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Pehchaan | April 2021

Editorial Team

Raees Khan

Asma Jan Muhammad

Muhammad Salahuddin

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Editor’s Note


Employee of the Month


Volunteer of the Month


Ladies Forum Events


Ramadan aur Sehat


World Autism Day


MOU with University of West London


PAD offers free medical care


PAD Therapy section serves community

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Essence of Ramadan


Book Review : Candide


Kids Corner

The downside of empathy

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Editor’s Note Dear Readers, I gladly present the latest issue of “Pehchaan” to you. We are blessed to have another Ramadan in our lives that is an opportunity to gain mercy of Allah SWT and seek forgiveness. This is the month of giving. Pakistan Association Dubai provides many avenues of giving to the needy through specially organized activities and its regular services like Pakistan Medical center. Muhammad Salahuddin

All our services for the needy in UAE, are eligible for your Zakat and charity contributions. The organization is professionally run by volunteers and possess credibility recognized by Community Development Authority, Government of Dubai. I urge all of you to come and join us in serving those who are in need and be eligible for Allah’s mercy during the month of Ramadan. You will find our regular segments and activities updates in this issue. I am anxiously looking forward to your comments, suggestions and participation in your own newsletter called “Pehchaan”.

It is our commitment to give you the best content in every issue. It’s our way of extending gratitude that you deserve to get as member of this association. We made sure that our articles are well-researched & written in line with the editorial standards of the association. For your contribution, suggestions or comments, please write to us at our email address: [email protected]

Keep inspiring!

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Pehchaan | April 2021

PAD offers sincere condolences on the passing of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance. May Allah elevate his ranks and grant him jannah.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Employee of the Month Mehnaz Nazim Ali HR / Welfare officer - PMC Pakistan Association Dubai

Tell us something about your education / experience? I’m a highly motivated individual with more than 20 years’ of experience in administration/business support/HR and L&D. With a Bachelor in Arts & Commerce and diploma/various other certificate courses enabled me to enhance my knowledge and skills. I truly believe that Knowledge is infinite and we can assimilate more if we appreciate the fact that there is so much more to learn. Why you chose to be associated with PAD / PMC? I have always been a peoples’ person and passionate about helping others. I’ve earned diverse work experience with several multinational companies in the UAE, but, in my earlier career, I was never associated with any healthcare/medical facility. I believe that destiny has played its role in bringing me to this place called PAD. Working for healthcare and especially for an institute like PMC which runs with a great cause of serving all communities, allows me to nurture my desire to help others while earning a living and learning each day meeting tech experts, medical staffs and patients. I had however also volunteered for PAD in the past for other activities. What’s your role at PMC and how do you feel being part of PAD family? I am managing 2 portfolios at PMC: HR and Welfare. As HR officer, I’m handling PMC’s hiring/ onboarding/ daily on-job requirements/ performance evaluation/ appraisal/ L&D/

Compensation & benefits/ Off-boarding. I strive to create a positive work environment, providing encouragement, and support keeping my team’s motivation and overall job satisfaction. Within my 6 months tenure with PMC, I have built & showcased solutions and delivered results which are impactful to the Institute. As welfare officer I work for wider communities and feel proud that I am part of providing care for patients and assist families for their medical needs while they go through one of most difficult times in their lives due to Covid-19 situation. Both my roles enables me to play a key part in helping people, and positively affect communities Alhamdulillah. I feel privileged to be part of PAD family which impact people’s lives by providing comprehensive & best quality healthcare service at affordable cost, without discretion of nationality, color, creed or religion. My work day is fast paced but filled with exciting challenges whereby I add value and create productivity. What are your future aspirations / Personal Interest? Managing both portfolios hardly gives me time, however I do read books, listen to Islamic lectures of my favorite scholars and enjoy some “ME” time and family time with my children. I also pursue hobbies are cooking, listening music and singing and wish to learn interior/ dress designing.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Volunteer of the Month

Sumera Siddiqui Talha Graphic Designer / Volunteer / Educator Ladies Forum - Pakistan Association Dubai

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, I came to Dubai in 2009 for leisure and thought of applying for a job here. To my luck, I found a job in an advertising agency in Jumeirah and settled in the very well. Having workaholic nature, I gained many accolades during my short career of 4 years and worked with around 50 well-reputed companies in the UAE which gave me an insight into UAE’s advertising world and also helped me to gain experience and improve my skill set. I got married in 2012 and thought to take a break from work. Still on break from work with 2 kids MashaAllah, I shifted my focus to be a home maker, parent and a freelancer. Being a full-time Mom, I had little free time but was still able to crave some activity for self- fulfillment and personal growth. I was introduced to Islamic Classes in PAD by my sister in 2013, which I attended on and off as my first born was still an infant then. PAD proved to be a blessing for me as it not only provided me with a place to learn and revive my religious understanding & practices, it also enabled me to be productive and make inspiring friends. I was offered to become an educator in Saturday Kids’ class in which I

worked as a hadith /morals teacher. “When you complain about losing YOURSELF in the race of living a life, Allah SWT has His ways to present to you with an opportunity to find a BETTER YOU!” Just when I thought why for everyone else than me?, Allah SWT said to me “It is through them that you get to have yours.” which is then in 2019, I was offered a role in Ladies Forum IT team as a graphic designer, which I thankfully accepted. This proved to be the start of my journey which I had sought for a long time, to work for a better / greater cause. Helping the community has always been my passion and Ladies Forum provided me the right platform. I currently work as a Design Head IT of Ladies Forum. My love for art and design has given me a purpose now. Ladies Form has enabled me to be a better person both mentally and spiritually. Volunteering helps in attaining compassion which is the utmost need of the society now.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” Elizabeth Andrew

