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The Shri Ram Universal School Lakeshore Greens, Palava

Curious and Creative 2020 -2021

Reliving the year: Contents

Address by the principal Address by the School Captain Address by the Head of Editorial Board Special Assemblies Climate Action Project Book Week Celebration India Glory Week Joy of Giving Week Diploma-Thon Spectrum Caterpillars Shri Expressions Math-a-Thon All About the Environment Annual Fitness Day Image Gallery

School Captain says…

It is rightly saidIt is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage the change, will. The 'The YEAR 2020' is entirely about the above quote, called "The New Normal." And this year we have learned the Art of Life - of constant readjustment to our surroundings. This year has been full of enjoyment and struggles. Struggling to survive in this Roller Coaster year, we successfully made our way to 2021. We have explored a lot much through our online classes, virtual trips, competitions and events during the unpredictable year which won't have been possible within the physical realm of classrooms. I can vividly recollect all the pleasures we had during our lectures- the Kahoot quizzes, Power point presentations, Padlets, Nearpods and much more. I believe this grilling time was a play of nature to revive the best values in us and bring us back to our roots to realise pleasure does not lie in a materialistic life but internal satisfaction. Now I would like to share my experience during 2020; I relished this year to the fullest because I kept myself motivated. The school, classes and activities kept me motivated to get up the next day and work hard. All the activities and projects kept me so engaged that I didn't realise when we came to the end of "The YEAR 2020." I would like to share one thing with the person reading this: Confidence, courage, and a determined spirit are vital for surviving hard times. Thanks Swastika Bansal School Captain.

SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES Our school believes that the students should become global citizens while retaining their traditional values. Keeping this in mind all the important days and festivals are celebrated through assemblies and celebrations. The essence of any special occasion is conveyed by the means of songs, dances, roleplays, Ppts or videos. This year the school being online, students got ample opportunities to participate in these special assemblies.

World Elephant Day On August 12, 2012, the inaugural World Elephant Day was launched to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants. The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world, yet we balance on the brink of seeing the last of this magnificent creature. World Elephant Day is an opportunity for everyone to get together to find ways to reduce conflict between humans and elephants. The solution probably lies in a combination of strategies. These could include land development that minimizes habitat destruction, electric fences to keep elephants away from farms, and changes in local attitudes.

International Tiger Day Tigers are unique animals, and they play an integral role in the diversity of the ecosystem. Today, tigers are endangered, and their extinction would demonstrate an unprotected ecosystem. Our little shriities have taken a vow to protect them by conducting a special assembly on ‘International’s Tiger Day’. The Students of grade 4A celebrated this day on a virtual platform with full enthusiasm. The whole class participated and some of them even made a poster with a slogan. They also presented a poem and a short story with props and a PPT on Importance of Tiger’s Day. Some students painted their faces like Tigers to look real. The students of Grade 4A were ecstatic about the Special Assembly on International Tiger’s Day.

WORLD HONEY-BEE DAY Bees are vital for the preservation of ecological balance and biodiversity in nature. They provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services, i.e. pollination, which is what makes food production possible. Bees also act as indicators of the state of the environment. Their presence, absence or quantity tells us when something is happening with the environment and that appropriate action is needed. By observing the development and health of bees, it is possible to ascertain changes in the environment and implement the necessary precautionary measures in time. Thus, to create awareness about the tiny hard

worker, World Honey Bee day is celebrated every year on 21st August. It also marks the birth anniversary of Anton Janson, the founder of beekeeping.

DUSHERRA: VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL The special assembly on Dussehra was held on 23rd October 2020. Students did an extremely impressive job in portraying various characters from Ramayan. The news readers and other presenters were crisp and clear. The assembly concluded with a closing note and key messages by students. Keeping the festive spirit alive the children came dressed in traditional attires. The assembly began with a prayer and then a message on Dussehra was delivered. Every student participated with a lot of zeal and energy. The celebration marked the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king, Ravana and reinforced the message of the triumph of good over evil.

The special assembly on Dussehra focussed on the eco-friendly way of celebrating the festival. Students of grade 5 presented the assembly while students from grades 6-8 were present as audience. Students from grade 5 showed some innovative ways to celebrate eco- friendly Dussehra through a role play, which was highly appreciated by all.

