Come Follow the Band’ - Full Chorus, Marching Band, Tap Dancers ‘Reprise” Love Makes Such Fools of Us All’ - Jenny Lind ‘Black and White’ - The Jazz Singer and her Harlequin Dolls, Troop A Dancers, Chairy, Suffragettes ‘Reprise: The Colours of My Life’ - Chairy, Barnum, Clown ‘Join the Circus’ - Full Chorus and Circus Performers

Cast and Crew Phineus Taylor Barnum | Daniel Gough

Charity (Chairy) Barnum | Hannah Milner Joice Heth (The Oldest Women in the World) | Madison Bailey General Tom Thumb | Thomas Quirke Jenny Lind (The Swedish Nightingale) | Iris Roberts Amos Scudder/Humbert Morrissey | Lachlan Williams James Bailey | Trent Taylor Ringmaster | Tyler Leach Ringmistress | Temeka Adie Blues Singer | Tulliah Goldsworthy Her Harlequin Dolls | Ginger Samson, Krystabel Forward, Luca Wolfe Chester Lyman | Samantha McLeod Julia Goldschmidt | Finley Stapleton-Hamilton Mr and Mrs Stratton | Malik Ramsay and Keala Jacobson Wilton | Sean Taylor Edgar Templeton | Malik Ramsay Foyer Barkers | Yvette Dixon and Lauren Baensch, Lacey Rigg and Ben Goss Miss Amy and Anna Beecher | Obelia Wycisk and Gypsy Turner Mermaid | Poppy Treadwell Feature Vocalists | Trent Taylor, Sean Taylor, Lachie Williams, Tyler Leach, Ben Goss, Jaala Edwards, Lacey Rigg, Scarlett Baker, Nina Edmunds, Mathilda Freiheit, Jasmine Withall, Miah Argent, Finley Stapleton-Hamilton, Samantha McLeod, Ginger Samson, Krystabel Forward, Luca Wolfe Chorus | Jasmine Argent, Lauren Baensch, Elysha Browne, Issy Carney, Olivia Derri, Yvette Dixon, Ben Goss, Taylah Hawley-Morsillo, Tilly Henon, Jessica Howard, Keala Jacobson, Melody Johnson, Emma Knight, Leith Kyle, Jamila Manser, Kiera Matthews, Sarah Matthews, Mia McNaughton-Venturin, Isabella Mollica, Sophia Pennicuik, Daisy Prior-Bevil, India Robinson, Senae Ronzon, Dana Strickland, Poppy Treadwell, Dakota Williams Dance Soloists | Troupe A: Megan Honnery, Liana Samson Piniata, Troupe B: Holly Bugeja, Esther Leishman, Tap: Alley Rees, Karis Richmond Troupe A Dancers | Ginger Sansom, Gypsy Turner, Ellie Brasser, Krystabel Forward, Alley Rees, Karis Richmond, Kate Strickland, Jasmine Withall, Luca Wolfe, Mikayla Liddell Troupe B Dancers | Olivia Derri, Louise Drinkwater, Charlee Eckman, Taylah Hawley-Morsillo, Chloe Hilderbrand, Aysha Holmes, Samantha Honnery, Kiera Matthews, Sarah Matthews, Bessie O’Neill, Sadie Russo, Dana Strickland, Danielle Wotherspoon Tap Troupe | Megan Honnery, Krystabel Forward, Gypsy Turner, Louise Drinkwater, Luca Wolfe, Mikayla Liddell Circus Performers | Megan Honnery and Samantha Honnery (contortion), Harriet Becker, Jaala Edwards and, Tameika Schwartz-Kupe (clowns), Esther Leishman and Alley Rees (acrobats), Jorja Conole (aerialist) Aerobics Trio | Scarlett Baker, Imogen Baker, Lailah Baker Marching Band | Trumpet: Jordan Isbister Saxophone: Ethan Isbister, Harrison Read, Harvey Kyberd, Elise Head, Rani Thuan, Snare drum: Maizy Garwood, Flute: Hannah Bluff, Sarah Wallace, Lily Jones, Clarinet: Sam Howes Backstage | Alex Wickham, Isla Kyle, Jack Strickland, Andrew Cole, Cassie Geddes, Ashley Lafleur, Jamie Burnett, Emma Kennedy