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Ladies Forum’s Events

Hunarkadah Launch Hunarkadah was launched online on 2nd Dec 2020 with an aim to make women self-employable and nurture them through planned and regular mentorship. The economic empowerment of women is the key objective of Hunarkadah project. Therefore, at Hunarkadah women are encouraged to start their own micro-entrepreneurial activities and expand or revamp their existing enterprises. Ladies Forum of Pakistan Association Dubai is facilitating them by giving an opportunity to showcase their work globally and promote Pakistani Artisan’s at Hunarkadah in Pakistan Center, Dubai. Throughout the month of March, sale campaign had been running, offering discounts up to 75% on certain products. Members and community were informed about these promotions and campaign through emails, social media and website. Hunarkadah also offered 20% discount to PMC visitors, a direct contribution from Hunarkadah to PMC for women health care. Discount vouchers were placed at PMC reception. Response and Reviews: We received incredible reviews and responses from our community and were appreciated about prices, quality of products and quick delivery. A continuous focus on adding value and delivering excellence, is a driving factor to bring improvements in our services. Contact us: WHATSAPP GROUP FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Email us: [email protected] Official no: 0545827868

***Bring Your Home a Pakistani Heritage. One Stop Shop for Traditional Handicrafts*** Hunarkadah celebrated 23rd March, Pakistan Day by offering specially designed thematic basket combo discounts on products related to Pakistani culture and heritage.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Lifestyle Coaching Series A skilled based program through which Ladies Forum aspires to provide a woman only space to ladies of all ages with a chance to develop skills which can be used as a means of self-expression and selfimprovement. Our plan in the future is to continue offering productive, fruitful yet fun filled Lifestyle Coaching Programs to our Ladies Forum members, which aims to empower women with a vast variety of skills.

Paint along in Acrylic Realizing the difficulties being faced by women

during this pandemic we successfully launched an online course in Acrylic Painting as a first initiative by lifestyle coaching team. Our art instructor, a renowned self-taught Calligraphy artist, Ms. Rubab Zahra who started practicing in 2017 has already conducted a couple of exhibitions and workshops and was also featured on Khaleej Times for her outstanding work conducted a two days long course packed with colors, creativity and lots of art related information assisting the budding artists to enhance their skills.

Paintings by some of our Art Loving Students:

STUDENTS FEEDBACK: “It was a very good experience. Insha Allah will practice more using the techniques that the teacher has taught”- Ayesha Sheikh “Jazakillah khair to the team and specially our teacher for conducting such fun classes online loaded with lots of tips”- Anica Irfan

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Women of Infinite Worth. ‫ تیری ذات سے ہیں سارے سلسلے‬.... ‫عورت‬ Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and longterm development of nations. In March Ladies Forum came forward with a month-long campaign, “Women of Infinite Worth honoring women from all aspect of life”

Campaign started with a successful Zoom event organized by Tamkeen as a panel discussion with corporate coaches, NLP certified trainers, writers, bloggers, and motivational speakers, Kiran Shah and Sadaf Tauqir. Sadaf Ather, Head of Tamkeen, and 1st Happiness Editor in Khaleej Times Saman Haziq kept the discussion interactive. The main objective behind the event was to motivate and guide home- based ladies to be confident and manage family and business together to be a successful entrepreneur. The discussion was ended by excellent feedbacks from the attendees, few of them are: “JazakAllah for such inspirational and motivational discussion, which has awakened our inner courage to do something in a better way, stay blessed with much more success Ameen” Tahira “Today's Tamkeen session was beyond words. More than corporate training I felt they were teaching the art of living: building self-confidence and self-esteem plus resilience. More of mind play and mind challenge Barakallah feek for great efforts.” Khadija Maklai. “Masha Allah, so motivational and inspirational counselling.... learned a lot. It’s changed my mind and gives me energy to cope and deal with my doubts.”. Anum Imran.

Every Day Is MOTHER’S DAY Some relationships are near to our heart and rank above all other bonds. One such connection is between a mother and child. Motherly love is valued as the most unconditional form of love. Ladies Forum honored all mothers through, not one day but Every Day is MOTHER’S DAY. Our Honehaar’s creative youngsters

expressed their love to moms and made a point to share with everyone that not one day, but Each and Every Day Is Mother’s Day, through cards, poetry, messages and drawings. Page 8 of 36

Pehchaan | April 2021

Women Wellness Workshop The webinar was the last part in the series of “Women of Infinite Worth,” Campaign. Women Wellness Workshop was conducted by Dr. Summia Naz, a BSc, Ph.D., an integrative health coach on the 28th of March, 2021. Rehab Farooq started the webinar with Quran recitation. An interactive workshop, in which Dr. Summia covered topics such as Mental Health, Developing Healthier Habits and Techniques/Knowledge in Enhancing Youth and Vitality in life and highlighting the effects of stress and how it destroys us. She explained the benefits of slowing down our lifestyle by pausing, followed by thinking and reflecting, ways to regulate our emotions, by exercise, diet and resetting our health through Sunnah Fasting, Brain Plasticity and Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Throughout the workshop, Dr. Summia carried out various exercises with the audience to help them apply the knowledge into their lives. The second session was conducted by Shumaila Minhaj, a Nutritionist and a Motivational Speaker. She enlightened the Value of Good Health and mentioned free resources that are easily accessible to everyone. She ended the session by emphasizing on educating our kids on maintaining good healthy habits.