INTERNATIONAL OZONE DAY A special assembly was conducted on 17-09-2020 on Ozone layer. Children beautifully explained with help of Props that the Earth is wrapped in a blanket of air called the 'atmosphere', which is made up of several layers. About 19-30 kilometres above the Earth is a layer of gas called ozone, which is a form of oxygen.

Certificate and books awarded to Sehaj Kaur of grade 5

GLOBAL HANDWASHING DAY Handwashing with soap removes germs from hands. This helps in preventing infections as people frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it. Germs can get into the body through these body parts and make us sick. A special assembly was conducted on 15th October to spread awareness about ‘Importance of Washing Hands’. Students have also prepared posters for the same.

INTERNATIONAL WILDLIFE WEEK In India, Wildlife week is celebrated annually from 02 October to 08 October. The purpose of Wildlife Week is to draw attention to the wildlife crisis that our planet is facing currently. Not only humans but also animals, birds, and all the species in the ecosystem have a right to the earth and its resources.

Wildlife- Save it to cherish it! All the creatures are in need! I will help them, yes indeed! Shall we all? Yes indeed!

BOOK WEEK Our wonderful students had virtual visit to some of the World’s Renowned Libraries - Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Library of Parliament, Bodleian Library, Seattle Public Library…. Our young Shriites of Class 1 were enthralled to watch “Bruno the bear” puppet show. Class 2 and 3 crafted their own Favourite character mask to celebrate the spirit of Book Week. For Class IV to VIII, we had organized various competitions like Book Quiz, Favourite Cover Page, Picture book, Digital Comic Strip, Digital Book Cover. The fun-filled book week came to a grand closure with mesmerizing performance of Role play on Rabindranath Tagore by outstanding students of Class IV and Class V. Class 1 to Class III had dressed up into their favourite character on the last day. We had invited renowned Authors and Storytellers from Scholastic India for online sessions – Ms. The Maestro, Ajit Narayan

Perminda Langer(Storyteller), Ms. Renu

Chamarti(Storyteller), Ms.Aditi Krishnakumar(Author), Mr.CG Salamander and Ms. Sahitya(Author Talk and Illustrator), Mr.Ajit Narayan(Renowned Cartoonist). Our students were very enthusiastic to attend all the sessions and had fruitful interaction with them.

As a part of Book Week on 7th July,2020 little Shriites of The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava witnessed a puppet show. Through the puppet show “Please please the Bees” the teachers taught them importance of social skills. The little Shriites from preschool had the pleasure of watching and being a part of the puppet show. It was a fun day for little Shriites.

The fun-filled Book week came to a grand closure with mesmerizing performances on the Role play day. Ms. Komal Dua, Ms. Antara Mcnamara, our principal Ms. Radhika Srinivasan and Ms. Sangeetha Sajith honoured the event as chief guests. The event started with a brief introduction of the literary contributions of R.N. Tagore by Akshadha who tactfully weaved the entire program together as the compere of the event. Aaraddhya Kulkarni of Class 4 imbibed his character so well that we couldn’t take our eyes away from the young Tagore reciting his poem in Bengali and explaining it in English. Arjun Shetye also played his role notably well as young Tagore in his adolescence. Anvesha, Ayushi and Deon melodiously sang the very famous song ‘Akela Chalo Re’ which was sung again on the request of the guests. The latter age of Tagore was judiciously recreated by Sayanthan Chatterjee in long white hair and beard of cotton. His Bengali songs as well as poems in English both were equally enjoyable. The last event of the day,- the skit ‘Kabuliwallah’ saw many moments of brilliance when each and every character was whole heartedly appreciated by Principal ma’am, guests and teachers.

The efforts put in by the teachers were also well recognized and appreciated by one and all.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” R.N. Tagore

As a part of Book Week on 7th July,2020 little Shriites of The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava witnessed a puppet show. Through the puppet show “Please please the Bees” the teachers taught them importance of social skills. The little Shriites from preschool had the pleasure of watching and being a part of the puppet show. It was a fun day for little Shriites.

