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“To think about how I'd cope with issues before starting with Dan to how I do now, it is a huge change. And the same with not eating so great or not working out much for a bit, I don't panic, and I know I have the tools to restart and carry on. The road isn't a straight line and things won't always be great, but the scales are unbalanced on to the happy side of me enough so that the crap doesn't feel as big an issue as it used to

” – Emma Whitelam

“Thank you for being such a huge support on my journey to 1 year SH free! I have beaten so many things in that year long journey, we know it’s been one bump in the road after another….BUT I am here and I am standing strong and proud and I am the strongest I have ever been mentally and there is nothing that means more to me than that. Thank you for teaching me in a way no other trainer ever has, for guiding me to people who can also help me, for giving me the tools to enable me to pick myself back up when times are tough…. for supporting me, checking in on me and more than anything for helping me get myself believe and confidence back. For making my MIND strong

” - Katy Scott

“Well, the things that he says that help me the most are “pick your battles” and “don’t eat like a twat”. In all seriousness, though, he really helped me in the spring. I was using alcohol to help numb myself from mental health issues and he gave me a new outlook on life and a positive direction to go on. Without Dan, I don’t know where I’d be today because I was going down a bad path with drinking. He supported me in breaking the habit and I never realized how much alcohol affected mental health until I worked with him. He pretty much saved my life!

” – Brooke

“In 12 weeks your program has totally turned my life around. I sleep well, I have boundless energy, I smile and I'm proud of myself and it's

all thanks to you. You totally smashed it xxxx

-Ruth Gregory

“Dan, for literally saving my life, never giving up on me and being there with no judgement; I’ll forever be grateful. I’m your no1 champion and

am so proud of all you’ve achieved so far.

- Love C Slater

“Thank you does not seem, enough Dan., The gift you have given me is far greater than I ever imagined or hoped for really. As a fifty-year-old woman, I had resigned myself to always having a problem with my weight. It was who I was, and I always thought I would be. Working with you has changed that. I have a new identity as an amazing, healthy loving life woman. From the bottom of my heart, you fecking rock and thank you for everything. I cannot wait to see you on that stage!!

- Lynne

“Dan, my lighthouse. The man who puts up with my shit and still choses to stick around. You have no idea how incredibly amazing you are. All the good you do in this world, not only with your clients, but the kids, charities and all those who listen to you on the podcast. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started this, I think I just thought I’d lose weight like before, I certainly never expected this. I feel like I’m a completely different person going in to 2022, some days I don’t even recognise myself. I never thought from that first meeting that within 11 months I’d have transformed myself, internally and externally, or have the confidence I do now. It blows my mind what I’ve achieved, 120lb weight loss, climbed Ben Nevis, did a bungee jump, bought clothes in a normal shop, go walking in new places, drink way less alcohol and found a love for new things. All these things made possible through your support; I am very excited to see what 2022 brings. I am so proud to call you my friend, to have the privilege of watching your journey and see you grow and develop personally. The challenges you face and choices you make every day to

build a better, more fulfilled life, to help everyone is admirable. You have taught me so much. More than just nutrition and exercise. You’ve taught me about the world and possibilities that are out there, even more than all that you taught me to love myself. I know I’m not done yet and there’s still a long road to go, but I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather have by my side guiding and supporting me through it. The scariest part is I can’t see how I could go back anymore. I feel like I know too much to allow myself to go back to my old ways. So that only leave one direction I can go. That shits really scary! You are an absolute gem who deserves the world and more. Happy 100th podcast MATE.

– Vikki Mills

“Dan, for so long I have procrastinated about how and when to get fit. I remember clear as day when we worked at VA asking you what to have for breakfast and have followed your journey ever since. There are so many things I've heard you say that just resonated with me, especially this year approaching 40. You along with this age bracket have been the catalyst to start my 'fit for 40' campaign. I knew when I did start it would be with you and I'm so glad I finally made that step earlier this year. You have taught me so much in the last five months, not only about fitness, but my whole mindset, life and how I’ve ended up where I am. Moreover, you've taught me how to improve by making small steps every single day, to keep moving forward, to keep learning, to embrace knowledge, encourage conversation and invite opinion, to try not fear judgement from others and to know that this place where I find myself right now is not permanent my mind and body can change and continue to grow in the best way possible.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a constant source of positivity and accountability in my life and I cannot wait to travel further on your journey with you and see what unbelievable things you will achieve x

– Amy Heaps

“Thanks so much Dan for coming into my life and helping me to bring back my sparkle. You have the best group of people in your team and I’m so happy to be part of such a great group of

amazing human beings. Xx

– Lizzie

“Dan, congrats mate…from your bitch...Katie. 😂❤” by Vikki Mills

“I think most of the inspirational quotes from Dan are "You're absolutely smashing it". "Why would I tell you off". "Be blissfully dissatisfied" He has honestly changed my life and I am so thankful.

” – Ami Gange

“Dan, I'm very grateful for my journey since meeting you, you are one of the most genuine people I've ever met & I've enjoyed my own journey with you as well-being excited to watch yours with your podcasts & mission in schools. You’re an inspiration to all

– Tracey Kinnersley

“Dan, I have learned so much whilst working with you and will forever be grateful, more than you can imagine! These things will be a reminder to me, especially when life gets toughlike an honest friend, telling you straight up! One time when I went away for a weekend (which would usually be a binge weekend), I listened to a presentation talking about just this, I saw in a comment you put: “basically don’t eat like a twat” which made me snort with laughter… BUT that silly simple phrase came into my head when I was out for dinner…and it helped! And still does! There are many other things but this one gets me every time! A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th podcastfucking amazing!!!

” – Keisha Harriette

“Just a message to say how much you are appreciated and it’s great to see how much you have opened up within this past year. It’s amazing to see you grow and learn with your clients instead of just being an average PT who just hands out the plans and doesn’t really care about the impact of one’s mental health alongside. You opening up has helped others to do so. It might not seem like it but it’s so important to see you show how much you care and are committed to helping as many people as you can, including your clients and the kids you talk to in schools, then your podcast and putting in the effort to get guest speakers on your Friday live workshops, it all shows your passion for what you do. I hope you appreciate yourself as much as others appreciate you, because you are an inspiration to so many. You have literally helped to save people’s lives, or at least you have mine, and have still committed to working with me when I showed so much resistance and tried to push you away. Congratulations on your 100th podcast!

- Chantelle Smith