PanKitchen In the 3rd month of its launch, almost 700 members started to share their kitchen related creativity. Our admin Sadia Asif shared many of her tested recipes with her professional interior decoration and food photography skills to inspire members to raise their level of presentation and follow the mission of this group which is “love your kitchen with fun and style”. March monthly contest was about Old is Gold-Khandani Recipes, which are inherited from our families and members shared their unique, distinctive and exquisite food recipes. Winner Recipe Title goes to Erum Adnan and Amina Pervez was Top Contributor. Tips and Hack Quizzes was also held to help community by providing quick solutions for various food handling problems. Members participated very anxiously. Winner of quiz competition was Farida Asif. Feedback from our Members: “The platform is fair and promotes healthy competitions. I’m glad to have joined and am excited for future events”. Lubna Hameed “Each day I am learning wonderful recipes n new ideas how to present food n much more”. Namra Chughtai. “Love your page, especially food presentation is too good”. Hina Ikram

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Welcome Ramadan Sessions by Education Department Isteqbal-e-Ramadan - Girls Ramadan Program 27th March, 2021. A program organized by the Enlightened Journey class to spiritually and physically prepare the girls for the blessed month of Ramadan through nasheeds, quirky life tips, riddles and recipes. Sisters- Maisa Naseem, Shahzareen Muhammad, Dr Ghazala, Nadia Rao, Sumaiya Rao, Sara Rao, Haania & Hamna Waqar, Somia Jameel, Fibah and Filza Fasih – combined their efforts to make this program a special one!

Little Scholars-Kids Ramadan Class on 27th March, 2021 covered a broad range of topics related to the blessed month of Ramadan in such a way to entertain and be informative to our young audience. An awesome program was hosted by our Little Scholars gems which included nasheeds, skits and last year’s Ramadan experiences of our little ones

Bab-ur-Rayyan Ki Taraf, Ladies Program on 30th March, 2021. A welcome Ramadan program covering the topics Jannat kay safar ki tayyari and Ramadan with my family, with practical points shared by Sisters Sameera Salman and Shahzareen Mohammad, beautiful nasheed recited by sister Kiran and ending with a heart-warming dua by Sister Farida Jaleel. Around 150+ ladies attended this live session via Zoom.home, to bringing change in the community by becoming a helping hand to the bread winners of the family. The Enlighted Journey Class - Debate Competition Girls Debate Competition was organized by Enlightened Journey Class on the topic “Covid-19, a Test or a Punishment”. Attended by 50+ young girls, was a great success and was astounding source of learning and entertainment.

Bazm-e-Qalam Writing is a medium of human communication and a writer uses written words in different styles and techniques to communicate their ideas. Ladies Forum’s new initiative, Bazm-e-Qalam is committed to provide a platform, through which writers can share thoughts with creativity of their own.

Azam-Weekly Updates Art Class conducted by sister Beena Safdar about Acrylic Pouring and Puddle Pour techniques. Step by step explanation was given to the children via Zoom. Azam also contributed in Women – of Infinite Worth campaign with Nutritionist sister Shumaila Minhaj specifically discussing about importance of a Mother’s Health and Wellbeing. The main point emphasized was on energy level and the general feeling of goodness. Sister Sadia Asif admin of LF-PanKitchen, conducted an interactive cooking session via Zoom and shared recipes of different types of sandwiches and fruit dips. In an easy-to-follow manner, instructions were given to the children and were encouraged to participate alongside. Once again physical training session was conducted by brother Muneeb Shah, from SAHFC at PMC where he demonstrated basic exercise routine that are easy yet necessary. Children did their best to follow the instructor. Page 10 of 36

Pehchaan | April 2021

About Ladies Forum This pandemic united us in a different way, by isolating ourselves we try to keep us and our community safe. Ladies Forum came up with a unique way to be in touch with our members, by introducing our Departments, Team Heads and Valued Volunteers.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Our Social Media played a vital role in this campaign throughout the month by contributing, Women of Strength success stories, posting short videos, poems and articles about life changing experiences and daily reminders for motivating the community. Ladies Forum would like to thank all the volunteers for helping in serving the community. Your willingness to give so freely of your time and service is greatly appreciated. Your support and hard work for 'All About Us Series' allowed us to introduce Ladies Forum and its initiatives in a new and innovative way. This has allowed others to understand what Ladies Forum works towards and we have started seeing more individuals now taking interest in our initiatives. All this would not have been possible without your time and support. Thank you once again.

