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Brand Guidelines




Brand Guidelines

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Contents Logos 3 Primary Logos Secondary Logos Logomark Minimum Clear Space Logo forms Logo Rules

Dynamic Shapes Holding Device Branding Element


Fonts 13 Primary Font Family Fall-Back Font Family

Digital Applications Digital Banners Social Media Email Signature Presentation


Business Card Documents

Icons 21 Icons

Colours 9 Primary Colours Secondary Colours Colour Proportions

Print Materials


Brand Guidelines

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Primary Logos Gradient logo variations

The primary logo is in horizontal format and should be used in the majority of design applications. Make sure to take note of the logo rules on pages 6-8.

Solid colour logo variations

Monochrome logos

Brand Guidelines

Page 4

Logos Gradient logo variations

Secondary Logos The secondary logo is in vertical format and should be used in applications where the primary logo would not fit, or would be awkwardly spaced.

Solid colour variations

Outlined logomark variations

Monochrome logos variations

Make sure to take note of the logo rules on pages 6-8.

Brand Guidelines

Page 5


Logomark Gradient logomark variations

Solid colour logomark variations

Monochrome logomark variations

The logomark is separate from the wordmark in the full logo. It is rarely to be used, but is mostly suitable in digital applications where the brand is already established, e.g. social media.

Brand Guidelines

Page 6


Minimum Clear Space Minimum clear space is important to note so that the logo is never oversized or overcrowded in design and marketing collateral. Primary logo should be used where possible, but certain applications require a vertical logo, in which case the secondary logo should be used.

Brand Guidelines

Page 7


A combination of sharp & round corners

Negative space shows an “S” in the same weight as the logotype

Sharp corners convey precision and expertise

Logo forms

Rounded corners soften the brand to convey approachability

The logomark is a combination of sharp and round corner, which ties into the dynamic brand. The wordmark is a custom modified font to suit the logomark. The wordmark should never appear separate to the logomark, only ever in the primary or secondary logo forms.

Logotype is a custom modified version of the font Houschka Rounded.

Brand Guidelines

Page 8


Do not: Logomark x

Logo Rules Do not: Logomark Do not resize or change the position of the logomark.

Do not: Wordmark x

sudosky Do not: Sizing x

Do not: Colours x


Do not: Wordmark Do not use any other font, no matter how close it might look to the wordmark. Do not: Sizing Do not use squish or squash the logo. Any resizing must be in proportion. Do not: Colours Do not change the colours even if they look similar. Use the official colour specifications detailed in these guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Page 9


Primary Colours

Strong Violet #5f22c8 76 -85-0-0 Pantone 2090 C

Gradient #5f22c8 to #ff5a41

Electric Coral #ff5a41 0 -80-76-0 Pantone 171 C

True Black #000000 75- 68-67-90 Pantone 6 C

These are the primary colours that make up the SudoSky brand. Spot, process and hex values are included as easy reference for various applications, e.g. print & web. The SudoSky gradient is composed of a 50/50 Electric Coral to Strong Violet transition.

Brand Guidelines

Page 10


Secondary Colours #4187ff






The secondary colours can be used alongside the primary palette for diagrams, infographics, etc ... where necessary.

Colour Proportions A visual representation of how the primary and secondary colours should be used.

Brand Guidelines

Page 11

Dynamic Shapes

Holding Device Holding Device / Dynamic Shape

To create a diverse and cohesive brand identity, there are several dynamic shapes that aid SudoSky’s visual language. The holding device mirrors shapes from the logo, and is useful for separating text/information from a busy background or as a banner shape.

Examples of holding device / dynamic shape in use

Brand Guidelines

Page 12

Dynamic Shapes

Branding Element Branding Element / Dynamic Shape

To create a diverse and cohesive brand identity, there are several dynamic shapes that aid SudoSky’s visual language. The branding elements are made from different combinations of the outline of the logomark, and is useful for carrying through the visual identity on marketing and brand collateral. The branding element can exist in any colour, but is usually used with a gradient fill on a gradient background.

Examples of branding element / dynamic shape in use

Brand Guidelines

Page 13

Fonts Omnes Font

Primary Font Family Omnes The primary font for the SudoSky brand is Omnes. This font family is modern, clean, and should be used in all official design and marketing collateral. To use these fonts on a web page, copy this code into the tag of your HTML:

Font Application

Brand Guidelines

Page 14

Fonts Calibri Font

Fall-Back Font Family Calibri If Omnes is unavailable (certain digital applications), Calibri should be used.

Brand Guidelines

Page 15

Digital Applications

Digital Banners These are style guides for digital banners, see AI files to edit. 728px X 90px

Messaging - 300px X 50px

CTA - 300px X 50px

300px X 250px

Messaging - 300px X 50px

CTA - 300px X 50px

Brand Guidelines

Page 16

Digital Applications

Social Media

These are style guides for social media, see AI files to edit.

Facebook Story 1080x1920

Square 1080x1080

Facebook & Linkedin Landscape 1200x630

Profile Picture Options

Brand Guidelines

Page 17

Digital Applications

Email Signature Email Signature supplied in .jpg and HTML format. To add email signature to your email, open the html file in your browser, ctrl/cmd A to select all, copy, and paste in your email signature settings.

Brand Guidelines

Page 18

Digital Applications

Presentation See Google Slides files.

Brand Guidelines

Page 19

Print Materials

Business Card See print-ready files.

Brand Guidelines

Page 20

Print Materials

Documents See Google Doc files.

Brand Guidelines

Page 21


Icons Icons are supplied in .svg and .png formats, so they are editable in colour. They will primarily be used in presentations.