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The September 2022 issue of TNBA's Bowler Magazine is now available.




Message from the President Gregory P. Green

Yours in Sportsmanship Fellowship and Friendship

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September 2022

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King George R. Hull Memorial Golf Tournament

Jalmand J. White Savoy Junior League Darrell Montgomery, Program Director Congratulations Jalmand on bowling your first sanctioned 300 Game on April 2, 2022. Jalmand is a member of the Chicago Bowling Senate and Savoy Junior League at Castaways Bowl in Calumet City, IL. He is an avid bowler that also enjoys track and field. He plans to pursue a career in culinary arts.

Submitted by: Beverly Houston

Golf Tournament continued from page 17 We decided to have an impromptu drawing for a commemorative golf towel.

Queen Beverly

Rideout, pulled the last winning ticket and the winner was King Duane Scott. The committee would like to thank the Manager and staff of Duck Creek Golf Course for their assistance. Also, the golf committee would like to thank the royal court, King Robert Danzy, and Queen Beverly Rideout, with the King & Queen Program Director Shirley Sanders for attending. Furthermore, we would like to thank the JP & SP, Inc., board members who attended this great outing, Martha Pumphrey, Bessie Mack, Nancy Clark, and King Robert Danzy.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Senates, members, individuals and businesses who purchased golf tee signs that double covered every hole on the course. Next year, we will be in Dunwoody, GA a suburb of Atlanta - We will see you there. Committed Members: Queen Johanna E. La Rosa, Tracy E. Smith, Eugene C. McCown, Sr. Submitted by: Tracy Smith

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September 2022

2022 Annual Awards Banquet & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

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September 2022

TNBA/HBCU Invitational Tournament Chapter 3 of the TNBA/HBCU Invitational tournament was held on March 4- 6, 2022, at Southern Lanes in Douglassville, GA. We wish to thank Janean and the Southern Lanes staff for their support in hosting our tournament. Twelve teams participated in this year's tournament from the CIAA: Fayetteville State University and Bowie State University. The MEAC conference was represented by Norfolk State University, Coppin State University and Morgan





participants were Grambling State University, Texas Southern University, Southern University, Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Morgan State TNBA/HBCU Invitational Tournament Champions

tournament host Jackson State University. We wish to thank all 12 schools for their support and participation.

The tournament format for the first day was five game Baker total pin fall. The second day was five individual games for team scoring and the All-Tournament team selections. The third day was the Baker team best four out of seven matches to determine the 3rd annual TNBA/HBCU Invitational tournament championship. The team standings after the first two days in 12th place, Grambling State University; 11th place, Texas Southern University; 10th place, Norfolk State University; 9th place, Bowie State University; 8th place, Fayetteville State University; 7th place, Alabama A&M University; 6th place, Jackson State University; 5th place, Southern University; 4th place, FAMU; 3rd place, Coppin State University; Morgan State University; and the tournament leader Alabama State University. The Saturday night banquet was outstanding! TNBA History Director, Mr. Wayde Broughton gave a very inspirational keynote speech that was well received by everyone. Thank you Wayde Broughton! The 1st and 2nd team All-Tournament were announced and they received their awards. Second team members were Nariva Jackson, AA&M; Mariana Viveros, JSU; Tavera Johnson, NSU; Savana Razor, ASU and Megan Wheat, NSU. First team members were Jordan Shipp; FAMU; Crystal Brewer, NSU; Logan Brown; Coppin State; Email Sturk FAMU and tournament player of the year, Ashanti Fernandes, Morgan State.

