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May 1-8

Mother’s Day 1+1

Everything you ever wanted to know about SPF

Dear FRÉ Ambassador, May is here, and this month we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with a BOGO on all our products, including C ME, our new Vitamin C Facial Serum that instantly brightens skin. EDITORIAL TEAM Content Manager JUDE KAYTON [email protected]

Art Director JENNIFER AMOUYAL [email protected]

This month, we also have some great campaigns and offers. We’ll focus on how to get your skin ready for summer with a toner and sunscreen, and we will be introducing our brand new Sun Protect Duo, containing C ME and PROTECT ME for even better protection against sun damage. In this edition of FRÉSH, you will meet more of our incredible ambassadors including Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach Katelyn Scrivano who will share her top fitness tips for moms. We will also be talking about prenatal and postpartum skin in this month’s Active Skin 101. We wish you a wonderful & glowing month. Michael & Mickael

T h an k y o u

FRÉ Ambassadors for being amazing! Special congratulations to our top 10 ambassadors of the month: ALYSSA OLENICK @doclyssfitness KELLY YAGER @klynneyager RACHEL BALDWIN @fitteacherrachel ANNIE MILLER EMILY LOOGMAN @emilyloogman HANNAH JOHNSON @runthismomlife YAARA BENBENISHTY @yaara DANIELLE NATONI @daniellenatoni JOELLE SAMANTHA @joellesamantha SHIRA FELDMAN @shirafeldman

MAY 1 - 8

1+1 ON EVERYTHING FOR MOTHER’S DAY Celebrate Mother’s Day! Buy 1, get 1 FREE. ACTION PLAN 1 • Tell your followers about FRÉ’s Mother’s Day BOGO, and let them know it’s time to share their glow with the moms in their life. 2 • This 1+1 is valid on all products. Your followers just need to order 2 products, and they’ll pay only for 1 at checkout, when they use your code. 3 • Take a photo or video of you and your Mom, or you and your kids using FRÉ. Talk about the products you love and the effect they have on your skin. Get creative with the visuals, the best one will win a prize! 4 • Share the call to action: Order 2 products and pay for one with my code XXX. 5 • Use the hashtag: #sharetheglow #FREmothersday & tag us @freskincare

MAY 9 - 16

Meet the brand new

SUN PROTECT DUO This set contains Vitamin C Facial Serum & Protect Me for just $95 ($120 Value). Your followers can get it for just $80 using your code! ACTION PLAN 1 • Introduce the new set and the products in it: C ME Vitamin C Facial Serum and PROTECT ME SPF30 Facial Moisturizer. 2 • Let your followers know that this power couple is the best way to protect skin from sun damage, fight the signs of aging and repair skin damage. 3 • Explain how to use the 2 products together: first apply C ME and then use PROTECT ME.


4 • When you use the 2 products together, instead of separately, the benefits to your skin increase. Vitamin C amplifies the effects of your sunscreen and fights free radicals and UV rays all day long. 5 • This set is the best way to get strong, healthy skin for summer.

C ME FIRMS, BRIGHTENS, REJUVENATES BENEFITS • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation • Leaves skin looking visibly younger & smoother • Brightens skin & evens skin tone & texture CLICK HERE TO READ MORE



10% VC-IP (ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE). This powerful pure Vitamin C formula, sourced from Japan, penetrates skin more fully and is absorbed better than other formulas on the market. It has a light gel texture that is waterless and fragrance free. In clinical studies, ​​VC-IP showed higher uptake in human cell culture when compared to pure ascorbic acid. Clinical in-vivo studies show a dramatic decrease in UV induced pigmentation when VC-IP is applied consistently for a 3 week period.*

FAST ABSORPTION WITH A WATERLESS FORMULA Many formulas don’t penetrate well, they become oxidized, breakdown or remain in the upper layers of skin. Our patented, waterless formula penetrates better than other formulas for great results on your skin.


PROTECT ME ARGANIA ACTIVE COMPLEX prevents premature aging and protects against sun damage and dark spots. ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS maintain the skin’s health and restore its natural barrier function. STEROLS help retain moisture in the skin even in the most extreme weather conditions. VITAMINS A, B5 & E fight free radicals caused by pollution, firm skin and prevent wrinkles. CHAMOMILE, MELISSA & ROOIBOS (flowers and leaves extracts) have potent antioxidants, anti-bacterial, calming and soothing effects on skin. SYMCALMIN & BISABOL calm redness and prevent irritations and itchiness.

MAY 17-18

Get your first FRÉ!

