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Portfolio Huda Jassim Interior Design

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07 3D Children’s bedroom


08 3D Living room 09 Mood board living room 10 Mood board House 11 Design a small model

01 Plan House 02 plan Classroom 03 plan Office

12 Recycle a piece of furniture 13 Fountain Stereoscopic Execution 14 Mind Map

04 plan restaurant 05 plan Gallery

06 plan Hotel Page 2

About me I'm Huda, I'm 24 years old, a recent graduate interior designer. I will graduate from Bahrain Training Institute in 2022, this is

my last course at the institute , I am ambitious. I will continue my bachelor’s studies after graduation, and I will continue my studies and then I will study architectural design because architectural design is complementary to interior design.

“ Interior design is able to keep pace with the development in the world of creative design industry”

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Page 4

My Work

Here are my works that I have implemented during my study years

at the Bahrain Institute for me so far, Some of the designs were using 3D max , some using AutoCAD , Others are hand designs by drawing or making models .

Page 5

01 plan House bathroom



It was my first job in AutoCAD, which was designing a single floor for a small house, The floor consists of a

large living room open to the dining area, kitchen, bedroom and

Living room

bathroom Dining room

Page 6

02 plan Classroom

The second work for me in the


AutoCAD program is to design a

classroom of 24 students, an Computers

area for computers and an area for a library with a table, chairs

Student chairs and tables

and a bookcase

Page 7

03 plan Office



waiting area

Here is a simple office design consisting of a reception area with a waiting area, three



printing room

offices for employees and a printing room

Page 8

There is also an office design in a more beautiful way, which is a waiting area

reception space, a resting area, four offices in one space, and

Manager's room and meeting space



an office for the office

manager, and there is a space for meetings

Page 9

04 plan restaurant bathroom

The design of a simple restaurant

Tables and chairs

with a small area, it has a food

preparation area, chairs, tables and bathrooms for men and women

Page 10

Meetings room private rooms Buffet area

I designed the restaurant in a large size, it has multiple sections, the first of which is the restaurant is divided into internal and external sessions, the internal section contains the office of the restaurant manager and a large meeting room that included all employees and four private dining rooms and an area for the buffet and the large area for tables and chairs , And the outside area may contain four tables .

Restaurant Manager's Office

outside area

Page 11

05 plan Gallery

display area coffee shop

Artistic gallery design The gallery

Children's play area shop sale

includes a large area for displaying

drawings and artistic paintings and a rest area

small area that also includes displaying paintings, an area for a

display area display area

small coffee shop, an area for children’s games and a gift shop,


and in the text of the gallery there is also an area for display and

reception Page 12

06 plan Hotel


Reservations office

bathrooms Chairs and tables

coffee shop

Hotel design, on the ground Fountain

floor, consisting of a

reception, a waiting area, a

Reservations office waiting area


coffee shop, bathrooms and an area for offices for


reservations for tourism, taxis

or car rental

Page 13

The floor features 5 rooms, 3 of them are deluxe rooms, two of them are twins and one is a single, and two large suites

Page 14

07 3D Children’s bedroom

Design a children's bedroom for

3D Computer Modeling Assignment

Page 15

Page 16

08 3D Living room

Simple design for the living

room and dining area

Page 17

09 Mood Board

Page 18

Mood board design in Photoshop for the living room

Page 19

Mood board design in Photoshop for the small house

Page 20

10 Carboard house model design Page 21

The design of a small house on the ground floor and first floor, featuring an outdoor swimming pool

Page 22

Here is the outdoor space from the house, I designed an area for the pools and the swimming pool, this project was for the mathematics subject, a stereoscopic design using geometric shapes Page 23

11 Design a small model Implementation of any space in the living room (shoes closet )

Page 24

12 Recycle a piece of furniture

Recycling a piece of furniture, I added

doors and handles and decoupage the doors

Page 25

13 Fountain Stereoscopic Execution

Fountain design for a project for Contextual influences in art and design . I designed it using cork

Page 26

14 Mind Map

A mind map of his shoe closet and mirrors I put the colours, price, materials used, the idea and the right place to put them

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[email protected]


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Thank You

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