Director’s Note This journey started over a year ago, where we started with the idea of doing another musical and began the long process of picking the perfect show. We went through A LOT of different options before we finally settled on the greatest of them all (it’s even in the title!) - Barnum: The Greatest Show on Earth! I am honored to be a part of a production like this, one that truly showcases the talents of our school community. Thank you to the cast and crew of approximately 100 students, the teachers and production team, and the stage technicians from Starlite who have worked tirelessly to bring this story to life for you amidst laughter, excitement, and the pure joy of working together. I’d like to also say a special thank you to Bronwyn Falagan from Soul Circus for her hard work and assistance in creating our spectacular circus feature. Also, a very big thank you to Drew Downing from Front and Centre for all his fabulous advice on how to put on a successful school production. Lastly, I’d like to thank the backstage students who have spent months creating props and set pieces for the show. Your hard work has been so appreciated! Together, we have experienced “every sight, wonder and miracle” as we worked to bring this “humbug” to the stage. We hope that you, too, are transformed by what you see, to dream of a life full of colour and to consider running away to “join the circus.” Much love, Michelle Day.

From the Musical Director What an incredible musical experience this production has been! Along with a stellar line-up of vocalists, we’ve also been lucky enough to be able to include a number of the College’s Instrumental Music students both below the stage in the orchestra, and on the stage as the Marching Band. I have been very fortunate to work with such diligent and passionate students during this production, every rehearsal was a real enjoyment due to their professionalism and enthusiasm. Music is a vital part of this production and the students have gone above and beyond in their commitment to ensure they have perfected their parts. This even includes the band students marching up and down the school basketball courts playing ‘Hot Cross Buns’ to practice their marching skills! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Music Department staff, who have worked tirelessly each week to provide these students with the best education and musical opportunities possible. A huge thank you to Mr Chris Sommervelle, Mr Sam Leskovec and Mr Joel Plymin for rehearsing weekly with the students, and Mr Joe Tobias who has worked hard to prepare the Marching Band students for their time on the stage. Please enjoy this performance by our incredibly talented students as we invite you to “Come Follow the Band” to “The Greatest Show on Earth”! Much love, Jacqui Rodden

Choreographers Note The best part of working on a show set in a circus is the opportunity for a huge variety of dance numbers! Everything from elegant showgirls, to Broadway tap numbers, comical jazz, and marching band... to sultry Bob Fosse inspired numbers - Barnum has been such a wonderful and colourful journey and the talented dancers we are able to showcase in this production are incredible! As Director of Choreography, it was my absolute pleasure to lead and organize a sensational team of staff, student leaders and even some ex-students, all who volunteered their time and incredible skills to make Barnum “the greatest show on earth”. Ms Taryn Sabell worked tirelessly with the beautiful dancers in Troop B along with Miss Sarah Beattie (who also coordinated the aerobics trio), and Ms Megan Downie skillfully choreographed all the tapping scenes throughout the show. A huge thank you to the lovely Miss Julia Gregory (Class of 2017) who ran the dance auditions for us back in August 2018, to Miss Kayla Wilson (Class of 2018) for her help with the tap numbers throughout the show, and finally to our superstar soloist dancers who have stepped up to the role and led their troupe with passion and commitment. The most enriching experiences I have had as a teacher have been coordinating the production and choreography for the last two Dromana College productions: The Wizard of Oz (2017), and Barnum. These productions are an example of how Dromana Colleges enrichment programs can have such an incredible impact on the young adults that choose to be involved. I am sure you will be blown away by the sheer number of students singing and dancing in numbers such as ‘Come Follow the Band’ and ‘Join the Circus’. It has been an absolute delight engaging these students in movement (whether or not they are trained dancers, or have two left feet!) and the smiles on their faces says it all! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Barnum! Much Love, Sarah Cossey

Visual Arts and Media

Last year, we were lucky enough to have an eager Year 10 Visual Communication class to help design the logo for the Barnum production according to the design brief supplied by the production team. Each student completed a high quality logo design that represented what Barnum would look like to them. The students were then asked to complete their logo designs in the program Illustrator to create a clean, sharp digital version to submit for entry. The selected design winner was Jamie Burnett (Year 11). Below are some other examples of student work from the Year 10 Visual Communication class, Maya Trevorrow (Year 11) and Edward Fuggle (Year 11). Ms Jessica Lackner | Visual Arts Maya Trevorrow, Year 11

