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March 2013 English




Event calendar march - April 2013

2013LEGENDSFestival icons RESERVATION LIMITED TICKETS FREE REQUIRED SEATING REQUIRED ENTRANCEAlthough these events Seating at these venues Tickets should be purchased Entrance to these eventsare free of charge, due to is limited, therefore early from the specified points is free of seating, reservation attendance is highly advised. of sale in the middleis required by calling the page of this calendar. C COMMUNITYnumber on the event page. E EDUCATION T TALENT This group will perform a FAMILY separate free event for socialThis event is suitable for This group will also conduct An inspiring initiative offering welfare societies and others.young members of the family. an educational workshop that youth unique opportunities requires registration by calling to discover, nurture and the number under the Education develop their talents. icon on the event page.

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2013spring of cultureforewordDear Friends,Once again, we meet in spring to bring you Bahrain’s richest cultural agenda. Spring of Culture’s 8th editionwill reveal and celebrate the different beautiful sites in the Kingdom marking Manama, Capital of ArabTourism Programme for 2013. For almost two months, several historical sites, state of the art NationalTheatre, Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research with its houses and art galleries will be presentingrenowned vocalists and musicians, performance art companies, visual art exhibitions, lectures, family eventsand more.The newly inaugurated Bahrain National Theatre joins the Spring of Culture's distinguished list of venuesfor the first time, hosting unforgettable shows including Yanni, Il Divo, and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.Arad Fort will melt the hearts with the enchanting voice of Charles Aznavour while the international hitBallet Revolución will fire you up with ballet unleashed as only the Cubans know how. Also at Arad, do notmiss Melody Gardot’s first appearance in the Middle East after being the star of the London Jazz Festivalthis year, and finally, Kadim Al Sahir will hold your hearts in the palm of his hands with his poetic songs forone night at Arad.More song and dance will be presented at the Cultural Hall with the deep and powerful voice of Jahida Wehbeas well as the beautiful performance of Lizt Alfonso’s Amigas.For our youngest fans, dinosaurs will be coming to Bahrain to meet them at Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zooin a thrilling encounter, and Farfalle will take them on an interactive journey of the butterfly’s life cycle.The Cultural Hall invites them to Sneezing Firas, an imaginative play of puppetry and shadow theatre, andPaperbelle, a gentle and playful exploration of colour, set in a magical world of paper.

The art galleries have special events lined up such as the Artist Leadership Programme and FatimaEl Hajj exhibition at Albareh, Letters to Ishtar and Alwan 338 at Al Riwaq and Kathak performance and TimMackintosh-Smith at La Fontaine Centre. The world of poetry, literature and politics is the specialty of theShaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research this year with Ibrahim Al Arees, Béchara El Bon, Raja BinSalama, Najib Khaddari, André Azoulay, Ghassan Hajjar and Ghada Khunji in a unique photography exhibition.Our commitment to nurturing Bahraini Talent in culture and art continues through the special BAB MarketFestival in Bab Al Bahrain, as well as our Talent and Education programmes (check the inside of the booklet toreserve your place). Our community programme is stronger than ever with more reach through collaboratingwith the Ministry of Education and civil society centres.To stay connected with us for all updates and news follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook (springofculture).Enjoy the celebration.Spring of Culture Team spring ofculture .org

2013event planner27th February - 22nd april Sunday monday tuesdayweek 1 March 3rd March 4th March 5thweek 2 »» Ghada Khunji »» Ibrahim Al Areesweek 3 »» Himat Mohammed Ali March 12thweek 4 March 11th »» Sneezing Firasweek 5 March 10th »» Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijaziweek 6 »» Erth’s Dinosaur »» Erth’s Dinosaur March 19thweek 7week 8 March 17th March 18th March 26thweek 9 »» Istanbul Modern - Bahrain »» Zade Dirani »» Paperbelle »» Alwan 338 Exhibition April 2nd March 24th March 25th »» Yanni »» Béchara El Bon April 9th March 31st April 1st »» Fatima El Hajj »» Raja Bin Salama April 7th April 16th »» Imagine April 8th »» Najib Khaddari April 14th April 15th April 21st »» André Azoulay April 22nd »» Ghassan Hajjar

