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welcome to PHOTOGRAPHY


thank you for choosing


First and foremost I am a wife and mama of two. My children sparked my passion for photography and they continue to be my muses in front of the camera. I feel honored to be able to document every moment of their lives, and our life as a family and love creating family al bums for us to look throug h year after year. I’m also a pediatric nurse — and those little people inspire me every sing le day. I am reminded of strength and perseverance — and they g ive me perspective on life. Being a mom, photographer and nurse g ives me perspective on life — they all make me appreciate the littlest moments as remarkable ones and motivate me to continue photographing, documenting and creating every day.

I can’t wait to get to know you a little better so I can exceed your expectations for a photographer. Custom portraiture is an investment in beautiful artistry that will be treasured for generations to come, and I am committed to capturing your family in an orig inal, artistic and natural way — creating the heirlooms that will become your family’s history. If you have questions about anything in this guide or your session please feel free to contact me anytime!



lau ren @lau ren k irk ha m photogra phy .c om

lau ren kirk hamphotog raphy. com




The lifestyle approach to photography is all about being natural and comfortable —and freezing those moments on camera. As a lifestyle photographer I strive to capture you in your natural environment— one where you feel at home, like yourself, and are able to feel moments as they unfold. Using lig ht and settings pleasing to the eye, I guide you into positions and activities which will help you create those feelings.

... is to freeze your moments in time, create artwork from them, and tell your story with honesty and authenticity. W hile not every moment in your life may be perfect, all are remarkable and deserve to be enjoyed as framed artwork and al bums. My goal is to preserve these moment in a way that will help you and your family relive them for generations to come.

My philosophy is rooted in this — the kind of portrait that makes you feel love, joy and connection and can make you remember exactly how it felt being a family at that time in your life.

MY VISION ... is a portrait experience that beg ins with your story and ends with beautiful printed photo art in your home that tells a story of generations. I seek to create an experience that not only produces beautiful, tang ible art, but allows family to truly understand the indelible value of the investment they are making–in photographic art and family history, beautifully combined for future generations to cherish.

I was nervous about capturing my family throug h photography since my daug hter was grumpy the day of the photo shoot and my husband doesn’t particularly like his picture being taken. W hen L auren left, I knew she had captured a couple of good photos but I was not anticipating a huge gallery for the reveal. Little did I know, L auren not only captured the lig ht in my daug hter’s eyes, but also the joy she brings to our family. She was able to capture the many faces of Amelia: happy, silly, serious and sad. I never truly appreciated the power of candid photography until our reveal. I cannot say enoug h about the quality of these pictures because they’re not just pictures, they’re moments in time. I am so grateful to have this experience documented for the future. — Amanda

L auren took both our in-hospital and at-home newborn sessions when our baby g irl was born. She was extremely professional and at the same time very maternal with our g irls which made the process such an easy and pleasant experience. But mostly she was able to capture the true essence of our family and the absolute joy and sweetness of those special moments. That’s why every time I look at those photos my heart smiles and it is something we will always treasure. That’s the beauty of true photography! -Anna



lau ren @lau ren k irk ha m photogra phy .c om

lau ren kirk hamphotog raphy. com



Your family portraits deserve to be printed, displayed and loved. With a variety of heirloom products available your package can be tailored to include the best way you feel your family is depicted. From wall art to storytelling al bums and boxes your story will be told in images for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come

Images will be fully edited, color corrected, retouched and prepared for presentation Within three weeks, we will hold your reveal session in person where you will be able to view your images for the f irst time and choose which heirloom products will best f it your style. Heirloom products will be available in collections and a la carte at your reveal session. Families typically invest in print collections including al bum upgrades, wall art, and g ift items. Your order will be processed and products delivered within three weeks (slig htly longer for specialty products). I will call you to discuss pick up/delivery as soon as everything arrives and is inspected for quality.


• •

You can sign your electronic contract and view your invoice throug h your client portal online. Please f ill out the pre-session questionnaire prior to our session. We’ll touch base on the phone or in person prior to the session to discuss your hopes for the day, and what you should expect at the session. 1-2 hours of time for session at your home or another location within the capital district with up to 5 people.


• • • •

I will take time to get to know your child or children and let them get to know me before taking out my camera. I don’t want your children to feel like they have to ‘perform’ so I like to interact and play with them a bit before we start. I use ‘guided posing’ techniques to help you feel comfortable and look natural in front of the camera with your family rather than feeling completely posed. Often, adults set the tone for the children, so I try to create a fun, carefree environment! Let the children have fun and we will create beautiful artwork to admire on your walls! Sessions last between 45 and 90 minutes with time for a break and/or small snack If necessary (thoug h I will usually keep shooting throug hout this time!!!)

L auren is the best! She always makes us feel comfortable. My g irls spend the whole session smiling and g igg ling, because she makes it fun! Her sessions never feel forced, and that’s why her photos far surpass others, because the emotion is real! L auren you are a pleasure to work with, and the photos you have taken of my family over the years I will treasure for a lifetime!! — Bridget



lau ren @lau ren k irk ha m photogra phy .c om

lau ren kirk hamphotog raphy. com



The number one reason for investing in professional prints is the incomparable quality. I take pride in researching printing labs to ensure that only quality papers and printers are used for your prints. Pairing the f inest papers with printing techniques calibrated to computer ensures the hig hest processing so that exposure, color calibration and styles are ref lected perfectly in the printed image.

By researching artisans throug hout the country I am able to offer the newest innovative designs and heirloom products to ensure a “wow” factor when you show them off to friends and family. Products that are only available to professional studios are now at your f ingertips!

We design and compile your order together at your reveal, so that I can provide you with the perfect artwork to display and enjoy day after day, year after year. Families typically .....???

