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Story by Aanya Kaushik Grade 4 C Flipbook PDF

Story by Aanya Kaushik Grade 4 C




DETECTIVE @ Work By Aanya Kaushik Grade 4 C The Foundation School


1. Chapter 1 - Villains 2. Chapter 2-information 3. Chapter 3- climax 4. Chapter 4-almost ther

Introduction This story is about how a spy does all the fun work to find the villain and save the city.

Chapter 1 Villians

Mr Robinson is a detective. He is one of the best detective in normal street .Mr Robinson has a big reveal, Dr Octopine. Dr Octopine is a villain. He makes harmful chemicals which can hurt anyone. Mr Robinson has a best friend, Mr Sturgis but Mr Robinson did not know that Mr Sturgis worked for Dr. Octopine.

Chapter 2 Information

One day Mr Robinson was called to the Head office to meet his boss, Mr Rowling .When He reached Mr Rowling told him to sit down Mr Robinson asked what is the case. Mr Rowling told that a villain is making A dangerous poison and if somebody will smell It they will become a villain. So will you take this case? said Mr Rowling in a proud way thinking That Mr Robinson would agree but Mr Robinson told that Mr Rowling should choose someone who is capable of this.

But Mr Rowling insisted that Mr Robinson should do the case. Later when Mr Robinson was driving back home when he heard the news reporter say something on the radio so he increased the volume and heard the news reporter say that there is some formula which is transforming people into Villains. Mr Robinson was shocked to realise that Mr Rowling was correct about the case.

contd.. The next morning Mr Robinson got ready quickly and drove to his office to meet Mr Rowling and told him “ I agree to do this case “. Mr Rowling told “ That is wonderful” and asked him “ What do you need for this work ?” But Mr Robinson told “ I will do the case on one deal “, that I will solve the case on my own “ Mr Rowling agreed . The next day, Mr Robinson told Mr Rowling that he will leave now to solve the case. First - Mr Robinson had to find clues where doctor Octopine worked and who all worked for him. But he needed little help in solving the case and tracking down where Mr Octopine lab is. He hired a professional hacker named Vinnie. Mr Robinson told that Vinnie should first find the people who have got the formula disease. Vinne told that 3 people got that disease. Mr Robinson was curious to know who these people were. He explained that 2 teachers and 1 salesman was affected by the disease. Mr Robinson found the person who worked for Dr. Octopine. He was shocked to know that it was his best friend Mr Sturgess. He asked him to meet him at his office and asked why he worked for Mr Octopine.

Mr Sturgess explained him that, because of the device created by Mr Octopine which can control mind he was forced to do such an act. Mr Robinson told him that if he helped him solve this case , he could get Mr Sturgess out of this problem. He was happy and agreed on working with Mr Robinson.

Chapter 3 detle

The next day Mr robinson introduced Mr Sturgess to Vinnie, Mr Sturgess asked Mr Robinson

what is his job . Mr Robinson told that his job was to find every detail about Dr Octopine. Step 2- location

After Mr Sturgess got all the details about Dr Octopine, Mr Robinson asked Mr Sturgess where did Dr Octopine work. Mr Sturgess told that Dr Octopine ‘s lab was under the National Water park so Mr Robinson got dressed as a guard and went to the park and walked around. .While he was walking by the parrot fish tank, he stepped on a loose tile and he saw light was coming out of it. Mr Robinson picked up the tile and saw a ladder, so he went down the ladder and reached a room full of acids and saw a tank full of blue acid.

Chapter 4 Almost there

He went closer to the tank, but someone stopped him. It was Dr Octopine. “Well hello Robinson”, said Dr Octopine furiously. “You can not hurt me because I have all your secret and the person who told me your secret is your worker Mr Sturgess” said Mr Robinson in a loud voice thinking that Dr Octopine would be shocked. But Dr Octopine was smiling. Mr Robinson said , you do not scare me, and then Mr Robinson pushed the tank full of acid and it fell on the ground .Dr Octopine was very angry and he started to fight with Mr Robinson. Mr Robinson snapped his fingers and Vinnie and Mr Sturgess came. They tied Dr Octopine and locked the lab and the case was solved. the next day Mr Robinson went back to his office and saw that everyone were praising him.

This story is written by Aanya Kaushik who studies in The Foundation School in grade 4C.

About the writer Writer Name : Aanya Kaushik, Grade 4 C The Foundation School “ Thank you for reading my story “