973 3990 0630 wednesday thursday friday saturday February 27th February 28th March 1st March 2nd»» Artist Leadership »» BAB Market »» IL Divo »» BAB Market Programme »» BAB Market March 7th March 9th March 6th »» Jahida Wehbe March 8th »» Erth’s Dinosaur»» Letters to Ishtar »» BAB Market »» Erth’s Dinosaur »» BAB Market »» BAB Market March 13th March 14th March 16th»» Sneezing Firas »» Sneezing Firas March 15th »» BAB Market»» Erth’s Dinosaur »» Erth’s Dinosaur »» Charles Aznavour »» BAB Market »» Erth’s Dinosaur March 23rd March 20th »» BAB Market »» Melody Gardot March 21st »» Farfalle »» Amigas March 22nd »» BAB Market »» BAB Market »» Farfalle »» Amigas March 30th March 27th March 28th »» BAB Market »» Ballet RevoluciÓn»» Mahler Chamber Orchestra »» Paperbelle »» BAB Market»» Paperbelle »» BAB Market March 29th »» Kathak April 6thApril 3rd April 4th »» Ballet RevoluciÓn »» Kadim Al Sahir »» Tim Mackintosh-Smith »» BAB Market April 13thApril 10th April 11th April 5th April 20thApril 17th April 18th April 12th »» The Extraordinary Ordinary »» Farah Siraj April 19th ticketed events

currentArtist leadership programmecurrent - 10 aprilTime: all dayVenue: ABCAD/AlbarehType: Exhibitions Country: BahrainAlbareh Art Gallery and abcad will present the works of 20 Bahraini artists through two contemporary artexhibitions and one design based exhibition. These exhibitions are the result of an intensive mentoring andcoaching programme under the Artist Leadership Programme (ALP) launched by abcad in January 2013 thatfocuses on further developing the qualities and the visual language of Bahraini artists and designers. Thisedition of ALP is directed by abcad and curated by Kuwaiti-Dutch resident curator Mo Reda. FREE ENTRANCE

2802BAB Market28 February – 30 march (Thursday - Saturday)Time: 4:00 - 10:00 pmVenue: BAB Al Bahrain and Manama SouqType: Exhibitions & EVENTS Country: BahrainThe Ministry of Culture, in celebration of this year’s Manama: Capital of Arab Tourism Programme for 2013, isopening the BAB MARKET. A contemporary outdoor festival, BAB Market features local designers and creativeparticipants selling products and engaging in a series of interactive events. The atmosphere of the ManamaSouq and BAB Al Bahrain will be revived with live music, performances, food vendors, public workshops, anonsite pop-up art gallery and kids programme. FREE ENTRANCE

0103IL DIVOthe greatest hitsFriday 01 MarchTime: 8:30 pmVenue: bahrain national theatreType: Song Country: InternationalMinimum Age: 8 YearsNominated Artist of the Decade at the Classic Brits, Il Divo’s unique operatic voice arrangements havespearheaded an entire musical genre. As the most successful international musical break-out story of thismillennium, selling over 25 million albums, their success has pioneered an entirely new sound to vocal music,holding over 150 gold and platinum awards, they celebrate eight years of unprecedented global success withthe recent release of their definitive Greatest Hits collection. TICKETS REQUIRED

0303WITHIN THE SHADOWSGHADA KHUNJISUNday 03 - 23 marchTime: 7:00 pm (opening)Venue: bin matar house, muharraqType: Exhibition Country: BahrainBased in New York, Lucie-award winning photographer Ghada Khunji returns to her homeland Bahrain, tocapture its unique light and beautiful shadows through architecture, people and landscape. Despite theadvent of the computer age and western style modernization, Ghada Khunji’s beautiful imagery unveilsremnants of Bahrain’s true soul. The images reveal a sense of nostalgia for Bahrain’s past and its manylayers of civilisation. FREE E EDUCATION ENTRANCE 39999521

0303Himat Mohammed AliSolo ExhibitionSUNDAy 03 - 26 marchTime: 7:00 pm (opening)Venue: Al Riwaq Art SpaceType: Exhibition Country: InternationalAl Riwaq Art Space presents Letters to Ishtar, an invitation by the artist Himat Mohammed Ali to seveninternational poets that began in 2003, to travel into the myth of Ishtar, the Goddess of Love and War. Theresult conveys a complex and intimate vision of each poet, that Himat translates into artworks combiningpainting, sculpture, and poetry. FREE ENTRANCE

