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Faculty of Commerce, Administration and Law Tuesday, 6 July 2021 11h00

Virtual Graduation Ceremony 6 July 2021

OFFICE-BEARERS OF THE UNIVERSITY Chancellor Deputy Chief Justice of RSA, Justice RMM Zondo, BIuris, (UNIZULU), LLB (Natal), LLM (Labor Law), LLM (Commercial Law), LLM (Patent Law) (UNISA) Vice-Chancellor Prof XA Mtose, BA (UFH), HDE (Primary) (UCT), BAHons (RU), MPhil (Higher Education) (US), PhD (Psychology) (UKZN) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) Prof VS Nomlomo, JSTC (Cicirha College), BA, BEd (UNITRA), MEd (Sociolinguistics) (UCT), MPhil (General Linguistics & Second Language Studies) (USB), PhD (UWC) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) Prof NW Kunene, BSc (Agriculture) (Swaziland), MSc (Agriculture) (University of Natal), PhD (Agriculture) (UKZN) Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Institutional Support) Prof SP Seepe, Dip (Science & Ed) (NWU), BSc. Ed (Physics & Maths) (NWU), MSc (Physics) (WITS), MEd (Harvard), AdvProg (Management) (Henley Management College), PhD (Physics) (NWU) Interim Registrar Mr D Mothilall, BA (Law), LLB (UDW), LLM (UNISA), Attorney of the High Court of SA Executive Director: Finance Mr PJ Du Plessis, BCompt, BAccHons (UFS), CA (SA) Executive Director: Human Resources Mr RT Ngcobo, BAdmin (UNISA), Cert (Industrial Relations) (WITS), BComHons (HRM) (UKZN), (Strategic HRM) (UCT), PGDip (Company Direction) (GIMT Sunninghill), Cert (Essentials of Management Coaching) (USB) Executive Director: Infrastructure Mr ST Mncwango, BA, PGDip, BEdHons (UWC), MSc (Town & Regional Planning), MSc (Project Management), Certs (Construction Safety & Quality Management, Project Management, Construction Law & Contract Management, Construction Planning & Control) (WITS) Executive Director: Institutional Planning Mr NO Cele, SSTD, BPaed (UNIZULU), BEdHons, (UKZN), MSc (University of Eastern Illinois), MEd (Resources Dev. & Management), PGDip (HRM) (UKZN), MAdmin (Labour Relations) (UDW), Cert (Higher Education) (WITS) Interim Executive Director (Richards Bay Campus) Dr ACG Weyers, MTech (Cost & Management Acc) (CUT), PhD (Management Acc), PGDHE (UKZN) Dean: Faculty of Arts Prof MA Masoga, BA, BAHons, MA (University of Natal), DPhil (UFS), MA (Musicology) (UNISA), PGDip (HE) (UKZN) Dean: Faculty of CAL Prof L Greyling, BCom, BComHons, MCom, DCom (RAU) Dean: Faculty of Education Prof S Ntombela, UED (UNIZULU), BEdHons, Dip (Special Education), (University of Natal), MEd (University of Manchester), PhD (UNIZULU) Interim Dean: Faculty of Science and Agriculture KC Lehloenya, BSc (Agriculture) (NUL) BScAgricHons, MSc (Agriculture), PhD (Agriculture) (UFS) Dean of Students Vacant




1. Entrance of the academic procession.

2. Welcoming Remarks – Acting Vice Chancellor 3. Virtual Conferment of degrees and awarding of diplomas and certificates 4. Vote of Thanks – Chairperson of Council : Ms Nomarashiya Caluza 5. Dissolution of the Congregation 6. National Anthem 7. Academic Procession leaves the hall


Department of Economics: Doctor of Commerce Candidate: Makhoba, Bongumusa Prince Title:

Exploring the Role of Fiscal Policy and Sovereign Debt Shocks on Economic Growth among Southern African Developing Communities

Summary of the Thesis: Bongumusa Prince Makhoba holds BCom (Economics and Business Management); BCom Honours (Economics); MCom (Economics) (UNIZULU); PGCert (Education) (UNISA). The thesis focused on exploring the role of fiscal policy and sovereign debt shocks on economic growth, and asymmetric relationships between sovereign debt and economic growth in the Southern African Developing Communities (SADC). Using cutting-edge panel data techniques, the study found a positive influence of government expenditure, employment and sovereign debt on economic growth among SADC economies. The strong Keynesian effect discovered in the study implies that fiscal policy is a credible tool to maintain a healthy macroeconomic status among SADC members. South Africa the findings of the study have strong implications on the conduct of fiscal authorities, and valuable to academics, international development agencies and policy makers for the policy responses are different for emerging, frontier and fragile SADC economies. Two papers were published from this study.

I acknowledge the genuine guidance received from my supervisors, Prof. Kaseeram and Prof. Greyling, and the Moses Kotane Institute (during my second year of study), and National Research Foundation (during my third year of study) for granting me a scholarship to undertake this doctoral thesis.

Supervisor: Prof I Kaseeram

External Examiners:

Co-Supervisor: Prof L Greyling

Prof AM Pretorius, North-West University, South Africa Prof BM Sani, Bayero University, Nigeria Dr A Wentzel, Universidad Antonio Nariño Bogota, Colombia


Department of Economics: Doctor of Commerce



Niyitegeka, Olivier

Financial Contagion in Emerging Markets: Evidence from BRICS Countries

Summary of the thesis: Olivier Niyitegeka holds a Bachelor of commerce degree in Economics from the University of the Western Cape, a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Finance and Investment from the University of the Western Cape, and a Master of Commerce degree (cum laude) in Finance from the University of KwaZulu- Natal.Financial contagion can be defined the spread of an economic crisis from one market or region to another. Although drawing analogies between the propagation of the financial crisis and the spread of medical disease might seem fanciful, the two are similar on several levels as they both refer to the transmission of a malady through direct or indirect contact. The purpose of the study was to examine financial contagions within the BRICS countries namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The financial contagions were examined during the two major financial crises, that emanated from developed economies, namely the Sub-prime and the Eurozone sovereign debt crises. Using Multivariate GARCH models and Wavelet analysis the study found that financial contagion took place in BRICS stock markets in the wake of the the Sub-prime crisis except in Chinese equity market. Regarding the Eurozone sovereign debt crises, the study only found shreds of evidence of financial contagion in Brazilian, South African and Russia stock markets. The study recommends that investors, policy makers and regulatory authorities should focus more on developing strategies that enable investors to reduce significant risk exposure to the US equity market, by formulating sound risk management policies and by setting up comprehensive macroprudential regulations. For crises emanating from Continental Europe equity markets the same can be applied for the Brazilian, South African and Russian stock markets. For the Chinese and Indian stock markets, investors, policy makers and regulatory authorities should focus more on idiosyncratic shock channels in responding to volatility spillover emanating from Eurozone markets. Three papers were published from this study.