INTRODUCE FRÉ TO NEW CUSTOMERS WITH 40% OFF + FREE SHIPPING FRÉ creates excellent skincare products for your active life and drives social change and environmental sustainability through the power of women’s communities. Now is the time to introduce new customers to FRÉ with 40% OFF 3 FRÉ bestsellers: DETOX ME, RECOVER ME & the 123FRÉ Set.

ACTION PLAN 1 • Talk about your journey as a FRÉ Ambassador and share why you love the brand. Let your followers know why sustainable brands are important. 2 • Share the ways FRÉ gives back: we use eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging. Our products are powered by argan and for every set sold we plant an argan tree in Morocco to empower women and protect the planet. 3 • Share all or 1 of the 3 items on offer: DETOX ME, RECOVER ME & our core set, 123FRÉ. Take a look at the next page for more info on these bestsellers for first-time customers. 4 • Share the call to action: Enjoy 40% OFF your first FRÉ! 5 • Talk about Argania Active Complex, FRÉ’s patented formula that combines argan oil, argan stem cells and argan leaf water to fight breakouts and the signs of aging. 6 • Let your followers know 97% of our customers love FRÉ and the effect it has on their skin. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee on their first FRÉ, so they can try our products risk-free! 7 • Use the hashtags #firstfre #FRÉskincare @cealia.jane











THE ENVIRONMENT MATTERS! • Our packaging is eco-friendly. • The jojoba beads in PURIFY ME are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. • Our ONE SET, ONE TREE PROGRAM means that for every set sold, we plant an argan tree to protect the environment and empower the women who harvest argan oil. • 123FRÉ is powered by Argania Active Complex (AAC), our patented blend of argan oil, stem cells and leaf water that works together synergistically to fight breakouts and the signs of aging.


DETOX ME Post-Sweat Clearing Mask

99% Natural

Comes in eco-packaging

Natural azulene gives it a signature blue color

Natural scent


Cruelty free


DETOX ME ARGAN OIL AND LEAF WATER EXTRACT HYDRATE These ingredients work together in synergy to improve your skin’s overall health. They are super hydrating and antiinflammatory and work to restore your skin barrier.

KAOLIN CLAY SOFTENS & DETOXES Kaolin clay is an active ingredient in DETOX ME. It is the most gentle clay used in skincare; it softens the skin with natural exfoliators, and removes impurities and excess sebum.

BLUE AZULENE HEALS Azulene is extracted from chamomile; it reduces skin inflammation and is a powerful antioxidant.

YARROW SOOTHES & REDUCES BREAKOUTS Yarrow reduces breakouts, balances skin, and repairs acne scars. It’s a wonderful ingredient to give your skin the extra love it deserves.

DEAD SEA SALTS & SPRING WATER PURIFY Dead Sea Salts and clear Ein Gedi Spring Water boost hydration by strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin.


RECOVER ME Nourishing Night Cream • Combines our patented Argania Active Complex with lavender oil. • Argania Active Complex combines argan oil, leaf water and stem cells, to fight acne and the signs of aging. • This formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. • Lavender has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that protect your skin from environmental damage. • Take care of your skin while you sleep.

Click HERE to learn more.

RECOVER ME is powered by Argania Active Complex (AAC)

AAC combines nourishing argan oil with the stem cells and leaf water of the argan tree.

ARGAN OIL is rich with vitamin A & E, antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid that deeply nourish and hydrate skin.

THE STEM CELLS increase the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenating dull skin.

ARGAN LEAF WATER is rich in phenolic compounds that are known to act as skin protectors and foster collagen regeneration leaving you with younger looking skin.

MAY 19 - 23

How to introduce a toner to your routine

GET 30% OFF REFRESH ME only with Ambassador codes! Say goodbye to dull skin and get glowing with REFRESH ME. It’s the perfect add on to your pre-summer routine.

ACTION PLAN 1 • Educate your followers about REFRESH ME. 2 • REFRESH ME is a hydrating & toning mist that balances your skin’s pH and perfectly primes skin for serums and moisturizers. 3 • Share our recommended routine on IG and all platforms: an IG story, a LIVE, on reels or with a video. We recommend sharing a before and after, for maximum impact. Shake the product and record a boomerang, be creative! 4 • When you meet up with friends or clients, give them a sample spritz. First hand experience with the product is very effective. 5 • Explain to your followers that REFRESH ME is a toner that primes your skin to absorb ingredients, so when you apply REVIVE ME, it will sink deeper into your skin. 6 • Educate your followers about the ingredients that power REFRESH ME. Take a look at the next pages for more info. 7 • Let your followers know that with your code they get 30% OFF REFRESH ME. 8 • Use the hashtags: #freskincare #refreshme

@yaara @thefit_ish_mommy


REFRESH ME ARGAN OIL is rich in Vitamin E which has an anti-inflammatory effect that both prevents the emergence of acne and fights existing acne.