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‫‪Pehchaan | April 2021‬‬

‫رمضان اور صحت‬ ‫رمضان کے روزے جسمانی‬ ‫اور ذہنی صحت کے لیے فائدہ مند ہوتے ہیں‪،‬‬ ‫اگرچہ مسلمان کسی دنیاوی فائدے کے لئے روزے نہیں رکھتے لیکن جدید تحقیق سے ثابت ہوا ہے کہ رمضان کے روزے رکھنے کے سینکڑوں جسمانی اور‬ ‫ذہنی فوائد ہیں‪ ،‬ڈاکٹروں اور ماہرین کے مشورے سے روزے رکھنے کے نتیجے میں شوگر کے مرض پر قابو پانے‪ ،‬وزن کم کرنے اور بلڈ پریشر و‬ ‫کولیسٹرول کنٹرول کرنے سمیت کینسر کے بچاؤ اور دماغی امراض پر قابو پانے میں مدد ملتی ہے جبکہ ڈپریشن‪ ،‬گھبراہٹ اور سگریٹ نوشی سمیت دیگر کئی‬ ‫مسائل سے نجات حاصل کرنے میں بھی روزہ مددگار ثابت ہوتا ہے۔‬ ‫اعلی درجے تک پہنچانے کا سامان مہیا کرتا ہے۔ اور جسمانی‬ ‫رمضان کریم کا بیش قیمت تحفہ یہ ہے کہ وہ انسان کو روحانی اور جسمانی‪ ،‬دونوں لحاظ سے‬ ‫ٰ‬ ‫تندرستی پانے کا راز اس گر میں پوش یدہ ہے کہ روزے دار اس مبارک مہینے میں صحیح اور متناسب غذا کھائے۔‬ ‫رمضان اور صحت كے سلسلے میں پاکستان ایسوسی ایشن دبئ کی میڈیکل ونگ شفا نیوز انٹر نیشنل کے توسط سے ایک مفید اور معلوماتی مضمون پیش کر‬ ‫رہا ہے‪ -‬امید ہے قارئین اس سے استفادہ كریں گے۔‬ ‫ڈاکٹر نگہت افتاب‬ ‫صدر میڈیکل ونگ‬ ‫پاکستان ایسوسی ایشن دبئ‬

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Pehchaan | April 2021

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Pehchaan | April 2021

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Pehchaan | April 2021

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Pehchaan | April 2021

World Autism Day Autism is marked by challenges in communication and unique ways of learning and interaction on a spectrum which offers varying characteristics. With our support, these individuals with exceptional differences can enjoy meaningful opportunities and equal treatment. Embrace the differences, spread kindness. 2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day and our Azam children celebrated by participating in a cooking competition for Pan Kitchen. Here are a few pictures of how these gifted children can discover their skills with food and colors if given the right mentors. ‘ Azam ‘ is an initiative of our ladies forum of Pakistan association Dubai that provides support, strength and is a platform for these amazing souls to go above and beyond with their creativity. These children and their caregivers are continuously facilitated by our volunteer counsellors and therapists. Alhamdulilah many children enthusiastically shared their Cooking videos on Pan Kitchen FB page. Sharing some very special pictures of our Azam children turning into chefs and showing their creative side.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

PAD signs MOU with University of West London PAD has proudly signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of West London (UWL) to promote opportunities of training and education within our community. The MoU was signed by PAD President, Dr Faisel Ikram and CEO UWL, Mr Rafi B. Ferry who were joined by Mr Muhsin Al Banna (PAD General Secretary) and the UWL team: Dr Mohan Agarwal (Dy. Dean) Mohammed Zaheer (Head of Operations) M. Ali Hamadani (Business Development Manager) PAD and UWL will work in collaboration to provide scholarships to students as well as training courses for the PAD team and members of our community.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

PAD offers free medical care to in-need UAE residents Nearly 2,500 patients have been treated at The Pakistan Medical Centre since it opened in 2020

Pakistan Medical Centre is financed by members of the community and receives support from the Community Development Authority in Dubai. The Pakistan Medical Centre in Dubai has helped thousands of patients by offering free medical care. Nearly 2,500 people have visited the centre since it opened in October 2020. The majority received free help while others were given a discount, said Dr Nasim Sabir, the centre's medical director. The Dh20 million non-profit healthcare centre is overseen by the Pakistan Association Dubai and is open to all. Shagufta Nasreen, 39, a single mother in Dubai, sought help from the facility for her son Ghazi, 14, who has type 1 diabetes. He received free examinations and the centre now delivers medicine and insulin to his home. Diabetic patient Ghazi, 14, receives free medicine from the Pakistan Medical Centre. Photo: Shagufta Nasreen “It was really difficult to afford all of this on my own,” said Ms Nasreen, who earns about Dh700 a month from a small catering business she runs from her home.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

“The cost of all of the tests, medicine and insulin was coming to thousands of dirhams. I don’t even earn Dh1,000 per month; how would we afford to cover those costs? We’re very thankful to the Pakistan Medical Centre for helping us.” Dubai resident Nighat Farooqi, 65, also approached the centre. Suffering from osteoarthritis and thyroid problems, Ms Farooqi had several check-ups and tests, and was given medicine, including an injection she has to take every six months.