INDIA GLORY WEEK (7-14 August) India week was celebrated from 7th to 14th August to celebrate our great country India. Different activities were carried out from class one to class 8 to celebrate India. Debates, Elocution and virtual trips were part of these activities. A Special assembly was conducted on 14th August on the occasion of celebrating Glory of India that marks India Week. Col. Gaurav Chaturvedi (Rtd) –Associate Vice President, Hospitality & Property Management, was the Chief Guest. A veteran of Kargil war, enlightened our students on his journey in the army and serving the nation.

Virtual Tour to Red Fort An informative virtual tour to Red Fort was organised on 13th August,2020 to give in-depth knowledge of this magnificent monument. The tour started with a few questions to ignite curiosity in students followed by a brief introduction of the monuments. Next was the detailed description of the structures inside this enormous monument like Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan -e- Khas, Mumtaz Mahal, Naubat Khana, Peacock throne, Chatta chauk etc. The tour also included facts about this monument. The tour concluded with a Kahoot quiz based on the knowledge acquired during this session. Ms. Gawarna Mestry, Ms. Tanuja Ojha and Ms. Tajinder Kaur guided the students ably throughout the tour and enriched student’s knowledge about this monument which is a UNESCO World Heritage too. Students feedback was also collected on a padlet.

Quiz on Indian Monuments Monuments are the grappling irons that bind one generation to another’Jouseph Joubert A quiz was organised for the students of grades 4 and 5 on 10th August. Students enthusiastically participated and displayed their keenness and knowledge on the same.

स्वतंत्रता दिवस के उपलक्ष में श्री परिवाि द्वािा इण्डिया वीक का आयोजन ककया गया l जिसमें राष्ट्रभाषा के प्रजि आदर व देशप्रेम को प्रकट करिे हुए हमारे नन्हें – मन्ु हे बच्चों ने अपनी कला का खबू प्रदशशन जकया l जिसके अंिर्शि कक्षा ३ से कक्षा ५ के सभी जवद्याजथशयों ने जहदं ी कजविा / र्ीि को प्रस्िुि जकया l छात्रों का प्रदशशन अत्यंि सराहनीय रहा l

‘Glory of India’ The aim of India Week celebration for the kids was an attempt to let them imbibe a feeling of patriotism within them and impart knowledge about its relevance and also to know more about India. Hence, activities like tricolour food and tricolour dress were conducted, to make them aware of the colours that glorify our national flag.

THE JOY OF GIVING WEEK (5-9th October,2020) “If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” Will Smith "Daan Utsav" alias "The Joy of Giving Week" was celebrated by all the students of The Shri Ram Universal School from 5th October to 9th October 2020. The first day commenced with an expression of gratitude by making lovely "Thank you" cards for parents and teachers. Followed by, we had organized the Helen Keller Institute Team to comeover online and do motivational talk with our students of class III to VIII on the 'Culture of Giving' and 'Expressing Gratitude.' Our students were shown very informative and interesting videos of Helen Keller Institute. They also learned action songs with sign language and had a very fruitful interaction with all the speakers- Ms Anuradha Bagchi, Director at Helen Keller Institute, Ms Priya Ann Aranjo, Coordinator at HKIDB and Ms Archana Tiwari. Students had also shared their Bucket list of donation items and arrangements of donation items at home. Lastly, we would like to share the attached Padlet which is filled with 'Joy of Giving' gestures by our generous students speaking loud their enriched action.


INTER-SCHOOL COMPETITIONS Spectrum Spectrum an inter-school competition was held on 12th December by 'Pawar Public School Dombivali. Many neighbouring schools participated in this day long competition. Students from our school participated in different categories, they were highly enthusiastic and participated with full zest. Swara Prabudesai from class 8, bagged second position in Dance competition.

Aaraddhya Kulkarni of class 4 got first position in English Story Telling.