0403THE CHANGES OF ARAB CINEMAAND TELEVISION IBRAHIM AL AREESMONday 04 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: SHAIKH EBRAHIM CENTER FOR CULTURE AND RESEARCHType: Lecture In Arabic Country: LebanonIbrahim Al Arees, a researcher in cultural history, a journalist and film critic, studied film directing in Romealong with Scenario and Film Critique in London. Heading the film department in Al Hayat Newspaper, hewrites a daily column on human heritage and history of world culture. He has translated forty books fromFrench, English and Italian cinema, philosophy, economics, criticism and history, and he is the author of thefamous film \"A Journey in Arab Cinema\", directed by Martin Scorsese. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

0603LETTERS TO ISHTARA POETRY EVENING IN RELATION TO THE EXhIBITIONwednesday 06 marchTime: 7:00 pmVenue: AL RIWAQ ART SPACEType: Poetry Country: InternationalA dialogue between poetry and painting, a joint artistic project by seven poets: Adonis, Qassim Haddad,Mohammed Bennis, Saadi Yousif, Abdulmunim Ramadhan, Bernard Noël, Michel Butor and the artist HimatMohammed Ali. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

0703SONATA FOR LOVEJAHIDA WEHBETHUrsday 07 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: CULTURAL HALLType: Song Country: LebanonMinimum Age: 8 YearsIn her self-produced new album Sonata for Love, Jahida Wehbe sings for famous poets; Pablo Neruda,Mahmoud Darwish, Adonis, Talal Haidar, Forough Farrokhzad and others. With her deep and powerful voice,Wehbe will present the world première of her album in Bahrain, accompanied by the sixtet, conducted by thefamous qanun player Osama Abdulrasol, who supervised the production and co-arranged the album with DyckVan der Herst and Philippe Thuriot. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

0803ERTH'S DINOSAUR PETTING ZOOFRIday 08 - 15 MARCHTime: 8TH, 9TH, 15TH MARCH 10:30 am 8TH - 15TH MARCH 4:00 pm (no show on the 12th march)Venue: Adjacent to bahrain fort Museum - qal’at al bahrain ave. road 3617Type: Theatre Country: AustraliaMinimum age: 4 YearsDinosaurs are here! Dare you get too close? Awesome prehistoric creatures, from cute baby dinos to teeth-gnashing giants that live in a petting zoo like no other. These life-like dinosaur creations come to life in aneye-popping display filled with fun, education and imagination. Seize the opportunity to feed, water and carefor these prehistoric marvels. TICKETS FAMILY E EDUCATION C COMMUNITY REQUIRED 39999521

1103POETRY AND DIALOGUEAHMED ABDEL MUTI HIJAZIMONday 11 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: Type: SHAIKH EBRAHIM CENTER FOR CULTURE AND RESEARCH Poetry Country: EgyptPoet and critic, Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi has participated in literary conferences across the Arab sphere.A pioneer in the evolution of contemporary Arabic poetry, his poems have been translated into French, English,Russian, Spanish, Italian and German. He was awarded the Egyptian Greek Cavafy in 1989, African PoetryAward in 1996 and the State Merit Award in Arts from the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

1203SNEEZING FIRASKHAYAL ART AND EDUCATIONTUEsday 12 - 14 MARCHTime: 5:00 pmVenue: CULTURAL HALLType: Theatre Country: LebanonMinimum Age: 7 YearsThrough puppetry, acting, shadow theatre and video, this play addresses problems in children’s relations withtheir schoolmates, parents and teachers. Relying on simplicity, it stimulates their imagination; improves theirinteraction with their surrounding and their motivation to do their homework. Fouad reconciles himself withhis identity by creating \"a Puppet\", an alter ego named Firas Al-Attass - Sneezing Firas. Now able to play withhis neighbour Katia, they imagine solutions to all their city’s problems. FREE LIMITED C COMMUNITY ENTRANCE SEATING