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September 2022

In a previous Bowler’s article, we featured the McGloster family, highlighting the accomplishments of Gary's two youngest sons in their first year in the TNBA Junior Program. His youngest son, Evan, recently featured on the website. This time, it is Dad's (Gary, left) turn, along with his brother, James Powell (right). Gary and James entered a local tournament this year, their firsttime tournament experience. It was Gary's idea. After returning from an out-of-town trip, Gary called James to remind him of their agreement to participate. It was the last day of the tournament. James said, “I am on my way”. When the squad was over, they found themselves in first place. Not only were they in first place, but they also earned an extra bonus for having the highest series for the weekend. But before any of the above sank in, Gary was trying to get over his nervousness of bowling for his first 300 game. He ended up bowling a 298. He said afterwards, that he probably should have stepped back off the lanes and composed himself. Although Gary had been bowling several years in league competition, this was James' first year in a while. For about 15-20 years, the two brothers had been sporadically practicing together. It had just been casual outings and bonding time for James. Gary had taken it more seriously, and bowling in several leagues during the season. James had only bowled in about 3 leagues in the past 5 years. Both said they had no idea what the tournament was about. They had no expectation, just doing it for the fun of it. They did not even have an idea of how much money they had won. They were astonished when they received their winnings. After experiencing the tournament win in his first tournament, James said he is now inspired to take bowling more seriously. After Gary's nervous experience during his first attempt at bowling a 300 game, he got his second opportunity in the Six Senate Match Play Tournament recently. He said, “this time I took my time, took several deep breaths, and relaxed before the last ball”. After doing so, I rolled my best ball of the entire game on the last shot! I was so elated! My brother James was the first person I talked to. I was actually texting him during the entire game…5 in-a-row…9 in-a-row. Then I said, “I just shot a 300”! He said, quit lying! I then had to call to tell him it was the truth. It was really a blessing, because I made up my mind at the last minute to bowl in the tournament. You never know what it is going to feel like when you do it…everyone cheering for you, then coming around to congratulate you!...quite an experience! Gary also qualified for the Men's Bragging Rights Team for the Jackson Mid-South Senate in his first Match Play competition. Congratulations to James and Gary. The brothers also own the Auto One Auto Repair Center in Jackson, MS.

Submitted by: James C. Gant

Greater Richmond Bowling Senate Randy Richeson is a rising Junior at Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, VA. He started bowling in 2019, and at Southwest Bowl America in 2020 in a Saturday Youth league. Randy has had many bowling accomplishments. He bowled a 300 in Jan 2021, a year later he bowled a 290. In November 2020 he bowled his first 700 series (717…217, 245, 257). He has earned over $2000 in scholarship money participating in Adult/Youth tournaments, City Tournaments, league accomplishments, and the Pepsi Tournament. He was awarded the Southwest Youth Club Scholarship for 2023. He currently bowls in a Youth Sport Shot league and a fun adult/league. When not bowling, Randy plays both baseball and golf for the Varsity teams at Clover Hill. He is in all honors classes and maintains an A/B average. He plans to continue bowling and wants to start participating in more tournaments. Randy is pictured showing off his 300 game ring. Congratulations Randy!! October 2021 Brian Shelton picked up Jerry M. Branch as a substitute partner on the day of the annual TNBA Doubles Tournament. Their bowling chemistry on that day was magnificent, and they bowled well enough to win the tournament and was honored with the title of the Doubles Tournament Champions. Congratulations Guys!! Kelsey Scott bowled 11 strikes in a row and then buried the 12th ball in the pocket leaving one pin standing for a 299 score. Raymond Clarke, Greater Richmond USBC Association Manager, presented Kelsey an award at TNBA Monday Mixed League for her score of 299. Congratulations Kelsey!! Celebrating Queen Adrienne Hal's birthday while at TNBA National Tournament in Dallas, Texas. FUN, FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP, & ENCOURAGEMENT - HAPPY SMILING FACES dedicated to high bowling integrity while navigating through pandemic restrictions and relaxed revisions. GRBS TNBA is looking forward to increasing membership numbers to pre COVID levels and beyond. Come join us!

Submitted by: M. Denise Branch

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September 2022

Greater Washington Bowling Senate In Loving Memory of Calvin “Cal” Donelson GWBS mourns the loss of one of our most active members. Cal was a former Sergeant-at-Arms and senate director. Cal also was a long time delegate to TNBA’s national convention. He was very active in our senate with membership recruiting. He also coordinated entries into several tournaments in the local area. In 2011, Cal was honored at our 50th Anniversary with Sonny Steward Award for outstanding service. Cal's family honored his memory with a memorial dinner. Family, friends, co-workers, students and former TNBA, GWBS president, Cornell Jackson gave heartfelt tributes for his life-long service. Cal will be missed, but never forgotten. Rest in heavenly peace, Cal.

