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India International School, KshipraPath, Mansarovar, Jaipur-302020 3rd Edition September- 15 October, 2020

STORY TIME A Journey of Thought

It was a dark night with the snow falling on the trees making the shape like that of a frozen shepherd’s gold hook. Jack could hear the rustling of leaves, and the blubbering of water. It was ghost-quiet. Unfortunately, he was a matchstick, however not feeble, but feisty, a bit clumsy but a smarty pant, he had black hair and earned his living through playing a brown, sober guitar at dusk, under a small shed beneath the dim light. He had a blue rusty cycle that his noodle legs rode every day. Being an orphan, he’d never seen his parents neither gone to school, but still thanked God for what he had. Every day, he finished his daily chores and played his guitar at dusk to earn money. Everything was going well until one day he saw children of his age going to school, playing, enjoying, and doing everything that he didn’t have access to. He was depressed and asked himself, why he couldn’t do those things, which other children often did? Later that day, when he was playing his guitar children teased him to such an extent that he got demoralized and stopped working. Life took a flip, the well kempt house abysmally smelled. The neat walls became grey with fungus, with cobwebs turning it into a dusty hellish cellar. Lastly, his landlord knocked him out because he wasn’t able to pay the rent. He started staying on the roads but didn’t buckle up. Most of the time, he slept hungry and thirsty deflating day by day. Sometimes he begged in front of a bakery, and sometimes in front of a theatre. Suddenly Jack found a spotless white furred puppy with rainbow eyeballs, he was sitting in a torn brown carton, basking with ecstasy though starving. Jack’s heart melted, but he didn’t have money. He gave it a thought and was back to work instantly. After working for 2 consecutive days he could not furnish himself with enough resources. It was biting cold. While Jack shivered, the puppy was calm. This proved a game changer that made Jack introspect. He realised true happiness and peace of mind comes only when we think selflessly. Today, caressing the puppy gave him the much sought peace he had craved for all his life.


My Dilemma Mamma’s boy! What will happen to him when he goes to the hostel? How will he cope up? These were some common queries and concerns that my folks had for me. Being very attached to my mom, it was obvious on their part. I dote on my mom; she’s my first mentor, my guide and philosopher. Could I be leaving her? A million dollar question that will never be answered, at least, that’s what I believed. My mother is my ideal, my benefactor, my inspiration, my oxygen and above all my life. This very life that triggers every act of mine, making me conscious as well as enthusiastic about making a mark in life – only to see that beautiful smile on her face, the smile that gives her an aura of an angel, making her so very special. 28th March 2019 was the day scheduled for the school tour to Kulu, Manali. I was in a dilemma. I couldn’t refuse my colleagues as I wished to accompany them, at the same time, the idea of spending the night, no!! I stand corrected, ‘nights’ and a couple of them, without seeing my mother made me paranoid. The very thought traumatised me adding to my restlessness and wet palms. A certain kind of fear over seized me adding to anxiety resulting in sleepless nights. I remember walking up to mom, I would hold her hand and start crying telling her I didn’t wish to leave her, at the same time she’d suddenly become my punch bag. The inside of me, ‘the child’ longed to go. I realised I had no control over my anger. All my ugly contemptible frustration came out on her like lava emitting its ambers on who so ever came my way. Making a decision was not that easy. I recollect, silently shedding tears, wetting my pillow for days. I realised I need a counsellor, but when your very own mother is your confidante, your counsellor, who do you go to? In school my mentor kept hovering around pestering me to decide and pay the amount at the earliest with make believe statements like, “the early bird picks the first grain,” and I so fell into her trap deeming if all seats are booked, I’ll be left behind. This further added wings to my discomfort. When things reached a height and the teacher needed my consent as soon as possible, I tip toed to my mom’s room. She was fast asleep, there was a serene beauty about her, so calm, so poised, so graceful and above all so patient and tolerant. I quietly got into het quilt and cuddled myself. Even in the depth of sleep, the sonorous sleep, her arms went round my waist. Positive vibrations were exchanged, vibrations that had an electrifying effect. I could feel the warmth coming out from her nostrils. Her arms around me were as if the almighty had bestowed all his blessings. I felt even if God comes in his golden chariot with his angels to lure me to heaven, I’ll have to refuse him for my heaven was right here. All that was needed was to hug her and out would come the spring of fresh energy giving me an answer to all my questions. Her mere touch told me she resides in my heart, my soul and in every drop of my blood. She’ll be with me wherever I go. Her joy multiplies a thousand times when I’m enjoying with

