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Golden Closet Issue 02


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Love at first sight is the idea of feeling the ecstatic and electricity that is attraction towards someone. When you think about it, love at first sight is really possible. It's not about looks or anything like that, it's really the connection you feel with someone. The two models portrayed what love at first sight looks like. It’s simply two people in love, however that’s what you can see from the outside. From the inside, they feel connected, almost attached whereas those butterflies you feel in your stomach, that’s part of love. The big question here is where do you actually feel this love at first sight moment? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer. You can feel it anywhere.The concept of this soft, fairy like aesthetic portrays the pureness, innocence, and elegance of that encounter of love at first sight. In films, tv shows, and media in general it’s portrayed as this generic, cliche fairy tale. Their responses to their Q and A were also very similar. A lot of domesticity for them both where they appreciate the simplest of things and being in each other's arms at the best part. From how Gguk observed these two during the shoot, they were so cute and very lovey dovey. They definitely had that love at first sight moment. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Kkyu Assisted by Jeon MIn

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Coffee Bloom

VISIT US! Coffee Bloom Seoul, South Korea GMT+3 TWT: @flowerbeegifts

Golden Closet | 04

What is a soulmate? There are many abstract and concrete definitions for that word. A soulmate is someone you can be yourself around and have that comfort and understanding. There is no awkward moments between you two and you just connect. A soulmate can be romantic or platonic, in the end they share that same connection and togetherness. Your best friend can be your soulmate as much as your significant other. Tae and Bopp showed this during their shoot. They were lost in each other's eyes and made each other comfortable with one another. They're Q and A answers were also close and somewhat similar, they truly are soulmates and this shoot embodies it. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Kkyu Assisted by Jeon MIn

Golden Closet | 05


At some point of our life, we must found our innocent self to adore someone. The love we have so pure and innocent, the way we would follow them like a love sick puppy. Through this concept our models, Seorin and Synnie, also our company mascot puppy, Goldy. They were creative and transparent when they were expressing their love through poses in front of the lens. Their playful act really gives life to the studio and the concept even better view. Not to mention their answers for our QnA really tugging onto our heart strings. Big appreciation for them to join our programme.

Golden Closet | 06

Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Min Assisted by Jeon MIn


Carnal desires are often what spring to mind when passion and lust are brought up. And while sins of the flesh are certainly part of that dynamic, it’s the underlying flames beneath that brings such emotions to life. No subtle spark or glowing ember of attraction could quite match the billowing inferno that bellies true desire. But passion and lust extend beyond the bedroom, this couple was the prime example of just how deep these emotions go. The perfect candidates for the theme, even the briefest time spent with them and it’s clear that their true passion is for one another. Their chemistry was just as brilliant and captivating as any flame. However, upon speaking to them, you can tell there’s something far deeper keeping them together. A lust for the other’s happiness and well-being that transcends the baser instincts that come to mind with such a theme. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Seong Dae Assisted by Jeon Kkyu Golden Closet | 07

Golden Closet | 08


Unconditional love is a very common thing we find in relationships stories. How we express love for those we appreciate most seemingly have no condition to it. With our models here, Kkyu and Jiminie, we could see how their eyes tell their stories. With the shoot based of cottage core, the softness of the colour palette really compliments the pair. These two was all out with the tenderness of their love. Their answers for our QnA was really heart touching. Overall, we are honored to capture their love with Gguk as our photographer. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Min Assisted by Jeon Kkyu Golden Closet | 09

"Inspire the World, Create the Future"


Golden Closet | 10


Reborn and afterlife are most likely common in our community. It amazed me how these beliefs could make a bond even closer. For the shoot we use a Victorian style look to bring the concept alive. The models, Jacey and Kai, were excited for this shoot and the looks. They gave us the look and poses like a pair of Victorian royalty. Just to see their interaction and communication throughout the shoot. I would believe that they are more than willing to be a couple in their afterlife. I could just feel their love in the studio that day. I wished that they enjoyed the shoot as much as we were. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Min Assisted by Jeon Kkyu

Golden Closet | 11


Most couples find themselves comfortable to have pace before they get down to business. Sure thing they would find themselves ways to lure their partner to their hold. Our model, Angel, who has a very professional attitude brought the aura in the studio. He gave us the vibe of a goddess, his way to handle the pose and expression.

