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New Hire Training Day 2 Workbook Flipbook PDF

New Hire Training Day 2 Workbook




New Hire Training Day 2 Workbook


Introduction to Inresto Product Suite Introduction to Swiggy Dineout



Introduction to Inresto Product Suite

inresto – Reserve & Guest inresto Reserve & Guest : Manage diners | Manage reservations | Manage walk-ins and queues | Monitor performance CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT Reduce the table turnaround time by serving multiple orders to multiple customers. Enhance the overall guest experience . TABLE MANAGEMENT Increase the serving capacity of your restaurant by efficiently managing tables. Generate additional revenue by serving more customers per day

MULTI-SOURCE RESERVATION MANAGEMENT Seamlessly manage customer reservations done from various sources through one dashboard

QUEUE MANAGEMENT Effectively manage the rush at the entrance & reduce your customers' wait time with systematic table operations

DATA DRIVEN MANAGEMENT Make the maximum use of your customer’s data to know more about their preferences in detail.

REPORTING AND ANALYTICS Track and monitor the performance of restaurant and take pre-emptive action through intelligent triggers

inresto – Feedback inresto Feedback: Recognize customers | Take feedback | Analyze feedback | Take action | Amplify business INSTANT GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL Let your customer know they are being heard in real-time & act on their grievances immediately. Reassure your customers & build trust by acting upon their suggestions. DINER COMMUNICATION Seamless diner communication for each feedback Customer fills to make them feel special

CUSTOMISABLE FEEDBACK FORM Customise your feedback form to capture feedback for questions that matter. Know your audiences, their expectations and provide them a fulfilling dining experience GET DETAILED INSIGHTS Download detailed reports to analyse, identify & take appropriate actions & provide a stellar customer experience

REAL-TIME ALERTS Receive digitised feedback alerts instantly & get detailed insights from your smart dashboard

SEAMLESS FEEDBACK INTEGRATION Get precise reviews of each item ordered by the customers, directly into your POS with seamless integration, & accordingly measure dish performance

inresto – Loyalty inresto Loyalty: Recognize loyal customers | Reward customers | Engage customers | Amplify business CUSTOMIZE PROGRAMS Customise your loyalty programs based on the spend and visit behaviour of your customer, in order to increase repeat business & boost profitability

CUSTOMIZE REWARD PLANS Effortlessly devise your rewarding process & notify your customers each time they earn points, to keep them coming back for more

INCREASE REPEAT CUSTOMER RATE Delight loyal customers by rewarding them systematically & give them ample reasons to pay regular visits

ALLOCATE REWARDS Incentivise customers based on their loyalty behaviour & give them an extra reason to visit your restaurant again.

GENERATE REPORTS Generate reports to identify regular customers & acknowledge their loyalty by extending special offers to them

CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION SMS and Email communication to customers, so that they are aware of the reward points they have and come to your outlet to redeem them

inresto – Campaigns inresto Campaigns: Design & Automate campaigns | Engage customers | Analyze the performance of campaigns

IMPORT CUSTOMER DATA Import new data or use data collected through online order or reservation to set up campaigns

RUN MULTIPLE CAMPAIGNS Save cost by reducing your marketing expenses to a minimum with activation of multiple campaigns at the same time

TARGET BASED CAMPAIGNS Reach out to the right audience through target based marketing & communicate directly to your prospective customer base

GAIN PROMOTIONAL INSIGHTS Plan smarter marketing campaigns by tracking the ROI of previous campaigns through insightful reports, to know & understand the spending behaviour of your targetted customers

MULTI-LINGUAL SUPPORT Grow your diner base with a multilingual messaging support system to increase footfall & generate more revenue AMPLIFY REACH Get the right message in front of the targeted audience at the perfect moment with automated marketing campaigns. Run customer specific campaigns to see your conversion rates spike


Introduction to Swiggy Dineout