Jamie Burnett, Year 11

Photoshoot & Photography

On Monday March 18th afterschool in the school theatre, a selected number of Barnum performers took part in the official ‘photoshoot’ for the production! Our amazing media team, Mrs Jennii Johnson and Mr Sam Mann, spent hours up ladders, on the floor and in all sorts of unusual positions taking photos of our students, most of which had never done a proper stylized photo-shoot before! With Mr Mann’s incredible photoshopping skills we have the wonderful images you see in this program, and on our fantastic poster (which Mr Mann developed and refined with the help of the amazing Arts team). Huge thank you to these amazing teachers who helped us out at the shoot, also including Ms Jessica Lackner (who was instrumental in the development of the logo, and the amazing t-shirts we had made!) and Ms Natasha Marr. A huge thank you to Derry Caulfield for again taking the headshots and group shots for the program, along with rehearsal photos throughout the production period.

Edward Fuggle, Year 11

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Barnum… A historical perspective “Barnum’s the name. P.T. Barnum. And I want to tell you that tonight you are going to see-bar none-every sight, wonder and miracle that name stands for!” The story PT Barnum has been told in film, in music theatre, in books, memoirs and circus legends… but who was he really? Year 10 history student and Barnum cast performer, Isabelle Carney, decided to find out! Phineas Taylor Barnum was born July 5th in 1810, Bethel Connecticut. He lived his childhood in Danbury after his father passed away. In 1829 at the age of 19 Barnum married Charity Hallett and together they had four daughters; Frances, Caroline, Helen and Pauline. Barnum’s family life was not so happy, he had one daughter die in childbirth; another was dropped from his will for committing adultery. Upset he did not have a son, Barnum left a sizable bequest to his grandson on the condition that he agree to use Barnum as part of his name. After 44 years of marriage, Charity died in 1873. One year later Barnum married 24 year old Nancy Fish. In 1834 Barnum and his family moved to New York. It was not a year later when Barnum introduced Joice Heth the oldest woman alive to his show. Over bidding business men, Barnum bought the John Scudder’s theatre and soon transformed it into a museum. Playing upon the public interest in the unknown, Barnum travelled the world to find curiosities alive or dead, real or fake. Between 1842 (when he took over the theatre) and 1869 (when it was burned during the fire), Barnum’s museum attracted over 80 million visitors. The first success was the Feejee Mermaid followed by Chang and Eng who were Siamese twins, connected by a ligament just below their breastbone. However it was Charles Stratton who was Barnum’s profitable exhibit standing only 25 inches tall and who Barnum created the ballyhoo persona for, General Tom Thumb. After displaying Tom Thumb for only a few short months, Barnum and Tom took a tour around Europe to show off the museum. Risking his fortune, Barnum introduce Jenny Lind to change his attractions from bizarre to artistic attractions. Jenny Lind was unknown to the world and was a Swedish soprano. Barnum gave her the name of ‘The Swedish nightingale’ and her first performance in New York seated 5,000 people. Lind brought Barnum immense sums of money each time she performed. The museum burned down in July of 1865 and Barnum soon opened a second museum, but that also burned down in March of 1869. After serving two terms in the Connecticut state legislature, Barnum was elected Mayor of Bridgeport. In 1854 he published his autobiography ‘The Life of P.T Barnum’. After rewriting and modifying the original book, Barnum claimed he sold around 50,000 copies. With the partnership with the retiring Bailey, Barnum created their circus, ‘Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus’ in 1881 after owning his own traveling museum. The most popular attraction was ‘Jumbo’ a six and a half ton elephant. Barnum and Bailey’s circus was soon called ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’. P.T Barnum died in 1891 on April the 7th in Bridgeport, Connecticut at age 81, after having a stroke in his own home. Researched and Written by Isabelle Carney

