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2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Salute to SeniorS!

Honoring Our

2021 Graduates

We’d like to extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes to the Class of 2021. As you celebrate this milestone achievement, please know you have made your community and your loved ones proud!



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2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Salute to SeniorS! “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

Why do grads don caps and gowns? Graduation ceremonies are steeped in tradition, the most noticeable of which may be the caps and gowns worn by students on hand to receive their degrees. This attire likely dates back to 12th century Europe, when students would wear hoods and gowns that resembled those worn by their teachers, who were members of the clergy. According to Colorado State University, in 1321 a statute of the University of Coimbra in Portugal declared that all “Doctors, Licentiates, and Bachelors” wear gowns. That means that the mandatory graduation gown is on the cusp of celebrating its 700th anniversary. Hoods, caps and gowns not only signified a certain status of the students wearing them, but they also served a more practical purpose, helping to keep students warm in the unheated buildings where they were being taught. Ironically, many modern graduates, particularly those whose graduation ceremonies are held outdoors, may lament that their caps and gowns make them feel hot.


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2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

EastErn HigH scHool

Shane Anderson

Gavin Baker

Cole Belcher

Requeal Bellamy

Kayla Berry

Blake Bilyeu

Lynsey Bogart

Ryan Boone

Madison Borgmann

Ethan Bravard

Emma Brown

Seth Brown

Adam Brummett

Tara Burns

Brennen Byrd

Ana Marissa Collins

Alex Combs

Emmalee Cook

Allie Cox

Emily Cox

Bethany Crockett

Ethan Daniels

Amberly Dash

Rachel Dixon

Katrina Dunseith

Parker Ernst

Zach Fancher

Zachary Faul

Andrew Foster

Sydney Freeland

Evelyn Fultz

Zach Gallant

Colton Geering

Iliana Gonzalez-Duffey

Jordan Grayless

Gavin Green

Blake Gunter

Bryon Helbling

Sarah Helton

Chloe Herren

Dalton Hiser

Jordan Hughes

Shelby Igo

Bryson Kennedy

Zachary Kirker

Emma Layman

Nick Lorentz

Alayna McIntosh

Emily Midkiff

Hannah Miller

John Miller

Tomilynn Mirick

Kolton Mock

Emma Murrie

Madison Pack

Kaleb Parks


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2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

EastErn HigH scHool

Karleigh Perkins

Teodessia Peters

Zoe Peters

Mary Pollitt

Kristin Potts

Gabe Puckett

Ysabel Ramer

Connor Riggs

Caterina Rockey

Hallie Salisbury

Nathan Schneider

Hunter Sheeley

Kelsie Shideler

Terry Smith

Casey Snider

Carter Snyder

Julia Starrett

Tristen Streetman

Kendyl Taylor

Ethan Tracy

Coy Unger

Jaden Utter

Andres Vargas

Colton Vaughn

John Wagner

Brianna Weaver

Jamison Whitaker

Caitlyn Wills

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” Kolin Wolfe

Jacob Yockey

Alexis Young

Owen Young

Ryann Young

Albert Einstein

Did you know? A study from the Gap Year Association found that 77 percent of students who take a gap year do so between high school and college. Parents may not know how to react when their soon-to-be or newly minted high school graduates bring up the idea of taking a gap year, but additional findings from the GYA’s “National Alumni Survey” might inspire parents to look at gap years more positively. For example, the survey, the findings of which were based on the responses of hundreds of American and Canadian citizens who had taken gap years in the past,

found that 98 percent of respondents indicated their gap years helped them develop as a person, while 96 percent felt their gap years improved their selfconfidence. In addition, 84 percent of respondents felt that they acquired skills to be successful in their careers during their gap

years. Perhaps of most interest to parents of high school students contemplating gap years is that 73 percent of survey respondents felt their gap years increased their readiness for college and 57 percent said their gap years helped them determine what they wanted to study in college.