Prof DD Tewari

External Examiners:

Prof ZJ Liu, Indiana State University, United State of America Prof BW Smit, Stellenbosch University, South Africa Dr S Ananda, College of banking and Financial Studies, Sultanate Oman


Department of Economics: Doctor of Commerce



Okoli, Tochukwu Timothy

Financial Technology (Fintech) Revolution, Financial Deepening and Macroeconomic Stability among Africa Economies: Panel Analyses of Diffusion, Risk, and Performance

Summary of the thesis: The large financial exclusion and the underdeveloped financial system in Africa motivate this study. The study investigates Fintech’s relevance, rate of adoption, risk, transmission channels to financial development and implications for growth and stability among African economies. The panel multiple logistic regression, system GMM, GARCH approaches to Value-at-Risk (VaR), fixed and random effects, panel ARDL and the Structural VAR estimation techniques were used to achieve the objectives. The findings are summarised thus: First, the study found that most Fintech users in Africa are among their emerging category. Second, the study found that African Fintech’s adoption process is a heterogeneous dynamic process. The factors that drive its adoption vary among the different economic groups. Third, there is trade-off between Fintech adoption and banks’ returns/growth; hence Fintech limits risk on banks’ and promotes output’s returns. Fourth, the study also found that Fintech transmits directly to financial development among the emerging African markets but indirectly through bank efficiency and financial inclusion among frontier and fragile groups, respectively. Finally, this study found that macroeconomic stability and growth were susceptible to contemporaneous shocks from Fintech both in the short-run and long-run which can be mitigated using fiscal and monetary policies in the short-run and long-run, respectively. Three papers were published from this study.


External Examiners:

Prof DD Tewari

Prof R Rena, North West University, South Africa Prof V Ballabh, Jamshedpur Jharkhand University, India Dr S Ananda, College of banking and Financial Studies, Sultanate Oman.


Department of Public Administration: Doctor of Public Administration



Enaifoghe, Andrew Osagie

The need for community participation in the decision-making process in South African Municipal administration: An assessment of Pietermaritzburg and uMhlathuze Municipalities

Summary of the thesis: The candidate holds a Master degree in Public Administration from the University of Zululand. The research study examined the need for effective community participation in the decision-making processes in South African municipal governance, using an assessment of Pietermaritzburg and uMhlathuze municipalities as a case study. The study looked at the dynamics of citizens’ participation in the new South African democratic system vis-à-vis the need for community members to be engaged and actively participate in local municipalities administration to enhance service delivery and promote socio-political and economic development. Using a holistic qualitative design, from a “Critical Realist perspective” the study discovered that for all encompass service delivery, it requires the physical involvement as well as generation of ideas of the community members, and contributions that will inform decision making, and sharing of responsibility. The study however discovered that despite the provision in the constitution and call for public participation in local municipal administration, there is still low participation among community members, as a result of the institutional design for public participation thus rendering the local economy underdeveloped at the grassroots level. The three external examiners commented that the candidate has been able to engage critically with the work and demonstrated an acceptable level of understanding of the discipline in general while contributing to the body of knowledge on the need for community participation in the decision-making process of Municipal Administration Two papers were published from the study in accredited journals.


Dr TC Adetiba

External Examiners: Prof K Singh, University of Delhi, India. Prof C Rackaway, University of West Georgia, USA. Prof EC Ijeoma, University of Fort Hare, South Africa.


Department of Public Administration: Doctor of Public Administration



Mlambo, Daniel Nkosinathi

Sub-Regional Hegemons, Integration and Governance: South Africa’s Role in Southern Africa after Democratization

Summary of the thesis: The candidate holds a Bachelor of Public Administration degree, Honours in Public Administration and Masters in Public Administration; all from the University of Zululand. The study delved into the linkage between hegemonic states and regional integration, the benefits of postapartheid regional integration, South Africa’s socio-economic and political efforts in the [SADC] region, and whether South Africa’s post-1994 foreign policy had been beneficial to regional integration or not. Within the purview of qualitative methodological framework, the study was divided into five major themes; the perceived link between regional powers and regional integration; regional integration under post-1994 leaders; South Africa’s foreign policy processes and tools within the region; regional integration and foreign policy: successes, benefits and failures and recommendations on the regional integration role. Analysing these themes; it was discovered that regional leaders generally led regional integration albeit lesser powers also had an impact in their formation and perpetuation. It was also discovered that South Africa’s foreign policy has been highly dynamic with different presidents putting different emphasis on regional integration. South Africa’s main tool in regional integration in the parlance of diplomacy was described as soft power. South Africa had been of considerable economic and political stability benefit to the SADC region although the country did not get much out of the region and was under constant criticism for its perceived hegemonic stance. The study however recommended South Africa needs to focus more on regionalism rather than demonstrating its hegemonic power while putting more emphasis on the economic integration and taking consideration of the wills of other countries within its regions of interest. The following papers were published from the study (1) South Africa and Regional Integration in Southern Africa Post-1994: Realities, Challenges, and Prospects. Published in June 2020, by the Journal of Nation-building & Policy Studies (2) Post-1994 South Africa’s peacekeeping and military intervention in Southern Africa, reference from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Lesotho. Published in May 2019 by the Journal of Public Affairs while the third one is under review. Supervisor:

Dr TC Adetiba

External Examiners:

Prof BJ Phiri, University of Zambia, Lusaka. Dr E Aniche, Federal University Otueke, Nigeria. Prof T Oriola, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


Department of Public Administration, Doctor of Public Administration


Mlambo, Halalisani Victor


A tech-centric border as a strategy in managing illegal cross border migration and cross border crime in South Africa with special focus on the Kosi bay and Golela border posts

Summary of the thesis: The candidate holds a Bachelor of Public Administration degree, Honours in Public Administration and a Masters in Public Administration; all from the University of Zululand. Owing to the increasing number of illegal migration to South Africa thorough some of its porous borders, the research study investigated whether a tech-centric border can be a strategy in managing illegal cross border migration and cross border crime in South Africa’s Kosi bay and Golela border posts in line with global trends in managing borders. The research investigates whether tech-centric borders were feasible and necessary for the two borders and by extension, whether this would amount to border securitization and militarization. Using a qualitative method of analysis, thematically, identified the benefits and the need for tech-centric borders that included crime, corruption detection, and prevention and increased human resources efficiency, the challenges of implementing smart border technologies, border management issues behind illegal migration, and cross border crime, the need to address root factors of illegal migration vis-à-vis cross border crime rather than focusing on tech-centric borders and border securitization as all-encompassing solutions. The study recommends an integrated framework that includes not only the implementation of a tech-centric border but also resolving internal weakness in border control entities such as corrupt behaviour, low staff commitment, limited knowledge on immigration policies and misaligned immigration policies in addition to addressing geopolitical, economic and trade imbalances. The study further recommends increased collaboration between South Africa and regional bodies in immigration management and cross-border crime prevention. Supervisor:

Dr T C Adetiba

External Examiners:

Prof L. Amusan, North West University, South Africa. Dr K Meena, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi, India. Prof E Botlhale, University of Botswana, Botswana. Prof Jussi P. Laine - University of Eastern Finland, Finland.


