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The 10 Best CleanTech Startups in Singapore, 2021




Swift the solution, lift the business

MARCH 2021


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Andre Stolz CEO

Climate change and Ecosystem Global Warming: Causes and Effects Use of Technologies: Threats and Solutions




Swift the solution, lift the business

MARCH 2021




202 1

Andre Stolz CEO

Climate change and Ecosystem Global Warming: Causes and Effects Use of Technologies: Threats and Solutions


A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future. – Gloria Reuben

From t he E d itor …


am delighted to bring you this magazine. I am really encouraged by the feedback received from the readers and the institutions which are in association with our magazine. Many thanks to my team for the work undertaken. Some print pieces have complementary components such as additional coverage, advertisements and still photography. There are regular columns by the editors with reflective articles to provide a window onto Climate change and the ecosystem. The cover story has featured Andre Stolz – CEO of EcoWorth Tech. It is a waste-to-worth solutions partner specialised in transforming waste materials into reusable products while delivering social and environmental benefits. SwiftNLift magazine is not just a print or digital anymore but everything we do derives from its long-standing character, approach and quality - while we continue to produce the print publication with as much dedication as ever.

- Nilesh Sabe Nilesh Sabe Chief Editor




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Cover Story 10


22 Climate Change and Ecosystem

32 Global Warming: Causes and Effects


40 Use of Technologies: Threats and Solutions


18 ActivH2O

28 Traverse Technologies Pte Ltd

34 Reit EV

20 Wateroam Pte Ltd

24 Vigti Pte Ltd

26 EverComm


38 Canopy Power Pte Ltd

Andre Stolz CEO




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ECOWORTH TECH PTE. LTD. EcoWorth Tech is a waste-to-worth solutions partner specialised in transforming waste materials into reusable products while delivering social and environmental benefits. The company was incorporated in the year 2016 and the funding has risen to 1M SGD so far & in the middle of raising 0.5M SGD now. The founding members of the company are Dr Bert Grobben and Andre Stolz. The office is located at Singapore.

INTRODUCTION Ecoworth Tech Pte. Ltd. (EWT) is Budding Innovations managed, award-winning start-up company, in the water remediation and waste management space. EWT is addressing the global issue of water scarcity driven by polluting industries and provides a breakthrough solution for the removal and recuperation of organic contaminants from Industrial and oil & gas waste water.

Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) is a patented, superabsorbent, low cost, non-toxic & natural and sustainable material with an extremely high affinity for organic materials and that actively repels water. As such, it is highly suitable for the removal of organics, including oils & fats, from an aqueous environment. It’s produced starting from cellulosic (waste) material and waste paper/carton, uses no chemical additives and can be recycled. This makes Carbon Fibre Aerogel an attractive alternative for existing absorbents and other decontamination methods. The unique properties of CFA have now been applied to remove and recuperate organic contaminates from various industrial wastewater streams. CFA will be housed in cartridges, filters, pads etc. in order to absorb valuable organics from liquid waste streams. In order to recuperate the organics, CFA is being mechanically squeezed. Alternative recuperation methods are distillation or burning the material while generating electricity. Compared to other sorbent technologies in the market or in research, the CFA solution is the only one with a wide benefit profile and point of difference on Recovery, Environmental impact and low cost.

Globally, there is an increased need for sustainable technologies that reduce waste, turn waste into valueadd products, and eliminate environmental impact of polluting industries. Although a wide variety of decontamination technologies are available, mostly if not all are complex, costly and/or inefficient. Specifically addressing the removal of a massive range of organic components to acceptable discharge ABOUT THE FOUNDER levels is particularly challenging. The founder’s Dr Bert Grobben and Andre Stolz have both left corporate careers at Proctor and Gamble with a motivation to start something from the ground-up to CARBON FIBRE AEROGEL make a bigger impact. The founders wanted to leverage

science-based technologies in order to create bigger social and environmental benefits. The duo set their sights on a breakthrough IP asset regarding a carbon fibre aerogel (CFA) that helps treat highly contaminated waste water. They took on the challenge, spun-out the start up from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and took it to a stage where today it’s showing its environment impact through the results generate with large industrial companies. EcoWorth Tech is set to rapidly expand into the waste water treatment scene following the current scale-up of manufacturing capacity.