1503CHARLES AZNAVOURFRIday 15 MARCHTime: 8:30 pmVenue: ARAD FORTType: Song Country: FranceMinimum Age: 8 YearsDubbed the French Frank Sinatra, the famed romantic, chanson tenor Charles Aznavour has penned morethan 800 songs, recorded more than 1,000 of them in French, English, German and Spanish and sold over 100million records in all. His songs have been recorded by an astonishing array of performers such as AndreaBocelli, Bob Dylan, Sting and Elvis Costello. TICKETS REQUIRED

1703Istanbul Modern - Bahrain Exhibitionsunday 17 March - 08 juneTime: 7:00 pm (opening)Venue: Bahrain national museumType: Exhibition Country: TurkeyIstanbul Modern – Bahrain is a selection from the contemporary and photography collections of IstanbulMuseum of Modern Art. Gathering together 244 works by 94 artists from different periods, the exhibitionfocuses on contemporary themes such as imagination, identity, the interdisciplinary nature of visual cultureand more. Istanbul Modern – Bahrain is the latest in a series of shows that Istanbul Modern has held in majorcities since 2009. FREE ENTRANCE

1803ZADE DIRANISOLO PIANOMONday 18 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: SHAIKH EBRAHIM CENTER FOR CULTURE AND RESEARCHType: Music Country: JordanInspired by the anthems of great film composers and the natural beauty of his homeland, Zade, a composerand pianist, creates epic cinematic music that unites and inspires people of all cultures. His songs blend inArabic, Latin, pop, and classical music. The Washington Times recognized him as Jordan’s leading CulturalAmbassador dedicating his music to building bridges of peace and tolerance. ‫‏‬ FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

2103AMIGASLIZT ALFONSOTHUrsday 21 - 22 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: CULTURAL HALLType: Dance Country: CubaMinimum Age: 8 YearsFamed troupe, Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba, is back in Bahrain with it’s premiere dance musical Amigas.Featuring the fictional story of divas Mercedes, Caridad and Regla, members of the former famous trioAmigas, the mature and still beautiful women, tell the story of how and why they separated when audiencesloved them most. w‫ ‏‬ FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

2203FARfALLEINTERACTIVE MUSICAL ATELIERFRIday 22 - 23 MARCHTime: 11:00 am & 4:00 pmVenue: SAlman Culture CentreType: Theatre Country: ItalyMinimum Age: 4 YearsVisual, emotional and immersive theatre, the audience will witness the fascinating transition from a pupaeinto a butterfly. There are butterflies, colourful, they flitter in the wind, they whirr in your ear. They areballerinas painting on air with their wings. The audience is immersed in many folds of this life. Bigger thrillscome when the young audience is invited to touch and explore the glowing interactive scene themselves. FREE RESERVATION C COMMUNITY ENTRANCE REQUIRED 39999521

2303Melody gardotSaturday 23 MARCHTime: 8:30 PMVenue: arad FortType: Song Country: USAMinimum Age: 8 YearsA collection of many musical colours wrapped in the unique and expressive style that is Melody Gardot’s mostrecent album “The Absence”. Singer/Songwriter Gardot, who champions many humanitarian causes, has beencreating a blend of jazz infused music for the past decade, catching the eye of major record labels with the2008 release of her album “Worrisome Heart”. TICKETS REQUIRED

2503The experience of an Arab journalist inforeign media organizations BÉchara El BonMONday 25 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: AL ZAYED HOUSEType: Lecture In Arabic Country: LebanonWith over 35 years of experience in Arab and foreign media, Béchara El Bon has held several prominent postsnamely Director of Radio Monte Carlo-Middle East, Adviser to the President of Radio France InternationalGroup, political commentator on radio Mediterranean International, and Director of the Office of thenewspaper Al Nahar in Europe. Holding a PhD in contemporary history from Sorbonne University, he wasgranted the French State Award Chevalier of the Order of Letters and Arts. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

2603PAPERBELLETUEsday 26 - 28 MARCHTime: 10:00 am & 4:00 pmVenue: ART CENTREType: Theatre Country: ScotlandAge: 2 - 6 YearsPaperbelle likes her black and white world. She’s heard of colours; but wants things to stay the same. Thecolours want to play games with Paperbelle. Her world is changing. Will she try to stop it? An enchantingtheatre performance for children, friends, schools and nurseries. Paperbelle is a gentle and playful explorationof colour, set in a magical world of paper. FREE RESERVATION E EDUCATION C COMMUNITY ENTRANCE REQUIRED 39247638 39247638