MASTER OF COMMERCE Department of Business Management Candidate:

Ndlovu, Sbonelo Gift

DISSERTATION: The perceptions of customers and grocery retail managers towards private label brands in the grocery retail sector within the eThekwini municipality Supervisor:

Mr S Heeralal

MASTER OF COMMERCE Department of Economics Candidate:

Agwuna, Leonard Uzochukwu

DISSERTATION: Monetary policy rules in a selection of middle-income emerging market economies: Issues and Evidence Supervisor:

Dr KD Ilesanmi


Dr B Mazorodze

MASTER OF COMMERCE Department of Economics Candidate:

Jeza, Mbalenhle Precious

DISSERTATION: Inflation and unemployment in the South African democratic era: is there a trade-off? Supervisor:

Prof L Greyling


Dr KD Ilesanmi

MASTER OF COMMERCE Department of Economics Candidate:

Mpungose, Lwayiphi Ottet

DISSERTATION: The Health- Economic growth nexus: A lower and middle-income Sub-Saharan economies comparison (20002016) Supervisor:

Prof L Greyling



Dr B Mazorodze

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Dladla, Noluthando

DISSERTATION: The inflow of foreign nationals and xenophobic attacks: an assessment of its effect on social relations among residents of the Pietermaritzburg CBD Area, South Africa Supervisor: Dr TC Adetiba MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate: Hlongwa, Ndumiso Dumokuhle Mbonisi DISSERTATION Assessing the effectiveness of public participation to enhance service delivery in the Zululand District Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal Province Supervisor:

Dr NN Jili

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate: Khuzwayo, Noxolo Nomfundo DISSERTATION An Exposition of BRICS Political and Economic Governance: Towards a New and Balanced Global World Order Supervisor: Dr TC Adetiba MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Mbatha, Phakamile Pamela

DISSERTATION The perceptions of selected employers on the employability of UNIZULU graduates: a case study of uMhlathuze local municipality Supervisor: Dr NN Jili


MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Myeni, Jabulani Mhlabuthini

DISSERTATION Exploring the community perception in the process of the municipal demarcation in the Big 5 Hlabisa Local Municipality Supervisor:

Dr NN Jili

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Ngema, Kholokuhle Simangele

DISSERTATION: The Role of Social Entrepreneurship as a strategic tool in implementing and sustaining Local Economic Development at UMfolozi Local Municipality Supervisor: Dr TC Adetiba MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Thusi, Xolani

DISSERTATION: An investigation of staff Performance Management Systems and Productivity in the Department of Home Affairs: Case of Richards’s Bay Office Supervisor: Dr TC Adetiba

Co-Supervisor: Dr NN Jili

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Department of Public Administration Candidate:

Vilakazi, Ashia Sihle

DISSERTATION: Navigating through the Political and Administrative Dichotomy in South Africa: Analysis of the Principle of Separation of Powers in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Supervisor:

Dr TC Adetiba


* Qualification obtained with merit

Bachelor of Commerce Honours

** Qualification obtained with distinction

(Economics) Dludla, Njabulo

Doctor of Commerce

Dunge, Nomkhosi Hlengiwe


Gcabashe, Colleen Lungani *

Makhoba, Bongumusa Prince

Hlabane, Isabel Prisca

Niyitegeka, Olivier

Hlatshwayo, Sebenzile *

Okoli, Tochukwu Timothy

Lukhele, Nkululeko Trevor ** Mkhwanazi, S’fundo Sbusiso

Doctor of Public Administration

Mngomezulu, Lungani Nkosinathi *

Enaifoghe, Andrew Osehi

Mphehle, Nonduduzo Innocentia

Mlambo, Daniel Nkosinathi

Mthethwa, Mzweleni Fundani

Mlambo, Halalisani Victor

Mtshali, Cebile Florence * Ndlela, Siphosethu Lwazi Nene, Hlengiwe Sinakhokonke

Master of Commerce

Nguna, Sethu Sibusisiwe *

Ndlovu, Sbonelo Gift **

Nkambule, Sanele Ennocent * Nzama, Asande Sibusiso *

Master of Commerce

Okosa, Jessica Onyinyechi **


Pillay, Amy Leah *

Agwuna, Leonard Uzochukwu *

Sithole, Mpumelelo Samkelo *

Jeza, Mbalenhle Precious *

Sithole, Nosipho Zenkosi *

Mpungose, Lwayiphi Ottet **

Skosana, Yusuf Samkelo Innocent Zikhali, Slindokuhle Wendy * Zwane, Thobeka Siyabonga