friends. She wanted me to explore, be experienced and gain exposure. The heavy stone suppressing my heart was hauled – I hugged her tight sobbing profusely to which she generously reciprocated. Next morning mom was all ready at the breakfast table and insisted on dropping me to school. In school, she met my mentor, my friends, paid my fees and smiled. Though the somersaults within me had subsided, I knew there was a deep silence behind that broad smile. She was very apprehensive regarding my safety. I pursued my journey with friends, her words constantly ringing in my ears of always being there. Oh yes, Mom’s so right. We were connected round the clock. Thanks to the smart technology of video calling and chatting. Every moment of my journey, my mom was with me. It’s then I realised my mother’s blessings are always with me. Whenever and wherever I needed her, she was always accessible, just a call away. My trip with friends was a memory; I’ll always take delight in. I had cake in both my hands. After my trip I realised I dote on my mom all the more for giving me that strength and confidence, I so truly needed. She’s been my backbone. May God bless her with all his bounty, good sound health and longevity of life -UTKARSH KHANDELWAL(IBDP Jr.)

The Impeccable Taste of Chocolate My father’s friend from the states dropped by a few days back bringing goodies for us kids. The moment I entered the room, my eyes fell on the fancy wrapped treasure within. A few minutes back I was coaxed out of my quilt while watching my favourite TV show. In spite of mom telling me to dress up and come, I got out of bed grunting and grumbling, “Why do people barge in at odd times before ringing up?” Getting out of bed, I took a quick look in the mirror – took different poses, thinking I looked pretty presentable I headed for the drawing room. The first thing that hit my eyes was the cocoa coloured chart paper box of Lindt chocolates. The irresistibly smooth dark chocolate in the chocolate shell! A sudden glow came into my eyes, they lit up. With the same sparkle in my eyes I glanced at my benefactor who was eyeing me with the hawk’s eye ready for a plunge. I looked away with a broad smile greeting my guests with a warm welcome that had become warmer with the intact goodies that had flown in from abroad. I couldn’t help waiting for my guests to go so that I could sabotage the box. Finally, after an hour of formalities the guests left. I was asked to usher them to the car. No sooner had the car left I rushed to pounce on my favourite box of Lindt chocolates, only to realise it had been usurped by mom.