2603ALWAN 338TUEsday 26 March - 22 aprilTime: all dayVenue: adliya block 338Type: Exhibition Country: BahrainFor the second year, Al Riwaq Art Space will present its annual month-long celebration of art in the publicspace, Alwan 338. This year’s edition is dedicated to the theme of Common Ground, curated by SandraMautic and Monica Santos. A community driven cultural and artistic collaboration, Alwan 338 entices publicparticipation and engagement with the unique architecture of Adliya and beyond through public art projects,installations, educational workshops, open-air music concerts and film screenings. FREE ENTRANCE

2703The Magic of MozartMahler Chamber OrchestraWEDnesday 27 MARCHTime: 7:45 pmVenue: bahrain NATIONAL THEATREType: Opera concert Country: internationalMinimum Age: 10 YearsFounded in 1997 by former members of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra and supported by ClaudioAbbado, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra created their own ensemble pursuing their vision of an independentinternational orchestra playing at the highest level. It has developed into one of the most artisticallyinteresting and successful ensembles on the international classical music scene. A travelling orchestra with nofixed home location, the MCO is on the move 200 days a year. Conducted by Antonello Manacorda, featuringJohn Chest and Ana Maria Labin. TICKETS REQUIRED

2903KathakFRIday 29 MARCHTime: 8:00 pmVenue: La fontaine centreType: dance Country: indiaMinimum Age: 8 YearsRashmi is at the forefront of a new generation of dancers who have reinvented this ancient tradition. Rashmi’sportrayals of the various traditional heroines, whose stories are told in the dance-language of Kathak, havebeen described as versatile and delightful. This sophisticated reinterpretation of age-old themes will be afeast for lovers of Indian dance, and a revelation for the rest of us. TICKETS REQUIRED

2903BALLET REVOLUCIÓNFRIday 29 - 30 MARCHTime: 8:30 pmVenue: ARAD FORTType: Theatre Country: CubaMinimum Age: 8 YearsBallet Revolución, the international dance sensation, premieres in Bahrain after sell-out seasons in London,Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Vienna with its dynamic cocktail of unbridled passion, pure energy and athleticskill. An explosive fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and hip-hop, Ballet Revolución is set against a blend ofsounds meshed with Cuban classics, Latin American and R&B hits by artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira,Ricky Martin, Usher, Chris Brown, Beyoncé and many more. TICKETS E EDUCATION REQUIRED 39999521

0104SECULARISM IN TODAY'S WORLDRAJA BIN SALAMAmonday 01 APRILTime: 8:00 pmVenue: SHAIKH EBRAHIM CENTER FOR CULTURE AND RESEARCHType: Lecture In Arabic Country: TunisiaFeminist, researcher and writer, Raja bin Salama holds a doctorate in the Arabic language, literature andcivilization. She studied psychology in Tunisia and France. A founding member of the Association of ArabRationalists, the Assembly, “The Statement Freedoms in France”, and “The Tunisian Cultural Association forthe Defiance of Secularism”, she is currently a psychological analyst, and Editor in Chief of Al Awan Magazine. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

0204YANNItuesday 02 APRILTime: 8:30 pmVenue: BAHRAIN NATIONaL THEATREType: Music Country: GreeceMinimum Age: 8 YearsGreek pianist, keyboardist, composer, and music producer Yanni uses the musical shorthand that he developed,blending jazz, classical, soft rock, and world music to create predominantly instrumental works. Yanni achievedinternational recognition by performing legendary concerts at historic monuments and by producing videosthat were broadcast on public television. TICKETS REQUIRED

0404How To Travel Well - A MasterclassOn Travel Writing Tim Mackintosh-Smiththursday 04 APRILTime: 7:00 pmVenue: La Fontaine centreType: Lecture in English Country: BritainMinimum Age: 8 YearsNamed by Newsweek as one of the twelve finest travel writers of the past hundred years, Tim Mackintosh-Smith’s most recent book took him from Zanzibar to the Alhambra via China and Timbuktu. He will speakabout the art of literary wandering, and share some of the secrets of how to write a good travel book. TICKETS REQUIRED