The shoot the caught was enough to enhance his beauty and bring the concept to life. I am here thankful for having him to give us the visual of the concept we’re working with.

Golden Closet | 12

Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Min Assisted by Jeon Kkyu


Red string of fate or fated string are most likely to be called soulmate string. It’s a connection where two soul are bound under the name of fate. Seorin and Klaus are our married model who gave us an opportunity to let us know one or two things about their wedding. They have a really close attachment with this and even let us have a close up for their wedding rings. Their dynamic and chemistry throughout the shoot were amazing and easy for us to work with. Their answers for QnA are just as sweet as their dynamic for each other. All and all, hopefully we will have the same opportunity like this again. Photographed by Jeon Gguk Written by Jeon Min Assisted by Jeon Kkyu

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Golden Closet | 14

CANDY SHOP X GOLDEN CLOSET Candy Shop Entertainment ran by CEO, Sunmi is a wide range company where everybody has their own creative control. Golden Closet, a sub company under Jeon Corp practices the same individuality and creativity in their models. This month, main photographer Gguk brought upon a switcheroo concept where CEOs of Jeon Corp, Jeon JK and Jeon Min took part in a rather sensual and sexual shoot to capture some elements of Candy Shop. In contrast, Candyshop's CEO Sunmi and her fiance, Joon portrayed that regal and deep concept with their Velvet Passion Concept. Candy Shop's Radio host Joon made a playlist about this collab consisting of songs and different themes that represent the overall theme of AntiValentine's Day. A song for passion, lust, lovemaking and maybe even more than that.

A playlist, "Vicious V-Day" was created by the radio host, Kim Joon, engaged to Candy Shop's CEO Sunmi. The playlist consist of 15 songs with many themes regarding the passion, love, and lust of Valentine's Day. Tracks especially from the hit, "50 Shades of Grey" a popular series to watch during this time of the year.

Heaven By Julia Michaels, Fiesty By Jhameel, You Don't Own Me By SAYGRACE, P*ssy Fairy (OTW) [Jhené Aiko Remake] By Vedo, Call Me Daddy By Claude Kelly, The Wolf By The Spencer Lee Band, Earned It By The Weekend, Animal (Deeper Version) Nightcore By Nightcore Nick, HUSH By AViVA, Feel It By Michele Morrene, Call Out My Name By The Weeknd, Dangerous Woman By Ariana Grande, Lust For Life. (feat. The Weeknd) By Lana Del Rey, House Of Cards By BTS, Sacrifice (feat. Jessie Reyez) By Black Atlass.

Golden Closet | 15


The Candy Shop is a company that prides on itself on being outside of the box when it comes to our content. We are about promotion of everybodies own creative control, and give our artists and managers full creative control to do what they want without the many restrictions that other entertainment companies have that we have experienced first hand our selves. We are all equal and are a democracy of people who collectively come together to post good content in all three of our departments until the one corporation that is the Candy Shop. We have the Entertainment label and that houses our idols, models and concept writers who work directly with the radio company who house dj's, producers, event managers and our shops which we do have plans of opening up a Candy Shop for people to come send gifts. All of the companies work together under the one umbrella, like we are having comebacks at the end of the month, got several producers working with the idols and we're also planning launch parties and the oppurtunity for the artists themselves to make playlists for the radio show.

Golden Closet | 16


Golden Closet | 17


What is the most romantic thing



Synnie: Made me breakfast in bed after a rough day before.

anyone has ever done for you?

Seorin: My girlfriend gave me her great grandmother's beautiful Celtic Arry: Decorate new house and ring as her promise ring to me shortly interior together and adopt puppies after we started dating. make it like a liltle family Joel: Keeping his promise Kkyu: Ooh that would be asking to cuddle together and kisses by the stars

Kai: Going stargazing at 2 am. Jace: Ran a bath and held me while I cried

Klaus: I remember that one time Seorin and I went on a trip before we got married and I had planned everything. She was worried I was Bopp: Booked a getaway trip for us :) stressing myself, She took it on herself to plan a date for us. Tae: When we started dating and one morning he was leaving to work, Seorin: When he took me out for a he brought me little jar of chocolate. picnic then just after sunset Those chocolates were kisses to me blindfolded and led me through the what i can eat when i miss him. forest behind our previous house and then took off the blindfold and Seo: get me flowers proposed to me in the sweetest way Damien: Got me a crystal rose which using a lit trail and a pretty lit up sign was my fiance Jiminie: Taking me to there special place or having a quiet picnic.