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2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Fayetteville-Perry HigH ScHool Cheyenne Adkins

Timothy Allender

Gary Ange

Kaden Arbino

Austin Attinger

Dalton Aubry

Micah Baggs

Owen Baker

Lillian Beebe

Brian Boler

Johnathan Brewer

Griffin Brinkman

Katie Butler

Kelbee Coffman

Olivia Cole

Megan Connors

William Cornett

Kelby Craig

Shelby Crone

Brinli Crosley

Abigail Deisch

Hannah Donahue

Kevin Durham

Bryson Epperson

Vincent Evanshine

Dillon Fetters

Allison Gaunce

Kaylee Gregory

Benjamin Gunter

Bodhi Halcomb

Cora Hansel

Kyle Helton

Andrew Hendrix

David Henges

Hunter Jester

Matthew Johnson

Vincent Kleemeyer

Dezerae Knisley

Mollie Lanham

Joseph Livengood

Paige Lockwood

Taylor Mechlin

Wyatt Meeker

Benjamin Meihaus

Bradley Mintkenbaugh

Gabriel Naseer

Christopher Newberry

Randalyn Paulus

Giuilia Pegan

Olivia Phillips

Julianne Rummel

Jason Snider

Emma Stahl

Katelin Steele

Michael Thackston

Alyson Thery

“There are no regrets in life - just lessons.” Ethan Waddle

Aubrie Wallace

Alison Whitley

Audrey Wiederhold

Grant Wilson

There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Nelson Mandela There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. C.S. Lewis

Lawrence Wolf

Jennifer Aniston


Page 6

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

GeorGetown HiGH ScHool

Cody Aubry

Abigail Baker

Josh Baker

Randal Beekman

Maddi Benjamin

Rebecca Bowling

Rylie Bridges

Toby Bruce

Ashley Bundy

Grace Burrows

Troy Carrington

Ada Davis

Donavan Davis

Jewels Davis

Jarrett Dotson

Trenton Dotson

Layla Elliott

Zoe Ernst

Matthew Fussnecker

Joshua Galley

Clayton Green

Lauren Haney

Michael Hedger

Cheyenne Helbling

James Houchin

McKenna Householder

Hannah Latham

Taylor Lucas

Noah McCann

Emily McGinnis

Kaleigh Miles

Connor Moe

Shelby Nichols

Karlie Offutt

Audrey Parrish

Popular graduation traditions Graduation is steeped in tradition. Come the day of graduation, many grads-to-be might be focusing on receiving their diplomas and then celebrating after the ceremony. The hard work students put in affords them every right to celebrate once they’re officially anointed as new grads, but before

the party begins it can be fun to reflect on the many traditions associated with graduation ceremonies. Tassel turning The tradition of turning the tassel does not have the lengthy history of the cap and gown, dating back only decades rather than centuries. Graduates typically turn

the tassels after everyone has received their degrees during the ceremony. The turn is symbolic of their transition from student to graduate. Tassels start on the right for high school students and college undergraduates and are then turned to the left, while recipients of master’s degrees and doctorates

keep their tassels on the left throughout the commencement ceremonies. Tossing caps in the air The tossing of graduation caps in the air is believed to date back more than 100 years. Prior to 1912, graduates of the United States Naval Academy had to serve as midshipmen for two years before they were commissioned as officers. As a result, they still needed their graduation caps. But beginning with the class

of 1912, graduates were automatically commissioned as officers, so they no longer needed their hats. That led the graduates to throw them in the air, thus beginning one of the more fun and photo-worthy graduation traditions. “Pomp and Circumstance” This tradition marked by the playing of “Pomp and Circumstance” is rooted in the work of William Shakespeare, which makes it seem like a perfect fit for

graduation ceremonies. Sir Edward Elgar composed “Pomp and Circumstance” in 1901 and the title for the song was inspired by a line in the bard’s “Othello.” Elgar received an honorary degree from Yale University in 1905, and during that ceremony “Pomp and Circumstance” was played. The song apparently made a strong impression, as it soon began to be played at various commencement ceremonies, a tradition that continues today.


