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The Puberty Book


The next chapter of your life will be filled with a lot of confusing, but memorable scenarios, roadblocks, and adventures. Lots of changes will start to happen, both in your body and your mind. You may start to notice it in your friends as well. Look at these moments as positive steps towards adult hood.

Bodily Changes

In this stage of life, the body of a boy will begin producing a hormone called Testosterone. This hormone is the cause for a lot of the changes that will start to happen. Hair will start to grow in places it never has, your genitals will start to grow, your voice will change, and so much more. Stay calm! We’re going to go through some of these changes in the coming chapters.

Your Genitals

When testosterone starts to be produced you will notice a change to your genitals. Below your penis is a sac that contains your testicles. At this stage you will notice this sac will descend from your body. When this happens do not panic! It is completely normal. You may also experience an increase in the size of your penis. This is also completely normal part of the development of your body.

Sexual Attraction

As you’re getting older you will start to notice some feelings develop towards males or females. This is all thanks to the increased testosterone in your body. These attractions may seem scary at first since you’ve never experienced them prior in your life. Don’t be afraid. Sexuality is natural and normal part of human life.

Public Erections

Going through this stage of life you will experience changes in how your body functions. Erections are normal for all boys everywhere. It’s a sign of arousal typically caused by a person of the same or opposite sex. Blood will flow from your body into your penis which is your body preparing for sexual intercourse. Sometimes this will happen in extremely uncomfortable situations. For Example, in class, on a date, or with your family. This is normal, especially at a younger age. Tips: Take deep breaths. Hold your breath for a few seconds when doing this.


As your body changes you will start to notice unfamiliar smells that you’ve never had before. This is another normal side effect of your tranforming body. To counteract this change you will have to start showering daily and most importantly wearing deodorant. This is all part of basic hygiene practices for adults. There are two basic types of deodorant: stick and spray. Both are included in this box. The stick deodorant is used in the armpits and the spray is for the rest of the body. The spray can be easily overused so make sure to only spray for a second or two.


You will start to notice body hair growing in places you haven’t had it before but the important ones to remember are your face and genitals. Though growing a beard is accepted in our culture, shaving is a skill that should be known. There are two types of razors: a straight razor and an electric one. Straight razors will cut the hair much closer to the skin but can cause harm if used improperly. An electric razor is much more user friendly, but you will not cut the hair as short. Your kit contains a razor and shaving cream. The first step to shaving is to wet your face with water. Next, you will take the shaving cream and squirt out a quarter sized amount into your hand. Rub the shaving cream between your hands and apply to the parts of your face that has hair showing. Next you will run the razor under water to get it wet. We recommend picking one side of your face and starting at the bottom of your side burn. Pay carful attention to the direction your hair flows on your face as you want to pull the razor with this flow, not against it. Place the razor gently on your skin, but make sure to not apply too much pressure as this can cause your skin to cut. Take it slow in the beginning and try to rinse your razor off after each two to three inch stroke. You will repeat this until your face is smooth and hairless.