Golden Closet | 18




What are 3 most important most What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

important things that relationships need to work?

Joon: A gift given to me of a stuffed crab buddy, a bonsai, a cute shirt and Arry: Trust, Honest, Always Understanding and forgive each my favorite snacks. When I was other. feeling sick and sad. Joel: Love, Trust, Comfort I was having a bad day. Not doing well Kkyu: Trust, Communication, tired, sleepy and a fever... I was Commitment burning up. Jiminie: Communication, Trust, Loyalty I felt miserable, but the little visit and gifts really made me smile that day from her. Sunmi: When Joon proposed to me. He wrote out this 10 page thread of a conversation, and listed off everything that he loved about me, in all of his muses, and gave me gifts, and wrote poems, and it was the sweetest most romantic thing I had ever seen that I literally cried because I had never had anybody treat me as good as he did and has.

Bopp: Communication, Honesty, Trust Tae: Communication, Trust Loyalty Seo: Communication, Love, Comfort Damien: Trust, Loyalty Care Synnie: Trust, Communication, Understanding Seorin: Communication, Honesty, Trust Kai: Communication, Happiness, Love Jace: Trust, Patience, Communication Klaus: Communication, trust, laughter, In the long run, we communicate making us strong. Seorin: Honesty, communication and trust Golden Closet | 19




What are 3 most important most important things that relationships need to work?

Joon: I would say communication as a first for the fact that it makes a complicated situation easier to work towards a solution. It let's everyone know what's happening and then can lead to figuring out the best of plan of action for required problem solvng. You can not know how to help each other emotionally or mentally if you do not talk about yoir struggles together. The second is support, time and patience . We all have our days. All need a boost in our life. We can support ourselves, but caring for one at our lost. Means acceptance and deep emotional bond for or to someone. Support will strengthen appreciation and show care. Patience is needed, rushing can lead to uncompleted and unfilled answers that may be needed for feelings, emotions and reassurance between partners. Patience is required as well time with and Away from each other to do our own hobbies that love with our other and without our significant other. Plus you can bring back new stories and any new hobbies you want to try out with the person you love. Both take effort both should put in time and effort. The last important one is affection/love. All relationships whether it be friend or significant other other require love and attention. Nurture it with much care. The results will show you right on all the work put into what you give. There are more, but these are a few I found important. As even if you have disagreements, does not mean you lessen your love fu or one another. You just have a different point of view. As importance of patience on how you handle these situations, gift you well in any relationship. Sunmi: Communication, honesty, and chemistry. Golden Closet | 20


If there's a playlist for your



Do You Consider Yourself:

significant other, what would the Realist or Hipeless Romantic title of it be?

Arry: 1000 hours by Justin Bieber and more. and Still With You by Jk Joel: You are my Sunshine Kkyu: For My World Jiminie: For My Star Bopp: For My Love Tae: To My Love Seo: It's a Secret Damien: The Love of My Life Synnie: My Heart Seorin: Cozy With My Dragonfly Kai: Buttons corner Jace: Cute Anime Shit

Klaus: My Sweet Adorable Witch Seorin: Always and Forever with you Joon: Love Of My Life, I'm Sorry Your Stuck With Me xD Sunmi: The songs of my heart, my soulmate, the love of my life.

Arry: Realist Joel: Hopeless Romantic Kkyu: Hopeless Romantic Jiminie: Hopeless Romantic Bopp: Hopeless Romantic Tae: Hopeless Romantic Seo: Hopeless Romantic Damien: Hopeless Romantic Synnie: Hopeless Romantic Seorin: Hopeless Romantic Kai: Hopeless Romantic Jace: Realist

Klaus: Realist Seorin: Hopeless Romantic Joon: Hopeless Romantic Sunmi: Realist

Golden Closet | 21




What is the best way for you to coax your partner when sulking?