My heart sank, I quickly rushed to mom to inquire but, retrieved my steps when I saw mom coming out from Grandma’s room. I recollected grandma talking on the table telling my father to get her a few chocolates. I could well visualise the smile of happiness and content that must have adorned Grandma’s face. During lunch I saw grandma walk up to the table. Putting the box on the table she looked at me and smiled. We exchanged glances. The food today was a quick affair and I picked up the Lindt chocolate to eat. It was the size of a T.T ball wrapped in a golden wrapper. Impatient, I put the whole thing into my mouth. No sooner had I popped this brown ball into my mouth, it melted with a burst of smooth sublime flavours of cocoa butter, absolutely titillating to the palate. I wished I could stop myself from swallowing, but, the chocolate flavours bursting in my mouth were the nectar for salvation. With my eyes and mouth closed I could only utter sounds like, ahh . . . oonh!! The thick creamy chocolate slid down my throat bringing live the joy of ecstasy that I experienced watching the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the only difference was, here, I was living it, earlier when I’d watched, I recollect the outburst of saliva secreted from the salivary glands, I was so engrossed and got back to the reality when mom handed me a handkerchief to wipe my saliva that had fallen from my mouth on my clothes. Embarrassed, I gulped down the tiny pool of saliva collected in my mouth and resumed watching as though nothing had happened. Today was my day, today I had outstood Charlie’s Bucket. Today grandma was my Willy Wonka. Today, I knew exactly how Charlie felt. To feel it, you need to experience it. Grandma’s cheeks that are otherwise sucked in, bloated on one side like a balloon bringing life to the table. Grandma saw the ecstasy on my face and quietly slipped in a second one towards me. I gave an elated shrill. One was not sufficient for me to flaunt its taste for it had slid down my throat before I realised it. Summer season conspired in the melting of the chocolate and thus, depriving me from savouring on the delicacy. It sure was a herculean task to resist myself from stretching out my hand for more, so I turned to the confines of my room . Today I realised I shared an affinity with the Lindt chocolate. Just like it instantly melts in the warmth of the mouth, the same is the case with me. The love and warmth of people melts me and I forget all my petty grudges against life. Once again I regenerate and rejuvenate myself thanking God every moment for blessing me and taking care of me. Similarly, the satiated sensation of the chocolate somewhere tapped my conscious telling me that I too have the capability, the calibre, the potential, the ability and will to make people around me happy. This marked a turning point in my life making me wiser and more humble. -NANDINI SHARMA (IBDP Jr.)

THE WEB MANIA SAMBHAV AGARWAL (IBDP Yr. I) Nowadays the focus of conversation among teenagers is “Why was joey left alone?”. “Why did Heisenberg kill himself”, “Why did Adam kill Martha”. This is nothing but the growing influence of web series on the culture. People have turned to ‘binge watching’ completing series in a few days and moving to the next. Some series have a long lasting impact, like Friends, one of the most watched series around the world launched in 1994 can still be seen in top 10 list every week, Friends created a cultural phenomenon around the world. The first episode was watched by 22 million people and the show was a knockout success – at the peak of its success with 14 writers working on the show. The show has had a deeper impact on the global culture that possibly even the 4P’s of marketing. Friends was so successful in the United Kingdom that as per a report 11million British women sported the ‘Rchel haircut’. Friends clicked as it portrayed the varied emotions of friendship with utter sincerity. In many countries like India the series was used as a tool to learn English. In Korea parents forced their children to watch Friends so that they could speak with the US accent. The lifestyle showcased in Friends also became very popular, after the release of Friends coffee chains flooded the world. Even in a tea loving country like the UK the demand for coffee increased. Web series are popular because most viewers can relate to the content being portrayed, and frequently get inspired by the plot they sketch.

Pandemic Cripples the Poor SAUMYA AGARWAL (IGCSE Yr. II) Poverty is about not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. However, poverty is much more than just not having enough money. The World Bank Association describes poverty in this way: “Poverty is hunger. Most often, poverty is a situation people want to escape. Poverty is also described as a condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living – in simple words, coming to the impacts that people are facing due to poverty in this pandemic. Covid-19 has exposed the vulnerability of people in countries like India, Nigeria and Indonesia among others, who have recently been able to escape poverty. The number of deaths due to poverty has seen an exponential rise and the measures taken against the same seem to be moving at a snail pace while poverty is galloping ahead. This is one social issue that requires immediate attention since the lives of many poverty-struck villages are at bay. The World Bank estimates that 49 million people are into extreme poverty. A large share of the new poor will be concentrated in countries that are already struggling with high poverty rates, but middle-income countries will also be significantly affected. Almost half of the projected new poor (23 million) will be in Sub-Saharan Africa, with an additional 16 million in South Asia. The number of extreme poor in the poorest countries that are served by the World Bank’s association is projected to increase by 17 million. At the same time, 22 million of the projected new poor will be in middle-income countries. The most important problems that poor people are facing due to poverty in this pandemic are where will they live, loss of jobs, not enough food to eat etc. Measures and solutions taken by Government are that global development actors must design programs that will meet the immediate needs of the individuals and communities most affected. Not just this they should invest in solutions that help them and stand with them in future crises. Responses need to be inclusive, adaptive and sustainable, especially if we can expect to see COVID19 resurface (or other infectious diseases spread) in the months or years to come.