Master of Public Administration Dladla, Noluthando

Bachelor of Public Administration Honours

Hlongwa, Ndumiso Dumokuhle Mbonisi *

Biyela, Nhlanhla Petro *

Khuzwayo, Noxolo Nomfundo **

Buthelezi, Edith Cindy

Mbatha, Phakamile Pamela **

Dlamini, Philile Mayenziwe *

Myeni, Jabulani Mhlabuthini *

Dlamini, Thulani Sibongakonke *

Ngema, Kholokuhle Simangele *

Dlomo, Wonder Mnini

Thusi, Xolani *

Dumakude, Nkosingiphile

Vilakazi, Ashia Sihle *

Gumede, Lindokuhle Gumede, Thobile Gumede, Xoliswa Balungile


Hlengwa, Mkhombeni Zwakushiwo

Chonco, Nosipho

Khoza, Sibusiso

Chonco, Siphamandla Rodney

Khumalo, Ndabezinhle Merciful *

Cikwayo, Sithokozile Promise

Mabaso, Sikhumbuzo Emmanuel *

Dinwa, Mlamuli Nkonzo

Mathebula, Thembelani Collen *

Dladla, Lungile Nothando

Mdhluli, Mdumiseni Praisethelord

Dladla, Mcebisi Samukelo

Mdletshe, Ncamsile Octavia

Dlamini, Lawyer Phumlani

Mkhwanazi, Nozipho Favourite *

Dlamini, Mpendulo

Mngomezulu, Bongani Nkosingiphile

Dlamini, Mxolisi Mbuso

Mthembu, Bhekizenzo Siphosenkosi

Dlamini, Nozipho

Mtotywa, Pamela *

Dlamini, Qhawe Qiniso

Ngcobo, Sabelo

Dlamini, Simphiwe Mzwandile

Ngema, Nomzamo Nonhle

Dlamini, Siza

Ngubane, Zanele Busisiwe

Dubazane, Nokwanda

Nkunzi, Nokulunga Sphiwe

Dubazane, Simphiwe

Ntaka, Nontsikelelo *

Duma, Sphesihle Nokwanda Queeneth

Ntombela, Cebile Olpah *

Fakude, Nobahle Thubelihle

Pangwa, Yandisa *

Fakude, Sbekezelo Zuziwe

Shabalala, Zinhle *

Gambushe, Lungile

Slabert, Nhlanhla James *

Gazu, Prudence Cebisile

Zungu, Nondumiso Sanele *

Gumede, Gugulethu Sibahle

Zungu, Thembelihle

Gumede, Sibusiso Sithembiso Gumede, Simiso Vukani

Bachelor of Commerce

Gwala, Silindile

Basi, Khayelihle Mthokozisi

Hlabisa, Nhlakanipho Siyamethemba

Biyela, Cebo Sibusiso

Hlela, Bongephiwe Sanele

Biyela, Nomfundo Nomkhosi

Horton, Glenda Celine

Biyela, Thalente

Jiyane, Sikhulile Thandeka

Biyela, Velenkosini Sibonakaliso

Khala, Esethu

Biyela, Victor

Khanyile, Zibuyisile Ednah

Biyela, Zanele Precious

Khumalo, Nhlakanipho Pretty

Buthelezi, Muzi Charles

Khumalo, Philisiwe Patience

Buthelezi, Nomcebo Sinenhlahla

Khumalo, Sinethemba

Cele, Nomfundo

Khuzwayo, Nokulunga Patience

Chili, Andiswa Thandeka

Khwela, Slindile

Chonco, Nomvelo Luyanda

Mabaso, Mandisi Comfirt Kuza Mabengwana, Avela Cwengi


Madlala, Ntombifuthi Precious

Mjoka, Philani

Magubane, Zamankomose Sindiswa

Mkhabela, Cassandra Nothando

Mahamba, Nkosinathi Emmanuel

Mkhize, Lerato Sinikiwe Nomfundo

Mahlalela, Thobeka Judith

Mkhize, Mfundo

Malambule, Nosipho Nokwethemba

Mkhize, Nkululeko Eric

Manyanga, Mkhawuleni Mqondisi

Mkhize, Nokuthula

Maphanga, Mvumeni

Mkhize, Velile Thandeka

Maphisa, S’phesihle Thembeka

Mkhize, Zama Nompumelelo

Maphumulo, Mbongeleni Blessing

Mkhonza, Manqoba

Maphumulo, Nkosiyomusa Mathews

Mkhwanazi, Langelihle

Masango, Lethiwe Menzle

Mkhwanazi, Senamile Euphenate

Masinga, Sinethemba Zinhle

Mkhwanazi, Simphiwe

Masondo, Siphelele Eric

Mkhwanazi, Thandeka Khethiwe

Masuku, Phumla Samukelisiwe

Mkwanazi, Zandile

Mathenjwa, Nonkululeko Nompumelelo

Mlambo, Fransisca Thembelihle Mini

Mathonsi, Nomonde Philasande

Mlambo, Nothile

Mayise, Bongiwe Nane Lucia

Mncwabe, Hloniphile

Mbatha, Mncedisi

Mncwango, Ningi Confidence

Mbatha, Samkelisiwe Nompilo

Mngomezulu, Siphephile

Mbatha, Sinethemba

Mngomezulu, Xolisile Nokulunga

Mbhamali, Nothando Nozipho

Mnguni, Thandeka Angel

Mbongwa, Sthembile Prowes

Mnqayi, Bonginhlanhla

Mbuyazi, Mandisa Pearl

Mpanza, Nkosingiphile

Mbuyazi, Nondumiso Nokuthaba

Mpanza, Nomfundo

Mchunu, Sinazo Witness

Mpontshane, Bongumusa Promise

Mchunu, Siphilile Percival

Mpontshane, Gugu Fezile

Mdabe, Nontando

Mpungose, Samkelo

Mdletshe, Nosipho Nosihle

Mpungose, Sphesihle

Mdletshe, Nothando Snethemba

Msane, Makabongwe Njabulo

Melane, Nombuliso

Msezane, Nonkululeko Siphiwo

Mendlula, Zabuya Prudence

Mtetwa, Nothile

Mgenge, Talent Ziyanda

Mthembu, Bonga

Mgenge, Zamalondo Busiswa Blossom

Mthembu, Bongakonke Ayanda

Mhlongo, Andile

Mthembu, Muziwenhlanhla Nhlanhla

Mhlongo, Nompilo Sethabile

Mthembu, Nguquko

Mhlongo, Senzo Mathews

Mthembu, Nondumiso Sindiswa

Mjaja, Sanelisiwe Annita

Mthembu, Sanele Vusumuzi


Mthembu, S’fiso Nhlakanipho

Nsibande, Mfundo Knowledge

Mthembu, Simiso

Ntimbane, Sihle Zanele

Mthembu, Sphamandla

Ntombela, Simphiwe Evah

Mthembu, Thobeka

Ntuli, Nhlakanipho Mthobisi

Mthembu, Zilungile Lindelwa Londeka

Ntuli, Sakhile Zobaphi

Mthembu, Zuzile Nikiwe

Ntuli, Siboniso Walter

Mthethwa, Phiwokuhle S’celo

Nxumalo, Lungiswa Preciuos

Mthethwa, Silindelo

Nzimande, Wezile

Mthethwa, Siyabonga

Nzuza, Ntokozo

Mthethwa, Snenhlanhla Nosihle

Phoswa, Thabiso Kwanda

Mthethwa, Vukani Reminder

Raison, Rejoice Beverly

Mthombeni, Sibonakaliso Nkosingiphile

Shabalala, Mbali Patricia

Mtshali, Nqobizitha

Shabalala, Nkosingiphile Happiness

Mtshali, Thandeka

Shabangu, Mondli Lucky

Myeni, Khetha Neliswa

Shezi, Celimpilo

Myeni, Nondumiso Lindiwe

Shezi, Nompumelelo

Myeza, Bayanda Siyanda

Shozi, Sinethemba Sisanda

Nceka, Andile

Sibiya, Nokwazi Princess

Ncube, Sphephelo Ndandatho

Sibiya, Sinothile Nontethelelo

