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Designer statement socks the latest trend in footwear Flipbook PDF

Because of being a perfect pair with slip-ons, having the possibilities of mixing and matching, allowing you to show you




The trends in footwear keep on changing. These days you can even go barefoot with only socks if you are bold enough, that is. However, designer statement socks are your pals when you want to look fashionable. These are in trend too, so let us take a look at why this is so?

Slip-On and Statement Socks are the Perfect Pair Do you have slip-ons? If yes, have you ever wondered what you could pair these with? If yes, then your answer is designer statement socks. Not only are these socks in high demand, but you can also pair these socks with slip-on and espadrilles, oh and did we mention that you can’t get enough of these. Your slip-ons are extremely beautiful and comfortable, but this accessory is too casual. Wear Funky Socks with your slip-on and give a bold style statement without compromising for comfort. Possibilities of Mixing and Matching Patterned socks are an accessory that you can match with anything from your wardrobe. We at Thela Gaadi suggest you pair your socks with a watch of matching color and show off your look. Trust us. It is an easy way to capture everyone’s attention without bragging. When you wear a pair of designer Ankle Length Socks, you will be in the spotlight, plus you will look fashionable and more organized at the same time. You Can Show Your Love For Pop Culture If you love to quote your favorite pop culture and media references online, then patterned socks are the thing for you. Show your love for pop culture to the world with bold socks. Add a unique look to your gear and become the perfect example of modern-day pop culture where people love video games, movies, shows, and cartoon characters. You can also Buy Boxer Shorts Online to do the same. Pair these with the socks for another bold style statement. Designer Socks With Prints Are Cool Cute socks with prints have become the favorites in both genders. It is because the prints make you look stylish along with being comfortable. These socks work like magic when you want to give a style statement, hence the name, designer statement socks. We sell these in a range of patterns, colors, and styles to keep you updated. Some of these patterns even take you back to your childhood. Give your style statement to us today.

Great Value For Money Great value for money on accessories. Must you be kidding me, right? It is wrong when it comes to socks. Designer socks are valued at a casual price, unlike watches and belts that come with an expensive price tag. That’s why a pair of socks with printed cartoon characters or cheerful patterns make great gifts. We at Thela Gaadi strongly recommend that you gift a couple of nice socks to your loved ones, especially on birthdays and holidays. In short, socks make a great accessory in your wardrobe at a lower price and still make you look stylish and comfortable. So show off your personality with colorful statement socks. Add a new look to your clothing collection by buying statement socks for yourself, your kids, and your spouse.