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January to April 2016 Flipbook PDF

January to April 2016




VILLAGE OF BELLEROSE PUBLIC HEARING/REGULAR BOARD MEETING 50 Superior Road, Bellerose Village, NY 11001 January 19, 2016 7:30PMIn Attendance:Mayor Henry J. SchreiberDeputy Mayor Joseph JulianoTrustee John TweedyTrustee Margaret HaganTrustee Kenneth MooreVillage Clerk Treasurer Suzanne TangrediAudience: 11 residentsAbsent & ExcusedVillage Attorney Richard HandlerThe Mayor opened the regular Board of Trustees Meeting at 7:30PM. He led all in the Pledge ofAllegiance. He then asked for a moment of silence for all the Armed Forces and First Responders.Mayor Schreiber then opened the Public Hearing to discuss Proposed Local Law# 1 of the Year 2016. Alocal law to amend Chapter 192 of the Bellerose Village Code (BVC), sections §192-23 and §192-24thereof, by amending the Definition of Tax Exemption by removing the limitation which provides foronly a partial exemption. There was some discussion of the service and commitment that FireDepartment members make upon joining. To receive this exemption, they must be a qualified memberof the department for at least five (5) years. And after twenty (20) years, they become vested for life.There was no public comment. On motion by Trustee Moore, seconded by Trustee Hagan the publichearing was closed at 7:44PM.The regular Board of Trustees meeting was re-opened at 7:44PM.On motion by Trustee Hagan seconded by Deputy Mayor Juliano the Minutes of the December 21, 2015Regular Board of Trustees Meeting were unanimously approved.Bills to be paid for the following periods were reviewed and on motion by Trustee Moore seconded byTrustee Tweedy, the bills were unanimously approved. These were:General Fund Bills to be paid in the period totaling $ 14,157.39 totaling $ 60.00 December 22-30, 2015 totaling $ 50,859.43 January 8, 2016 January 1-18, 2016Treasurer’s Report: December 2015 Page 1BOT Meeting 01.19.16

General Fund- $ 986,387.39Petty Cash $ 500.00Revenues- $ 29,058.65Expenses- $ 122,296.77Mayor‘s ReportMayor Schreiber stated he has been very active over the past few weeks.  He attended a Floral Park Rally against the Casino with Trustee Tweedy. The FPB School Board and the Floral Park Board of Trustees were well spoken on the subject.  As Mayor, I am against the Casino, and am concerned about the effect on the school that our children attend.  The FPB School Board, the Village of Floral Park, and the Sewanhaka School district are all against the Casino.The Mayor and Board of Trustees reviewed and signed a Certification of unpaid Village Taxes2015/2016. (Attached hereto)Mayor Schreiber made a motion to approve Local Law 1 of the Year 2016. Trustee Hagan seconded theMotion, and it was approved unanimously. (See Attached)Highway/Public Works Commissioner ReportGeorge Braun stated that we are waiting on CHIPS reimbursement and the Storm Water Grantreimbursement is in the process of being submitted.Police Commissioner ReportPolice Commissioner Tamparo read the following police report:DECEMBER 2015  1 Robbery/Arrest on Superior Road  7 parking violations issued  1 moving violations issued  2 accidents  0 aidedMayor Schreiber stated the following: Parking tickets issued by Code Enforcement Officer  December 2015-38 TicketsFire Department ReportCommissioner Christ spoke about the following:  The FEMA Grant request has been sent in. The department is always looking grant monies, but we usually don’t meet the demographic for a new engine.  The leak in the Fire house stairway seems to have been corrected. The department appreciates the timely effort of the Deputy Mayor, and the contractor.  The members of the BFD appreciate the Local Law just passed in regard to the 10% tax exemption.  The department is preparing for the snowstorm. We are encouraging residents that have fire hydrants near their homes to keep them clear.BOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 2