Treatment and Oil Decontamination and are collaborating with those managers that are responsible for the wastewater treatment. The application processes that EWT are targeting in the Oil & Gas industry are oil interceptors, produced water treatment, fracking, refineries, deck drain water and spill relief/clean-up/ protection. EWT has demonstrated the ability to remove and recuperate >80% organics from oily waste streams where the aim is to replace chemical treatment of the wastewater with EWT’s sustainable CFA solution.


EWT wants to become the preferred waste-to-worth solution provider helping to achieve environmental EcoWorth Tech has been making tremendous progress benefits and waste-to-worth opportunities. in validating the product and service offering with EcoWorth Tech is currently raising 0.5M SGD (25% end-users while building traction as reflected by a now already committed) in order to convert 1-2 clients into multi-million-dollar opportunity pipeline: The first paying customers & supply with currently installed paying customer has been acquired after successful pilot capacity. Subsequently EWT raises the remainder $4M deployment and first commercial order shipped which to go to full-blown sales. Current results give the team high confidence to convert another 1-2 of our current high confidence to drive revenue over the next 3-6 top prospect clients into commercial deals. The team months. Becoming a post-revenue start-up addresses has continued acquiring & working with renowned most pervious investor concerns; EWT anticipates that clients in wastewater treatment & oil decontamination the conversion of the first clients will de-risk EWT far as well as conducted pilot trials and won several awards enough for additional investors to come on board for & grants in start-up challenges and media traction. the next capital raising round.


EWT is targeting customers in Industrial Wastewater

Here is a video that supports the fundraise:

ACHIEVEMENTS AND RECOGNITION Over last couple of months the following progress has been made:  Secured first commercial customer – a petroleum client – via CFA solution in Sour water application delivering 40x ROI vs. current solution plus minimizing equipment corrosion. We are now in discussion to convert nine additional analyser houses to CFA solution as well as kicked-off co-development of advanced filter cartridge solution with client

 Chosen by Impact Collective as Impact Makers - Innovators Working On Scaling SDG-Aligned Impact In Asia - and participated in Impact Collective’s 2020 Cohort: meet-the-86-innovators-working-on-scaling-sdgaligned-impact-in-asia.htm  Tech in Asia feature of EWT as part of SWITCH: medium=website&utm_campaign=wp20201219  CNN featured EWT as part of 'Great Big Story':

http s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c om / watch/?v=1441730166016524  Achieved third price of the Hangzhou Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. With that, a total of  United Nations (UNIDO) named EWT as Winner 4M RMB (around 800k SGD) grant support has been of the Energy & Environment category: offered to expand the business in Hangzhou, China. Received Government funding for successfully conducting implementation pilots  Voted winner for the Best Sustainable Solution category of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards organized by TechNode Global: CZ4WV0SiyGOVvCU6YIxYxoSdN/view




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KROSSLINKER PTE. LTD Krosslinker innovates and develops high performance (Increased payload capacity with thinner, lightweight insulation) thermal insulation material to tackle the most demanding challenges of cold-chain bio-pharmaceutical packaging  Safe and easy handling

Our Technology  Formulation

(No special engineering controls/ handling expertise requirements)  Longer durability

(No deterioration in insulation performance with time Our proprietary green formulation uses advanced and harsh weather conditions/poor infrastructure) material chemistry to formulate robust, thinner,  Moisture resistant light-weight, eco-friendly, and dustless silica aerogel composite boards with remarkable cryo and pyro (Inbuilt hydrophobicity) thermal insulation properties.  Eco-friendly  Process (Non-toxic composition, reusable) Our breakthrough fabrication technology produces aerogel boards 3 times faster than the traditional methods at the lowest energy consumption and operates without any limitation on the thickness.

Krosslinker Aerogel Solution for Bio Pharmaceutical Packaging  Premium insulation performance (Ultra-low risk of temperature excursion)  Reduced shipping cost


MARCH 2021


Gayathri Natarajan CEO

MARCH 2021




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We are a company concerned with the problem of water and thanks to our ActivH2O technology, developed and patented in collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research of France (CNRS) and with the University of Montpellier; we work to make it possible for everyone to have access to quality water.