The centre is a Dh20 million non-profit healthcare facility, overseen by the Pakistan Association Dubai. “I have unbearable pain because of the osteoarthritis. It causes so much pain in my bones and muscles, it’s difficult to move,” she said. Ms Farooqi – a widow – moved to the UAE 40 years ago. She worked as a teacher for several decades before retiring. Her daughter supported her, but she lost her job in the aviation sector less than a year ago. “We manage to arrange money for food somehow, but the rest is incredibly difficult,” Ms Farooqi said. Dr Sabir says the centre has seen nearly 2,500 patients The centre is supported by individuals and the Community Development Authority in Dubai. It has also partnered with private hospitals, such as Mediclinic Middle East and American Hospital. “Pakistan Medical Centre is a multi-speciality polyclinic offering services [such as] paediatrics, dental, women’s health, cardiology, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, among many others,” Dr Sabir said. Page 20 of 36

Pehchaan | April 2021

“We also educate our patients and advise them on managing their lifestyle and preventing disease.” The centre treats patients with acute and chronic medical problems and provides referrals for those who need further treatment. “Patients who are unable [to pay] are given free treatment and there is no discrimination,” said Dr Sabir, who is a pathologist and microbiologist. “We have a very transparent welfare process and a welfare officer is on our premises at all times who evaluates the patient's financial status and provides support. “The decisions are made solely on humanitarian grounds and we ensure no deserving patient is turned away. The project is a model of tolerance from the Pakistani community and is in line with the vision of the UAE government of tolerance and inclusion.” Located in Oud Mehta, the centre can be reached on 04 337 3632.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Chairman of Tomini group visited PMC Chairman Tomini Group, Mr. Imtiaz Sheikh has been a great support for our project. As corporate partners, the Tomini Group has helped us procure the best Ophthalmology equipment at PMC. Thank you for being a part of our cause

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Pehchaan | April 2021

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Pehchaan | April 2021

PMC’s therapy section serves community

Professional healthcare experts in any society with the heart of serving the community always make a difference. Dr Majida Fazal, Senior Physiotherapist at Pakistan Medical Center is one of them as she makes life easier for many community members suffering with different stress related muscular issues. “Physiotherapy is a very vital role in rehabilitation of a patients especially one who had any accidents. Since the opening of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Pakistan Medical Centre six months ago we are receiving patients suffering from stress or muscular issues due sitting or being engaged in one particular position for a long time as well as some who are recovering from the recent accidents. Dr Majida Fazal, Senior Physiotherapist at PMC “With the addition of the latest Redcord Therapy machine we are now serving our community much better. We started appointments for this machine last week and so far the response from our patients is satisfactory as they are feeling improvement on a daily basis, “ she said. She further mentioned that the above mentioned machines are not being used by many physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers as it is costly and one can not use without proper training. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center at the Pakistan Medical Center has two full-time GP, two dentists, conducting tests as well as installed a latest European system of Redcord Therapy. “We recently introduced many latest methods in the physiotherapy field besides installed this machine as this Redcord Therapy is not new in the UAE but not very limited. The major benefit of this equipment is that we can treat any patient of all ages as one can with guidance can exercise to improve his muscle strength, flexibility or any issue. Young people with normal body can improve their core while adults make strong their bodies to use of this Page 24 of 36

Pehchaan | April 2021

machine,” she said. The rehabilitation centre with its all facilities deal with patients of different types of muscle problems, sports injuries, people had recent accidents, neuro cases, patients with post surgery cases and others.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Essence of Ramadan

O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint,We are again on the doorstep to follow the commandment of God given in Quran regarding the Siyaam (Fasting). It is the second pillar of Islam and made mandatory on every adult Muslim man and woman to fast 29/30 days of Ramadan from the sighting of the moon of the 9th Month of the Lunar Calendar to next sighting of new moon of 10th Month of this calendar. The command about Ramadan is very clear and concise, but it is equally deep profound and encompassing the entire life of a Believer. If we go through its wordings they can be classified as: • Fasting is prescribed for you • As it was prescribed to those before you • That Ye may (learn) self-restraint. This clarifies the following: • Fasting is Universal applicable to every human from the beginning of the time. • Fasting is to teach self-restraint.

َ ُ َ ُ َّ َ Actually the real word is ‫ ل َعلك ْم ت َّتقون‬the literal meaning of which are much deeper comprehensive and all compassing than SELF-RESTRAINT. Arabic is such profound language that its one word carries the meaning which cannot be properly translated in the any other language of humans. “Taqwa” in Arabic has very vast connotation but in simple word it means being afraid of God, but in real deep meanings of it are that a quality in a person that commands him to adopt all practices what God has commanded to and likes and to avoid that God prohibits and dislikes. Now looking to this simple command it covers the whole spectrum of pious, pure, just, and disciplined life of peace, patience, justice and tranquility.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

God’s likes are actually the whole 63 years life of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). And dislikes are what he has avoided or has ordered to avoid.For Example; God likes: Honesty, Integrity, Punctuality, Good manners, Respect of Parents, Helping poor and needy, Taking care of your neighbors, Fulfilling your worldly obligations and obligation towards God, Appreciating everyone and everything that God has made, Thinking and contemplating about the world around you, Acquiring the knowledge, and lot more which is healthy useful beneficial for self, society, surroundings and the universe. While God does not like and stops: To be dishonest, cheat, liar, hurtful to anyone, neglect the obligation towards God and fellow humans, and create chaos in the world and avoid all those acts and practices that can harm self, society, surroundings and the universe. So the real purpose behind fasting is not being hungry thirsty an finishing reading 10 times full Qurans without understanding a single word and its commandments and stuffing our tummies with tasty food after sunset and stuffing more before sun rise, but to strive to acquire “TAQWA” which is a tall order and the real purpose of a Momen’s life. If we fail in understanding the above real meanings and do not acquire the desired qualities in our lives, I think we are wasting a life time opportunity provided to us every year to reach the goal set for us by the Creator. MAY GOD GRANT US THE FORTITUDE ATTIDUTE, APTITUTEDS SET FOR A GOOD MUSLIM THROUGH THIS BLESSED MONTH OF RAMDAN- AMEEN.

