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Elisha Pastrana - Edited Rough Draft with Teacher's Feedback Flipbook PDF

Elisha Pastrana - Edited Rough Draft with Teacher's Feedback




Hikaru is a stressed kid due to homework, loneliness, and anxiety. Most of the time, Hikaru focuses on Nintendo and gets interested in all the topics that only dreamers can enjoy. She enjoys, smiles, laughs at all the games. Hikaru begins to change his attitude from a good person that everyone loves. She leaves out of this world of fantasy.

Hikaru was once his teacher’s favorite because she focused on school work that made her a leader. The school, her dad, and mom were so proud of her. One day, she became a person who was addicted to games. She forgot her studies and all the things that were loving and sweet.

The dreams caught her life and she was left in another dimension like a new person. She did not realize that in reality, there were a lot of people who were affected and hurt. The people who truly loved her cried and got stressed. They worried about Hikaru changing from a good idol and student to a worse one. These supportive and caring people prayed for Hikaru and asked God that the devil that occupied her mind would leave and stop controlling her. Their prayer went like this, “Lord, let Hikaru be back to us and back to reality. She is a smart, loving person that we all miss. We understand Hikaru but let the angel of God lights her mind, wake her up, and go back to reality.

One morning, Hikaru dreamed that all her loved ones cried. They have a thick rope tied around their body

they were suffering and hurt while looking at Hikaru trying to reach out for her hand. But Hikaru did not see all that happened. It was only the devil who was laughing at this case and acted like a winner.

God didn't let it happen. He sent His angel and called Hikaru to acknowledge the angels giving her light, ignited with sparkling stars, flowers, and heart in her way back to all the people who dearly loved her.

The devil did not come from the dark part of her life but from all the games. It was a challenge for a good good person or child of God to become a devil one. God's angels came from heaven because they knew that Hikaru was a true person to her family, friends, and teachers. These peoples’ prayers worked and

manifested to save Hikaru’s life from evil. Prayers move mountains. Jesus answered their prayers. Suddenly Hikaru woke up and enlightened as she saw everything, especially her mistakes. She bent down her knees and said, “Forgive me oh Lord. I have no intention to hurt all the people who loved me. Now, I know that my homework made me depressed was a big challenge. These would make me strong and no matter what happens in the future, these are my stepping stones to keep me growing. Build my character and I accept the challenge. I am somebody, so help me God!”.