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Enrichment Programs & Activities




Royat Al Ghad Private School Makkah

Enrichment Programs & Activities

Fatima Shaheed khan Royat al Ghad private school

Steam/ Stem yearly overview Quarter/term



STEAM activity topic

November 2020


Balancing mobiles

November 2020


Paper Rockets

1st Term

December 2020

Gr1- Gr3

Hand crank winch

Integrated contents

Objectives Students will be able to follow instructions on creating their own multilayered balancing mobiles using craft material. Students will be able to describe balancing forces and effect of different lengths of strings. Students will be able to describe the main components of a rocket. Students will be able to follow instructions on creating their own paper rocket models. For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”

Students will learn how simple machines like a pulley works. They will follow instructions and with help build a simple machine using reusable, repurpose able common items.

Science Mathematics Art Language Arts

Art Math Language Art

Science Visual Art Language Arts Physical Education (senses)

Theme days and activities Topic Space theme

Objectives An exciting celebration of the wonders of Universe. Stimulate student’s interests about Science, technology, engineering, and math. A day dedicated to children to commemorate the healthy



4/10/2020 – 10/10/2020

The pace and variety of activities kept students engaged and interested. All Art and Science activities/games brought the theme day to life.


This year children’s day was celebrated unlike any previous ones since it was all

Children’s day

Career Day/Week

Basic life skills (SEL)

growth and happiness of a child. It will pack with fun filled, entertaining activities, various games, succulent snacks and surprise gifts. Students will be introduced to a variety of careers and jobs. 4/2/2021 It will help students make connections between school and workplace.

virtual. Students broke out from their normal routines and directed the course of the day with games, Art activities, storytelling, online shopping, and watching videos. The day started with students dressed up in their favorite profession outfits. Some presented and spoke about what they wanted to be when they grow up. They played games and did various career related activities.

A basic life skill aims to equip people with social and interpersonal skills that enable 18/2/2021 Week 5 them to cope with demands of everyday life. It aims to build self-confidence, encourage critical thinking and foster independence. Harnessing ,Imagination , Empowerment Creativity, Cooperation and responsibility. Students will learn and demonstrate some Basic life skills. 1. Preparing a simple meal 2. Wrapping a gift 3. Tidying up 4. Recycling 5. Take care of pets/plants

Students worked in pairs for this project where one presented in a video displaying the chosen skill whereas the other prepared a report. We experienced enthusiasm, heightened creativity, wonderful collaboration and cooperation. Elders/ Mothers were actively involved helping and guiding the little ones along the way. Each student practiced and perfected a skill they can further continue to master.

Character and Values Education Topic



Have students -Show persistence in the face of setbacks. - identify their strengths and articulate why it is strength. Learn a phrase that helps boost their confidence like; I can always improve, so I will keep in trying”.

Character and Values 1. Self Confidence

2. Taking Initiative

Week 1

Identify situations that s/he feels that calls for action. Tale responsible actions with receiving directions. Actively ask questions and seek answers when s/he doesn’t understand things during the process. Week 2

Outcome The morning broadcast started off by having students recognize their personal traits, strengths and articulate why and how is it their strength. They were made to realize that self-confidence is a personal feeling of importance and value. They watched a video that highlights the importance of positive self-talk. They all engaged in an activity where they had to describe what they see when they look in a mirror.

The morning broad cast started off by a powerful story about taking initiative and how to be driven and to take decisions without being asked. Students watched videos, did an activity where they were asked about what it is like to see what needs to be done and taking charge.

Stem/Steam Stem and Steam are ways of understanding, applying an integrating, way of learning where most disciplines are interconnected. We at Royat Al Ghad staunchly follow a scheduled Stem and Steam program with a program overview, lesson plan, student handouts with observation and conclusion.

Activity name: Balancing Mobiles alancing Mobiles STEM Project

Conclusion: Students observed that not only does the weight of the object that matters but also the location where it is attached to the rod. Objects attached symmetrically means they are equally spaced. This experiment was tried with different shapes and different lengths of straw.

Technology Programs - Activity name: Computer coding Objective: Learning to code helps kids develop criticalthinking skills as well as the ability to solve problems.

Conclusion: Students were assigned programming problem, trying to get the computer to do something. They looked past the bigger picture and broke down the problem in smaller manageable tasks.

UCMAS INTRODUCTION: UCMAS is a unique and scientifically proven mental development programme designed for children to develop their latent mental power at an exceedingly early age when brain development is reaching its peak.

UCMas inter and Intra school competitions 2018-2019

Projects and Activities Fact Families Ways to make 6 and 7

Math’s Project Details (GRADE 3)

A great way to learn addition is to practice it in different ways and making projects is easy to set up and a fun way to practice. Followings are the samples and requirements to make your math project, you can choose any one of the following sample of adding three-digit number with regrouping or three-digit number by drawing models to add.

ART Activities

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