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Secure Predictable Client Appointments & Grow Your Marketing Agency Today Flipbook PDF

A new online marketing virtual assistant growth program has been announced by Digital Ad Cast. They showcase the benefit




Secure Predictable Client Appointments & Grow Your Marketing Agency Today

Digital Ad Cast has announced the launch of a new turnkey virtual assistant service for aspiring marketers wanting to grow their business.

Check out the opportunity today and secure the best prospect engagement services to elevate your company!

You can learn more about GoHighLevel, and how the trained assistants can operate the admin elements of your marketing agency seamlessly.

Your CRM-trained virtual assistant will provide you with a consistent stream of appointments each week.

With the pandemic causing millions of families around the US to lose their jobs, more entrepreneurs are turning to homebased businesses.

Online marketing is a highleverage growth industry, and the above-mentioned program makes it easier for you to manage your own business.

Assistants will use a combination of social media and cold email outreach to provide more inbound leads.

Each assistant provided as part of the program is GoHighLevel trained and knows the most effective methods of prospect engagement.

Whether you want to scale your business or secure more customers, the system uses results-backed methods to ensure success.

A spokesperson for the program states: “This is a revolutionary turnkey solution where everything is done for you.”

You don't have to learn a dozen websites or apps. Your virtual assistant knows them all.

Check out the platform today to see what it can do for you!

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