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Safe City Code of Practice -FINAL 2022-digital Flipbook PDF

Safe City Code of Practice -FINAL 2022-digital




Safe City Code of Practice CCTV Operations

Staff working in or from the Safe City Monitoring Facility (Control Room) or any other location associated with Safe City, shall abide by this code of practice and includes all Council employees and contractors. This code of practice is for all cameras, equipment and services operated within the facility and are to be used in conjunction with Ipswich City Council Policies, Procedures and Site-Specific Operating Procedures (SOP’s) issued to security contractors. 1. Objective The primary objective of the Safe City Camera network is for Operators to proactively utilise the cameras to detect incidents and criminal activities that may endanger the public or its property. This involves proactive monitoring and engagement of cameras by licenced security contractors (Operators). 2. Equipment All equipment is to be used for its intended purpose and in accordance with relevant laws and privacy requirements. 3. 14 Days Operators are to ensure that recorded information is secure and destroyed or deidentified when it is no longer required (After 14 days) 4. Privacy Training All security personnel shall successfully complete the Office of Information Commissioners online privacy training courses Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld), and adhere to the IPP’s where applicable and as per instruction. All Operators are to have completed privacy training, site specific training and have a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities and hold a current security/monitoring licence prior to having access to cameras. 5. Training All Operators undertaking training are to be supervised by experienced Operators at all times and have no authorisations whilst in training. 6. Confidentiality and Privacy Confidentiality and Privacy is paramount to your duties as an operator for the Ipswich City Council. The IP Act requires that the Ipswich City Council takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the contracted security service provider is contractually bound to comply with either the Information Privacy Principles (IPP’s) or National Privacy Principles (NPP’s), whichever is applicable, and with section 33 of the IP Act, which concerns the transfer of personal information outside Australia. For the purpose of this document, ‘Privacy’ is defined as an ability to identify a person, ‘Confidential’ is about the maintaining of restricted information.

Ipswich City Council -Safe City Code of Practice 2022-digital version

7. Authorised and Visitors Only authorised persons are permitted entry into the control room. No person is to be permitted entry if unauthorised, intoxicated or disruptive. On duty security operators, nominated council personnel are considered authorised operational staff. Police are also permitted in the room for the purposes of undertaking Official police duties (I.e. Police investigation purposes). •

Police must agree to and sign the conditions of entry are not permitted to operate any council equipment without permission from the Safe City and Asset Protection manager.

No visitation should interfere with the operations of the control room and as such be kept to a minimum. This includes having multiple Police units on site simultaneously.

Maintenance workers and other visitors shall not be allowed within the facility whilst police are reviewing footage or exchanging information with Operators.

8. Camera Operations The operation of the cameras is to be conducted in a pro-active manner to detect any potential offences or dangers to the public and or property. Such dangers or threats may be a person(s) who appears to require assistance, groups gathering, disorderly conduct, and persons drinking alcohol, wilful damage and other offences or behaviour that warrants or requires attention. • Matters should be recorded and reported to the relevant service or agency for action where required. • As listed above, the purpose of the cameras will only be effective if they are being continuously monitored, managed in a method that ensures appropriate use, accurate recording of information and an effective response to a situation where required. • Cameras and associated equipment are to be used by operational Council staff and contracted Operators only. Operators are not to permit visitors or police to touch or attempt to operate. • Cameras are not to be used inappropriately or for personal use or gain. 9.

Video Wall. The Ipswich City Councils Safe City video wall is the focal point of the facility and the public safety surveillance cameras. It is an ‘active’ wall intended on delivering information on relevant areas or systems at a glance and is to be used according to training and direction. (See training documentation and SSOP’s)

Ipswich City Council -Safe City Code of Practice 2022-digital version

10. Reviewing of Images The operations and reviewing of footage are to be in accordance with training and processes by authorised staff. All operators are to be in control of who can see the images at all times and ensure no privacy breaches or inappropriate transmission or viewing or use occurs. • Operators are to record details of all reviews and releases and are to include the details of the person(s) requesting the review, release such as; name, times, dates, cameras, location and outcome of the review/purpose of the release. 11. Communication with Police - Radio & Communications All information, whether observed or heard is to be considered private and confidential. Such information is not to be disclosed to third parties. Conversation on the Police radio must be succinct and professional. Operators in training should be refrained from using the police radio or providing information to police. Information provided to police must not be embellished or an opinion, state only facts. (preferably that can be backed by video recordings where possible) 12. Photography Operators are not to permit any unauthorised photography in the facility. This includes police taking photographs of images on a screen. 13. Code of Conduct All operators and security staff working in or from the control room, are to conduct themselves in a professional and helpful manner. All contractors are to abide by the Ipswich City Council’s Code of Conduct and be given access to such documentation as the time of engagement. 14. Access to Council property Operators are not to be in Council office areas after hours. Contractors are not to help themselves to Council office supplies, stationary and other resources or be in the working space of Council officers unless authorised to do so. 15. Personal Belongings Operator’s personal belongings, bags, mobile phones etc. are not to be in the control room. Personal items can be stored in lockers provided by Council. 16. Council Induction Security Contractors having access to council corporate network, username and password, shall undertake a council induction process prior to being granted the accessibility

Ipswich City Council -Safe City Code of Practice 2022-digital version

17. Breaches to the Safe City Code of Practice or Code of Conduct The Ipswich City Council is responsible for ensuring that any breach of these codes is investigated and documented accordingly. Persons deemed to have breached the codes will risk disciplinary action, including removal from site and/or possible legal action. Operators are required to report any breach, or potential breach of this code of practice to the Ipswich City Council Head of Security (Safe City and Asset Protection Manager). 18. No eating, chewing or drinking permitted in the control room. Please note: This document is also valid for any temporary or smaller security rooms with capabilities of controlling or viewing cameras under Safe City or Council control. Some minor exemptions to certain components such as eating, drinking and personal belongings, may change depending on the room and its use. The security room at Orion Lagoon and at 1 Nicholas Street are currently such exemptions.

Ipswich City Council -Safe City Code of Practice 2022-digital version