Ndlovu, Nkosinathi

Sigwebela, Amanda

Ndlovu, Nondumiso Pearl

Sinokhwe, Masivuye

Ndwandwe, Sthembile Winlove

Sithole, Ntombi Sihle

Ngidi, Ayanda

Sithole, Phumlile

Ngidi, Sindisiwe Cynthia *

Sobuza, Wabile

Ngobese, Cebisile Patricia

Sukude, Nimrod Ziphathele

Ngobese, Mbalenhle Heather

Thusi, Samkelisiwe Thobekile

Ngqulunga, Simphiwe Jabula

Tsolo, Atandile

Ngqulunga, Sinothando Gwan

Xhoba, Snamile Noxolo

Ngubo, Nandipha

Xulu, Phiwe Mbhedle

Nguse, Slindile Khanyisile

Xulu, Sabathile

Njapha, Aphelele Ntuthuko

Xulu, Zamokuhle Thandeka

Nkhwashu, Leon Thulani

Zakwe, Sizwe Mandlenkosi

Nkhwashu, Nkateko Treasure

Zikhali, Zakhele Themba

Nkosi, Mduduzi Thabo

Zondi, Thabiso Sabelo

Nqoko, Valentine Lwazilwenkosi

Zondi, Xoliswa Sindisiwe

Nsele, Nonhlanhla Celiwe

Zondo, Simphiwe Lethukuthula

Nsele, Siphesihle Ntandoyenkosi

Zulu, Bonginkosi


Zulu, Buhle Londeka

Lembede, Nompumelelo Purity

Zulu, Mdaliwethu

Limba, Nomcebo Pallesa Leticia

Zulu, Ndondo Lebo

Lushaba, Zinhle Doris

Zulu, Nontethelelo

Mabika, Hlengiwe

Zulu, Sibongile Nompumelelo

Mabulu, Sbusiso

Zungu, Khethani

Madela, Nondumiso Thabile Madlala, Sbongiseni Samuel

Bachelor of Commerce

Mahlalela, Samkel’siwe Hazel


Mahlangu, Bongisipho

Biyase, Noxolo

Majila, Abongile

Buthelezi, Buhle Nomcebo

Makhaye, Nandipha Khethelo

Buthelezi, Mlungisi Mthembeni

Makhaza, Sibusiso

Buthelezi, Siphesihle Nompumelelo

Malinga, Bongeka Xoliswa

Cele, Samukelisiwe Promise

Maphumulo, Thobeka Patience

Chiliza, Zamanguni Thobile

Masilela, Simlindile Sibusiso

Dladla, Sifiso

Masondo, Nkonz’nhle Thalente

Dlamini, Nokwanda Asanda

Massinga, Simphiwe Clive

Dlamini, Thalente Siyabonga

Masuku, Noxolo

Dlamini, Tiyandza

Mathenjwa, S’thokozisiwe

Dube, Sinenhlanhla Nomvelo

Mbatha, Noluthando

Gcaba, Lindani Hopewell

Mbele, Sifisokuhle

Gcabashe, Zakhona Dorcas

Mbele, Vukile

Gina, Nhlakanipho

Mbhele, Nothando

Gumede, Nokuphila Innocentia

Mbokazi, Ntombifuthi

Gumede, Nonhle Hazel

Mbombo, Nhlanhla

Gumede, Sibongokuhle Ndabezinhle

Mbuyazi, Siphelele Sakhile

Hlabisa, Bongumenzi Khethinkomo

Mbuyazi, Sithembele Siphephelo

Hlaka, Moloko Josephine

Mdletshe, Lungile Nonkanyiso

Jamile, Progress Thandolwethu Zime

Mdletshe, Simphiwe Precious

Khumalo, Lindeleni Thabile

Mhlanzi, Mxolisi Melusi

Khumalo, Lindokuhle Sphamandla

Mhlongo, Nosipho

Khumalo, Sanele Sydney

Mkhize, Mbuso Mkhize, S’celokuhle S’khulusezwe

Khumalo, Siyabonga

Mngomezulu, Mduduzi Philani

Khwela, Lusanda Patience

Mnqayi, Noluvuyo Thulile

Kubeka, Siyabonga Sanele Mndeni

Mntambo, Nomkhosi

Kweyama, Thembalethu Charmane

Mntambo, Thandeka Lungelo


Molefe, Lepho Tsepiseng

Shongwe, Samkelisiwe Gcebile

Mthembu, Silindile

Sibisi, Samukelisiwe Wendy

Mthembu, Thembelihle Fanele

Sikhakhane, Nkosinathi Tyron

Mtshali, Nondumiso Snqobile Charity

Sikhakhane, Zenzele Lindokuhle

Mtshali, Thabiso Qiniso

Simelane, Ntombifuthi

Myeni, William

Sithole, Msizi Njabulo

Mzobe, Kwanele Fanelesibonge

Sithole, Sibongakonke Siyamukela

Ndawonde, Skholiwe

Sithole, Siphephelo Lungelo

Ndlela, Nhlakanipho Bongumenzi

S’khosana, Sphesihle Vuyo

Ndlela, Ntandokazi

Sondezi, Khutso

Ndlovu, Mpilo

Thabethe, Zoleka Caroline

Nene, Lindokuhle Siyanda

Thwala, Khululiwe Phindile

Nene, Nontobeko Ntombizonke

Xulu, Mihlayenkosi Luyanda

Nene, Ntokozo S’mangaliso

Zikhali, Mlondolozi Lovers

Ngcobo, Sanele Phumlani

Zuke, Nkosinomusa Percival

Ngema, Nomkhosi

Zuma, Sphumelele

Ngema, Zamantusi Sinethemba

Zungu, Thembeka Prettygirl

Ngwenya, Hlobisile Treasure

Zwane, Londiwe Siphiwe

Nhlapo, Ntuthuko

Zwane, Sipho Martin

Nkosi, Nokuphila Buhle Nombida, Tracy Mangaliso

Bachelor of Commerce

Nsele, Zamokuhle Sanele

(Accounting Science)

Ntola, Kwezi Ntsika

Buthelezi, Anele Khethelo Slindile

Ntombela, Nokulunga Siphesihle

Cele, Sabelo Samson

Ntombela, Sibongokuhle Nondumiso

Cele, Siyabonga Sbanisezwe

Ntombela, Siphosethu Praisegod

Chamange, Velile Khethokuhle

Nxongo, Phiwingcebo Muziwenduna

Chonco, Phumla Emmaculate

Nxumalo, Lungelo Roderick

Dayi, Sphokazi Jennet

Nxumalo, Nkanyiso Cyprian

Dlamini, Nokwanda Anele Fortunate

Nxumalo, Sikhanyiselo Siphamandla

Dlamini, Nonhlanhla Thuli

Nzimande, Nomfundo Promise

Dlamini, Zisholo Khonazintle

Pawule, Bongani

Dumakude, Siphamandla Lungani

Peters, Thandeka

Fani, Akhona

Shabane, Thamsanqa Eugene

Funju, Malusi

Shandu, Innocent Sfiso

Gule, Zemvelo Gululethu

Shelemba, Patrick Mthokozisi

Gumede, Nomvelo

Shezi, Xolani Andrew


Hlanguza, Nokukhanya Zandile

Ntlangulela, Avuyile

Hlatshwayo, Buyani Mxolisi

Ntuli, Phuphelihle Bongumsizi Concous

Jali, Nhlanhla Clive

Ntuli, Siyanda

Khumalo, Zakhele Ennocent

Sikhakhane, Smangele Libelephi

Luswazi, Ntokozo

Simelane, Arnold Thulani

Luthuli, Phaphamile *

Simelane, Sibongiseni Minenhle

Madikizela, Lwanda

Sokhela, Mnqobi

Maduna, Nkosiphi

Wohlo, Aphiwe

Magwaza, Zandile Angel

Zuma, Samkelisiwe Happy

Makhoba, Amanda Nontobeko

Zuma, Simwesihle Patrick

Malinga, S’noxolo Zamazindela

Zwane, Sibongakonke

Maluleka, Sithembile Masoanganye, Tumelo

Bachelor of Commerce

Masondo, Xolisile Nelisiwe

(Management Information Systems)

