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Holy Name High School 2020 Quarantine Zine Flipbook PDF

Holy Name High School 2020 Quarantine Zine




Holy Name Splash Magazine of the Arts

Quarantine Zine

Featured Writers Savannah Dawson Gabrielle Frameli-Palumbo Annamarie Hlavaty Matthew Hlavaty Paige Hojdar Ryder Hyduk Caterina Kessler Sydney Kammerer Hannah Martinez Kevin McLoughlin Megan Oleksik Teresa Raba Matthew Stracensky Victoria Troche Seth Wallace

Featured Artists Cecilia Benedict Audrey Harrington Claire Krisinski Gary McCluskey Kaleigh McGreal Katherine Reardon Emily Sabo Samantha Snow Madison Zevallos

Kaleigh McGreal, '20

Kaleigh McGreal, '20

Hollow Megan Oleksik, ‘20 thing I guess it’s better I feel no ay And have locked myself aw I can’t risk getting hurt No, not another day I opened myself to you d But you turned and straye Hating the realness I brought your way The words you said d Marked my skin burning re They will forever remain Burned in my brain. So go, d live your superficial worl I no longer have a place me But next time you look at Look me in the face tually real Scared to see something ac tually feel Scared of what you might ac nd a mask When you cannot hide behi ote These are the words she wr st. With a heart so empty, so fa

Anonymous you’re broken. so you use the to uch of another to hide the chips that will inevit ably cause you to crack. they reach the pl aces you can’t re ach, and wouldn’t try if you were ab le to, because what’s in side of those crac ks have an importance that no one else could understand. they don’t unders tand how valuable the diamonds inside the caves of your mind real ly are, so they carelessly knock down your walls. they leave weak co lumns to keep yo u from caving in only long enough to steal whatever gems you hold, and then once th ey feel they’ve go tten enough, they remove the co lumns and you fi nally crumble to the earth. any diamond left inside of your ca ve is buried, and anyone who ac tually has a sturd y foundation can no longer re ach inside the de pths of your min because you are n d o longer willing to op en up for them. you’re afraid to crumble again, so you never rebuild yourself.

Claire Krisinski, ‘20

Quarantine Matthew Stracensky, ‘20 Silence looms over clouds of gray, The quiet sights abound. No stores, nor shops, nor restaurants, Nor anyone around. But in my thoughts the uproar sounds, The frothing waves of fear, As I wonder if I'll ever again To someone else go near. Now senior year is gone so quick With not even prom to dance. So many memories never made, That will never get a chance. Within the gloom of a darkened room, Days and days fade away. Thinking back to a simpler time When we could go out and play. But times have changed, that world is gone, That as much is clear. We ponder these thoughts in quarantine And hold these dear memories near.

Madison Zevallos, '21

Ripples and Waves Ryder Hyduk, ‘21 Time has changed into a moving spectrum Of when I’m awake or not Days have started to melt together As my mind begins to rot I do my best to anchor and retreat To the ever present commodity My mind continues to Play it’s tricks on me I don’t know what day it is Or when my work is due The clocks have lost all meaning And dates have too I don’t know what’s wrong with me I’ve just gone a little stray All I know is the ripples and waves Rinse and repeat me everyday My eyes feel like raisins in the sun My arms begin to atrophy and my Inhibitions turn undone Everyone has got their plans I am left to roam Which wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t Stuck inside my prison home

Mindless Thinking Victoria Troche, ‘20 Thinking is an addiction, kind of like a play on words It becomes so profound. I find myself thinking so much, so much that my mind begins to deteriorate.

Audrey Harrington, '20

Empty Space Matthew Hlavaty, ‘21 As the sun sets Our freedoms found All the memories we recall We made it out You took my hand I would do it over again These memories made Oh, I cannot replace You took my heart and ran away This empty space that fills my brain This empty space that I can't contain

Gary McCluskey, 20

A Quarantinian Sonnet Kevin McLoughlin, '20 The days of quarantine are very long. They drag on and on with almost no end. I wake up seven hours after dawn. It’s hard to sleep so distant from my friends. The days of quarantine are not too fun. The teachers are more than understanding, But, away from my school work, I can’t run. Colleges have always been demanding. The days of quarantine are not that bad. I have my good health to be thankful for. My family is safe, I must be glad. Summer is soon, and with that comes calm shores. Do not worry, and keep your head held high. Sooner than later, this will all pass by.

