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MDP PROJECTS class 4-converted Flipbook PDF

MDP PROJECTS class 4-converted




MDP PROJECTS Class – 4 Session-2021-22 INSTRUCTION : There are three MDP Project Topics . Each student have to choose only one topic . Each Project have some questions related to all four subjects ( Hindi , English , Maths , EVS). There are also some activities related to some questions . You have to do that activity as well as give the answers of that questions. Topics for MDP: 1. My Safety My Responsibility 2. Train Journey 3. Flowers

Topic- 1. My Safety MY Responsibility 1st Term विषय- व िं दी प्रश्न.1. सड़क सुरक्षा पर एक कविता विखिए ।

प्रश्न.2.यातायात के वियम विखिए ि यातायात बविय िं का वित्र बिाइये। Subject- English Q.1. Write your views on ‘My Safety MY Responsibility’ Sub – EVS Theme- To make the child aware of “our responsibility” on road .

Material –A4 sheets , marker , glitter paper , glue , pencil . Q.1. Make a list of some traffic rules you will follow while coming to the school. Q.2. Make placards/ write rhymes on A4 size sheets and paste it on a chart paper . Subject- Maths Q.1. Write the types of road and also mention the number of lanes. Q.2. Write down the air pressure in tyre of different types of vehicle. 2nd Term विषय- व िं दी

प्रश्न.1. यातायात वियम मारे जीिि मे क् िं आिश्यक ै । Subject- English Q.1. Write do’s and don’t on the road and explain with the help of pictures. Subject- EVS Q.1. Paste different sign related to road safety on a chart paper. Subject – Maths Q.1. How many persons died in road accident in a year 2020. Collect a data state wise.

Topic -2. Train Journey

1st Term विषय – व िं दी प्रश्न.1. रे ििे स्टे शि पर आप वकि –वकि व्यखिय िं क दे िते ै ? उिके वित्र सव त िाम विखिए । प्रश्न.2. बरे िी से वदल्ली जािे के विए आप वकि-वकि िा ि िं का प्रय ग कर सकते ै ? वित्र सव त विखिए । Subject- English Q.1. Write your train journey experience. Subject- EVS Q.1. What are some of the things that are sold at railway station ? Make a list.

Q.2. Imagine that you are going on a long train journey .What are the things that you will take with you to help pass the time? Subject – Maths Q.1. Write the name and number of any train which runs between Delhi to Mumbai and collect following information about it . SI. No.

Station Name

Arrival Time

Departure Stay time at Distance Time the station

Q.1(a). Write the distance between Delhi to Mumbai. Q.1(b). How many stations passed from Delhi to Mumbai . Q.2. Tell why there is difference between fare of train , bus and aeroplane . Give the reasons.

2nd Term विषय – व िं दी प्रश्न.1. रे ि से सम्बिंवित क ई कविता या गीत विखिए । Subject- English Q.1. Find out action words from the paragraph written on your train journey experience . Also paste pictures of these action words. Subject – EVS Q.1. Make a list of people you see at the railway station . What work do they do ? Person

Profession / Work

Subject – Maths Q.1. Collect some train tickets and write down the fare between two states. Also paste the train tickets.

Topic- 3. Flowers 1st Term विषय – व िं दी प्रश्न.1. फूि िं से में क्ा िाभ ै ? और यवद फूि ि

त क्ा

गा ?

प्रश्न.2. फूि िं पर आिाररत क ई क ािी विखिए ।

Subject- English Q.1. Write a paragraph on uses/ importance of flowers. Subject- EVS Q.1. As you have known about many flowers , collect the information about flowers and complete the table. Flowers grow on tree Grow on bushes Grow on creepers Grow on water plants Bloom only at night Bloom in the day and close at night

1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

2. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2.

Subject- Maths Q.1. Measure the height of any 10 flower plants. Q.2. Find out the price of these different forms of any 5 flowers. A. One flower B. One garland C. One bouguet

2nd Term विषय – व िं दी प्रश्न.1. अपिे पसिंदीदा फूि की 5 विशेषतायें विखिए और वित्र बिाइए । Subject- English

Q.1. Paste pictures of different types of flowers and write their names. Subject- EVS Do Not Pluck Flowers

On the basis of picture answer the following. Q.1. Have you ever seen a board like this put up anywhere? Q.2. Do people pluck flowers even when this board is there ? Q.3. Should they do this ? Q.4.What would happen if everybody plucked flowers? Subject- Maths Q.1. Visit a flower garden and count the number of plants.