Barnum Camp Barnum camp is so hard to sum up because it was so jam packed full of memories. It was full of laughs, dancing, singing, performing and the occasional flash mob (we are performers after all). The week of rehearsals and fun began with our bus ride down to Phillip Island. Christmas cheer was shared by singing at the top of our lungs including a bit of Mariah Carey of course. Day one of camp consisted of the camp activities including things such as the giant swing, the crate stack and archery (it’s a wonder no one lost an eye). That evening we were put into our small performing groups. Within these groups we were given about an hour to put together a small performance about the circus and we were quick to start rehearsing. Everyone pulled out their old tutu’s and stripy pants and were ready to get up and perform. Before we got to see the other groups pieces, we were in for a great treat from the teachers. Their mock audition set up in which they impersonated a few of our cast members was hilarious! After watching each other’s performances it was time to dance. There was a lot of the Macarena and a few conga lines. What a great end to our first night. Day two began with breakfast. Everyone was eating away as a happy birthday flash mob began. It was mine and Matilda’s birthdays and I can say that we were both very surprised. Ms Cossey’s now traditional Zumba workout was tiring but a good morning wake up for the cast. We then split off into groups to start rehearsing the show. Lunch brought us all back together. After a little bit more rehearsing we joined back together for a makeup workshop. Each of the teachers got dolled up in a makeup style, including face paint to stage makeup. Once everyone was ready, we all set of for the local carol festival in Cowes. We all walked around and enjoyed the rides and food. And of course we all sat down near the choir and quietly added a few harmonies. Once it started to get late we sat down as a cast to watch the fireworks. The Barnum cast sat under the stars and enjoyed the view. Day three we were all a bit tired from the carols but it was all worth it. For our last and final day we rehearsed again before taking a soon to be iconic Barnum photo that may have caused us to get a little sunburnt but made for a great photo. To finish the camp we went for a walk around Cowes before getting on the bus to head home. The bus trip home was a bit different for the one to camp. I think that 90% of the bus had a little nap. As soon as it came, it went. Barnum camp gave me memories and experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. We can’t wait to put all our hard work onto the stage. By Ginger Samson | Dancer and Vocalist


Photo shoot images

Photo shoot images

Barnum Soloists Phineus Taylor Barnum | Daniel Gough Daniel Gough is 17 Years Old and is studying Year 12 at Dromana College. He has been involved in performances from a young age, including: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour DreamCoat, Suessical The Musical, Grease, High School Musical, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and The Wedding Singer. Daniel also performed as the ‘Scarecrow’ in Dromana College’s 2017 production of The Wizard of Oz. He has enjoyed learning Piano and Guitar, whilst also performing in Choir the and Male Vocal Ensemble. Daniel also enjoys dancing, especially Tap Dancing, which he has been learning for the past 8 years. After Daniel’s completion of VCE at Dromana, he wishes to travel, before going to University to study Language and Education, to become a teacher. Daniel is thrilled to be back performing again and hopes everyone enjoys this fantastic and energetic show!

Chairy Barnum | Hannah Milner Hannah is currently in Year 10 at Dromana College and has a great love for Music & Acting but singing is where her passion lies. With nearly 10 years of Classical training she loves to sing everything from Musical Theatre to Pop. Hannah is a dedicated Music student and loves performing regularly in the College Music Soirées and other singing events and community events. Hannah performed in the 2017 musical The Wizard Of Oz and in the production Total Eclipse Songs by Jim Steinman’ at the Melbourne Athenaeum Theatre. She hopes to have a career in music and acting in the near future and is very excited to be part of Barnum and hopes you all have a great time and enjoy the show.

Joice Heth | Madison Bailey Madison starred in her first Musical Theatre production at the age of 7 as Chip, in Astral’s Beauty and the Beast. Madison has since been in many theatre productions, performing at the Athenaeum Theatre, Jim Steinman show, and local theatre productions. Madison has always had a love of Musical Theatre. Madison has trained vocally for 8 years danced for 2 and has won many vocal accolades including The Voice of Frankston, and many other competitions. Madison can’t wait to take on the big, punchy role of the world’s oldest woman Joice Heth. Madison has a strong connection with her character, learning many different styles of dance for this role, Joice just like Madison is small, however she has a strong presence, is full of character and lots of sass. Madison can’t wait to perform in this musical.

Jenny Lind | Iris Roberts Iris is a Year 12 student at Dromana College and highly passionate about music. Iris has studied classical voice for 9 years, currently studying with Ms Rodden. Iris loves performing and has been involved in a number of productions at the college including Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (Frankston Arts Centre - 2017), Luke Llyod Alienoid and The Witches. Iris performs regularly at college soirees as both a soloist and member of many vocal ensembles. She would like to thank everyone involved in Barnum for their hard work and hopes you enjoy the show!