Caterpillars- Literary Fest The Caterpillar Literary Festival was presented by the Lodha Group of Schools. This was the fourth edition of CaterpillarsThe Lodha Literary Festival 2020 which was held in the month of December 2020. This edition of Caterpillars was special and different because was held on a virtual platform. Another new feature of this edition was the Interschool Competitions. The participating schools were: 1. Lodha World School, Thane 2. Lodha World School, Palava 3. Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens 4. The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava 5. Pawar Public School, Dombivli

Our students emerged victorious in many competitions and the long list is as follows: The winners of Group 1 are: 1. Shreyaansh Seth of Class 1 (2nd position) for the event – Masterminds 2. Dakshita Trivedi of Class 2 (3rd position) again for the event – Masterminds 3. Advik Wakchoure of Class 1 (3rd position) for the event – Stories on a Platter 4. Saniya Surti of Class (1st position) for the Event - Find Me If You Can 5. Ira Dhukhande of class 1 (1st position) for the Marathi event Balkavi 6. Aashma Dagar of class 2 (3rd position) for the Hindi event – Nanhe Kathan Group 2, comprising classes 3 – 5: 1. Dhruti Priyankar of class 3 (1st position) for the event – What If I were the Author of these Tales? 2. Chintav Choudhury of Class 4 (3rd position)– What if I were the author of these tales? 3. Laksh Taurani of class 3, Ishaan Teli of class 4, Vedanti Kulkarni of Class 5 and Vyom Dave of class 5 (2nd position) for the event – Old vs New 4. Addya Saxena of Class 4 (2nd position) for the Hindi event - Kavita Lekhan Kaushal. 5. Aarna Pilkhane of class 3 (1st position) for the Marathi event – Bhoomiket–Mi ani Katputli 6. Aaradhya Kulkarni of class 4 (2 nd position) again for the Marathi event Bhoomiket – Mi ani Katputli Group 3, consisting of students of classes 6-8. 1. Sehaj Kaur and Deon Anumone of class 6 (3rd position) for the event – No Less than God 2. Sakshi Gaikwad of class 8 (2nd position) for the event – Intonate to Modulate

3. Avni Garg of class 6 (2nd position) for the Hindi event – Kavyanjali We also had the winners of the Teachers events: 1. Dnyaneshwari Dalvi maám for the event – Minute Matrix 2. Kanchan Shukla maám for the event - Vers -E- Style 3. Harpreet Jaswal maám and Darshane Rane maám for the event - Ad D It

Shri Expressions 21 students from our school participated in Shri Expressions, the first literary event organised by SEL-Shri Educare limited. Our students performed their best in the three day long program that included both competitive and non-competitive events. Our tiny tots represented our school well in 'Characters Come Alive' and 'Recitation.' Even in competitive events our school bagged top positions in 3 events. Pratishtha Varma secured 1st position in 'Just a Minute' (intermediate) Akshadha Agarwal secured 3rd position in 'Take a stand' Juniors Our Intermediate team in 'Book and Literary Quiz' comprising of Avni grade 6, Ananya Satish grade 7 and Shreya Iyengar from grade 8 secured 3rd position. It was an enriching learning experience for teachers as well as students.


Math-A-thon Math-A-thon, the first ever Inter-School Math competition organized by ShriEducare Limited was held on 20th, 21st and 22nd January 2021. This 3-day long event was hosted online under the guidance of Ms Sudha Santhanam, Sr GM operations (SEL) and Ms Shaveta Bhagriya, Chief manager, operations(SEL). Students from all Shri schools across the country participated in this event. The events for classes 1 and 2 were participative, whereas for classes 3 to 6 the events were competitive. The following were the events and categories 1. Show me the Math for class 1 2. Math Attitude for class 2 3. Math Tunes for class 3 4. Math Art Attack for class 4 5. Math Quiz for classes 5 and 6. Our student performed splendidly in all the events, Aarna Pilkhane from class 3, bagged 1st position in Math Tunes. Avni Garg from Class 6 was among the top 5 Math marathon Champions. Our team from Class 6 which includes Avni Garg, Vyom Ghadge and Sehaj Kaur secured 2nd position in inter school Quiz competition. Our other participants were also highly appreciated by the judges and the hosts of the event.

DIPLOMATHON DIPLOMATHON™ is a high impact learning platform for school students to participate and reinvent the Diplomat within. DIPLOMATHON™ is a Student Conference series which aims at providing a one stop learning module on International Relations, Geo – Politics, Public Policy, Public Speaking & World Affairs along with for the first time ever. A reproduction of Global Organisations which reflect the overall Global Diplomacy portrait, including the BRICS, SAARC & avant-garde moots. Hence, DIPLOMATHON™ envisions to provide an ultimate journey to diplomacy through the extensive 2 Day Conferences. Students of grade 6 and 7 participated in the Diplomathon Global Mumbai ’19 on 31st August and 1st September 2020. In these two days, students enjoyed the journey to diplomacy through real time discussion and dialogues in which students exchanged views and focused towards ‘Transcending boundaries’. The Discussion was on Global issues as well as on popular characters like ‘Marvel’ and ‘Harry Potter’. It was really an enriching experience for the students.

