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Volume 1 - Issue #1



MEET THE CEO of T.Y.I Productions

What does it mean?

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The Foundation Of Creators All Business Owners, Artists and Authors page 4

Pops I Don’t Bang Anymore?

F E AT U R E D STORY “You Are Not Alone”

Mental Health Awareness A Story of Trauma broken down in a song page 28 -Durag Johnnie

Ashia’s Story

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Community Stories Problems And Solutions



Headliner- Mr. Moore DANTE PEREZ JONES page 25

When tings Happen in life, they Happen I want others to share their experiences. Its time now to share your Truth -King George

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B.L.A A.C.K is an Acronym which simply means

Beautiful Love Always Carries Knowledge

Beautiful The Word Beautiful means Attractive. The People are Beautiful on the Inside and Out. Love is a feeling that you have for Someone or something. Love is Amazing Always is a word of Loyalty. I will always Love Myself, my children, my family and my dreams Carries- is also a word of Loyalty and Love. To Carry something means a lot, people don’t carry things they don’t have love or loyalty for whether it causes them joy or pain. Knowledge-Is to have power to understand your environment. To Gain Knowledge is the True Success. Page 3

The Foundation of Creators A Section for all Business Owners, Artists, and Book Authors

Designed to keep our community in the Know Knowledge is to have power To gain Knowledge is the True Success! to understand your environment. Copyright © 2022 T.Y.I Productions Magazine Issue #1 Page 4 4 B.L.A.C.K.


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RICH JOHN Wats up folks! I’m Richard Carnegay The Owner of Rich John Apparel Rich john apparel was started to promote our YouTube channel as we began to make and sale shirts. I thought why not make this into a brand which promotes self love and the belief anything is possible. So we produced I ME Logo Shirts. You must love yourself the world will tear you down so block out anyone and everyone who tells you otherwise and we also have GAMBLER Shirts. We gamble everyday with the decisions we make regarding our lives. So GAMBLE BIG - Bet on Yourself! Is Our Slogan


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Turn Up Juice Bar

[email protected]_vegan

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Emahni Who Hi, My name is Emahni. I am a 24-year-old musician in Philadelphia. I grew up always loving to sing and from a young age I knew it was what I was meant to do. I am also a songwriter and dancer. I have been dancing since the age of 6 and took classes here and there throughout my career.

I also started songwriting when I was 9. My aesthetic is Dark RnB and every song I write comes from the heart.

I had the chance to go to Italy on tour with the Philadelphia All City Orchestra showcasing my love for the violin. I also studied at Settlement Sith Robert Klein I started playing violin when I was 9 and at the Wynne field Branch in piano. I also Nathan Wesner was my first teacher. I studied violin with Dara Morales from used to hate practicing and never thought the Philadelphia Orchestra along with I would become any good at the violin. Yet Monique Johnson. Both had a positive Mr. Wesner believed in me and refuse to impact on my confidence and overall let me give up. It was the one class I always musicianship as a violinist. looked forward to other than choir. Through my struggles in relationships, I’ve been singing since I could walk, and abandonment from my parents, battles then in high school I taught myself piano with depression and low self esteem, and some guitar. I was able to remember music is who I am. 9 chords instantaneously and hear notes in my head to mirror them on piano. T.Y.I Productions 11

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TheInfamousConflict A.K.A Conflict for short, is a rap prodigy/CEO of GTC Productions from the Westside of Philadelphia. Born in the city of brotherly love, young Conflict took a liking to Hip Hop at the early age of 9 years old. Inspired by his father LA0 DaLegend, who released a few CDs in the mixtape era way before. Conflict started writing in notebooks at the age of 9, with hopes and dreams of being “The Greatest Rapper Of All Time!” Over the years his passion would grow like wildfire, drawing inspiration from the likes of Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and various other lyricist who were hot at the time of his uprising. By 2016 he had written his first project “The Prodigy” a six song EP and was ready to hit the studio. He saved up all the money he could from any hustle a 14-year-old could think of such as cutting grass to pumping gas. He spent all his savings on a 5-hour session at “Brownstone Studios” and recorded 7 songs at his first session! Over the years Conflict released many other singles and one collaboration project on SoundCloud, and every other streaming platform, dating all the way to 2022 his latest release is called “Brace”.