James Bailey | Trent Taylor Trent is one of Dromana College’s senior Performing Arts students. He has performed in multiple productions including The Witches as ‘Boy’, Luke Lloyd Alienoid as ‘Connor’, The Wizard of Oz as ‘The Cowardly Lion’ and Fame as ‘Nick Piazza’. Trent has a strong love for the performing arts and hopes to further his passion by studying Musical Theatre at the ‘Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts’ (WAAPA); after concluding his studies at WAAPA, Trent aspires to have a career on Broadway and summarise his Performing Arts career by being awarded a Tony and Grammy Award. Trent is currently studying Classical Ballet and Jazz at ‘Joanne O’Kelly School Of Dance’, and is also studying classical voice with Miss Jacqui Rodden. Trent would like to thank everyone for their tremendous efforts in executing ‘the greatest show on Earth’, and hopes that you all enjoy the show.

Tom Thumb | Thomas Quirke 13 year old Thomas Quirke started his journey into the world of the Arts in 2014 when he was scouted for his vocal talents by a local vocalist/music school Principal. Thomas has since performed live on the Mornington Peninsula at various festivals and gig nights, such as Rosebud Kite Festival, RockFest and Rosebud Foreshore Christmas Carols. Tom successfully made it through to the finals of The Voice of Frankston in 2016. Thomas represented the Attitude Foundation as a Can Do Kid and entered the recording studio to lay down the vocal tracks, performed on stage for the foundations official book launch/tour and featured on Attitude TV, when he interviewed Australian author/illustrator Terry Denton. Thomas plays the guitar and Barnum is his first experience in the colourful world of the theatrical arts.

Amos Scudder/Humbert Morrissey| Lachlan Willians Lachlan Williams is a current Year 12 student at Dromana College. Barnum is Lachlan’s first musical with the College, but he has previously performed in younger years with Mornington CEF Players. Lachlan has developed his theatre skills through his work with previous productions and through his study of Drama from years 8 to 12. He has been holding the title of Drama Ambassador for both Year 11 and 12 and hopes to continue with his Drama studies in the future. Lachlan is very excited to portray the characters Amos Scudder and Humbert Morrissey, and to perform some newly learnt circus tricks he has developed over the production period (despite not being the greatest). He hopes you enjoy the show and would like to thank you all for coming.

Ring Mistress | Temeka Adie Temeka Adie is a Year 12 student at Dromana Secondary College completing her VCE studies. This is her second school musical, following Wizard of Oz in 2017 where she played the role of 'Aunty Em' and was also in the chorus. Temeka has acquired all her theatre skills both on and off the stage through involvement in back stage managing, holding the position of Drama Ambassador in previous years and studying Drama throughout years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Temeka has also been dancing at Dynamix Dance Academy for eleven years and has been a student teacher for the past two years. Temeka is very excited to be playing the lead role of 'Ring Mistress' as she has always felt herself be be an entertainer. She is thrilled to be part of her last musical at Dromana College and hopes you all enjoy the performance.

Ringmaster | Tyler Leach Tyler is a Year 11 Student at Dromana College, and Barnum is his first musical production. He is beyond excited to be involved in the production this year, and is passionate about acting, singing, and costume design. He has studied Drama in Years 7, 9, 10 and now 11, is involved in the College aerobics team, and performs with the male vocal ensemble at College musical soirée evenings. Tyler is currently undertaking singing lessons with Miss Rodden, and in the future is eager to pursue a career in the performing arts. He would like to thank all the staff involved in the production and hopes you enjoy the show.

Jazz Singer |Tulliah Goldsworthy Tulliah is a Year 12 student at Dromana College and completed units 3/4 Music Performance in Contemporary Voice last year. Barnum is her first ever musical theatre show but she has been taking singing lessons since she was 12 years old. Tulliah is a busker (singing and accompanying herself on guitar or piano) and plays regular gigs around the Mornington Peninsula playing both covers and originals. During the course of Barnum she has learnt to take on the role of her character through acting and small dance sequences. Tulliah hopes to take her music further and connect with people through her music.

Chester Lyman | Samantha McLeod Samantha played several rolls in Dromana College's 2017 stage production of the Wizard of Oz, and is now thrilled to be a part of this year's musical production, Barnum. During her years spent at Dromana College, Samantha has taken part in many other stage performances, such as: Witches and Luke Lloyd Alienoid, along with several numbers from musicals such as Anastasia, Hamilton and School of Rock. Along with her theatre experience at school, Samantha partakes in musical theatre classes at Dwan-a-Dance in Dromana, where she has performed pieces from musicals such as: Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors and Newsies. Over the course of the production, Samantha has enjoyed learning how to do an American accent for her solo role and being able to perform alongside other many talented students.