Mazibuko, Ntethelelo Goodboy

Buthelezi, Thokozile Sthembile

Mazibuko, Tholumuzi Msindisi

Cele, Sanelisiwe

Mbutho, Nonhlakanipho

Dlamini, Ntombemhlophe Florence

Mchunu, Luthando Zifiso

Dlamini, Remember Zaba Zenkosi

Mchunu, Nothile Natacia Nosipho

Gina, Nothando Thembisile

Mkhize, Nqobile Joyful

Gumede, Sandile Lungelo

Mkhize, Sifundo

Hlabisa, Sinothile

Mndaba, Nhlakanipho

Khwela, Meluleki Minenhle

Mngomezulu, Nosipho Patience

Kuhlase, Sandile Nokuthula

Mngomezulu, Senzokuhle Mfundo Wiseman

Maphumulo, Motheo

Msomi, Nokwanda Thobeka

Mathenjwa, Nduduzo Sabelo

Mtshali, Nonjabulo Nolwazi **

Mdletshe, Nomusa Gezile

Muleia, Siphiwe Jackoline

Mhlanga, Nkosikhona

Ndwandwe, Nolwazi Bonny

Mhlanga, Tholakele Sinethemba Desiree

Ngcongo, Nontuthuko Penelope

Mhlongo, Siphiwe Donald

Nkomo, Yoliswa Nokwanda

Mkhabela, Isabel Nomcebo

Nkosi, Gabisile

Mkhonza, Manqoba Benard

Nkosi, Mxolisi Prince

Mncwabe, Bongiwe Nokusa

Nkosi, Nomfundo Promise

Mncwango, Thabiso

Nquma, Songo

Mnguni, Sbongisipho Knowledge

Ntanzi, Siyamthanda Fortunate

Mnyango, Thulile Sindy

Ntanzi, Wanele Zamangethe

Mpanza, Lungelo

Nteke, Rameno Petros


Msweli, Xolile Samukelisiwe

Dindi, Nokwanda Joyful

Mthembu, Hlengiwe Thembelihle

Dlamini, Lungisephi Pretty

Mthembu, Mvuselelo Bhekithemba

Dlamini, Njabulo Mlando

Mthimkhulu, Ayanda

Dlamini, Nolungelo Charity

Mthuli, Thando

Dlamini, Ntombifuthi

Mtshare, Sebenzile Marcia

Dlamini, Simanga Valentine

Nene, Simphiwe Gift Mfanafuthi

Dlamini, Sizwe Makabongwe Sandile

Ngcobo, Luyanda

Dlamini, Thobekani Archibald

Ngcobo, Mvuselelo Winlove

Dube, Sibongamandla Mayenziwe

Ngubane, Ester Thandiwe

Fakude, Nondumiso

Nhlengethwa, Bongumenzi Patrick

Gadzai Ringirai, Sharon Sabina

Nzuza, Noxolo

Gambushe, Phumelele Pearl

Shandu, Lungile Nompilo

Gcabashe, Nokuthula Pretty

Sikhosana, Nonkululeko Peaceful

Gina, Bongumenzi Scelo

Simelane, Mukelwa

Gina, Fikisiwe Innocentia

Wanda, Nompilo Andiswa

Gumede, Celimpilo Phumlani

Zulu, Thabiso Collins

Gumede, Fanelesibonge Charity

Zulu, Zanele Thandile

Gumede, Xoliswa Andile Hadebe, Fanelesbonge

Bachelor of Laws

Hadebe, Nosipho Happyness

Baxter, Precious Noluthando

Hadebe, Zanele Cynthia

Bhengu, Nokulunga Nokwazi

Hlanguza, Bukhulubakhe Welcome

Biyela, Nonkululeko Linnety

Hlokhulu, Asavela

Biyela, Zinhle Lulama

Jobe, Thobeka Ntombifuthi

Buthelezi, Njabulo Muziwandile

Jongile, Vuyelwa Uteng

Buthelezi, Nkosiyazi

Khanyile, Bongiwe Nobuhle

Buthelezi, Nobuhle

Khawula, Zamahlongwa Chantal

Buthelezi, Sabelo Ntuthuko

Kheswa, Simphiwe

Cele, Linda Charles

Khoza, Andile

Cele, Mpendulo Sifiso

Khoza, Tina Nonkululeko Nonhlanhla

Cele, Nombuso Lopez

Khumalo, Thandokuhle Sizwe

Cele, Thabani Edmund

Khumalo, Zandile

Chiya, Avela Senzo

Khuzwayo, Siyanda Kwazi

Chonco, Thembelihle

Khwela, Precious Zanele

Dimba, Ntokozo Vukile

Langa, Velelisile Phebezane

Dinalane, Mmathaphelo Saronah

Madondo, Qiniso Patrick Mahaye, Siyanda Qiniso Nkosinathi


Majola, Mfundo

Mhlongo, Donald Mlungisi

Majola, Mlondi Richman

Mhlongo, Makhosazane

Majozi, Samkelo

Mhlongo, Portia Nelisiwe

Makhathini, Sihle

Mhlongo, Siphesihle

Malevu, Buyani Luyanda

Mhlongo, Ziphozonke Godfrey

Malevu, Philane Minenhle

Mkhize, Amanda Samukelo

Malinga, Nqobile Samantha

Mkhize, Bhekizazi Paul

Manyoni, Nhlakanipho Siyabonga Percival

Mkhize, Malusi Wiseman

Manzini, May Ambrose

Mkhize, Nqobile Nobubele

Maphisa, Senamile Yvonne

Mkhize, Zandi

Maphumulo, Nonkululeko

Mkhumbuzi, Vusumuzi Lethukuthulo

Maphumulo, Nothando

Mkhwanazi, Beryl Sinenhlanhla

Maphumulo, Siyabonga Hopewell

Mkhwanazi, Mlungisi Barriet

Masondo, Nosipho Uthungolwenkosazana

Mkhwanazi, Njabulo Mxolisi

Masondo, Siphokuhle

Mkhwanazi, Nolwazi Nce Collen

Mathaba, Phumelele Nomvuselelo

Mkhwanazi, Nomfundo Loveness

Mathenjwa, Nomvula Zama Sibekezelo

Mkhwanazi, Vangeli Nokubonga

Mathonsi, Sibusiso Nkululeko

Mkize, Ayanda Nokuzola

Mbandlwa, Siyabonga Castro

Mngadi, Zenzelokuhle Nhlakanipho

Mbatha, Kwazikwakhe Nhlakanipho Siyabuswa

Mngoma, Siyethemba Nontobeko Lethokuhle

Mbatha, Lindelwa Luyanda Noluthando

Mntambo, Nokwanda

Mbatha, Noxolo

Moloi, Love-More Dinkie

Mbatha, Samson Fakazi

Mosikili, Shoeshoe Jasmine

Mbatha, Selby Thukavele

Motha, Nomfundo S’nethemba

Mbatha, Siphelele Mayibongwe

Moyana, Ruth

Mbhele, Nongcebo

Mpontshane, S’phelele Busani

Mbokeni, Saphila

Mpungose, Nonsikelelo Nonhlanhla

Mbuli, Thandeka Thandolwethu Nokuphiwa

Mqadi, Sipho

Mbutho, Mthobisi

Msibi, Mnelisi Goodenough

Mbutho, Nkosinathi Emmanuel

Msimang, Herbert Qedusizi

Mdamba, Musa Steven

Msomi, Mzwandile

Mdlalose, Sakhile

Msweli, Silindelo Cebile

Mdletshe, Lethokuhle Thakasani

Mthembu, Sikelela

Mdletshe, Siphelele Njabulo

Mthembu, Silindile Samukelo

Mdluli, Snodumo Nokwanda

Mthembu, Siphamandla Jabulani

Menzangabom, Yanelisa

Mthethwa, Gugulethu Nkosingiphile

Mgwaba, Londiwe Sylvia

Mthethwa, Mlungisi Mnqobi


Mthuli, Sthandiwe Mama

Pina, Zimasa Emma

Mtshali, Siyabonga Sanele

Qwabe, Bongephiwe Ntombizonke

Musvavairi, Ruvimbo Annah **

Radebe, Mvuselelo Owen

Mwenda, Sthabiso Nozibusiso

Radebe, Philisiwe Bonisile

Myende, Balungile