Samantha Snow, '20

Vinyl Victoria Troche, ‘20

Why am I so hated? I’m so afflicted into the wrong category. As if I’m supposed to be dedicated to humor or thoughts. My creativity speaks loud , inhibition is hushed. my mind is open just like the books I hate to read but the writings I like to write. I’m forced to be seen as a thing that doesn’t bleed and one speech who is free from screams.

Song Excerpt of a Parody of “Paul Revere” by Beastie Boys Seth Wallace, ‘21 Now, here’s a story I’ve got to tell About a big bad virus, you know so well. It started way back in January With a bat and a market; that’s just nas-ty! I had a little life that was so dear Just school and friends and some cheer. Chilling in the halls, it was so grand The Gov’s posse on my tail, cause I’m in demand. One frustrated boy I be, All byself home with just family. My mom is on my case on how to act, My dad will be next, that is a fact. Lookin’ for my friends, I miss with a sigh, I’m stuck in quarantine, that is no lie.

Friday the 13th Megan Oleksik, ‘20 I feel the same Today and tomorrow Did I do that yesterday? Or an hour ago? I feel the same Like a song on repeat My legs are tired Glued to this seat Why is everything the same? When will life go back to the way It was before it changed On a random Friday?

Guilt Teresa Raba '20 Guilt is a grasping hand. It is close enough for me to notice, Yet far enough that I can't swat it away. Memories of you are clenched fists. Your broken smile tenses my mind, But I cannot provide myself relief. Regrets are strangling fingers. The past tightens my throat, And remorse settles deep in my lungs. Guilt is a grasping hand. I am hopelessly reaching to you, For it is the only way I can rest.

Katherine Reardon, '20

Weary Hands Megan Oleksik, ‘20 I put my heart in my hands Reluctant to let anyone see The person I hid inside The person who is me

I put my heart in your hands Holding the secrets of my past And open it up towards you You look at it at last

I have tried this before My heart has been sore I have the scars to show The feelings of the lowest of low

Trembling with fear Excited for you to hear I put my heart in my hands And prayed for a comforting look But I was defeated When I saw the strings you took

I put my heart in my hands Achingly inching it away From the comfort of my chest In hopes of a new day My arms shake Hoping I don’t break Like the last time I let someone inside

I put my heart in my hands Letting the world see But the only person I cared for Was the one tormenting me I put my heart in my hands You looked at it with disgusted eyes You saw it, but took it out of my hands And kept your heart locked inside

I put my heart in my hands And slowly untie the string Being vulnerable is hard I closed my hands But think of what it could bring But my heart is what I could not find My heart does not belong in your A genuine connection hands, only mine A true affection

The effect of the virus Hannah Martinez, ‘20 It’s crazy how the world ends up, It’s crazy how I never have good luck. My last year of high school is now in the past, I’m just hoping that all of my memories with friends will last. I worked so hard for my grades, And now my future is in a haze. I tried with friends, I tried some more. I even tried with family until my voice was sore. I am trying to have a better life, But I can’t now if I don’t see the light. People now are falling like flies, Another person each day tends to die, And all we are wondering are the lies behind. Why Corona? Why now? I have been trying to improve my life for the better, Until you came around. I don’t know if there will be prom, I don’t know if things will improve with my mom. I don’t know if there will be graduation, But all I can say is y’all, congratulations. Once this is over we will get a new life, At least we can now say we go through this fight.

Caterina Kessler, '23

The Clock Annamarie Hlavaty, ‘21 Smiling makes the memories keep going Knowing that the great times you had with never become sad The love that you have with your dad and your mom Knowing that you can become who you want to become When i smile it lasts a while Makes me want to be the kind of child Who will be there no matter what not giving up on family When you have the person you love all above Through the time The clock The tick tock Makes your heart rock Insync with the melodies of you hearts Being apart of something light not dark Life should be a walk in the park Love should be the best part With the others wishing they were apart of the picture Looking in to the beginning of a new life With a wife or a husband Life without end Not having to pretend Your not content with the context Then rewrite the story so it's not as boring and make it your own thing.

