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Simple Red and Beige Vintage Illustration History Class Education Presentation (1) Flipbook PDF

Simple Red and Beige Vintage Illustration History Class Education Presentation (1)




Dr. Jose Rizal TRAVEL'S / JOURNEY Glenn Jay Rollon BSHM22A

Rizal's First Trip Abroad 3 May 1882 Rizal left Philippines for the first time Spain. He boarded the Salvadora using a passport of Jose Mercado, which was procured for him by his uncle Antonio Rivera, father of Leonor Rivera. He was accompanied to the quay where the Salvadora was moored by his uncle Antonio, Vicente Gella, and Mateo Evangelista.

Philippines May 3, 1882 Rizal left Philippines to complete his studies in Spain. He boarded the Salvadora using a passport of the name Jose Mercado.

Singapore May 9, 1882 The Salvadora docked at Singapore The first stop over of Rizal on his way to Spain is Singapore, which he spent for sightseeing the city including its famed Botanical Garden, Buddhist temples, the monument of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles, the founder of Singapore.

Colombo, Sri Lanka It was Rizal’s journey to Colombo, Sri Lanka that was important for him to improve his knowledge of the French language while on board a French ship, Djemnah.

Egypt In route through the Suez Canal, Rizal got off at Red Sea terminal and was amazed by the impressive moonlight scenery in Suez and was engrossed with the multicultural people and language of the place.

Naples, Italy June 11, 1882 Rizal went around the city of Naples. This was the first European ground he set foot on.

Merseilles, France

June 13, 1882 Rizal arrived early in the morning and boarded at the Noalles Hotel. June 15, 1882 He left for Barcelona in an express train. Jose Rizal went to Chäteau d'If, the venue of Alexandre Dumas's novel, The Count of Monte Cristo. He boarded in Portbou. He noticed the indifference of the Spanish immigration officers compared to the courteous French counterpart

Barcelona, Spain He first stopped in Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish province, Cataluña. According to him, the people were indifferent and he arrived during the summer vacation of the students. He wrote his first article (“Amor Patrio”) abroad. It was published in Diaryong Tagalog.

Madrid, Spain Rizal studied in University Central de Madrid. He then had a love affair with Consuelo Ortiga y Perez, the daughter of Don Pablo.

Paris He stayed at the Hotel de Paris, but them moved to a cheaper hotel. He was amazed by the attractive scenery and he often visited museums. After departure for Spain, things turned from bad to worse in Calamba. He worked as an assistant to Dr. Louis de Weckert. He found time to be with his friends, Pardo de Taveras, Juan Luna, and Resurreccion Hidalgo.He posed for Juan Luna's paintings.Composed songs: "Alin Mang Lahi" and "La Deportacion"


On February 1886, he arrived in Heidelberg, an old university town. He visited Paris and Germany to specialize in ophthalmology. He stopped over at Barcelona, on his way to Paris, to visit his friend Maximo Viola. He met Dr. Feodor Jagor author of Travels in the Philippines, a book that Rizal admired because of its keen observances in the Philippines setting. With the help of Maximo Viola, who gave him the necessary funds to publish the novel, Noli Me Tangere was published.

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