 There have been four (4) calls since the last meeting. On 12/27/15, at 4:29AM there was a mutual aid call to Floral Park Centre for arson at the Hustedt Chevy on Jericho Tpke. 20 members responded. On 12/28/15 at 2:12PM, there was a mutual aid call to Bellerose Terrace for a fire at a Beauty Salon. 17 members responded. On 1/8/16 at 12:44PM, there was a call to Dollar Tree for a smell of oil. 9 members responded. On 1/15/16 at 2:45PM, there was a call to the circle at Pennsylvania and Ontario for an odor of natural gas. 8 members responded.Historian ReportHistorian Alan Woodruff was not present, but the Mayor spoke about the plaque the Village receiveddeclaring the buildings historical. The Mayor asked Village Clerk Tangredi to bring the plaque out for thepublic to see.Superintendent of MaintenanceTrustee Moore stated that the we are hiring a second Code Enforcement Officer. We would like to seemore tickets written.Trustee MooreTrustee Moore discussed the possibilities of solar panels and LED Lighting. The Village may be looking topossibly make some changes.Trustee HaganTrustee Hagan spoke about:  The Residential Rehabilitation program still has monies available for anyone who may qualify.  She also would be interested in more information regarding solar panels.Trustee JulianoTrustee Juliano discussed the work that was completed in the Fire house for waterproofing the stairwell.He stated that after last Sunday’s major rainfall he checked the stairwell in the Fire house andeverything looked great. He did not see any moisture or wetness.Trustee TweedyTrustee Tweedy discussed Resolution #16-01-19 (Attached hereto), which he had prepared in oppositionto the Casino at Belmont. On motion by Trustee, Tweedy, seconded by Mayor Schreiber andunanimously approved, Resolution #16-1-19 was passed.Mayor Schreiber announced the following:  All Department Heads to submit their budgets for 2016/2017-  First day that individuals may sign independent nominating petitions was December 29, 2015. First day to file independent nominating petition is February 2nd, last day to file petition February 9, 2016.  A.R.C meeting Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 7:00 PM Page 3  Next Regular Board Meeting, Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 8:00PM  COURT session, Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 6:00 PMBOT Meeting 01.19.16

 JWCB – Friday, January 30, 2016 –Paint Night, 7:00PM  JBDDC Mtg. Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 6:30 PM  Women’s Club Meeting Tuesday, February 9, 6 at 1pm  Tentative Assessment Roll due February 1, 2016  Tax Grievance Day, Tuesday February 16, 2016 from 4-8PMVILLAGE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED Monday, February 15, 2016, President’s DayThe business meeting was adjourned at 8:27PM, on motion by Mayor Schreiber, seconded by DeputyMayor Juliano and unanimously approved.The public meeting opened at 8:27PM.Ann Marie Byrnes of Huron Road asked “Whose term is up this year?” The Board answered that theterm of Trustees Hagan and Moore were up this year.Howard Tripmacher of Virginia asked if there was a law against solar panels. The Mayor responded thatthere was not.Joe Saccente stated that some solar companies are offering leases on home solar energy systems. Theterm is usually 25 years and the companies are guaranteeing a reduction in bills.Michael Brandt of Michigan Road questioned the response he received in regard to a FOIL he submittedto the Village office. The Mayor stated if he had any further questions regarding this matter, Mr. Brandtshould contact the Village Attorney.After all those who wished to be heard, having been heard and there being no further discussion,Mayor Schreiber motioned to close the public meeting. Trustee Tweedy seconded the motionwhich passed unanimously. The meeting closed at 8:44PM.Respectfully submitted,_______________________________________Suzanne TangrediVillage Clerk-Treasurer CERTIFICATION OF UNPAID TAXES 2015/2016BOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 4

Parcel ID Owner Name Address Sec/Block/Lot Total Due3200 Oh, Soon Hea 1C Huron Road 32-25-0-5 $608.999900 Brandt, Michael $265.2419500 Izzo, Vincent 14 Michigan Road 32-29-289 $1,538.0624900 Cline, William 249-74 Jericho Tpke. 32-35-0-37-B $63.94 40 Ontario Road 32-38-0-244Certified by: ____________________________________________________ Date:_________________________ INC. VILLAGE OF BELLEROSEBOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 5