Emily Sabo, '22

My secrets of color Victoria Troche, ‘20 I isolate myself behind the walls of lime green, as many other colors surround me. To begin with I am not an open book, I sit here with nothing but pure anxiety. Nothing but this repulsing shade of green. Watching over me while the world burns into flames I feel nothing but the colors. It feels as if I'm almost lost at sea, screaming please just put this pain to ease. I don't see blue, I don't see pink, I see the fearful color of lime green. Steadily my friends give me a sense of hope, a feeling that I have never felt before. It’s violet, like the color that is seen through my tiresome eyes. Knowing that these memories came to an end, they will still all be my very best friends. My heart is made out of rose gold, pure from the highest of mountains where my mother taught me. Often, it bleeds out with colors I never even knew existed. Filled with every tint and hue, representing my passions. Carrying these dark thoughts and secrets on my back heavily, like my eyes after they bleed. For my arteries try to carry away the sapphire, representing the pain you caused me. Like an open wound, my blood turns into pure silk like the color of your impulsive eyes that I fell for over a million times. Still, my veins are filled with nothing but sapphire, while it manages to draw me in. I'd rather swim or sink or simply disappear, I am no longer your wrecked ship.

Claire Krisinski, '20

Hope Gabrielle Frameli-Palumbo, '20 Turning on the news at one Was not my idea of fun Leaving me in such disarray I feel that all left is fray Stuck inside I find no motivation There is nothing more than contemplation Fear compiles my scarce thoughts While the country is all in knots Schools, and jobs remain a memory of the past But how long will oral communication keep fast The government's promises to keep my faith However, I am not sure how much more I can take Getting rid of this requires the common folk Stay strong, and have hope.

Emily Sabo, '22

The Dove Annamarie Hlavaty, ‘21 When i'm sick When i'm down When my heart is going round and round But one word and i knew That i was made for loving you I was made for loving you When i'm sick When i'm down And when my heart is going round and round But one word and i knew I was made for loving you 10:31 i was born Yeah you said that life above So you said that love is the symbol of a dove Let the birds fly high So once the person dies They can fly to my side When i'm sick and when i'm down When my heart goes round and round But one word and i knew i was made for loving you The bible says all you meant and what would happen when we sin Right from the beginning we began sing glory oh we love your name We know it won't be the same But when the dove fly away All we will know the way Follow the doves above the path God makes me feel safe again

Celcilia Benedict, '20

Celcilia Benedict, '20

Cherry Blossom Matthew Hlavaty, ‘21

Just take me under your wings I want to be enough So carry me Take me to a far off kingdom A place we could call our own We could build a thrown Call this place our home I cannot move too fast A kingdom built on sand Will wither and become the past I'm lost in the dark And I don't know where to start The birds will sing when the sun comes up But I hear nothing now The echoes of the past Saying it will happen again Time will not wait Is it really fate Should I run Or should I hide Should I just stay inside I'm ready for a fight This kingdom will be alright As long as you're in sight

Perspective Megan Oleksik, ‘20 Suddenly I have time to stop and see more than the long list of things to do Scattered on my bedroom floor. Suddenly I feel free The busyness of life No longer captivating me. Wow, I had a genuine conversation today I haven’t had one of those since like the fourth grade. No more this, no more that Just time to sit and chat. Now I know I must rearrange Before I lose sight Of the really important things I think I might a kite And enjoy the winds of change.

Mother Savannah Dawson, '20 We have to love our Mother We have let her heal And now she is smiling You can see it in the oceans You can feel it in the air Her children have come back to play on the beaches Their prints are back in the dirt of the Earth where they were not seen before She cries at night, happy tears of warm rain Because finally, her sons and daughters are treating her with kindness again We have to love our Mother We must continue to let her heal After real life begins again After the masks and the gloves have gone away After the lockdown has lifted We have to love our Mother

Katherine Reardon, ''20

Paige Hojdar, '23

Sydney Kammerer, '23

Katherine Reardon, '20

Dandelion Megan Oleksik, ‘20 I have become so immersed In this world’s expectations I am estranged to my own soul The definition of “me” no longer known But I suppose I must burst Just as a dandelion scatters its seeds Before the flower grows And becomes all it can be.

Claire Krisinski, ‘20

We Will Seth Wallace, ‘21 We will get through this. We will return to fun and normal. We will again know bliss. We will be reunited and mobile. We will see brighter days. We will rise from the ashes. We will celebrate and praise. We will remember these days as they pass.

Thank you.

Thank you to all the student contributors that made this quarantine a little less dark, and allowed the light of art and literature to connect us as a Holy Name family.

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Splash Magazine of the Arts Spring 2020