GWBS Mixed Doubles League GWBS Mixed Doubles League, an over 30-year, 100% TNBA sanctioned league, wrapped up it's return to a regular season of bowling after sitting out the 2020-2021 season. We were thrilled to see so many returning members at our organizational meeting. We remembered those who were tragically lost, to COVID, including TNBA Queen, Trudy Peoples, our league treasurer. . Our format was modified to allow for safe distancing, and we wore mask throughout the season. Thanks to the cooperation of the entire league, we only had a few minor incidences related to COVID. Congratulations to the 2021-22 first place team, So Disrespectful (Steve “Hype” Satchell and Crystal “Silky” Gray). We look forward to a safe 2022-23 season. Submitted by: Suzette Dent

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September 2022

Rocket City Senate The Rocket City Senate hosted a Handicap Doubles Tournament with Optional Singles on January 22-23, 2022, in Florence, AL at Lauderdale Lanes. A Senate member, Robert Jackson, who lives in Florence suggested that the Senate host a tournament there. Bowlers wanted to get out! It had been over two years with the Pandemic since the Senate had a tournament. A special shout out to Robert for contacting the bowlers in Florence for participation in the tournament. With his effort we had an excellent turnout from bowlers there at Lauderdale Lanes and we increased our membership.

Mississippi Bowlers

Bowlers were excited to get out…the tournament was a success! Great Fellowship, Friendship, and Sportsmanship with bowlers from Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Thanks to Edward Whittley, (pictured with Queen Rosie) Southern Regional Field Representative who was also in attendance from Mississippi.

Let the Fellowship continue…

TNBA Family supporting HBCU On March 4-6, 2022, I attend the 3rd Annual HBCU Tournament in Douglasville, GA. Spending time with TNBA’s family and lending a helping hand during the tournament. Had a great time hanging out with Queen Emma, Queen Adrienne and other TNBA members. Submitted by: Queen Rosie Wade

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September 2022

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September 2022

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September 2022

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September 2022

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September 2022

Las Vegas Senate

Original Five Guys

Submitted by: Danny Mack

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September 2022

Major Women Contributors to TNBA Mary Lee Wilkes was a huge contributor to the early or embryonic days of TNBA. Mrs. Wilkes was a major factor in the struggles for equal rights in the bowling world. She was heavily involved in the Cleveland Senate as a leading guidepost so to speak of the organization. Mrs. Wilkes led the way in holding positions that were generally held by men at that time. She was the National Treasurer for five years. From the memoirs of Martin Kelley, “ M r s . Wilkes, the o




women…to h




elective national office, was given a stirring ovation as the convention secretary (in 1946) cast a unanimous vote signaling her reelection.” She was an initial proponent for combining the position of Secretary and Treasurer for TNBA. James A. Robinson who was Chairman of the 25th Anniversary in Indianapolis referred to Mary L. Wilkes as the “…N.B.A, Treasurer Extraordinaire”. It is in her honor that the “MARY L. WILKES AWARD” was established in 1959 in memory of her extraordinary contribution to TNBA.

The first Recipient of the Coveted Mary L. Wilkes award was Mrs. Martha M. Burton in 1960. Martha Burton was truly an extraordinary member and contributor to TNBA. Mrs. Burton was “The all everything” with her myriad of involved efforts that benefitted TNBA. She was Secretary of the Twin City Senate (Baltimore & Washington DC). In 1957, she became the first African American to attend the W.I.B.C. convention.

She was Vice President of the Petworth

League on Tuesdays. She was President of the Signal Corps League on Wednesdays.


was President of the Triangle Women's Thursdays. Children Saturday



Supervised classes



Secretary of the Eastern Travel League on weekends. She started directing Junior Bowling activities in 1962 and became Program director through the 1970’s. Chaired the TNBA Audit committee in 1963. Worked ardently in the Washington DC City Bowling Association and the Virginia State Bowling Association both for many years. She was a strong proponent of the TNBA Hall of Fame. In fact, she was the initial Hall of Fame Program Director in 1980. In Addition to the Mary L. Wilkes Award, Mrs. Burton is A TNBA Life Member; she was inducted into the TNBA Hall of Fame in 1989. She was the first African American inducted into the WIBC Hall of Fame. In addition, she was the first non-WIBC board



Mrs. Burton with Jr Coaches



member to be honored as Member Emeritae in 1997. With all of her contributions,


Burton appears to be the



prolific to


TNBA effort. Submitted by: Wayde Broughton