ARGAN LEAF WATER is high in phenolic compounds that have antiseptic, anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

HYALURONIC ACID is a powerful skin hydrator that binds up to 1000 times its weight in water and leaves skin smoother and plumper.

YLANG YLANG FLOWER OIL has antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseborrheic properties that effectively improve the appearance of the skin, clearing pimples and treating various skin conditions.

VITAMIN B6 prevents hormonal acne, inflammation and redness.


REFRESH ME Revitalize and rebalance your skin with our ultra refreshing & toning glow mist. The 2-layer formula tones and rebalances your skin’s pH after you cleanse, priming skin for deeper hydration. STEP 1 Cleanse your skin with PURIFY ME for a gentle and exfoliating cleanse.


STEP 3 Apply a thin layer of REVIVE ME and massage till absorbed for a silky finish.


Step 2 Shake and spray your REFRESH ME hydrating & toning mist.


STEP 4 Apply PROTECT ME or GLOW ME+ for broad spectrum SPF30 sun protection.

MAY 24 - 26

Let's talk about SPF

GET 30% OFF PROTECT ME only with your ambassador code


One of the most important parts of your skin care routine is SPF protection. This is essential all year round, but especially important now that the weather is getting warmer.

ACTION PLAN 1 • Explain to your followers why sunscreen is essential. See the next pages for myths and facts. 2 • Introduce PROTECT ME SPF30 moisturizer and show how you use it daily. 3 • Talk about the additional benefits of PROTECT ME: Specifically designed for active skin, our hypoallergenic formula is non-comedogenic and ophthalmologist tested, so it won't clog your pores, or sting your eyes, even when you sweat. Best of all - it is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and the SPF30 broadspectrum sunscreen will keep your skin safe from the sun’s damaging UVA, UVB, and IRA rays, as well as the harmful effects of sweat and environmental conditions. 4 • Tell your followers to use your code to get 30% OFF PROTECT ME. 5 • Use the hashtags #protectme #sunscreen




MYTH: If it’s not sunny, I don’t need sunscreen.

MYTH: I only need sunscreen if I’m going out.

FACT: The truth is up to 80% of

FACT: You can get sunburn and

the sun’s UV rays can penetrate clouds. It’s essential to wear sunscreen all year round.

be exposed to dangerous UV days through a window. We recommend wearing sunscreen every day, even if you are staying indoors.

MYTH: If I put sunscreen on in the morning, I’m protected all day long. FACT: Sunscreen doesn’t last forever. For best results, it should be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure and then every 2 hours.


MYTH: Wearing sunscreen stops me getting Vitamin D. FACT: Even after applying sunscreen, 2-3% percent of UVB rays reach your skin. This small amount of UVB radiation is enough for your body to produce vitamin D.





MAY 27-29

Memorial Weekend Sale

40% OFF EVERYTHING Get strong, healthy skin this Memorial Day Weekend! This is one of our best sales of the year.

ACTION PLAN: 1 • Post a video or reel sharing the set or products you love most. 2 • Explain what each product does and how they benefit your skin. 3 • Share your skincare challenges & how you use FRÉ to solve them. For example, you can talk about how the Detox Set prevents and repairs breakouts and acne, how the Argan Set deeply hydrates dry and irritated skin, or how the I Am Set balances skin and prevents redness. 4 • If you are not located in the US, you can promote this offer as a PRE-Summer sale. 5 • Use the hashtag #freskincare #FREmemorialday



MOTHER’S DAY PACKAGE FRÉ and Athleta are teaming up this Mother’s Day with a GIFT FOR HER, the perfect gift for the active women in your life. This exclusive package will only be available from May 1-8.

IT INCLUDES: • FRÉ’s CLEANSE ME, REVIVE ME, BRIGHTEN ME and GLOW ME • $50 Athleta Gift Card (available for use online or in-stores)


INCREASE ENGAGEMENT TO BOOST YOUR SALES! Check out Top Ambassador Alyssa Olenick’s @doclyssfitness presentation for you where she shares her most effective tips to reach exceptional sales. Click here. When your followers interact with your posts (likes, comments, saves, shares, etc.), it means that you are creating interest. Interactions and interest lead to sales. Let’s go over some tips on how to boost your engagement and make more sales.