Arry: Keep snuggle around him,keep kisisng cuddle him alot,kiss his neck and making something special to him or cook. Joel: Backhug and whisper how much I love him Kkyu: I would hold them close give them what they want. Also, hold and kiss them to comfort them and just overall be there for them. Jiminie: Cuddle and kiss them, make them happy. And bring them somewhere they love. Bopp: Cuddles, cozy blankets, hugs Tae: Usually i just cling myself to him, like koalababy. I cook his favorite food. We take bath together. I do my happy dance, it works every time. Seo: giving kisses and cuddles Damien: Kissing his lips and tickling him

Joon: Lots of love, care, kisses, affection, head pats, cuddling, sweet words, listening ear, attentiveness, reminder of repeated I love yous and Listing reasons why you love them and continue with why you feel in love with them. Maybe a thought gift or favorite item or one of significant meaning, mostly my pure undivided care and attention for me first. Sunmi: Give him lots of attention, affection and baby him a little bit with hugs and cuddles and kisses. Klaus: Seorin likes it when we cuddle by the fire and watch Hercules, and cook for her makes her happy Seorin: Cuddles with a plushie and ice cream Kai: By giving them cuddles and kisses to make them feel better Jace: Offering cuddles and plushies Synnie: Kisses all over their face Seorin: Get her favorite snack, a blanket and cuddle with her with a cute movie Golden Closet | 22




What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Arry: Have a beautiful night,spend time together,enjoy the days and maybe a sweet night at lake or beach ,thats what im planing. Joel: Have Arry sunk in piles of pastel pink roses and give him the most passionate deep kiss

Kkyu: Surprise surprise ❤ Jiminie: Being with my significant other and doing whatever we want. Bopp: That’s a secret ;) I’m very excited to spoil my baby! Tae:We are probably on our vacation then so just be together, maybe little dates. Seo: taking them on a star gaze date Damien: Uh I don't know maybe a fancy restaurant or the movies Kai: I was planing to take my love to a very special dinner Jace: Secret Golden Closet | 23

Joon: A reminiscent bring back of my first memories of photos everywhere outside where we first went to around the house. That's one of many. To give them lots of care attention. Maybe going through some memory lane. While I hold them in my lap and play with their hair. Let that air plane give a heart with our initals all in the sky. I'll save it with all the others memories and picture of their reaction to the surprise. I hope they'll like it. ^)^ Sunmi: Whatever plans Namjoon has for us. I'm open to anything.

Klaus: DInner and Secret Seorin: Knowing my hubby, he probably made reservations at a nice restaurant with a day of surprises after I get home from work. He loves to spoil me when he can Synnie:Spending time with my love. Maybe staying in a cooking dinner together. Then watching a movie and cuddling together with a nice glass of wine. Seorin: Hopefully going out to a nice restaurant for dinner or staying in and have a cozy dinner in front of the fireplace with her. Definitely will surprise her with some gifts

Golden Entertainment TALENT IS GOLDEN

A unique group of individuals, Team Gold they're known as in the company. Everyone has their own unique talent from singing , dancing, songwriting, producing and many more. Here are some small things about each member. More projects to come hopefully with this talented group.

Kim Taehyung from Daegu, South Korea is a singer/Songwriter as well as dancer. He is a performance artist and have been on stage since school. He also released a few singles but have yet to complete an album. Music has always been his passion, whether it's his or someone else's. There's nothing like music to heal the soul.

Asmodeus, the lust demon, played and produced music for the longest now, even in Heaven, he was chosen as the most talented, beautiful, musician. When he hath fallen to earth, besides trying to take care of the underworld and having people Kim Seokjin, 29 years old and from under lust, he writes songs and Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. He enjoys produce music. He released my first skiing and eating . His favourite solo mixtape back a few years ago colour is probably pink and loves and has recorded for many of the fine frogs. He also has a passion for artists we have nowadays. Park Jimin, from Busan, South Korea. Music is his passion and been love it since school time, I studied modern dance in Korea Arts High School. He is a singer and dancer, with a face that's very well known.

performing, traveling and is worldwide handsome.

Dae is from Daegu, South Korea. He is a drop-out of Seoul National University, where he'd been studying journalism. Too many rules and guidelines, he felt that his time would be better spent actually living his life than learning about it. He is Golden Ent's newest producer and Golden Closet's writer.

Lee Felix from Gwangju is a producer and Dancer too, he create his own music for his dances and he's preparing some songs to release his first mixtape. Music is all he has and really felt influenced to join Golden Ent. He's outgoing and if ever you want to collab with him, he's open to talk!



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