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THE INFAMOUS CONFLICT In 2020 Conflict created his slogan and conglomerate “GTC” which is short for “Greatness To Come”. GTC was created to inspire young black artist, actors, and entrepreneurs to fight for their wildest dreams and to settle for nothing less! Thus “GTCTHEMOVEMENT” was born! GTC is also used to celebrate all of the legends, BIG OR SMALL, in their own respective communities to highlight their triumphs of glory and even they’re mistakes. This way we can learn from our past and the next generation can be better than the last, as we continuously grow stronger for generations to come! There are a lot of great stories that go untold in the ghetto, and GTC has taken the liberty to see through as many of these stories can be told as possible; thus, to reinforce the levels of love and respect, and to strengthen the power of knowledge in urban communities. From PHILLY to every ghetto across the globe! Conflict & GTC methods are consistently evolving by the day, as he is shaping out to have a great legacy and career when it’s all said and done! Watch his Video “BRACE” below:

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Poetic G The Artist and CEO of T.Y.I Productions

It all started about 12 years ago in 2010 I recorded my first mixtape titled “Roll em Up” in a underground basement with my boy P.o.P., Funny thing is he engineered the entire project and collaborated on tracks with me. From that point on I grew a strong love for Music and my confidence has grown overtime. I continued producing lyrics at a high rate. From 2010 to 2016, I did 4 mixtapes with no video. Feedback off the music was good.

Once 2018 hit, I developed a different motivation, and I changed my entire mindset with my craft. In order to elevate I had to do something such as advancing the quality of music. One day I took a leap of contacting Repercussion Studios for a session. I made it there, recorded a song mix and mastered and, I thought to myself this is it: the quality sound my lyrics need. This Journey has been worth every minute of it. At times you feel less confident, at times you feel overconfident, but I tell you what: I never wished to be Great at this, I already knew I was chosen for this because the message is too powerful for simple minds to understand. Greatness truly lives within the heart of an individual not in what they possess.

T.Y.I Is a Family which stands for Thoro Young Intelligent and it also stands for Teach Youth Intelligence. 14 B.L.A.C.K. Magazine Issue #1

T.Y.I’s Mission is to Uplift the People, most importantly the Youth. Poetic G’s Goal is to drop ten albums in 10 years including 5 movies and 5 books and so far, he has 2 albums 4 mixtapes over 100 Audio Songs recorded and 3 books in. Stay Tuned to True Art being Revealed along with Truth: This Man is on a Mission To Acquire Greatness. T.Y.I Productions Founder and CEO King George aka Poetic G[email protected] com/[email protected] T.Y.I Productions/@KingGeorge5000/ @blackmagazine31 G/blackmagazine31



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Community New s

News and stories relating to the struggle of the People. Highlighting stories, the people need to hear about.

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ASHIA’S STORY There wasn’t much favor over my life as I thought. Broken black girl. Considered black sheep of the family. I’m in my early 30s I’ve had one too many of the wrong guys. I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. I’m sitting here, in the pandemic, pregnant with twins and a 9-year-old daughter diagnosed with ADHD. Keep in mind I’ve already bypassed the crack error being a crack baby and sexual assault survivor with no one coming to save me. Fast-forward to two years ago. In school and teaching full time. Lost and nowhere to turn. I aASHIAm lonely but God said, “You are not Alone”. I decided to leave him, pregnant. I’m sitting here wanting an abortion, wanting to give them up for adoption and not wanting this life. Not even knowing that I am walking into single Parenthood. I don’t know what to do! We all can be in the streets, honestly, except God. Having three kids and no support. The system can even take my kids, but God was there. I remember it clearly 2019 they tiptoe around the word in a pandemic and sickness of covid. I know I’m 3 months pregnant and I left him, so I’ve decided to be a single mom. I’m choosing to walk away from a man that could physically help but spiritually not help at all. I’m in school full-time and a kindergarten teacher with barley a salary to cover rent. I have a 9-year-old running around in circles waiting for me to make choices that are healthy for herself and I. What I do know, is she wanted these babies because she was lonely, and Mom wasn’t giving her enough. I remember clearly, I thought I was going to give up. I had a lawyer set game plan and an execution. Now end of 2019 and clearly, I’ve passed the deadline for an abortion so why not give them up for an adoption? It’s a check involved, they’re not ripped from me, my bills can be paid, and I can go on with my life with one kid... like nothing is happening. Page 2