Share images that pop. Make sure there is something special in your photos, so people will take the time to check out what you are saying.

• Respond to questions and comments. Followers want to be heard. When you answer their questions and comments, they feel acknowledged and are more likely to interact with you again. • Post on a regular basis. The more often you post, the more chances your followers have to interact with you. Plan consistent posts, so your followers will expect and look for your new content. • Post at strategic times. Get to know your audience and when they are on social media. Post when traffic is high. • Start a conversation. Ask your followers questions and poll them. Share these responses in a story or video. Make sure there is a balance of your voice and those of your audience. • Put a call to action in your captions. Not every call to action needs to be about sales, but it needs to motivate your followers. The call to action tells your followers what to do next.

MAY 2022

SALES PRIZES Commissions are now cumulative so great sales today make an impact tomorrow. And we are excited to share lots of free products with top ambassadors. All ambassadors have the chance to reach 30% commission! This will be the highest commission yet. Together, we can get there!


0 - $499: earn 10% $500 - $1999: earn 15% $ 2,000 - $3,999: earn 20% $ 4,000 - $5,999: earn 25% $ 6,000 & more: earn 30% Let’s grow sales together! With great content you can get to 50+ sales this month!

5 MOST IMPROVED SALES PERCENTAGES OF THE MONTH: will receive an additional 5% commission on their May sales

3 AMBASSADORS WHO BROUGHT IN THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF NEW CUSTOMERS: will receive an additional 10% commission

BEST CONTENT OF THE MONTH: Photoshoot or special content project with FRÉ

APRIL 2022

Winners SA L ES PR IZ E



• DELANEY SMALLWOOD @dee_muscleifbbpro

• OMER ZURI @omerzuri

• TANIA PESANDO @taniuska_86

• MELISSA BOUFOUNOS @melissaboufounos


SALES PRIZES 3 Ambassadors who brought in the highest number of new customers earn an additional 10% commission • 34 NEW CUSTOMERS • ALYSSA OLENICK - @doclyssfitness

• 12 NEW CUSTOMERS • JESSICA STURDY - @ jessicarosesturdy

• 11 NEW CUSTOMERS • SHIRA FELDMAN - @shirafeldman

P H OTOSH O OT Winners


We’re proud to share the pictures of our Photoshoot winners.

We’re proud to share the pictures of our Photoshoot winner MIMI FRIESER


EMILY LOOGMAN @emilyloogman

ALEXA IDAMA @lowimpactfit

MIMI FRIESER @mimi_goforfit_

DIANA VASSILENKO @dianavassyoga

MAY SALES TRAINING with ANNIE MILLER Join us for our May Live Sales Training with Annie Miller on Wednesday, May 4 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST. This training will focus on 20 post ideas and implementation for Instagram and for our May campaigns.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER In case you missed April’s training session: 4 Focuses and Strategies if Growth Is Your Goal on the Gram Catch the replay here. If you missed the special training session on C ME, see the recording here. GISTER



KATELYN SCRIVANO @katedarkofit

Pregnancy workouts are the safest and healthiest thing to do for your baby. Lifting and staying active keeps mom healthy and actually helps baby development too. Read More




Big hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and postpartum that can cause some skin issues, including dark patches and acne. Use a prenatal/postpartum skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Read More

Secret Secret Ways ways TO USE FRÉ

By LORISA HASENBUSH @lorimarketingblue

My hands get really dry, so I mix a couple drops of 100% Organic Argan Oil into my hand lotion for the ultimate hydrating treatment. By JUDE KAYTON @judejacobkayton

I use 100% Organic Argan Oil if I have eczema and it helps to clear it up!

By MARLENA GELLER @bymarlenajane

By ILANA HART @ilanahartnutrition

When traveling, I use 100% Organic Argan Oil as a leave-in hair conditioner. I apply it just to the ends of my hair after showering to prevent frizz.

I use 100% Organic Argan Oil as a cuticle oil.