Rais Khan is a Chartered Accountant and an author. He has worked in corporate sector for 40 years in a variety of corporations ranging from IBM to Etisalat in UAE. He has worked and lived in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Africa and the UAE. Currently he is a freelance business consultant and part-time writer. He is the Editor of Pehchaan and can be contacted at [email protected]

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Nazm-e-Qurani Ka Safar starting from 4th Apr to 28th Apr, every Sunday to Wednesday from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon. Understanding the wisdom behind the arrangement of all Quranic Surahs with effective tips to benefit from endless opportunities of the blessed month. As the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching, Journey of Knowledge has designed a unique interactive weekly workshop, Ramadan: A Soul Nourishment Journey, starting every Sunday 4th Apr to 25th Apr, from 10 - 11 am. A 4-session workshop focusing on productivity, steadfastness, preparing ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and socially to welcome Ramadan.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

The downside of Empathy Empathy is an interesting phenomenon which came into my vocabulary two and half decade ago while learning business communication and interpersonal skills. The word particularly caught my attention owing to the meaning attached to it, which described it as “putting oneself into the shoes of other person!” This kind of tuning into emotions of others plays a crucial role in “feeling the feelings” is generally thought as the foundation of morality. Empathy is essential to understand someone else’s behavior as all behaviors are in response to certain situation / context. When you know and understand a person’s situation, interpreting their actions and speech becomes simpler and easier. Such empathic insights create strong bonds and often leads to caring responses which is the positive side. And then there is the negative. Feeling the pain of others opens us to sharing difficult emotions which takes effort and enough attention. Employing too much of empathy is bad and could lead to stress, anxiety and burnout. Times of intense struggle and pain for others can be draining on self and requires exercise of careful self-management and control to not be consumed by an overdrive of emotions. In other words, being fully engaged in empathy includes skills that allow us to separate our feelings from those of others. Our ability to be aware of our surroundings and the actions of others without letting it overwhelm or distract us is key. We can do this through mindfulness, often described as being in the moment. It is our ability to stay focused while not over-reacting. Another way is to “step-back” for a while to self-reflect while giving ourselves space / time to process and understand the real perspective. While empathy does create strong bonds and connections, in any relationship, empathy cannot continue to be employed by one-side only. To have a win-win situation, empathy need be exercised on both sides of the coin and the person going through a situation need to recognize and appreciate the empathetic support from the surroundings. While the level of extent a person is able to employ and exhibit empathy varies, an entire absence of empathy on the recipients’ side would only frustrate the other side in the longer run turning the relationship toxic. We tend to lose people first by not understanding them, then by not sharing in full what we understand and assume, and eventually by misinterpreting their behavior and creating a wrong assumption in our heads for life. Empathy is the capacity to think and feel oneself into the inner life of another person, their intentions and emotional state. Since it allows a person to read the emotions of another- this also reveals their weaknesses and most vulnerable points, which could cause discomfort in the recipients as being invasive to their weak points. However, in understanding each other better and analysing our own personal relationships to the labour of empathy - lies the only true hope for liberation and a contented future. About the Author: Asma Jan Muhammad believes in enabling others by unifying amazing ideas and individuals. She is a strong believer in promoting tolerance, diversity and equality. She seeks inspiration from art and music and aims to impart her experience and knowledge to inspire and enable others. Asma is a Chartered Accountant from Pakistan and England & Wales with 16 years of experience in diverse industry sectors at senior management level.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

CANDIDE – by Voltaire (Part 1) AUTHOR Voltaire was the pen name of Francois-Marie Arouet, a French writer, historian and philosopher of 17th/18th century of European enlightenment era, who became famous due to his liberal views on personal freedom of speech and choice of religious thoughts. He was a prolific writer and contributed in all literary forms including poetry, prose, plays, etc. TITLE OF THE BOOK For the purpose of this review, I chose his most famous satirical novella having French title ‘Candide, ou l’Optimisme’ which was originally published in 1759. This was translated into English as Candide: or, All for the Best, Candide: or The Optimist, and Candide: Optimism. I read an Urdu translation of the book years back and for the purpose of this review, I was tempted to re-read its English version available on the Project Gutenberg’s website. CONTEXT In order to understand the background of this novel, it may be relevant to mention here a German Philosopher of enlightenment era whose name was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. In his famous essay ‘Theodicy’, it was reasoned by Leibniz that ‘we live in the best of all possible worlds’. Though this conclusion was in a particular context of the discussion in his essay, many other philosophers including Voltaire did not agree to such conclusion and, hence, based his satirical novel ‘Candide’ to controvert this claim. For this purpose, in the novel, a character named Dr. Pangloss was created by Voltaire with reference to whom the above phrase was reiterated in all the catastrophes happening to different characters throughout the novel. Despite certain controversies surrounding the novel’s subject, the same is considered to be magnum opus of Voltaire and included by Martin Seymour-Smith in the list of 100 most influential books ever written. PLOT OVERVIEW & LAYOUT The story primarily revolves around the main character Candide who had to suddenly abandon his peaceful life in a German Baron’s castle followed by his travel to various parts of the world where he interacted with different characters and experienced different events. There are 30 Chapters of the novel which have different headings to denote the content of the particular chapter. As the novel relates to different places where Candide travelled, one may sub-divide the chapters as Chapters I to X – Europe, Chapters XI to XX – Americas / New World, and Chapters XXI to XXX – Europe & the Ottoman Empire. EUROPE The First Chapter describes that Candide living in his Uncle’s castle was being taught by Dr. Pangloss , who “gave instructions in metaphysico-theologico-cosmolo-nigology. He proved admirably that there cannot possibly be an effect without a cause and that in this best of all possible worlds the baron’s castle was the most beautiful of all castles and his wife the best of all possible baroness – it is clear, said he, that things cannot be otherwise than they are, for since everything is made to serve an end. Everything necessarily serves the best end. Observe: noses were made to support spectacles, hence, we have spectacles. Legs, as anyone can plainly see, were made to be breeched, and so we have breeches….Consequently, those who say everything is well are uttering mere stupidities; they should say everything is for the best.” 1 1