Resolution of the Board of Trustees #16-01-19WHEREAS the Incorporated Village of Bellerose has been a neighboring community of Belmont Parkand, along with the adjacent Village of Floral Park, has enjoyed a peaceful, neighborly relationship withBelmont Park for over 90 years; andWHEREAS the Village has supported and continues to support the continuation of Belmont Park as oneof the world’s premier thoroughbred horse facilities; andWHEREAS, however, on the issue of a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) Slot Machine Casino at BelmontPark, the Village hereby expresses its opposition; andWHEREAS the residents of the Village of Bellerose pay close attention to local civic matters, particularlyto those involving the education of our children; andWHEREAS the children of the residents of Bellerose Village attend the Floral Park-Bellerose ElementarySchool, which borders the proposed site for a VLT Slot Machine Casino; andWHEREAS by Resolution unanimously adopted on December 14, 2015, the Floral Park-Bellerose SchoolBoard expressed its position that the placement of a VLT Slot Machine Casino at Belmont wouldirreparably damage our communities, our quality of life, our children and future generations; andWHEREAS the children of the residents of the Village also attend Floral Park Memorial High Schoolwhich is located across the street from an entrance to Belmont Park; andWHEREAS we believe that a VLT Slot Machine Casino at Belmont Park would have significant andharmful long-term effects on the quality of life in Bellerose Village and adjacent communities, and wouldirreparably damage our communities, our quality of life, our children and future generations.NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Bellerose Village Board of Trustees requests our electedofficials to oppose any project which would involve a proposed site for a VLT Slot Machine Casino atBelmont Park; andWE URGE our constituents, their families, friends and neighbors to write to their elected officials askingthem to publicly state their strong and unbending opposition to a proposed site for a VLT Slot MachineCasino in any form at Belmont Park; andWE join in and support the position of the Inc. Village of Floral Park and the Floral Park-Bellerose Boardof Education and will forward a copy of this resolution to elected officials, and request that they opposeany such casino through public statements and through their votes to defeat any such proposal thatcomes before them.On motion by Trustee Tweedy, seconded by Mayor Schreiber, the Resolution was adopted with thefollowing vote:BOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 6

Mayor Schreiber-AYE Trustee Moore-AYEDeputy Mayor Juliano-AYE Trustee Tweedy-AYETrustee Hagan-AYE I, Suzanne Tangredi, Village Clerk-Treasurer of the Inc. Village of Bellerose, hereby certifythat the above Resolution was duly adopted by the Board of Trustees at a Public Meeting heldon January 19, 2016. ___________________________________ Suzanne Tangredi, Village Clerk/TreasurerINCORPORATED VILLAGE OF BELLEROSE: LOCAL LAW # 1 OF YEAR 2016BOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 7

A local law to amend Chapter 192 of the Bellerose Village Code (BVC), Sections §192-23 and §192-24thereof, by amending the Definition of Tax Exemption by removing the limitation which provides foronly a partial exemption. BE IT ENACTED by the Board of Trustees of the Inc. Village of Bellerose as follows:Section 1. §192-23. Legislative Intent. Real Property Tax Law §466-c provides a ten percent real property tax exemption for qualifiedmembers of a volunteer fire department or ambulance corps. The members of the Bellerose Village FireDepartment provide valuable services to the people of the Village. To be certified and recertified asfiremen, such volunteers must undertake numerous hours of training on their own time and frequentlyat their own expense. Service involves great personal risk to life and limb, along with many personalsacrifices. The purpose of this exemption is to maintain the ranks of the Village volunteer fire corps andto encourage others to join the essential work of the Department.Section 2. §192-24. Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated: TAX EXEMPTION – Ten percent of the assessed value of the real property constituting theapplicant’s primary residence, exclusive of special assessments.Effective Date. This local law shall take effect April 1, 2016, subject to filing with the Secretary of State.On motion by Mayor Schreiber, seconded by Trustee Hagan, Local Law #1 of the Year 2016 was passedwith the following vote:Trustee Tweedy-AYE Trustee Hagan-AYEDeputy Mayor Juliano-AYE Trustee Moore-AYEMayor Schreiber-AYEI, Suzanne Tangredi, Village Clerk-Treasurer of the Inc. Village of Bellerose, hereby certify that the aboveResolution was duly adopted by the Board of Trustees at a Public Meeting held on January 19, 2016. ____________________________________ Suzanne Tangredi, Village Clerk-TreasurerBOT Meeting 01.19.16 Page 8