C ME by Dekel @the_dekel

We spoke with Dekel, a biomedical engineer and FRÉ’s head of skincare education, about C ME, our Vitamin C Facial Serum. + Our skin is exposed to UV rays and free radicals every day, so we need a combination of sunscreen and antioxidants to protect our skin. Vitamin C is great for protecting our skin, because: It is an antioxidant. It is a collagen booster. It is a skin brightener. + There is one disadvantage to Vitamin C; its most common form, ascorbic acid, is unstable. So, skincare companies use Vitamin C derivatives that turn into ascorbic acid when they are deep in the layers of skin. FRÉ uses Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate 10% VC-IP which OTHER HIGH IMPACT is a high quality derivative of INGREDIENTS IN C ME Vitamin C that has many benefits: It is oil soluble, so the skin • • Argan Oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant absorbs it well. properties. • It efficiently converts to ascorbic • Licorice Root Extract is a melanin inhibitor, so it acid inside the skin. evens out skin tone. • It increases collagen synthesis • Oléoactif® is a patented lipid membrane that more than ascorbic acid. binds to the other ingredients in C ME, making them oil soluble. When ingredients are oil soluble, the skin • In lab studies, it reduced can absorb them more easily. melanoma cell generation by 80%.

• It has anti-aging properties, reducing wrinkles.

• It is stable at high temperatures.

• Althaea Officinalis Root Extract is antiinflammatory. It also helps protect the natural hyaluronic acid found in the connective tissue in the skin. • Bisabolol comes from chamomile flowers and calms and soothes the skin.

• Rice Extract works as an antioxidant and calms and soothes the skin.

• Vitamin E in C ME works both as an antioxidant and a preservative.

How to use


in your daily skincare routine


STEP 2 - Balance skin with REFRESH ME

STEP 3 - Nourish skin with C ME

STEP 4 - Moisturize and protect skin with PROTECT ME


How to use


in your NIGHT skincare routine

STEP 1 - Cleanse with PURIFY ME

STEP 2 - Balance skin with REFRESH ME

STEP 3 - Nourish skin with C ME or REVIVE ME

STEP 4 - Moisturize skin with RECOVER ME

*Dekel always recommends doing a patch test before trying a new product on your face. Put a small amount of the new product on the inside of your wrist. Leave it for 15 minutes. If it is okay, put a small amount of the product on the skin behind your ear. If it is fine after 15 minutes, feel free to use the product on your face.


FRÉ is proud to support Bo’atot, an Israeli nonprofit that empowers girls through soccer. This April, FRÉ met up with our sponsored Bo’atot team. At this month’s meeting, we talked about the effect of sunlight on skin together with Ambassador and Head of Skin Education, Dekel (@the_dekel). We had a friendly soccer match with the girls on our sponsored team. The energy, support, and love was undeniable.

F RÉ BEHIND THE SCREEN Meet Maia You see our names all the time, but do you know who we are? This month we meet our Marketing Ananlyst Intern

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Buenos Aires, Argentina HOW DO YOU WORKOUT? Now, I workout with a friend, doing Youtube videos or Instagram Live workouts at home. I do cardio and strength training. DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? Caring, joyful and passionate WHAT’S YOUR HASHTAG? #betruetoyourself #dontoverthink WHAT DO YOU NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT? I never leave home without grabbing my earbuds and chapstick. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? I wanted to be a dancer, singer and a dentist—all at the same time. WHAT DOES WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT MEAN TO YOU? Women’s empowerment is supporting each other. We raise our voices and awareness about what we deal with, like harassment and inequality. We make things that used to be taboo part of today’s conversation. WHAT WOULD A PERFECT DAY LOOK LIKE TO YOU? I would start by sleeping in. Then, I would go to the beach until it gets cold. At night, I would go out with my friends and my boyfriend.

WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER ONE SKINCARE TIP? Use sunscreen and always take off your makeup before you go to sleep. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FRÉ PRODUCT? WHY? I love C ME. It is very hydrating and makes my skin so soft. I feel like it wakes my skin up in the morning. I also love REFRESH ME, because it is so versatile. It is great to add to my skincare routine and I use it in the middle of the day to refresh my skin. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST GOAL FOR THE NEXT YEAR? In my life, I want to live fully this year. I am trying to live as fully as possible as I build my life in Israel. At FRÉ, I want the company to reach its highest potential. I want to be part of FRE’s growth, getting more people to know the FRÉ brand and to try the products. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR 16-YEAR-OLD SELF? Enjoy your life, because you will never be 16 again. You will fulfill your dreams; you will get there. Be confident. You are the best. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH THE FRÉ COMMUNITY? I am very happy to be part of the FRÉ community. I am very excited and I can not wait to see what the future holds. I love skincare and I can’t believe that I am working at an amazing skincare company, FRÉ.


Congratulations to ALYSSA OLENICK who defended her dissertation and has been awarded a PhD in Exercise Physiology. @doclyssfitness

Congratulations to KIRBY TORIBIO on the birth of her son, Anias Jay, on April 13th. @kirby.toribio

Share it with us at: [email protected]



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