Nephew of a German baron who grew up in the baron’s castle Candide’s tutor who taught that this world is the best of all possible worlds

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Pehchaan | April 2021

The above excerpt describes the main theme of the philosophical optimism which was satirically criticised by Voltaire in the entire novel. Whilst Candide firmly believed in the above, he fell for the Baron’s daughter Cunegonde which was not approved by the Baron resulting in his expulsion from the Castle.

Candide was then helped by certain people in the next town which ended up in his joining for Bulgar army. However, he was soon court-martialled and given a sentence of execution but eventually pardoned by the Bulgar King. Candide then ended up in Holland where again he felt certain miseries but then helped by a kind Anabaptist, Jacques. His kindness reminded Candide of the teachings of Pangloss that everything is for the best in this world. Candide then found Pangloss in a street in the form of a rugged beggar. Pangloss told Candide that the Baron’s castle was invaded by Bulgars and everyone there was murdered including Cunegonde. However, despite all the miseries, Pangloss maintained his view about the philosophical optimism. Jacques found a doctor who looked after Pangloss so that he could be cured from his disease and thereafter, three of them ventured on a business trip to Lisbon. On the trip, whilst Pangloss explained as to how everything was so constituted that it could not be better. Jacques, however, did not agree to this assertion as in his view “"mankind have a little corrupted nature, for they were not born wolves, and they have become wolves; God has given them neither cannon of four-and-twenty pounders, nor bayonets; and yet they have made cannon and bayonets to destroy one another. Into this account I might throw not only bankrupts, but Justice which seizes on the effects of bankrupts to cheat the creditors.” On their way, the Ship encountered a thunderstorm and while Jacques saved the sailor, he himself fell overboard. The ship sank and the only survivors, Candide, Pangloss and the sailor managed to reach Lisbon where the city was hit by a worst earthquake. Both Pangloss and Candide helped the victims while Pangloss consoled them by reiterating his philosophy to prove that earthquake has happened for good, he encountered an officer of inquisition who said to Pangloss that “Apparently then, Sir, you do not believe in original sin; for if all is for the best there has then been neither Fall nor punishment.” Pangloss however, tried to justify his point. The Portugese authorities then decided that in order to safeguard against future earthquakes of similar nature, certain people who were not otherwise living their lives as per acceptable moral standards were chosen to be burnt. They also hanged Pangloss for his weird opinions and publicly flogged Candide for being his follower. Candide was then approached by the old woman who took care of him and brought him to her patron who was found to be the baron’s daughter Cunegonde. Candide was delighted to found her back and alive. Cunegonde shared her miserable story with Candide and expressed her doubts upon Pangloss philosophy as she was then a slave of the Grand Inquisitor who was also in possession of her jewels. Candide somehow killed the Grand Inquisitor and ran away alongwith Cunegonde and the old woman after gathering Cunegonde’s jewels. All three arrived at the little town of Avacena in the midst of the mountains of the Sierra Morena where someone stole Cunegonde’s jewels and Candide was again shaken on his old belief in Pangloss’ ideology. Nevertheless, they all then travelled Page 31 of 36