Shabane, Nomfundo Nondumiso

Myeni, Samkelo David

Shabangu, Ayanda Sydney

Myeza, Siyabonga Mfundo Eric

Shelembe, Siphesihle Rogers

Ndawonde, Londiwe Nobuhle

Shongwe, Bongumenzi Goodhope

Ndeleni, Lutando

Sibiya, Andile

Ndelu, Sibonelo Eric

Sikhosana, Ayanda Thembinkosi

Ndimande, Nomfundo Hope

Sikhosane, Kwanele Siyanda

Ndiyaza, Lungile

Simelane, Londeka Sphethelo

Ndumo, Sinoxolo

Simelane, Nandipha Pearl

Ndwandwe, Siyethaba Jubilant

Sithole, Philile

Ngcobo, Senzo Peter

Sithole, Philile Ziphi

Ngcobo, Silondile Gloria

Siwella, Siphosethu

Ngcobo, Siyanda Zone

Skosana, Lungelo

Ngema, Mxolisi Ntuthuko

Sosibo, Sandile Junior Jaden

Ngema, Zanamuhla Maud

Suduka, Asanda Angeline

Ngobese, Syanda

Tembe, Ayanda Siyabonga

Ngubane, Sanele Simiso

Thanjekwayo, Mbuso Nkosingiphile

Ngubane, Siphumelele Nokwanda

Thungo, Mthokozisi

Ngwenya, Vela Thabiso

Tshabalala, Bhekumuzi Daluxolo

Nhleko, Sinelile

Vivi, Athenkosi Sweetness

Nkalanga, Samukeliso Future

Xaba, Phumlani Mfanafuthi

Nkambule, Philani Phumlani

Xoko, Mxolisi Sinethemba

Nkosi, Nokwanda Peggy

Yaka, Lindokuhle

Nkosiyapantsi, Ongeziwe Sivuile

Zikalala, Luthando Simphiwe

Ntinjana, Mpumelelo Sakhile

Zulu, Andiswa Nomfundo

Ntombela, Anele Angel

Zulu, Lizo

Ntombela, Thulani Eugene

Zulu, Menzi Bathathu

Ntuli, Silindile Pretty

Zulu, Mxolisi Mbuzeleni

Ntuli, Snegugu Nombuso

Zulu, Siphiwokuhle

Nxumalo, Muziwakhe

Zulu, Zama Sanele

Nyembezi, Weziwe Anita

Zungu, Smiso Mholi Lungelo

Nzama, Simo

Zungu, Thandeka Pretty

Nzima, Xolane Wiseman


Bachelor of Public Administration

Mhlongo, Silindile Sibongile

Biyela, Luleka Nonhle

Mjweni, Bathobile

Cele, Phindile Jessica

Mkhumbuzi, Margaret Sthandiwe

Chiliza, Sithokozo Bongeka

Mkhumbuzi, Nokwazi

Dindi, Nomvula Sthembile

Mkhwanazi, Nkosinathi Siyabonga

Dladla, Thobeleni Nontobeko

Mncwango, Nomnotho Nontokozo

Dlamini, Mfanafuthi Lucas

Mngometulu, Philile

Dlamini, Nkosinathi Emmanuel

Mngomezulu, Phumla Talente

Dlamini, Sinenhlanhla

Mngomezulu, Sibonisiwe Fortunate

Dludla, Phakeme Nonhle

Mnqayi, Thembi Pretty

Dube, Sakhile Agrippa

Mntambo, Silindile

Dube, Sanele Vuminkosi

Mpanza, Anele

Dumisa, Nompumelelo Andiswa

Mpungose, Idrite Thandekile

Gumede, Musa Dan

Msezane, Zanele

Gumede, Nondumiso Thobile Pretty

Msimanga, Lulama Nkululeko

Gumede, Precious Kholiwe

Mthembu, Ammisa Ntokozo

Gumede, Thabile Prisca

Mthembu, Nonsindiso Pearl

Jiyane, Sandile Blessing

Mthembu, Sphamandla Frank

Khuzwayo, Mthobisi Goodman

Mthethwa, Sindisiwe Penelope

Linda, Siyamthanda Vela

Mthiyane, Sinenhlanhla Patricia

Mafuleka, Kenneth Mphumuzi

Mtolo, Siyabonga Siphesihle

Mahlaba, Bella Liacenta

Mtshali, Mlondolozi Pius

Makhaya, Nqobile

Mtshali, Nokuthula

Maluleka, Pretty-girl Nozinhle

Mvelase, Thuli Octavia

Malwane, Nomvula Angel

Mweli, Thembinkosi Gcinokwakhe

Mantengu, Zethu Slindile

Mzimela, Khonangenkosi

Maphanga, Simangele Noxolo

Nala, Fikile Precious

Maseko, Siphelele

Ndcazi, Siphesihle Rose

Masuku, Dudu Pretty

Ndlovu, Sbonelo Siyabonga

Matonsi, Kholiwe Nombuso

Ndlovu, Thembeka Slindile

Mbambo, Vumile Simo

Ndwandwe, Ntombiyenkosi Thingoba

Mbatha, Nqubeko

Nene, Nomthandazo Happiness

Mbatha, Princess Zinhle

Netshiavha, Phumudzo

Mgaga, Sifiso Glen

Ngcobo, Gracious Lindiwe

Mhlongo, Ntombi Witness

Ngcobo, Phindile

Mhlongo, Promise Jabulile

Ngidi, Mfundo Ngidi, Mzwakhe


Ngubane, Siyolugcina Utile

Diploma in Logistics Management

Ngwenya, Mthembeni

Buthelezi, Nosipho Noxolo

Nhleko, Busisiwe Lucia

Chilliba, Nobuhle Sthandwa

Nontshakaza, Andiswa Alice

Dlamini, Lindokuhle Junior

Ntshakala, Phakamile Nozipho

Dlamini, Simbongile

Ntuli, Sindisiwe Nomvula

Duma, Mpendulo Blessing

Nxumalo, Cebisile Creamily

Duma, Sinethemba Sherell

Nxumalo, Nondumiso

Gumede, Londiwe Precious

Nzuza, Olga Ntombikhona

Hlophe, Mthethowomuntu Mondli

Nzuza, Sandile

Jeza, Melusi

Sabela, Sanele Sinenhlanhla Thandeka

Khanyile, Fikile Jabulile

Shamase, Phumelele Angel

Khanyile, Thuthukani Nkanyiso

Shandu, Lwazi Siduduzo

Khumalo, Mashobane

Shange, Sibonginkosi Samukelisiwe

Khumalo, Wendy Angel *

Sibisi, Sindisiwe Nothando

Magcaba, Sinenhlanhla

Sibiya, Luyanda Thobelani

Mahlaba, Siyamukela Liyanda

Sibiya, Mziwakhe Delani

Masinga, Xoliswa Renolta **

Sibiya, Phumelele

Mavuso, Nombulelo Siphiwe

Sikhakhane, Bongiwe Jabulisiwe

Mbele, Nontlonipho

Sikhakhane, Phumlile Nokukhanya

Mbuli, Thobeka Nonkululeko Aretha *

Sikhakhane, Thandoluhle

Mdletshe, Siyabonga

Simelane, Magalela Bonginkosi

Memela, Mandisa Samkelo **

Sing, Nundkishor Rajen

Mgabhi, Siphelele

Thethwayo, Bongiwe Ntandoyenkosi

Mkhwanazi, Velenkosini Sibonakaliso Siphiwo

Thethwayo, Fanie Stanley

Mnguni, Phumlani Welcome

Zikhali, Samkelisiwe Fikile

Mnguni, Qiniso Sandile

Zondo, Mbuso Ncenginkosi

Mthembu, Oyama Nontando

Zulu, Hlengiwe **

Mthembu, Philani *

Zulu, Nokubonga Precious

Ndlovu, Nonhle Happiness

Zuma, Sihle Alfred

Ngcobo, Sfundo Sydney

Zungu, Nokwethemba Nothando

Ngcongo, Anele **

Zungu, Thandinkosi

Ngwane, Ncamsile Precious Nhlangulela, Zethu Dazzy * Ntimbane, Thobeka Zinhle Ntuli, Noluthando Lerato Nxasana, Sphephelo Symbol