 Technology

With HQ in Madrid, we provide solutions to clients in more than 20 countries and continue working with the ambition to be a benchmark in the sector and offer a wide range of technological solutions that allow water purification without the use of chemicals.

MISION Make possible for everyone to have access to quality water, offering customized solutions for each client and each problem.

VISION Be the leader of the market by making possible, without the use of chemicals, pure and safe water for all. 18

 Investigation  Team

What is ActivH20? ActivH2O is a patented technology based on electrolysis that eliminates viruses and bacteria from water without adding chemicals and generates a natural oxidant that remains in the water for several weeks, thereby protecting water from re–contamination.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  FORMS: An electric field that temporarily modifies the pH around the electrodes and allows destabilizing the Viruses and bacteria of the water.  DESTROYS: Viruses and bacteria as they pass through the electrodes, thanks to the impact of electricity.

re-contamination. ActivH2O treats and regulates water parameters according to the use of water. In addition to that, technical and research support is provided to clients as well as a digital platform allowing to manage the equipment remotely.

CERTIFICATIONS  AcivH2O is the result of close collaboration between the company Européenne de Traitement des Eaux (ETE), a partner of Eteaquactiv, and French universities such as Montpellier and Perpignan, as well as the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).  It is a patented system in France and since 2003 has a worldwide protection (PCT-International treaty overseen by the World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

 GENERATES: A natural oxidant that remains for several weeks in the water, thus avoiding possible

MARCH 2021


MARCH 2021




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Wateroam Pte Ltd History

Our Vision

Wateroam is founded in 2014.Wateroam’s three founders Building a world without prolonged thirst met as undergraduates at a water initiative programme in the National University of Singapore. Since then, they have brought impact to over 100,000 people in more Our Mission than 38 countries. To improve the life, living and livelihood of every With a common passion to work for a greater good, the individual globally through clean water access. co-founders came together to build a water filtration We empower individuals to lead a healthy life so that they system that can help rural communities with no access can achieve their ambitions and fulfill their potential to clean water. They called it the Fieldtrate Lite - which without the distractions of water-related ailments. is made up of a membrane filter fixed to the base of Through these positive changes, individuals can work a lightweight plastic bag. Upon graduation, the trio more productively, increase their employability and realized that the Fieldtrate Lite was more than just a have access to better livelihoods. water project, but an innovation that could improve many lives globally. This realization led to the birth of a professionally-run social enterprise that pursues and Life reaches communities deprived of clean water. Through When water is scarce, communities have no choice stringent tests and research over the years, Wateroam but to drink contaminated water; we save lives daily by has produced new iterations of award-winning, patented filtering out deadly bacteria and viruses to create clean water filtration systems - the ROAMfilter™ Plus and drinking water for those in need. ROAMfilter™ Ultra. Both are designed for maximum filtration speed and quality, catered specifically for the needs of rural and disaster-hit areas. Living Wateroam is a social enterprise that works with both international and local partners to provide better access to safe drinking water around the world. Givers’ contributions directly support Wateroam in growing our efforts in providing rural and disaster-afflicted communities with clean drinking water.

By preventing waterborne illnesses and dehydration, healthy children can attend school, play with friends, and even care for their families. We help children live their life to the fullest.

Livelihood Clean water reduces sick days and mortality, enabling


MARCH 2021


David Pong CEO & Co-founder

families to work and earn a livelihood; after they’ve accolades, garnered significant media attention, and experienced hardship, we give communities the attended multiple exhibitions and events. opportunity to flourish. Appearing in both local and worldwide media sources, Wateroam has amounted a long list of press features that include television spot lights, interviews and articles.

Our Impact

Wateroam is constantly innovating to develop excellent While we’re thrilled to have impacted 100,000 lives, products for positive impact, and we are extremely this is only the start of our mission. There is still an grateful for the recognition of our hard work. urgent need for clean water across the globe and we are Wateroam doesn’t just attend events, we actively constantly working to reach these communities. participates to share about our work, our technology and our impact.