Images are directly printed on hig h quality photographic paper to create a long-lasting heirloom for your family.

EXPERTISE From designing sessions that are pleasing to the eye to the personal touch of an editing style — you trust the expertise of my team to ensure that you are receiving a hig h quality experience. During your in-person reveal session, I will guide you throug h the decisionmaking process to choose papers and al bum covers and design a gallery wall with designer frames that pair best with your images and your home.

EFFICIENCY A full-service studio takes care of everything! No more navigating diff icult websites, designing your own al bums, or worrying about shopping carts! The printing lab I work with ensures the fastest turn around available without jeopardizing the quality of products. The goal for every portrait session is the creation of stunning art for display in your home and keepsakes to last a lifetime.


ASSURANCE Every item on my heirloom menu has been researched and hand chosen by me with my clients in mind. I print my own family’s memories on all of the same products, so I can guarantee their quality. I only offer products that I one hundred percent believe in and that f it the style of my clients. Every item is inspected carefully prior to delivery be sure your expectations are met or exceeded. I believe in providing full service to all LKP clients. You can expect an unparalleled experience before, during and after your session. The fun beg ins when we meet for your in-person reveal. You will relive your session throug h the portraits and plan out the best ways to showcase them as you decorate your home. From wall art to al bums and small g ift items, I have fully researched every heirloom product I offer with moms and families in mind.


WALL ART Wall art is available as Fine Art Framed Prints and Canvas Gallery Wraps. Different framing options are available to best suit the style of your home. At your reveal we will work throug h designing your custom gallery wall to showcase the favorite images from your session! All wall art is f inished and ready to hang upon delivery!

L auren was the perfect blend of professional and personable, resulting in her capturing exactly what I was looking for — moments of my family’s early times together that look aesthetically pleasing, and that I’m proud of. I know that when I think back to this time in our lives, I’m going to be able to pull these pictures out and be broug ht back to this time instantaneously. Thank you, L auren, for immortalizing my family for me to cherish. ... the al bum is the perfect memento and it showcases the work beautifully. — Sarah

SIGNATURE ALBUMS Signature al bums are the most popular way LKP clients choose to showcase many images and tell their family story with. With a variety of cover options including linens, leathers and cameo images — the customization options are endless.

lau ren @lau ren k irk ha m photogra phy .c om

lau ren kirk hamphotog raphy. com


FAQs Where will my session be held? I am primarily a natural light, on location photographer. We will choose the perfect location for your session whether that be an outdoor location, your home or another meaningful location.

Can we do an in home session even if my house is small/dark? Yes!!!! I’ve never been into a home where I haven’t found a spot to photograph in. If home is where you are comfortable, and thats what you want in your albums and printed on your walls then thats what we do. Ultimately your session is about you — capturing you and your loved ones with their unique personalities in a place they are comfortable.

How long will it take to receive our images? At your session we will set up a time for your in person reveal which usually takes place about two weeks after your session. This is where you will see all of your images for the first time and I will guide you in the best way to display them in your home based on your preferences.

What happens if we get rained out? Weather can be unpredictable in upstate New York. We will be in close contact in the few days before the session to discuss options. I always keep open some backup dates in the chance that sessions get rained out.

What if my kids don’t cooperate? I love getting to know kids and families - it is my favorite part about this job! My experience as a pediatric nurse and with my own kids has helped me in working with kids as a photographer. I can assure you that we will have fun - and will take the children’s lead. My goal is to capture your family as they are - sometimes that means there are some tears… and I can guarantee you will cherish those tears in 20 years when those kiddos are all grown up.

I saw these cute photos on Pinterest. Can we do those?

In case of rain or severe weather, LKP reserves the rig ht to postpone the session, but by no more than three weeks.

Sessions may be rescheduled by the client once; otherwise the retainer will be forfeited.

Due to the custom nature of portraits, all orders are to be paid in full at the order session.

LKP accepts cash, check and credit card payment.

Prices are subject to change without notice but current pricing at time of booking is honored for one month after sessions occur.

To make room for new clients, unordered images will be purged form systems three months after your session. Ordered images will be archived in the system for one year for holiday cards and reorders.

Printing, copying, downloading or scanning images without written consent is strictly prohibited.

Pinterest is a great place to get some initial ideas of inspiration - but lets focus on creating images that are completely you! If we focus on recreating another image it may take away from the opportunity to capture your unique family moments.

What should I do to make the session go smoothly? All you really need to do is relax and enjoy the experience. Try not to get stressed before or during your session. Kids and babies quickly pick up on stress and we want them to have as much fun as you will have. Your only job is to enjoy the process.

Do you include digital files? Studio proofs are included with every purchased image. Low-resolution archival files are included with specific heirloom purchases.



USE OF IMAGES In 1976, the federal government passed the copyrig ht law to prevent the copying of protected materials, including books, sheet music, and professionally created photographs. The portraits you have commissioned to LKP to create are from a custom boutique studio in this industry. LKP invests heavily in education and training in order to provide the hig hest level quality of photography. As such, duplicating, scanning or copying images creates a severe class of color, clarity and permanence in the portraiture. Since such losses ref lect poorly on the reputation of LKP’s professional work, LKP has reserved the copyrig ht on each portrait created.

lau ren @lau ren k irk ha m photogra phy .c om

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping me continue to provide the hig hest levels of quality and integrity.

THE US COPYRIGHT ACT The COPYRIGHT ACT protects photographers by g iving the author of the photograph the exclusive rig ht to reproduce your photographs, include the rig ht to control the production of copies. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without our written permission. Copyrig ht infringement is a felony and is punishable by civil and criminal penalties.

lau ren kirk hamphotog raphy. com

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