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I remember thinking how are you going to sell your kids for a mirror check you? You opened your legs for free sis. The couple was a middle-class black girl and white man. I raised the twins for a whole 3 days in the hospital but that last day of breastfeeding my twin son hit different. I laid next to him in the bed, and I felt his heart. One of those times I looked over at the adoptive dad telling him “ be I remember the adoption family sitting careful with how you teach him how to in the hospital with me. They even cut be a black boy in your white world “. my umbilical cord. Excited about me It wasn’t like the system is coming to handing these babies over to them. I snatch my kids, it was me deciding remember looking over at this family feeling so overwhelmed and grateful that that I don’t want to be a single parent. I am a black woman with more failed I was giving a woman kids. relationships than I can count. I’m Also feeling like a failure. I put myself working on my master’s degree. I’m a in a predicament where I’m choosing sexual assault survivor. Domestic abuse to give away my kids. Tried to convince survivor. I’ve been standing on Grace. myself that I was doing the right thing. No field village involved. Three kids and Giving a woman who was mentally and two sold, on thinking with no one to physically better off taking care of my lean on but me. It wasn’t about the check children. She is married, middle class, can provide everything for them. She has it wasn’t about taking care of these two kids it was about breaking generational provided everything for her husband. The only thing she couldn’t give him was curses. I just wanted to give these twins something new and not the toxic father a child. Something that I could bear so and a broken mother. easily. It wasn’t my will... it was God’s. I remember walking out of a hospital without my children but with them in the hands of other people. Not my children being ripped from me, from the system but with a check involved.




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A Having to tell my kids the father is not around because of his past traumas. In which, I wish to have you all not be a part of. I assumed giving them up for adoption would be the easy way out. I walked out of the hospital day 3 with no babies. That was one of the hardest moments of my life and I’ve been through hell. It was so hard that I never went home.

The lawyer gets money, the adoption agency gets money, and the adopted families spend money. Just to be in an agency to maybe find them a child but maybe not. If it is a closed case, you cannot keep track of your child once you give them up. I dont know how anybody in this situation could have decided to do what’s best for their children. Have giving birth and not being with my children I find out the children are still in Pennsylvania at a hotel with the adopted family. I did all this by myself during a pandemic while in school full time leaving a domestic abuse relationship, graduating two months before giving birth to twins who were not supposed to make it. STILL while not knowing where God is going to take ME.

I watched people, who did not give birth to my children, carry my kids out and call them theirs. I remember A day after leaving the hospital I did signing the papers in the hospital not go home. How dare I go into my and the adoptive parents changing home that I prepared for twins in the their names. beginning and not have twins walkNot to mention the names the ing up those stairs with me. I went parents gave them were ugly as hell! to my girlfriend’s house and I prayed and cried on repeat. LITERALLY after leaving the hospital, I did not realize that this adoption agency was a multimillion-dollar business.

Two days LATER I saw my lawyer.


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The nights my 9-year-old who at the time was seven would read to my belly knowing she was having a brother and a sister.