0604kadim al sahirSATurday 06 APRILTime: 8:30 pmVenue: ARAD FORTType: Song Country: iraqMinimum Age: 8 YearsKadim Al Sahir is the most loved and respected Arab artist. Throughout his career of over 30 years, he hassold over 100 million albums, and performed live to millions across the globe, holding the audience in thepalm of his hands. The true pan Arab international, multi-talented and multi-award winning artist continuesto romance the world with his music. TICKETS REQUIRED

0704IMAGINEFICTIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND THE LIBERATION OF IDEASSUNday 07 - 27 APRILTime: 7:00 pm (OPENING)Venue: BIN MATAR HOUSE, MUHARRAQType: Exhibition Country: EuropeLiberated from convention, fictional architecture becomes an idea which can explore new formal languages,develop idealised structures, form spatial concepts, tell stories and generate atmospheres. By not aiming toinfluence the built environment, the architectural drawing unfolds its potential to communicate what has sofar merely been imagined. This exhibition explores the creative and utopian potential of architectural drawingsthrough a selection of works from Europe’s leading architecture schools. FREE ENTRANCE

0804najib khaddarimonday 08 APRILTime: 8:00 pmVenue: house of poetryType: Poetry Country: MoroccoPresident of Morocco’s House of Poetry, Khaddari made remarkable contributions in improving newspapercoverage of cultural events while working as a Culture Desk Editor at the Science newspaper. As DeputyChairman of the Moroccan Writers’ Association, he helped launch several organisations - most notably - theInternational Pen Club in Morocco and the National Authority for the Defence of the Ethics of Journalism, andFreedom of Speech. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

0904FATIMA EL HAJJSOLO EXHIBITIONTUEsday 09 - 30 APRILTime: 7:00 pm (OPENING)Venue: ALBAREH ART GALLERYType: Exhibition Country: LebanonThe exhibition pays homage to the «book», as a precious, important element in our heritage, reminding us thatlife has become superficial as we read less. Fatima El Hajj is a Lebanese painter who was born in 1953. Shegraduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and went on to study art in Leningrad followed by a diploma in artfrom Paris. El Hajj’s work is part of several important public and private international collections. FREE ENTRANCE

1204FArah sirajfriday 12 APRILTime: 8:00 pmVenue: cultural HallType: song Country: internationalMinimum age: 8 yearsJordanian virtuoso Farah Siraj balances a career that spans the Middle East, Europe, and United States.Her original compositions blend Middle Eastern influences with flamenco, jazz, bossa, and pop. Farah hasperformed at some of the world’s most prestigious platforms, including the United Nations, Nobel Prize Hall,and the World Economic Forum. She has been named Jordan’s “Musical Ambassadress” and “the Norah Jonesof the Middle East.” FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

1504THE CLASHES OF IGNORANCE IN THEMEDITERRANEAN, THE PRICE TO PAY ANDLESSONS FOR TOMORROW ANDRÉ AZOULAYmonday 15 APRILTime: 8:00 pmVenue: SHAIKH EBRAHIM CENTER FOR CULTURE AND RESEARCHType: Lecture In English Country: MoroccoWith a diverse history André Azoulay, a political scientist, presently King Mohammed VI’s of Morocco’s SpecialAdvisor. He also chairs the Committee of Wise Men for the Alliance of Civilisations at the United Nations,and is Deputy Chairman of the Foundation of The Three Cultures and Three Religions, administrator of theMediterranean Forum and of the Peres Center for Peace as well as Goodwill Ambassador of Monaco. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

2004The Extraordinary OrdinarySATurday 20 APRIL - 20 mayTime: 8:00 pm (opening)Venue: La Fontaine centreType: Exhibition Country: InternationalAn exhibition of two architects; the Finnish architect Thomas Modeen and Maysam Alnasser, a Bahrainiarchitect, in addition to Akar, a French Tunisian calligrapher. Thomas will participate with black & whiteimages of Manama, highlighting the beauty in everyday life, Maysam will participate with pieces that addressthe continuous conversation between traditional and contemporary, organic and defined, examining theconcept of layering roots. FREE ENTRANCE