Julia Goldschmidt | Finley Stapleton-Hamilton Finley Stapleton-Hamilton is currently a Year 11 student at Dromana College. When she grows up, Finley hopes to be a florist or maybe a professional vagrant, she just hasn’t decided yet. She has been an enthusiastic member of all school productions since her arrival at the school - in the College’s most recent musical The Wizard of Oz, Finley was absolutely captivating in her role as a singing tree - and has never missed a choir rehearsal. There is no need to fact check that. This year, she’ll be taking on the exciting role of Jenny Lind’s understudy, along with Julia Goldschmidt, so keep your fingers crossed!

Wilton | Sean Taylor Sean Taylor is 18 years-old and is currently studying at Dromana College doing Year 12. He was involved in The Wizard of Oz (as Uncle Henry and the Guard) which was held at the Frankston Art Centre in 2017. Sean is also one of the music captains at the college, and has studied piano with Ms Cossey and currently contemporary voice with Ms Rodden. He spends a lot of his time playing piano and singing, and is a member of the Chamber Ensemble and has performed with the Male Vocal Ensemble and the Choir. He would one day like to carry out music as his profession. He would like to thank everyone for their efforts in making Barnum a reality.

Mr Stratton/Edgar Templeton | Malik Ramsay Mal Ramsey is a Year 12 student at Dromana College completing his VCE studies. Barnum is Mal’s first time staring in a school musical for Dromana. Mal believes he has acquired his theatre skills both on and off the stage; as he has been studying Drama throughout years 8, 10, 11 and 12 and says he's a natural born clown. Mal is very excited to be playing the lead role of ‘Mr Stratton’, Tom Thumbs father, as he has always felt himself be a fatherly figure, he is also playing the role of ‘Templeton’. As well as speaking roles you can catch Mal slipping and sliding across the stage as he assists in the circus acts. Mal says he has enjoyed every minute of rehearsals and is thrilled to be a part of his first and final musical production by Dromana Secondary and hopes you all enjoy today’s performance.

Miss Amy Beecher | Obelia Wycisk Obelia is an enthusiastic Year 10 student at Dromana College. She has always loved stories and realised her enjoyment for playing characters from an early age. Obelia’s first experience of acting was in Year 7 when she was part of the chorus in the Junior School Production The Trolley’s. Obelia successfully auditioned to play ‘Toto’ in the 2017 school musical The Wizard of Oz. She enjoyed the experience immensely and also played ‘The Narrator’ in the Junior School Production later that year. She wants to pursue acting as a hobby and hopes it might develop into something more. Obelia has had a marvellous experience in Barnum and is delighted to welcome you and sincerely hopes you enjoy the show.

Miss Anna Beecher | Gypsy Turner Gypsy is a current dance teacher and performer at Dancers Edge Performance Academy where she studies Jazz, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop. Gypsy also studies dance technique and contemporary at a local dance school Area Movement and recently completed her VCE Dance at Dromana College. Previously she has studied at many local dance schools and has performed in Once Upon a Mouse, Welcome to the Jungle, Superheroes, DSC’s 2017 production of The Wizard Of Oz and many more productions. Foyer Barkers | Lauren Baensch and Yvette Dixon, Ben Goss and Lacey Rigg Lauren is a devoted Actor, model and singer in her talent agency as well as in school. She has been the leading actress in many musicals as well as even just making minor roles seem larger and louder. She has taken part in three musicals by Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, her school production in year six called ‘Helm’, The Wizard of Oz and of course this year’s production ‘Barnum’. Overall, Lauren enjoys her time performing and creating a field of enjoyment of those in the audience. Yvette has been performing on stage since she was 4 years old. She did Calisthenics from ages 4 through to 12 and other performing arts activities in between. At 9 years old she performed as Ryan in High School Musical 2 at Broadway Academy. In grade 6 she was also one of the leads in Dromana Primary School’s Grade 6 musical. She also had one of the leads in the junior school production in Year 7. Now she is playing a Barker in Barnum and is excited to join the cast on stage to perform for you tonight. Ben started his theatre journey last year when he joined Dromana College’s new Music Theatre Program, he instantly fell in love with the Arts and singing. As a young child, Ben had always loved musicals watching them regularly with his family when he learned about the program he was excited to join. This year as Ben continues his journey he was eager to join this year’s school musical stealing himself roles including understudy for Tom Thumb, a museum worker, part of the ensemble and a Barker. Ben is excited to continue his journey for many years that are ahead of him. Lacey is a Year 9 student who was involved in the DSC’s production of The Wizard of Oz in 2017 and currently sings with the school choir and was a part of the Music Theatre Program in 2018. .