Pehchaan | April 2021

to Cadiz where they found troops prepared to sail to the New World i.e. Americas. Based on prior military experience, Candide was made Captain and all three started their journey towards Americas for which Candide predicted to be the best of all possible worlds. AMERICAS / NEW WORLD During their journey, the old woman shared the story of her miserable life with Candide and Cunegonde primarily in response to the latter’s claim that she had the most miserable life and could not expect anything better even in the new world. The old woman told that she was the daughter of Pope Urban X and the Princess of Palestrina and hence raised in the midst of incredible wealth yet the events of her life unfolded in a manner that she led a very difficult life ending up as maid of Cunegonde. She confessed that “A hundred times I was upon the point of killing myself; but still I loved life. This ridiculous foible is perhaps one of our most fatal characteristics; for is there anything more absurd than to wish to carry continually a burden which one can always throw down? to detest existence and yet to cling to one's existence? in brief, to caress the serpent which devours us, till he has eaten our very heart?” The journey culminated at Buenos Aires where they visited the Governor (Don Fernando) who proposed Cunegonde to marry him whilst Candide was away. The old woman advised Cunegonde to accept his offer. In the meanwhile, the Portugese authorities found that the three people have been involved in the murder of the Grand Inquisitor and when this news arrived, the old woman advised Cunegonde to stay back as the Governor would expectedly save her and asked Candide to flee from there. Candide was then accompanied by a person called Cacambo who then suggested to him to fight on the side of Paraguayan Jesuits. They met the Colonel who was found to be Cunegonde’s brother who was also able to survive from the Bulgar attack and helped by a Jesuit to recover and eventually became a Jesuit himself and sent to Paraguay to be come Colonel as well as Priest. Candide then informed of his desire to marry Cunegonde on which the Colonel became furious and as a result of a quarrel Candide stabbed him. Cacambo disguised Candide as the Priest and they fled to end up in a strange country with no roads. They were surrounded by a tribe of fierce natives known as Oreillons who were happy to found a Priest to be killed as revenge of their rivalry. Cacambo then made a speech sharing their past events and telling that Candide is not a priest. Part 2 to follow in next issue About the Book Review writer: Books and Music are Muhammad Raza’s passion and childhood hobbies which he continued despite being in a demanding profession. Raza is Partner in Taxation Services department of A.F.Ferguson & Co. Pakistan. He is a Fellow Member of ICAP, an Associate Member of ICAEW, an International Tax Affiliate and Certificate holder in the subjects of International Taxation & Transfer Pricing from Chartered Institute of Taxation, UK. Raza is a regular speaker in various seminars and workshops arranged by different organisations on the subject of Pakistan taxes.

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Our Young Poets The fall – the next rise Weary I lay on my bed Staring at the walls They look so unfamiliar Was the ceiling this white? While I thought it was colorful I stretched my hand to grab something in the air In an illusion of catching a glint of hope But the palm returned empty, Fastened into nothingness while the nails Marked down their presence! The air refused to let me breath And I fell into the depths of void My eyes shut and I couldn’t even flinch The courage shattered and destroyed As the abrupt air boosted with speed I rumbled onto my flowers of hopes in a valley of dreams and freed Where nature remains hostile And darkness remain profound Devastated by my abrupt fall I glanced through my eyes Only to be welcomed By a faint ray of hope so nice Flickering and swaying in the dark sight Making me cling onto the last stem of my will May this deadly fall of mine be the unexpected rise of mine.

‫وم پاکستان کے لیے ایک‬ ِ ‫بزم قلم کی طرف سے ی‬ ِ ‫تحریر‬ ‫پاک دھرتی کا قرض‬ ‫ہم اِس سوہنی دھرتی پر نئی صبح جگائیں گے‬ ‫اور شفاف سوچوں کو باہم کر کے نئی تقدیر بنائیں گے‬ ‫ارض وطن پر ریشمی خواب جگائیں گے‬ ‫ہم اِس‬ ِ ‫اور ان خوابوں کے در پردہ نیا دور دکھائیں گے‬ ‫ہم اِس پاک دھرتی کا قرض کیسے چکائیں گے‬ ‫اب پرچم کے سائے میں نئی جستجو کا سفر ہے‬ ‫ہم محبت خیز جذبوں کے نئے دیپ جالئیں گے‬ ‫ب عظیم‬ ِ ‫اب سر پہ ہو سایہ فگن مذہ‬ ‫ہم قرآن کی روشن شمعوں سے نفرت کو مٹائیں گے‬ ‫ہم اِس پاک دھرتی کا قرض کیسے چکائیں گے‬

‫بقلم سعدیہ نوشین نثار‬

Huda Hussain is a passionate young writer from Karachi. Poetry and literature are her interest, besides being a graduate student of public administration).

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Pakistan Day Update It is important to make our new generation aware about the importance of this day. Ladies Forum tried to do its part through different initiative teams and members expressed themselves enthusiastically

PanKitchen celebrated "PAKISTAN DAY" in a very delightful way by sharing their lavish recipes and marvelous decorations to show their love with their country Pakistan. On the occasion of Pakistan Day our talented and passionate Honehaar’s expressed their love and feelings for their country through their beautiful drawings. It was a combine effort of Honehar team to instill the love of country in the heart and mind of our kids. We received an overwhelming response from our little followers

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Pehchaan | April 2021

Kafka & the Doll

At 40, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who never married and had no children, walked through the park in Berlin when he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favourite doll. She and Kafka searched for the doll unsuccessfully. Kafka told her to meet him there the next day and they would come back to look for her. The next day, when they had not yet found the doll, Kafka gave the girl a letter "written" by the doll saying "please don't cry. I took a trip to see the world. I will write to you about my adventures." Thus began a story which continued until the end of Kafka's life. During their meetings, Kafka read the letters of the doll carefully written with adventures and conversations that the girl found adorable. Finally, Kafka brought back the doll (she bought one) that had returned to Berlin. "It doesn't look like my doll at all," said the girl. Kafka handed her another letter in which the doll wrote: "my travels have changed me." the little girl hugged the new doll and brought her happy home. A year later Kafka died. Many years later, the now-adult girl found a letter inside the doll. In the tiny letter signed by Kafka it was written: "Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way." Source: Kafka and the Doll: The Pervasiveness of Loss | HuffPost

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Pehchaan | April 2021

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