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Product Presentation

Floor Stand All of our products are certified by prestigious staples in the upkeep of industry standards. However, being part of the community inspires us to provide our craft at affordable prices. So as manufacturers, we always provide both quality and budget-friendly merchandise to all of our partners. We are a culturally diverse team based on equal opportunity, and wanted to offer our products to great companies that share the same beliefs. This idea also led to the creation of the Aromar Floor Stand, due to our appreciation for company culture. So, we decided to put our best foot forward, in order to present you with the best-selling items for a remarkable ROI, and unbelievable customer satisfaction.

Fragrance Oils

As a scent company, we push forward to educate all vendors in the understanding of fragrant oils. During times of high-reclusion these aromatic products can help calm anxiety, boost endorphins, and can trigger pleasant olfactory memories. Odor-evoked memories are a known benefit that should not be hidden from the public, especially when it can help the mental health of millions. At Aromar, we believe that our fragrance oils can and will make a difference in the market. They are locally made in Miami, and thus, they go through top-notch quality checks and are developed by a diverse team. Aromar's manufacturing expertise is above the norm, and this is why we believe in our products, their scents, an their marketability.

Egyptian Musk 1009

Baby Powder 1001

Eternal Life 1010

Lavender Fields 1015

Cherry Almond 1003

Vanilla Sky 1023

Cool Waters 1008

Fresh Linens 1026

White Gardenia 1012

Italian Jasmine 1014

Eucalyptus 1028

Channel #5 1002

Oil Burners All oil warmers are not made the same. This is a fact that our team is well aware of, and the reason we're offering our Glass Deco & Globe Touch Oil warmers. With their beautiful real glass designs and touch technology, both of these oil warmers struggle to stay on the shelves. They have 3 different light (and heat) settings to spread the aroma of fragrance oils, essential oils, and wax melts. We believe in putting our best foot forward, and with a minimum ROI of 60%, we offer you our best-selling gateway into the billion dollar market of aromatherapy.

Globe Crystal 77623

Deco Crystal 77633

Globe Prism 77629

Deco Prism 77639

Globe Blue 77621

Deco Blue 77631

Globe Purple 77627

Deco Purple 77637

Spa Ultrasonic Diffusers Aromar's line of Spa Diffusers is a sight to behold. Based on ancient pottery designs, these ultrasonic diffusers provide both an atmosphere of peace, while adding sophistication to any room. We are thoroughly invested in our partners' experience when selling our products, and this is why the Spa Diffusers were our #1 choice when assembling the Floor Stand display. Our best-selling products, for your ultimate convenience.

Wood Base Cone 90031

Spa Cylinder 90030

All White Cone 90032

Spa Marble 90033

Contact Information (305) 633-7900