Our watermark

As of July 2020, we have left our watermark across 38 countries and impacted over 100,000 lives. This is only the start of our mission. There is still an urgent need for clean water across the globe and we are constantly working hard to eradicate global water poverty.

Highlights Throughout the years, Wateroam has received numerous

MARCH 2021



Climate Change and Ecosystem Climate change can alter where species live, how they interact, and the timing of biological events, which could fundamentally transform current ecosystems and food webs. Climate change can overwhelm the capacity of ecosystems to mitigate extreme events and disturbance, such as wildfires, floods, and drought. Changes in the atmosphere and oceans can profoundly change the biosphere, the thin living film of life on Earth that is intrinsically coupled to the atmosphere and hydrosphere and provides the nourishing fabric within which human societies exist. Hence, degradation or restoration of parts of the biosphere is likely to have regional or planetary consequences. Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, which drive both climate change and ocean acidification, increasingly threaten 22

the viability and resilience of natural ecosystems, and the human societies that depend upon them. The effects of these threats can be profound and, in recent years, have become increasingly observable. Already, Earth is committed to a substantially warmed climate, with expectations of further warming into the future, unless carbon emissions trajectories change dramatically.

Climate change threats and challenges to ecosystems Changes in natural ecosystems threaten biodiversity worldwide, and have implications for global food production. Ecosystems are rapidly changing in response to climate change and other global change drivers, MARCH 2021


composition in response to a single fire event. Temperate forests have undergone both long periods of stability and abrupt change in response to climate change and human activities (burning for land clearing) during the Late Quaternary, and a site-specific understanding of stability versus disequilibrium is needed to anticipate future ecological scenarios under rates of warming that Climate extremes and historical contingencies are also are unprecedented in the Holocene and beyond. considered by Bardgett and Caruso, who synthesize Climate change ultimately drives terrestrial biodiversity current understanding of the attributes of belowground loss and affects ecosystem carbon storage both directly ecological communities that make them resistant, and indirectly via land use change, i.e. climate changeresilient or vulnerable to climate extremes. Soil driven cropland expansion. microbial communities play a critical role in mediating biogeochemical cycling. Key intrinsic attributes of these communities that confer resilience include life- Opportunities to improve resilience to history strategy (growth rate, resource use efficiency) climate change and microbial food web diversity (fast and slow energy Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, channels found in bacterial versus fungal food webs). and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances Fast energy channels (e.g. bacteria in a soil context) related to climate. Improving climate resilience involves rapidly recycle nutrients and recover quickly from assessing how climate change will create new, or alters disturbances, hence providing resilience to change, current, climate-related risks, and taking steps to better whereas slow energy channels (e.g. fungi) cycle nutrients cope with these risks. slowly, dampen responses to perturbations and hence confer resistance to change. The complementary As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, climate functions of these two energy channels can facilitate change will continue to accelerate. Even if emissions rapid yet stable recovery from perturbations, and, were to stop today, the climate would continue to change conversely, alteration of the relative influence of these for some time as the Earth’s system responds to the channels can destabilize an ecosystem. Extrinsic warming already underway. It makes sense to anticipate attributes include environmental variability, and the changes and act now to minimize future economic and contributions that the plant community makes to soil social risks. carbon, moisture and nutrients. While the response Climate resilience is often associated with acute events of belowground communities under chronic stress is – like heavy downpours, hurricanes, or wildfires – fairly well understood, the authors identify response to that will become more frequent or intense as the climate extremes, and potential for abrupt ecological climate changes. However, good resilience planning change, as critical knowledge gaps that should be also accounts for chronic events, like rising sea levels, worsening air quality, and population migration. addressed experimentally. Resilience in ecological communities requires longer- Businesses and governments alike are planning now term perspectives to improve our understanding of for the environment and economy they will face in the community responses to change. Iglesias and Whitlock future. not only in response to temperature changes but also associated changes in precipitation, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, water balance, ocean chemistry, and the frequency and magnitude of extreme events. Ecosystems vary in their sensitivity and response to climate change because of complex interactions among organisms, disturbance and other stressors.