Page 7

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

GeorGetown HiGH ScHool

Ethan Phillips

Logan Phillips

Aiden Poe

Sydney Porter

Riley Powell

Grace Ralston

Emily Ring

Jonathon Robinson

Pierce Schadle

Jesse Schick

Jaiden Slack

Lily Smith

Bradley Souder

Aylana Stevens

Gabriel Stike

Aaron Teegarden

Ethan Thomas

Blake Tolle

Haley Townsend

Eric Turner

Greg Vaughn

Olivia Waits

Jacob Waltz

Jacob Watson

Sarah White

Alexis Williams

Aaron Wilson

Brenden Young

“The best remedy for those who are frightened, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be alone with the sky, nature, and God. For only then can you feel that everything is as it should be and that God wants people to be happy amid nature’s beauty and simplicity.” Anne Frank Kristopher Young

Factors to consider when shopping for limo service Limousine rides are fun, but safety must remain a consideration on prom night. According to the Maryland Limousine Association, riders should make sure a limousine company is licensed and insured and

should request and be granted the opportunity to inspect the vehicle they book in advance of the big night. Get it in writing that the vehicle you inspected will be the same one you get for your rental.

Many limo services charge by the car and not by the person, and the larger the vehicle, the greater the cost. So don’t rent a larger vehicle than you will ultimately need. Riding in a limo is a big deal regardless if you

super-size your ride or go with a more conservative option. Keep in mind that many limo companies also will charge for gasoline and parking or road tolls. You also will need to factor in gratuity.

Reputable providers will be very clear about all of their fees in advance. Many limousine companies will charge a similar hourly rate, but you can negotiate for other perks and options. Some cars can come “iced,” which is lingo for stocked with beverages or coolers. Others may provide disposable cameras or other extras. Consider these extras before making a final decision. Since mid- to late-

spring is a busy time of year for limo companies, research your options early on and make your deposit to secure the vehicle as soon as possible. Book with a limo company that requests a deposit that is 50 percent of the total cost or less. The USA Limo Guide says a deposit between 20 and 50 percent is standard. Limo rides can be exciting and practical ways to get to and from proms and graduation parties if you do your homework.


Page 8

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition


Xavier Angeles

Keyara Bartley

Jade Blackburn

Kaitlyn Blum

AJ Bolar

Brett Bradford

Shania Brooks

Alex Brueggeman

Austin Buchanan

Kiah Childress

Kyler Combs

Jason Crouch

Raelyn Curtis

Caleb Dodson

Kathryn Dugan

Lisa Dugan

Maddison Dugan

Austin Faul

Alexis Fisher

Liberty Fowler

Cody Germann

Noah Gibson

Alyssa Glover

Dakota Grooms

Brielle Hall

Jared Hamilton

Paula Hauke

Gracie Himes

Will Hornsby

Ryan King

Kasey Kirk

Kolton Kirk

Hailey Koehler-Adams Dorothy Jeanette Little

Luke Lykins

Gift ideas for high school grads

High school graduation is a significant milestone in the lives of teenagers. The moment a teenager receives a high school diploma marks the culmination of years of hard work, and many parents and extended family members reward that hard work with gifts. The transition from high school student to college student or working professional is significant, and various

items can help make that transition go as smoothly as possible. • Travel gear: Whether it’s utilized during road trips with roommates or on those handful of occasions when students come home on holiday breaks, travel gear can make for a useful gift for new high school graduates. A sturdy backpack/duffel bag combo can be ideal. It’s great for college students who might not be

ready for more expensive luggage, and it can be ideal for high school students taking gap years to do some overseas traveling before enrolling in college. • Coffee machine: A pot of fresh coffee can make late-night cram sessions or hours spent typing research papers into the wee hours of the morning more manageable. For students who will be living in crowded dorm rooms, opt for

small coffee machines that don’t take up much space, such as those that are traditionally found inside hotel rooms. • Television: Parents want to imagine their college-bound teenagers spending hours holed up in the library. But college kids watch plenty of television, too, so a new television can make for a great gift that figures to get ample use. • Academic planner:

College course loads tend to be considerably more demanding than high school coursework. An academic planner can help new college students manage the rigors of their coursework by encouraging them to plan their days and weeks, ensuring no classes are missed and no assignments go unfinished. • Cash: Cash can make a great gift whether a grad is heading off

to college or entering the workforce. Cash can help college students pay for their books and help those entering the workforce purchase a reliable car that will help them get around. Gifts for newly minted high school graduates can help them transition to the next phase of their lives, whether that will begin on a college campus or in the workforce.


Page 9

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition


Kadence Madison

Mickayla Mallaley

Brianna Manfredi

Jacob McKee

Bradley Miller

Gregoryona Miller

Daniel Morgan

Hannah Morgan

Amaya Myrick

Brittany Reddin

Ashtyn Riggs

Mary Ann Rister

Jena Schwierling

Brycelyn Short

Katelin Souder

Ben Spiller

Tyler St. Clair

Alex Tune

Hannah Turner

Gracelynn Walters

Brianna Webb

RULH 2021 Seniors Not Pictured Austin Allen Tyler Beyer Austin Colston Keesha Maxwell Kelsey Neely Lexi Pitts

Gage West

Dakota Whaley

Cayden Whitt

Azyiah Williams

Jacob Wright

“You could travel with the sheep, follow everybody else’s stuff, but then you’re not you. I guess if I want to say anything it’s ‘Be you.’ Be true to you, and that should make the ride a little more interesting.” Whoopi Goldberg

How to celebrate grads despite unique circumstances The end of a school year has traditionally been a time of celebration. Students may celebrate because summer vacation has arrived, and families typically gather to celebrate students who have earned their diplomas and degrees. But just as it’s compromised many other traditional celebrations, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing how families can safely celebrate graduation. Thanks to the tireless efforts of medical researchers, a handful of COVID-19 vaccinations have been developed and approved since the end of 2020. As more and more people become vaccinated, the world is gradually emerging from the pandemic. However, members of the class of 2021 will likely have to celebrate in unique circumstances. Such celebrations may not be traditional, but they can still be fun. Families may even enjoy finding new and unique ways to celebrate graduation this spring. • Create a schoolthemed “movie” where grads are the stars. Students’ academic careers

are filled with milestones, and the emergency of various technologies over the past two decades has made it easier than ever for families to document those milestones. Parents can pore through the many photos and videos they’ve created through the years and create a “This Is Your Life” video montage documenting all the special school-related moments students have had on their way to earning their diplomas and degrees. Parents can share the video with relatives if they still can’t gather en masse come graduation season. • Plan a special dinner. Graduation dinners are one tradition that need not fall by the wayside, even if meals might not resemble traditional meals. Families comfortable dining out can book a reservation at the grad’s favorite restaurant, while those who prefer to avoid dining out can order takeout from that establishment. But families also can gather and prepare a special meal together. Even if dining at home, everyone can get dressed

up and go the extra mile by creating a restaurant-like atmosphere at home. Fête the guest of honor with a toast before the meal, and reserve a special surprise for the graduate that’s only revealed during the meal. For example, parents can uncork a special bottle of wine to commemorate college grads who can legally drink. Parents of newly minted high school graduates can present a special video with well wishes from all the relatives who would normally attend the dinner but cannot due to the pandemic. • Organize a ceremony at home. A lighthearted graduation ceremony

in the living room or the backyard can ensure graduates don’t miss out on their chance to stride across the stage and receive their diploma. Invite a favorite teacher over to give out the diploma or present it yourself while doing your best school principal/president impersonation. This can be a fun way to add some levity to celebrations and will be a fun memory for grads to look back on in the years to come. Graduation celebrations will be different in 2021, but families can still make the most of their chances to honor grads in these unique circumstances.