2204GHASSAN HAJJARMONday 22 APRILTime: 8:00 pmVenue: AL ZAYED HOUSEType: Lecture In Arabic Country: LebanonGhassan Hajjar is the managing editor at An-Nahar newspaper and supervisor of its Center for Training andResearch. In 2008, he joined as a professor in the Faculty of Advertising and Media, Antonine University andin the Faculty of Information and Documentation in the Lebanese University in 2007. He worked as assistanteditor of news and political programmes in Al-Jadeed TV. FREE LIMITED ENTRANCE SEATING

AprilMohaMmed Bin Faris Music HallAPRIL 7:00 PM Near MohaMmed bin Faris HOusetime: Opening Country: BahrainVenue: Type: Nostalgia and passion for the rhythms of Fan al Sut will fill the space of the newly opened Mohammed BinFaris Music Hall, making it home for the magic of strings and an expression of passion for authentic music. FREE ENTRANCE

Spring of Cultureoutreach Programmes

2013E educationSpring of Culture 2013's Education Programme presents creative, innovative and distinctive educationalworkshops. Here is the opportunity for our audience to develop their creativity and imagination through handson experiences with the performing groups.Join us in an interactive hour with Erth's Dinosaur Petting Zoo where youngsters will be involved in a dinosaurpuppet-making workshop. Paperbelle unleashes the children’s imagination by allowing them to create twodimensional realistic characters using paper. Dance lovers, take the chance to be lead by the world’s mosttalented classical and contemporary dance performers of the internationally acclaimed Ballet Revolución. Forphotography enthusiasts, Bahrain’s award winning artist Ghada Khunji will conduct a unique workshop thatwill offer participants the opportunity to transform the working studio space into a camera.Note that all the workshops are free of charge, but do not forget that registration is a must due tolimited capacity.

education Programmeevent workshop date time venue ageErth's Dinosaur Erth’s 9th March 12:00 pm - 1.00 pm Bahrain Fort 8 - 11 yearsPetting Zoo Puppet-Making Museum WorkshopPaperbelle Creative Play 25th March 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Art Centre 3 - 6 years with PaperBallet Ballet Revolución 30th March 10:00 am - 11:00 am Arad Fort 16 yearsRevolución Dance Workshop and aboveGhada Khunji Camera Obscura 13th April 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm Bahrain Fort 12 years Museum and aboveFor more information on dates, timings and registration, please call 3999 9521or visit /education

2013T the talent programmeSpring of Culture continues to invest in developing the talent of young Bahrainis for the fourth year running.Specialised workshops will be conducted by international experts in two fields.For those talented in calligraphy, Jordanian calligraphist Hussein Alazaat in collaboration with Albareh ArtGallery will offer a unique Arabic calligraphy workshop. For oud musicians, they will have a one of kindopportunity to meet and learn from the famous Turkish musician Yurdal Tokcan in association with theBahrain Music /talent

C communityAs usual Spring of Culture will not be complete without its community outreach programme. This year’sprogramme includes workshops in the fields of photography and theatre in collaboration with the Ministryof Education where 60 students and teachers from public schools are invited to attend theatre workshopsconducted by Egyptian expert Mohamed El Ghawy. The second workshop in the field of photography will berun by renowned Bahraini photographer Ghada Khunji.Around 1200 public school primary students are invited to take part in the interactive Erth's Dinosaur PettingZoo shows. Children from different welfare societies including Al Sanabil Orphans Care Society and BatelcoChild Care Home will also enjoy watching Paperbelle's two dimensional realistic paper characters come tolife and be invited to shows of Sneezing Firas. TPO’s Farfalle will perform exclusively for children from someof these /communitySpring of Culture continues to be nature friendly by printing on environmentallyfriendly paper and producing a smaller number of promotional materials.

2013So that everyone has a good time»» Attendance would be greatly appreciated 45 minutes prior to all performances.»» Admission is not guaranteed to ticket holders arriving late.»» Ticket holders are kindly requested not to leave the performances before the end, this is out of courtesy and respect to the performers.»» Doors will only reopen at the end of the performances except in the case of an emergency.»» Ticket holders are requested to be seated according to their ticket category and seat number, if applicable.»» Tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.»» Minimum age for attendance must be abided by according to what is specified on each event page.