use palaeoenvironmental records of pollen and charcoal from temperate forests in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to consider the role of fire in changing forest tree species composition. They find that the resilience or vulnerability of forest species composition to changing fire regimes depends on a variety of local factors, including climate, soil conditions and historical legacies; in some cases, extreme events, combined with biophysical feedbacks, can cause ecosystems made up of long-lived species to completely shift in ecosystem MARCH 2021




202 1

Vigti Pte Ltd Vigti envisions a world where pipeline transportation KEY FEATURES of gas and other fluids is smooth without any leakages ■ Map based visualization that result in resource loss, harmful catastrophes and ■ Notification alerts environmental issues ■ Anomaly such as leak, water ingress and third party damage detection


It all started when working as a team of AI & IOT researches in the energy space; we took up a project for the Singapore government. We started working with Singapore Power group, and realized the fragility nature of the distribution pipeline network, and how susceptible it is to corrosion and water ingress problems. This causes huge catastrophes and is a major safety threat to the families living in such neighborhoods. More than that, the gas leaks release methane into the atmosphere, which is more potent than carbon dioxide and it causes global warming. Thus we made it out mission to work towards a product that can secure these systems, and protect our homes and our environment. Thus, Vigti was born.

OUR PRODUCT Vigti is the world’s first proprietary wide area monitoring system for the gas distribution pipeline network which can identify, classify and localize anomalies such as leaks, bursts, water ingress. Vigti’s advanced monitoring capabilities of the pipelines is achieved by integrating data from a variety of sensor data such as flow-rate, pressure and vibration and delivering unified analytics to swiftly respond in case of anomalies through our developed complex AI-based algorithms. 24

■ Type of anomaly classification ■ Customization of the user interface ■ Report generation and data export ■ Sensor management, battery charge monitoring and fault notifications ■ Cloud or private server based solution ■ Heat map of anomalies ■ Key statistics about maintenance performance ■ Priority based notification based on severity of anomaly and sensitivity of regions ■ Ticket management and performance evaluation for maintenance staff ■ Customer demand analytics and theft detection

HOW IT WORKS The sensors will be placed on the pipeline at various locations suggested by our optimal sensor placement approach. Off the shelf sensors, measuring pressure, flow and temperature, will be installed by the distribution companies or our hardware partners, along with the various communication modules such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, SigFox and mobile networks such as 2G, MARCH 2021


Mr Ishaan Gupta CEO

3G, 4G and 5G etc., to send data to the Vigt’s servers OUR SERVICES located either over the cloud or at the customer’s ■ API SERVICES: Our intelligent API Services can premises. Vigti’s proprietary AI based software identifies effectively integrate with your existing software anomalies along with useful information based on solution and provide our smart solution on top of customer requirement and sends it to a highly interactive that. and easily understandable mobile and desktop user interface (UI), which can be customized as per the ■ VIGTI UI: Need a new solution? No problem! We have our own intelligent UI Dashboard that can track customer requirement sensors and provide comprehensive monitoring. Real time data from the sensors will be stored in either the cloud or the local servers of Vigti. We use proprietary ■ SENSOR PLACEMENT: We can recommend you the best possible locations and hotspots to position AI based algorithm, where the data is pre-processed the sensor to get the most optimum surveillance and relevant features will be extracted to detect the outcome. various types of anomalies. The historic data along with the mark-up about the anomalies is used to train the machine learning models. The trained models with the real time data from the sensors will be used to detect and localize the anomalies, and this information is sent for continuous automatic reporting via various UI channels.

