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1.ENGLISH IS WORD LANGUAGE. Five people in the world can speak English. There are over 400 people with this language as their mother tongue. English, 50' based production either official or one of their languages. English, English, French and even Russian and German are accepted by many as their mother tongue, and upon the attention of these languages, rather than a classroom at school, their small-scale acquaintance in the world and the most common denominator imaginable is English.

2.ENGLISH CREATAS INTERESTING OPPURTUNITIES FOR PEOPLE. Another important reason to learn English is the increased chance of getting a job at a multinational company or working abroad. As a business language, it is very important for employees to speak English when communicating with colleagues in other countries and international customers.

3.KNOWING ENGLISH MAKES CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR CV As we mentioned, learning English for your career is a very good reason in itself. You will feel much more comfortable speaking English.

4.KNOWING ENGLISH PROVIDES YOU FOR THE MOST SUCCESFUL UNIVERSITIES IN WORLD. Because English is spoken in many different countries, there are thousands of schools around the world that offer English programs. If you speak English, there are many opportunities for you.

5.ENGLISH HELPS YOU FOR LOOKING TO MEDIA POPULAR CULTURE ELEMENTS MAINSTREAM ELEMENTS ETC. Have you ever looked at the lyrics of a song and realized you've been singing it with the wrong words for months or years? Have you ever had to wait for the translation of your favorite foreign author's new book to come out? Or have you ever been bothered by the awful dubbing of your favorite TV series? All this is an excellent reason to learn English! You will be able to read the works of your favorite author in their original form, watch movies and television series in English without subtitles, and easily accompany him while listening to your favorite song.

6.LEARNING ENGLISH GRAMMAR IS ACTUALLY EASY. Working on the vocabulary and learning the pronunciation can be a little difficult at times, but the grammar is much simpler than in other European languages. It is incredibly easy to become proficient in English. After that, it's just a matter of expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation.

7.KNOWING ENGLISH LETS YOU EXPLORE ENGLISH INFORMATION SOURCES AND OPENES YOUR HORIZON. Most of the content available on the Internet is in English. Many websites are created in English and translated into other languages, but most businesses don't bother with translation because so many people speak English anyway. Knowing English will give you access to information that would otherwise not be available!

8.ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE SOME OF THE GREATES LITERATURE WORKS. Have you ever wanted to read the works of great British and American authors in their original language? Start learning English now and use your newly acquired language skills with J.K. Evaluate Rowling's Harry Potter series by reading the Stephen King novels. As your English language skills improve with each book you read, you can switch to reading the classic works of masters such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen or Henry James in English, the language in which they were originally written. You will see that you can easily start reading in a very short time!