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Copy of Theme in _The Veldt,_ _Home_ & _Autumntime_ Flipbook PDF

Copy of Theme in _The Veldt,_ _Home_ & _Autumntime_




Theme: "The Veldt," "Home," & "Autumntime" Open Ended Response Questions This assignment counts as an assessment (test) grade. You have two days of class time to complete the assignment. Refer to the short stories we have read recently to support your answers.

Part 1: (10 pts) Highlight the statement that best represents the theme of “The Veldt.” You will use the statement that you highlight any time a question refers to theme. ● "Dependent on technology can be dangerous for individuals and society." ● "Technology can alienate people from one another."

Part 2: (18 pts each) Answer the following questions using evidence from the text. Be sure to use complete sentences. Include quotation marks and citations for the direct quotes. You must use citations in your answer. Look at the examples posted on the screen and on Canvas.

Why were Wendy and Peter so apathetic/unemotional about the death of their parents? Because in the story they locked the parents in the nursery and had africa in there and the lions killed the parents and the kids showed no remorse when they died.

Explain how Peter and Wendy’s apathy relates to the theme of the story? Clearly state the theme in your response (exactly as it appears in Part 1 above). Use text evidence to support your answer. Because in the story when the parents get licked up in the nursery the kids leave and come back and are having tea when Mr Mclean shows up and asks where they are and they say “they be here directly” and act like nothing happened. Author’s often put their own opinions in their writing. Which character’s opinions do you think align most with Ray Bradbury? Why? Explain your answer with text evidence.

When does technological progress negatively affect human relationships? Use text evidence from at least two of the short stories we have read to support your answer. (Use your ideas from last week’s journal entries to get started).

How are the families in “The Veldt” and in “Autumntime” affected by their use of technology? (Use your ideas from last week’s journal entries to get started).