MARCH 2021




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EverComm as information dashboard to visualize the relationship EverComm is an energy startup founded by NTU between energy and $$$. graduates. Headquartered in NTU Innovation Center, Singapore. We provide end-to-end energy management ■ Energy Benchmark: Using energy benchmark to solutions for enterprise, which includes energy data identify saving opportunity. collection, data migration, data analysis and insights ■ Action: Most importantly, we follow up with action reporting. and achieve measurable results! Energy needs to be perceived as strategic resources to facilitate and produce products. We provide energysaving solutions and management tools for enterprise. 1. Energy Profile: We help enterprise to establish energy profile with the right KPIs. 2. Big Data Analysis: We use data driven approach to identify areas of saving opportunities. 3. Real Saving: Energy profile with the right KPIs is the enabler to establish a sustainable continuous energy awareness improvement process. Full Energy Solution Provider - We tackle hard problems. ■ Consultation: Provide energy audit process to determine areas of opportunity and define energy profile. ■ Data Collection: Provide data collector such as wireless power meter, airflow exhaust meter, temperature plug-in collectors and many more. ■ Data Analysis: Using data driven approach to identify areas of saving opportunity and validate measurable saving results. ■ Data Visualization: Provide management tool such 26

MARCH 2021


Chiu-Hao Chen Co-founder, CEO & Chief Product Architect

MARCH 2021




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Traverse Technologies Pte Ltd About Us

Fixed Region We provide high resolution results for regional level prospecting if you have acquired specific Traverse is a unique consulting firm looking to automate primary data. The results would be “here is a list of 50 every tedious task and process in civil, mechanical and possible optimized wind farm layouts together with electrical engineering. We invest heavily in software, their preliminary wind resource and energy assessment, artificial intelligence and user interfaces that allow road and electrical layouts and financial models within expert human engineers to work 10 xs faster. this 100km x 100km region”. Our customers enjoy the benefit of receiving omniscient Observe direct line of sight from maps to IRR/LCOE techno commercial answers in response to dynamic Our scoring methodology for both the country and social, regulatory and environmental conditions, at no regional level is either a) direct Project IRR/LCOE, b) additional cost and within days if not within hours. capital deployment volume desired (e.g. MW) or c) energy production. You can choose to bias to a single WindDesk: From a Blank Map to Financial metric or take the weighted average of multiple metrics. We use industry standard financial models as presented Close by acquirers, investors and lenders to investment and WindDesk is our up-to-financial-close / pre- credit committees. construction engineering service. Under this platform, we provide the following service-products, in near real time: Our methodology incorporates

WindDesk Prospect

applicable technical, E&S and commercial considerations:

Prospect Hunt for new project sites considering ■ Wind and site conditions: Wind speeds, wind direction, wind shear, air density. technical, social and environmental factors. Optimize ■ Terrain: Elevation, slopes, ruggedness. and bias for LCOE, IRR/NPV or capacity (MW). Prospect for potential wind farm sites at different ■ Wind turbine: Turbine selection and sizing, costs, hub height. scales Country Scale We provide site prospecting at the country level using lower resolution public datasets. ■ Access roads: Pathing, design and costs of internal The result is a heat map that provides “inverse answers” and external roads. such as “If the PPA was 7 cents/kWh, there are 1,000 ■ Electrical BOP: All internal connection potential sites that are equal to or less than 12% Project considerations + transmission pathing to substation. IRR”. 28

MARCH 2021


Thet Lin Thu CO Founder, CEO

■ Civil: Foundations, roads, auxiliary buildings, and strategies to minimize uncertainty and costs. This includes the optimized placement of meteorological geotechnical complexity etc. ■ Environmental & social: protected areas, vicinity to masts and remote sensing devices, measurement timetables, instrument specifications, costing sheets, populations, places of interest etc. operations and maintenance SOPs. ■ Transport: Transportation path complexity from Perform sensitivity analysis of energy production port to site. uncertainty over multiple scenarios our key metric for ■ Hydrology: Rainfall, flooding. optimizing measurement campaigns is to minimize the ■ Financial modeling: CAPEX, OPEX, funding uncertainty in final energy production vs. measurement structure and cost of capital, sensitivity analysis. campaign costs. We perform millions of permutations of measurement strategies, analyzing each uncertainty estimation and perform a cost-benefit analysis.

WindDesk Measure

Measure Generate measurement strategies for shortlisted sites. Optimize between final energy WindDesk Monitor predictions uncertainties vs. the cost of measurement Monitor Manage on-site measurement data for campaigns. maximum data recovery. Daily data screening with alert Generate measurement campaigns effortlessly, we notification system and on-demand quality-controlled provide you optimized measurement campaign plans data.