Page 10

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Western BroWn HigH scHool Bradley Armstrong

Connor Baehr

Hannah Barber

Chloe Barkley

Alyssa Barnes

Bonnie Barrett

Drake Battista

Cheyenne Baugus

Daniel Beard

Christopher Bell

Austin Bellamy

Pacey Benfield

Logan Berger

Owen Bingamon

Steven Blankenship

Madison Blanton

Hunter Bolender

Hunter Boothby

Aubrey Botts

Chase Bradford

Kayla Brown

Brady Burdine

Tyler Burson

Joshua Butcher

Samantha Cadwell

Christopher Captain

Ashley Cash

Paxton Cassler

Destiny Centers

Bryson Chambers

Cade Chisman

Katherine Clowery

Brooklyn Cobb

McKenna Conley

Arianna Corbin

Bryar Cornett

Lacey Cornett

Calena Cox

Madelyn Cox

Harley Craddock

Gregory Cunningham

Luke Dapper

Kris Darlington

Alex Daugherty

Baylee Deaton

Jacob Dickerson

Gage Duncan

Maycee Dunn

Madison Elam

Mellissa Ellert

Emily Elliott

Connor Everson

Gavin Evitts

Kylie Felsheim

Madison Finney

Dylan Fisher

Madison Flischel

Morgan Flora

Jadyn Flores

Alyssa Folchi

Summer Frank

Jaden Fry

Olivia Fuhrman

Landen Gadzinski

Nicholas Garrido

Lindsey Gavula

Amaya Gentry

Chase Glover

Aaliyah Gray

Robert Gray


Page 11

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Western BroWn HigH scHool Simon Green

Layne Groves

Haylee Gullett

Brianna Hacker

Michaela Hamblin

Makayla Harmon

Jack Hathorn

Taylor Hayes

Nicholas Hilbert

Leslie Hinkle

London Hinkle

Ellie Hirons

Alex Hollin

Hailey Honeycutt

Makayla Honeycutt

Noah Horn

Anthony Hornsby

Kaden Huddle

Michael Huff

Pashience Hughes

Cierra Hull

Darren Hurst

David Hurst

Daniel Hurt

Kevin Hymer

Christian Iaroli

Aleana Iker

Sydney Jackson

Maddie Jamison

Caleb Jeremiah

Baylee Jones

Dakota Jones

Isaiah Jones

Rylee Jones

Michaela Justice

George Keiber

Tristan Kidd

Kelsey Kirby

Madison Kirk

Brody Kirkpatrick

Breaunna Large

Leona Lower

Matthew Lucas

Haley Lukemire

Owen Malott

Kaci Mangus

Joshua Marion

Ryan Marlow

Savannah Martin

Ron Maxfield

Devon Meadors

Amanda Miano

Jarid Moore

Adeline Morgan

Destiny Moubray

Ciersten Myers

Morgan Nester

Brian Newberry

Ethan Pabin

Kayla Parker

Dorian Pena

Drake Perkins

Mart Pflueger

Kellan Pinkerton

Nathan Poe

Gary Powell III

Caleb Ranson

Bryce Rayner

Elisa Reese

Joshua Rice


Page 12

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Western BroWn HigH scHool Samantha Rice