कहानी समीक्षा 15 दिसंबर 2020, को आभासी मंच पर (वचय चु ल मंच) ‘ि कल्याणी स्कूल, पण च े’ द्वारा आयोजित ऑनलाइन अंतर्वुियालयी कहानी समीक्षा प्रततयोगिता का आयोिन ककया िया था,प्रततयोगिता में कचल 23 प्रततभागियों ने भाि ललया था जिसमें हमारे र्वद्यालय के तीन छात्राओं ने भाि ललया था। कहानी समीक्षा में कक्षा 8 की साक्षी िायकवाड ने तत ृ ीय स्थान प्राप्त कर र्वद्यालय को िौरवाजववत ककया ।

ALL ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT “When you define a goal, remember that you have the power to realize it. It comes with planning, hard work, strategy and the will to make it happen.” The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava celebrated their signature jamboree event - All About the Environment. An event that had created its own buzz and excitement as a week-long fest, starting from 10th Jan, 2021 to 17th Jan, 2021. During this week-long celebration we witnessed numerous events, workshops, competitions, guest lectures and webinars. This year the online conduct of this mega event of ours has augmented its fame and reach beyond boundaries; over 13 schools participated in 29 competitive and noncompetitive events; over 923 students and teachers registered themselves for workshops and virtual tours. The activities and competitions were virtually conducted on various meeting platforms like Zoom and Webex meetings. Events for classes Nursery, Jr.K.G., Sr.K.G , Classes 1 and 2 were participatory events and from classes 3 to 8 the events were competitive. Learning and expressing without excitement would have boring so each day unfurled with a range of competitive and non-competitive events ranging from, Recitation, Singing, JAM, Dance, Drama, Best out of Waste, Elocution, Story telling, Declamation, Doodle, Origami, Videography and Photography...

We all know what we should be doing to preserve the environment, but what actually is being done and what the children are doing was witnessed in this mega grandeur. At AAE, it was not just lecturing to do what and what not, there were actual hands-on experiences that were imparted with workshops like grow your own greens, nudge design, climate reality, mangroves and lot more…

Our little champs closely mentored and guided by experts round the globe aren’t just thinking of today but of years ahead and had green careers in mind, students from grade 6-8 had an eye opener on the careers associated with the greens.

Finally rounding up all was the display of children’s original work and creativity during paryavaran mela… Paryavaran Mela – Eco-friendly Dusherra Paryavaran Mela – Eco- friendly Holi This week-long environment fest was an usher of fresh petals of knowledge and opportunity to bring a positive outlook towards our very own nature.


Art work by Lakshita, Grade 8

Poem by Swastika Bansal, grade 8

Trees are life Trees are life and golden vibes, Why we chop the trees for price, field and woodland being shredded, God blessed are being threatened, climate change is happening fast, Have to work on keeping mind vast. Killer Floods in Pakistan, Volcanic eruptions of Japan, Ozone layer is depleting, greenhouse gases repeating, The world is getting hotter day by day, let's start protecting our planet today. -Avni Garg 6

Space through my specks Have you ever wondered what space is? It must have occurred to your mind! The vast expanse of darkness with nothing but stars would be the first thought of many! But, that is not entirely true, space has much more than just darkness it is a whole new place full of wonders that we as humans cannot even comprehend. The space holds many secrets, many of which are still unknown; space exploration is still in progress and it is moving slowly yet steadily because of its large costs and even larger risks involved. Space has stars, comets, planets. dwarf planets, exoplanets, black holes, supernovas, star systems, asteroids, meteors and a lot more. Space is fascinating and wonderful! It is bound to attract anyone who learns about it! Who knows perhaps you may live on Mars in the future! Space science is something you can call unpredictable it has many turns and the future scientists could be proving our current knowledge wrong. No one knows! But that is what makes space science so exciting! There is no knowing where you are heading but the path is made. -Pratishtha Verma, 7-A