MARCH 2021



Monitor the status and quality of measurement data from on-site data loggers and devices can be transmitted to WindDesk through multiple setup options, and the data are stored and backed up into secured databases. Traverse couples AI and humanin-the-loop intervention to monitor the status of the measurement sensors and identify suspected issues based on the data. Detailed and smart quality-control processing of measurement data across various sensors and measurement sites is performed daily, ensuring that the data is always up-to-date and ready to use for further analysis. Receive alert notification and recommended actions Alerts on suspected issues and details recommended action are delivered by SMS, email, and through the webbased dashboard. Alert priority settings and notification frequency are customizable based on your preferences. Our engineers will work closely with you to provide technical advice, resolve equipment malfunction and troubleshoot data quality issues to ensure maximum data recovery of all measurement sites.

perform periodic project development snapshots, prioritize your resources for project development task, reduce development risk and increase the chances of project success. Perform fully integrated analysis and optimize for IRR/LCOE Our wind resource, energy production and commercial assessment methodologies are fully integrated with other technical, E&S, financial and development aspects of the project such as wind farm layout design, electrical loss calculations, setback zones, conceptual design and costing of civil and electrical balance of plant. As a result, we can perform these analyses at highly accelerated pace and optimize your projects for either a) direct Project IRR/LCOE, b) capital deployment volume or c) energy production. For developers with multiple masts and project sites, by knowing your energy (and therefore IRR) projections in a continuous manner, you can manage your development portfolio’s risk by adjusting the priority of resources, finding new sites or installing new measurement equipment.

Access 24/7 web-based dashboard for reporting and data download request through our web-based Bankable-grade methodology dashboard, you will be able to view all projects and their corresponding measurement sites’ summary in ■ Fast, consistent, and high-quality reports and deliverables. one glance. The interactive dashboard allows you to perform data visualization, generate regular reports and ■ In line with state-of-the-art industry methodologies request data download from anywhere in the world. and standards.

WindDesk Predict

■ Reports and deliverables consistent with independent international consultants.

Predict Receive periodic/on-demand wind resource and energy production assessments. Be able to know your energy figures for all your sites in near real time.

■ Detailed methodology and validation documentation available upon request.

Unlimited updates and project variations Data stored in the secured database from our monitoring platform (WindDesk: Monitor) is directly connected to WindDesk: Predict allowing you to perform wind resource, energy production and commercial assessments seamlessly. With the help of carefully developed engineering and software interfaces, we provide you an up to date digital reflections of your project’s commerciality based on new data from wind measurements, site surveys, E&S matters, geotechnical investigations and changes to design and project parameters such as layout, turbine selection, hub-heights, transmission design. Having the ability to perform the analyses at near real time without paying for additional variation orders allows you to

Why work with Traverse?


■ You are in auction and merchant markets and have to compete aggressively on tariffs. ■ You are in a competitive environment with regards to permits and land acquisition. ■ You have many projects (and want more!) that are at highly varied stages. ■ You have a high frequency of development issues. ■ You have time pressure to know your project and portfolio’s commerciality and risk.

MARCH 2021


MARCH 2021



Global Warming: Causes and Effects Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface. Normally, this radiation would escape into space—but these pollutants, which can last for years to centuries in the atmosphere, trap the heat and cause the planet to get hotter. That’s what’s known as the greenhouse effect. In the United States, the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is the largest source of heat-trapping pollution, producing about two billion tons of CO2 every year. Coal-burning power plants are by far the biggest polluters. The country’s second-largest source of carbon pollution is the transportation sector, which generates about 1.7 billion tons of CO2 emissions a year. 32