MY PASSION During the corona crisis, we are all under house arrest. Had it not been for the online classes our academics had taken a toll. We were so engrossed in them that we hardly had any time for ourselves. When I realized this, I felt smothered. I wanted to do something which may bring out creativity in me or rather work as a stress buster from my mundane schedule. I felt excitement growing within me, so I shared my thoughts with my mother and after brainstorming quite a few fields, baking won. I’d tried my hands at baking earlier, and as it is, it interests me a lot. As I started to pursue it, I realised I’d rekindled the passion within me and even made an Instagram page for it.

C.A.S Environmental systems and societies There is a lot going in the world, but what we still pass over without giving due attention is the problem of increasing plastic waste around the world. It is a major threat to all the species of living organisms on this planet. It may have 1 advantage but attached to it comes 100s of disadvantages. With this we initiated a step towards sustainability through making a video to create awareness, which put across some facts and figures, we need to think upon. Need of the hour is to be a problem solver not problem creator, with this we also presented solutions with which we can smartly reduce, reuse, recycle plastic waste. It is time to look after our ONLY HOME, OUR MOTHER EARTH. Let's together make our mother earth free of strangling plastic waste which is succumbing its life and our too. - Lucky Nischal (IBDP Yr. I)

Even in these trying times of the pandemic, couldn't stop ESS students of IBDP Year 1 to take a step forward for mother earth. Their efforts in creating awareness about reducing the use of plastic and giving alternative solution is appreciable. Even the smallest of efforts never go waste. Their attitude towards environment can bring a major change in society. Keep it up IBDP junior and let’s join hand with more and more in community to make society - a sustainable society. Ms. MUKTA KHANDELWAL God bless you IB Junior. Teacher (E.S.S)


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Your suggestions if any are most welcome. It will be highly appreciated if parents reciprocate and be a part of this venture in the form of feedbacks, reflections and the most wanted applause.

Kirti Sangtani

Lucky Nischal

Ritika Mittal

Sambhav Aggarwal

Divyanshi Sethi

Kapil Menaria

Mayank Sharma

Nandini Sharma

Shubhvi Jindal

Sushmit Choudhary Utkarsh Khandelwal An endeavour of IBDP Jr. Layout & designing : Utkarsh Khandelwal (IBDP Jr.)

Reflections from Stakeholders The initiative and the leadership quality by the students is praiseworthy. I can see the changes in my child, he is evolving everyday. I appreciate his creativity and how he balances his studies with so many activities giving enough time to people at home. I am happy that my son is grounded to his roots. God bless him always.

Ms. Rashi Khandelwal Mother Of Utkarsh Khandelwal (IBDP Yr I)

It feels so good that even during this pandemic kids are trying their hardest to make the most of it. With this new venture of E-Magazine they put across everything they’ve done throughout the month, a very well representation of all the activities. It doesn’t really feel as if it’s E-magazine because everything is so well written and described, so colourful and attractive. A very amazing initiative by the students and teachers.

Ms. Kirti Sharma Mother Of Nandini Sharma (IBDP Yr I)

I'm pleased to see how the school magazine has provided a platform for the students to hone their creative skills. Students are motivated to showcase not only their writing skills but also their artwork. Kudos to IIS for yet another initiative for keeping our kids positively occupied!!

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Ms. Mani Bhatia Mother Of Kabir Sahni (CLSP 8)

Hat's off to the rigorous curriculum of the programme, the balanced approach to academics and co-curricular activities. A realisation that I face is that we as parents underestimate our wards. I now celebrate every moment with my son and wish him the best in life.

Ms. Monika Agarwal Mother Of Sambhav Agarwal (IBDP Yr I)