Harlequin Dolls | Ginger Sansom, Krystabel Forward, Luca Wolfe Ginger has loved performing some kind of theatre for most of her life, whether that be dance, drama or music. Her favourite roll to date was ‘Penny Pingleton’ in the junior production of Hairspray. Ginger is eager to participate in any chance to perform at school. Since she was little Krystabel has loved Musical Theatre, where singing and dancing is all put together. Her most recent role was as a witch in Peoples PlayHouse’s production of Kisses. She has been a finalist of the Voice of Frankston and has also being taking piano lessons with Ms Sarah Cossy and singing lessons with Ms Jacqui Rodden. Krystabel has been dancing since she was 3, currently dancing at Peninsula School of Dance and this year performed at Disneyland and Universal Studios. Luca Wolfe is a Year 9 student who has enjoyed performing a number of different styles in Barnum, including Tap, Jazz and Broadway Jazz which has involved wearing heels! She is studying contemporary voice with Ms Rodden and performs regularly with a number of ensembles.

Troupe A Dance Soloists | Liana Samson Piniata and Megan Honnery Liana Samson Piniata is a Year 9 student at Dromana College. Barnum has helped her extend her dancing experiences by dancing in heels and trying different styles. Outside of school, Liana dances at The Performers Project in Mornington. She is experienced in a range of different styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. In 2018 Liana came 1st at the ATOD Victorian Hip Hop scholarships. She then went on to represent Victoria at the ATOD Australasian Hip Hop scholarships and came in 2nd place. Megan Honnery is a Year 11 student at Dromana College. She is one of our colleges 2019 Dance Captains and assisting in our unit 1 and 2 VCE Dance class. She studies a wide range of styles including: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, with 13+ years of experience. She is a member of Origins Dance company and dances with Peninsula Ballet Ensemble. She competes with dance in both troupes and as solos. She is a champion soloist and has qualified for nationals this year.

Troupe B Dance Soloists | Holly Bugeja and Esther Leishman Holly has been dancing for 10 years, and has always had a passion for the Arts. Holly started dancing at a local Community Dance School and moved on to Parkwood Dance Academy in Park Orchards. From there she attend Topaz School of Dance in Blackburn. Her family moved to Mt Martha in 2013 where Holly attended Mt Martha School of Dance. At the commencement of 2019 Holly continued her dance career at F.U.S.E. Holly is qualified in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Pointe and Lyrical. Esther started to pursue her dancing career at the age of 9. She was part of a circus company, Soul Circus until she was 11. Then she moved to Mount Martha School of Dance (MMSOD) and began Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acrobatics where she instantly loved it. She pursued those styles until she was 13 and then began private Ballet classes. After a term Esther begun Pointe and her interest in dance has become stronger and is now her main focus.

Tap Soloists | Karis Richmond and Alley Rees Alley has studied dance at Peninsula School of Dance since the age of 3. Alley studies Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Circus and has been in performances such as Jason Coleman’s Humanimals, VDF 2018, Masters of Choreography 2018, Dromana College State finalist Wakakirri piece, and Dromana College’s Wizard of Oz 2017. This year Alley has performed in America at Disneyland, at Universal Studios and along Hollywood Boulevard. Alley has also received two Peninsula School of Dance scholarships. Karis started dance when she was 4 and does all different styles; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. She has been a major lead in two musicals; the ‘Tin Man’ in The Wizard of Oz and ‘Marty’ in Madagascar. She danced in Jason Coleman’s Humanimals and was given a scholarship to his summer school. She performed at the Victorian Dance Festival the past two years, three Masters of Choreography showcases as well as many other performances. She was one of the leads in the 2018 Wakakirri pieces, (which came first in division 2 VIC).

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