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Acknowledgement I would like to express my gratitude to my English teacher Ms. Remya Sucy Umesh and our Principal Ms. Sinduja TS who gave me this opportunity to do this wonderful book as a storybook activity. I am really thankful to them. I would also thank my parents for helping a lot in finalizing this project.

About the Author Sparsha Kiggal is a 8 year old girl. She loves to read books a lot. She studies in The Foundation school. She loves to use her creativity to write this story on fantasy.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful palace in the jungle. It was in the shape and colour of a rainbow. There was a big green garden outside the palace. Inside the palace, there was luxurious furniture and pool settings. There were 4 floors and many balconies. Fountains around made the palace more attractive. One fine day, it was 8 in the evening. Ram, Sam, Jack and Riya, a group of friends while playing near the palace, happened to see it. They were dumbstruck looking at the beauty of the palace.

They were now very curious to go inside the palace. They knocked on the main door at the entrance but it didn’t open. They knocked several times, but in vain. Riya looked around. She found a stick near the door. She took it and brought near the door. Suddenly the door opened with a huge sound. All of them entered the palace. They started looking around. They saw a big book. The gang wanted to know what was inside the book.

They slowly opened the book. It contained few clues about how to handle the things inside the palace. They started trying all the tricks one by one. The first one they tried was to start and stop the flow of water in the fountain. Also, the doors inside opened with the help of the stick kept in front of them.

Cushion, sofas and chairs were moving and rising up by rotating something that looked like a ball. There was also a big magical plate. Mantras were written in the book. Riya, Sam, Ram and Jack chanted those mantras and lots and lots of food arrived in the plate. All the four of them ate the food and drank plenty of water from the magical jug. They were very happy. After sometime, they wanted to go home. They remembered their parents, brothers and sisters. They came out of the palace and again closed the main door with the help of the stick. They returned home walking silently.


THE MAGICAL PALACE Fantasy is a very interesting genre. In this story, 4 friends Sam, Ram, Jack and Riya enter the palace and explore the magic. It is an interesting story to read.