Let’s rewind a little bit. Early in 2019 ( the beginning of my pregnancy )I’m teaching and running up and down the stairs and every 5 minutes I’m in the bathroom because they’re bleeding out or I’m throwing up blood. I’m in I’m going to give my twins to a family this relationship that I don’t want to be that will be able to take care of them. in because I ignored all the red flags. That was my thought process. I don’t Asked me for one baby and he gave me want to be a single mom . Looking at two. Year prior I just miscarried twins the statistics, 70% of us are single moms so damn what’s going on. in America no color involved. I was Fast forward, those three hospital prepared to go live my life after giving days go by and I have built a close birth. You aren’t going to have three relationship with these babies that I kids, just that one you were used to. anticipated on giving up. They’re my You don’t got that man, you let him go, babies. In the words of sojourner Truth while pregnant but you’re good. That’s “ aren’t I a woman “ ? What triggered what I thought. me the most was not how the system I would feel day three of being in the treated me horribly in the hospital hospital after giving birth. I have signed because they assumed that I was a black all the paperwork stating that I’m girl losing my children to the system. giving my kids to this couple who was Or even how I knew my children would sitting next to me. I looked strong on question where I was years in being the outside but I’m dying on the inside. with a family that does not look like As the day goes on, I look at my twins them. as they lay next to me just coming out All I thought about was giving my kids of my wound. I didn’t think about how up. I did not want this life. I’m going to hard it was carrying them and keeping have to bear two babies by myself with a them in my belly. The stressing the 9-year-old and no father. sleepless nights of wrestling with myself in the spirits I’ve let touch me. ASHIA’S STORY Page 5



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My lawyer got personal with me and let me know that she was an adoptive mom, and she understands my decision. My God mother said listen to God and my God said, “ I won’t give you what you can’t handle”.

Today my twins are two years old. Mom is a college graduate, back in school again. We are family. They Love to love. Can spell their names. Love their big sister like no other. Depend on mom for life and don’t know how much mom deThere is so much business involved pends on them. I remember my brother in giving your kids up willingly or saying to me “ Ashia they may be ok forcefully. Legalities were because the with the new family... but you won’t be adopted parents were from the Jersey, ok .“ Life is not easy but God. I didn’t they hired to sign papers and more papers to travel these kids to New Jersey want three kids alone but God. I never had family God gave me one. being that we were in Pennsylvania. So that gave me a few days to breathe and My 9-year-old was a twin and we miscontemplate if this is what I wanted to carried at 5 months. I picked her fetus do. out of the toilet, but God. In 2017, I


Day four God said do something. I roll over and look at my 7-year-old who has been through it all with me. Watched my belly grow, read to them in my belly, told people she wanted a brother and a sister. She saw mom come home with no babies.

miscarried twins, but God.

I roll over and look at her and say, “Miracle what should I do?” She looks at mom and says, “ Mom, go get my brother and sister “. I call my lawyer and let her know I can’t do this and I’m ripping the papers up and the check.

Ashia Cameron FB/IG-Ashia Cameron [email protected]

In 2019 I am a mother to twin boys and girl, King David, Faith and a beautiful Miracle.. Miracle. God kept me. Don’t Give Up and Know:

You are not Alone!

“When you know better do better.” - Maya Angel



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Published with her Mom’s permission.

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Spotlighting the Video


Page 38 Magazine Issue #1 38 B.L.A.C.K.

Divine Poetry Poems from Different Creative Poets who have a passion for writing.

Divine Poetry

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...continued Kelly Hansin... continued

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Closing Remarks The Question we should all have, in these days and times, is do we care about life anymore? How is it that our youth are dying at such an alarming rate yet parents are fighting less and condoning the negative behavior. This should never be in such a society; we have come too far as a people to let our children destroy one another, without a thought of remorse. The reason I have decided to create this Magazine was to give the people a voice to speak on social issues, to inspire others to conquer their dreams, to help society build character to care for the people. George E. Addison IV aka King George aka Poetic G Publisher B.L.A.C.K. Magazine Coyright © 2022 T.Y.I Productions