Nxumalo, Sinenhlahla Brenda

Myeni, Sinokujabula Eunice

Nzimande, Mthokozisi Thulebona

Ndimande, Nothile

Nzimande, Zamokuhle

Ndwandwe, Dolly Nokuthula

Nzuza, Sethabile Nompilo

Ngwenya, Sikhulile Nontobeko

Nzuza, Sibusiso

Nhlumayo, Nombuso Sharlotte

Sangweni, Simphiwe Happiness

Ntombela, Zanele Sinikeziwe

Shandu, Thabiso Sindiswa

Nxele, Sthembele Nokwazi

Sibande, Nokwazi Prudence

Nxumalo, Thobani Bernard

Zikhali, Khayelihle Malibongwe *

Shabalala, Bhekizitha

Zwane, Olwethu Sidingo Mnqobi

Tshezi, Nondalo Princess Vumase, Daniel Shadrack *

Diploma in Management of Co-Operatives

Vutha, Nokwanda

Dazela, Booysie Khethukuthula

Xaba, Nomzamo

Gumede, Ndumiso Wendy

Xulu, Samkelisiwe Siphesihle

Hlabisa, Sifundo Senzo

Zulu, Lethokuhle Nomcebo

Jula, Mfanelo Boy-Boy Innocent

Zulu, Nokukhanya Brightness

Khanyile, Joyce Senzile ** Khoza, Nonjabulo Sinethemba

Diploma in Transport Management

Khumalo, Philile

Boakye-Yiadom, Cindynight

Langa, Mvelo Sicelokuhle

Buthelezi, Luyanda Nokulunga **

Mabika, Xolani

Dladla, Amanda Precious *

Mabuyakhulu, Phiwa Thabiso

Dube, Malibongwe

Majola, Zime Brilliantine

Dunn, Phindile Prudence

Maphumulo, Mhlengi *

Jili, Nomvula Prudence

Mashaba, Precious Jacqueline

Khumalo, Ayathula Ayanda Amile

Masimula, Mthokozisi Andiswa

Mabaso, Sabelo Mphiwa

Mavundla, Mabuyi Lucia

Madondo, Andile Uyanda

Mazibuko, Lungelo

Mafuduka, Sisipho

Mbatha, Thobeka Lauraine **

Maphisa, Andile Nothando *

Mbele, Nosipho **

Mathenjwa, Nkosinathi Enock

Mchunu, Nokubongwa *

Mbuyazi, Philani Mzwandile

Mhlambo, Dumisile Nelisiwe

Mbuyazi, S’phephile Snethemba *

Mncwabe, Sthembiso

Mdamba, Yvonne *

Mngomezulu, Siyabonga Senzo

Mdunge, Londiwe Precious

Mpanza, Lungelo Praiseworthy **

Mhlongo, Nonqubeko Nokukhanya

Mthethwa, Nkosikhona Andile

Miya, Siyabonga Ndumiso


Mjoli, Nhlanhla Mongezi

Masikane, Nokuthula Zethembe

Mngomezulu, Sinqobile Ngenzeni

Mathenjwa, Nonkazimulo Nokukhanya

Mthembu, Melusi Hopewell *

Mbatha, Nkosikhona *

Mthembu, Thulani Mondli Malusi

Mbonambi, Nqobile Precious

Mzobe, Sanelisiwe Zanele *

Mbutho, Sihle

Ngema, Nonhle *

Mhlongo, Khanyisile

Ngubane, Andile Nqobile **

Mhlongo, Nkanyiso

Nkosi, Sthembiso

Mkhize, Nokubonga

Nxumalo, Sonto Silindile

Mlaba, Siqiniseko Lerato **

Nyawo, Ayanda Siphesihle

Mpanza, Nokuthula

Nyawo, Nduduzo Mthobisi

Mseleku, Asande

Sibiya, Mandisa Promise

Mthembu, Snenhlanhla Phumzile

Simelane, Bongiwe Bridget

Mtiyane, Snenhlanhla Pearl *

Tshozana, Olwethu

Mtungwa, Nomthandazo

Zondi, Sonke

Ndlela, Fanelesibonge Nothando Nene, Sindy

Higher Certificate in Accountancy

Nhleko, Siyabonga Thembelani *

Bhengu, Siyabonga Ntobeko

Nkonyane, Nontethelelo Nokwanda *

Buthelezi, Nompumelelo

Ntombela, Nokulunga **

Buthelezi, Siphelelisiwe **

Ntombela, Sibonelo Bright **

Buthelezi, S’phamandla Norman

Ntshangase, Thandokuhle Mthobisi **

Cele, Johannes *

Qwabe, Vukani Nkosiyazi

Duze, Lungelo

Sadeck, Mpoentle Nilaaz *

Gumede, Nqobile Happiness

Sibuyi, Godfrey Mcinseli

Gumede, Sicebi Livingstone

Sithole, Nhlakanipho

Gwala, Ntombifuthi

Sithole, Rose Nompumelelo

Hadebe, Sphelele Nonhlahla

Sithole, Sphumelele Nombeko **

Hlatshwayo, Mcebisi

Tembe, Mbali Sthembile

July, Asemahle **

Tembe, Sakhile Siyabonga

Khubisa, Luyanda Noxolo *

Vundla, Nosipho Senamile

Khumalo, Azande Mlondi

Xaba, Vukani Senzo *

Luthuli, Amanda Mpilonhle

Zikhali, Zakhona Nomfundo

Madida, Zimele Lunga

Zungu, Kwanele Nothando

Mahlambi, Philile Nokubonga Mahlambi, Simphiwe Manzini, Makabongwe Mbuso


National Higher Certificate in Marketing

Nkosi, Snenhlanhla Lungelo Nomcebo

Biyela, Celimpilo Njabulo

Nkwanyana, Puleng Nolwandle

Dlamini, Mxolisi S’boniso

Nomandla, Promise Nelisiwe

Dlamini, Sandile Solomuzi

Ntuli, Cebo Luyanda

Dlamini, Zinhle Goodness

Phakathi, Nana Percivierence

Gulwa, Nelile Cynthia

Qwabe, Londeka

Gwala, Thanduxolo

Sangweni, Nompumelelo

Khumalo, Thuthukile Sandile

Shandu, Nonsikelelo Sinqobile

Luthuli, Sipho Godknows

Shoba, Sabelo Bongumusa

Mabika, Thulani Velenkosini Moses

Sibisi, Bonisiwe Nonkululeko

Magubane, Nombulelo Gcina

Sincuba, Saziso

Mahlobo, Awande Pearl

Yengwa, Nompilo Nomzamo

Makhwasa, Anele Abigail

Zulu, Silindile

Mapanga, Nombuso Pearl

Zwane, Busani

Mavimbela, Maswazi Mfanafuthi Mazibuko, Sakhile Sthabiso Mbuyazi, Nomvelo Andile Mdhletshe, Slindile Sthembile Mgoma, Sbahle Fortunate Mlambo, Vusumuzi Toney Mnqayi, Sindiswa Molobela, Sbonelo Kutlwano Lydia Mpanza, Nokwanda Kholeka Mpanza, Sinethemba Precious Msomi, Siphindile Goodness Mthembu, Nonjabulo Londeka Mthethwa, Nokubongwa Mthethwa, Simphiwe Emmerald Mthethwa, Skhumbuzo Mthethwa, Thanduxolo Ncanana, Zinhle Ndumo, Senzelweyinkosi Tholithemba Ngcobo, Nontobeko Angel Ngidi, Sizwe Clyde Ngubane, Mayibonge Modicay Njilo, Sibusiso Siphesihle Kevin




South African National Anthem Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo, Yizwa imithandazo yethu, Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo. Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso, 0 fedise dintwa lematshwenyeho, 0 se boloke, 0 se boloke setjhaba sa heso, Setjhaba sa South Afrika - South Afrika. Uit die blou van onse hemel, Uit die diepte van ons see, Oor ons ewige gebergtes, Waar die kranse antwoord gee. Sounds the call to come together, And united we shall stand, Let us live and strive for freedom, In South Africa our land.


University of Zululand

UNIZULU Official