Christina Richards

Ashtyn Rigsby

Abby Roberts

Alyssa Robinson

Hayden Rogers

Kaylee Rogers

Dallas Ross

Colton Rowe

Sabrina Ruschman

Camelia Rutherford

Tara Salyers

Sydney Saylor

Evan Schauer

Jonathan Scheidt

Lexy Schuler

Avery Schweitzer

Kaleb Scott

Jacob Segrist

Delilah Seibert

Tyler Shorten

Justin Sidwell

Alexis Signorelli

Jayden Sissel

Wilbur Sizer

Drew Slachetka

Lexus Slachetka

Joshua Slater

Aliesha Smith

Amariah Smith

Karissa Smith

Noah Smith

Elexis Spoonamore

Bethany Sprague

JonMichael Stacy

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Yearbooks are important mementos The yearbook experts at say the average cost of

a yearbook is around $75 nationwide. Even though yearbooks may

be somewhat costly, they can be valuable mementos of time spent in school. Here are various reasons why yearbooks make for important, cherished mementos. • A yearbook will serve as a time capsule for trends, interests and newsworthy events that unfolded during students’ time in school. • Yearbooks promote a sense of school pride and unity. Families that will have multiple generations attending the same school may share the unity of being apart of one school and can compare yearbooks from various years. • Sections of the yearbook are devoted to student accomplishments and can herald happy, productive days. • Yearbooks promote social interaction, not only when students become part of yearbook

production committees, but also when asking classmates to sign their yearbooks. • In the future, yearbooks will present a way to remember old friends’ names and can facilitate reconnecting through social media or another avenue. • Reunion committees may use yearbooks as a way to draft reunion party guest lists. • In an era of digital photos and other online media, yearbooks are tangible items that can be easily accessed from time to time. • Yearbooks, in addition to diplomas, are symbols of academic achievement. Students wondering whether to be involved with yearbook design or to purchase a book should consider the many benefits yearbooks offer.


Page 13

2021 Brown County Graduation Edition

Western BroWn HigH scHool

Rebecca Stanley

Mason Steele

Haley Strasinger

Hunter Stutz

Emily Sutter

Logan Teegarden

Allexa Temple

Cody Thoroughman

Benjamin Todd

Zyon Tull

Alexis Vanwinkle

Katlin Verdin

Reagan Votel

Madison Wells

Drew Whitaker

Steven Whitaker

Mariah Whitby

Halle Williams

Baily Willman

Cheryl Workman

Allyson Wright

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” Muhammad Ali Anthony Wright

Aidan Young

Christian Young

Peyton Young

Diploma display ideas Graduation day is one of the proudest moments in students’ academic careers. Diplomas are symbolic of hours spent honing skills and working on assignments and, ultimately, success in the classroom. High school diplomas represent an opportunity to go on to higher learning or a trade, while college degrees indicate young people are ready to begin their professional lives. Many graduates are excited about the prospect of receiving their diplomas. Once in hand, the document can be put on display. The fol-

lowing are some unique ways to showcase diplomas at home or at work. Framing One of the classic ways to display a diploma is in a frame. Many businesses offer customized framing where the frame material and the matting can be chosen. Some grads may want to include a photograph of the school or a picture of the graduate above the diploma. Graduates also may want to select a frame and mat that coordinates with school colors. Create a shadow box Consider displaying the diploma with other

mementos from school. A shadow box is a large, deep display frame that can house items that are thicker than photographs or papers. Items such as a graduation tassel, medal or other award, a varsity jacket patch, or a program from a school performance or awards ceremony can be placed in the shadow box. Create a photo wall Display the diploma among other framed photos from school activities. This can elicit a trip down memory lane every time the wall is viewed. Some families may want to display their diplomas together,

especially if multiple family members attended the same school. Make a work of art Various online art vendors can turn the diploma into different works of art. For example, engravers can laser engrave the diploma onto a wooden plaque. Then the diploma can be displayed in one location and the wood plaque in another. Place it under glass Display the diploma beneath the glass top of a coffee table. When entertaining guests, the diploma can make for a unique conversation piece.

A school diploma is worthy of recognition. There are various creative ways to display

these documents that reflect the hard work and success of their recipients.

Shelby ELDER

Congrats to our Magna Cum Laude graduate! Now on to challenging those young science minds! We love you, Papa and Mama