Global warming is expected to have far-reaching, longlasting and, in many cases, devastating consequences for planet Earth. Global warming, the gradual heating of Earth’s surface, oceans and atmosphere, is caused by human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Despite political controversy about climate change, a major report released Sept. 27, 2013, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that scientists are more certain than ever of the link between human activities and global warming. More than 197 international scientific organizations agree that global warming is real and has been caused by human action. Already, global warming is having a MARCH 2021


death and serious disease. At the opposite end of the We can observe this happening in real time in many spectrum, heavier rains cause streams, rivers, and places. Ice is melting in both polar ice caps and lakes to overflow, which damages life and property, mountain glaciers. Lakes around the world, including contaminates drinking water, creates hazardousLake Superior, are warming rapidly — in some cases material spills, and promotes mold infestation and faster than the surrounding environment. Animals are unhealthy air. A warmer, wetter world is also a boon changing migration patterns and plants are changing for food-borne and waterborne illnesses and diseasethe dates of activity, such as trees budding their leaves carrying insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. earlier in the spring and dropping them later in the fall, measurable effect on the planet.

 More acidic oceans The earth’s marine ecosystems are under pressure as a result of climate change. Oceans are becoming more acidic, due in large part to their absorption of some of our excess emissions. As this acidification accelerates, it poses a serious threat to underwater life, ■ Melting glaciers, early snowmelt, and severe particularly creatures with calcium carbonate shells or droughts will cause more dramatic water shortages skeletons, including mollusks, crabs, and corals. This and increase the risk of wildfires in the American can have a huge impact on shellfisheries. Indeed, as of 2015, acidification is believed to have cost the Pacific West. Northwest oyster industry nearly $110 million. Coastal ■ Rising sea levels will lead to coastal flooding on the communities in 15 states that depend on the $1 billion Eastern Seaboard, especially in Florida, and in other nationwide annual harvest of oysters, clams, and other areas such as the Gulf of Mexico. shelled mollusks face similar long-term economic risks. ■ Forests, farms, and cities will face troublesome new pests, heat waves, heavy downpours, and increased flooding. All those factors will damage or destroy  Higher wildlife extinction rates agriculture and fisheries. As humans, we face a host of challenges, but we’re ■ Disruption of habitats such as coral reefs and Alpine certainly not the only ones catching heat. As land and meadows could drive many plant and animal species sea undergo rapid changes, the animals that inhabit them are doomed to disappear if they don’t adapt to extinction. quickly enough. Some will make it, and some won’t. ■ Allergies, asthma, and infectious disease outbreaks According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate will become more common due to increased growth Change’s 2014 assessment, many land, freshwater, and of pollen-producing ragweed, higher levels of air ocean species are shifting their geographic ranges to pollution, and the spread of conditions favorable to cooler climes or higher altitudes, in an attempt to escape pathogens and mosquitoes. warming. They’re changing seasonal behaviors and traditional migration patterns, too. And yet many still face “increased extinction risk due to climate change.” EFFECTS Indeed, a 2015 study showed that vertebrate species—  More frequent and severe weather animals with backbones, like fish, birds, mammals, The increasing number of droughts, intense storms, amphibians, and reptiles—are disappearing 114 times and floods we’re seeing as our warming atmosphere faster than they should be, a phenomenon that has been holds—and then dumps—more moisture poses risks to linked to climate change, pollution, and deforestation. public health and safety, too. Prolonged dry spells mean more than just scorched lawns. Drought conditions jeopardize access to clean drinking water, fuel out-ofcontrol wildfires, and result in dust storms, extreme heat events, and flash flooding in the States. Elsewhere around the world, lack of water is a leading cause of Each year, scientists learn more about the consequences of global warming, and many agree that environmental, economic, and health consequences are likely to occur if current trends continue. Here’s just a smattering of what we can look forward to:

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Reit EV Reit EV is an energy infrastructure company. We provide the much-needed battery swapping service for easier adoption of light electric vehicles, such as electric motorbikes and 3-wheelers. Being manufacturer agnostic, we sell 3rd party electric motorbikes for almost no margin, with a flexible energy plan to use our conveniently located battery swapping infrastructure. The product includes both hardware and software components - from BMS in the battery to mobile app, all built in-house in Singapore. Our goal is to enable widespread electrification of motorbikes — the most popular type of vehicle in Asia and the world. We do this by building customer-centric products that help overcome the barriers to electric motorbike adoption. Our products are designed to offer privacy and data security. By default, the motorbikes and battery packs do not track or collect usage data, movement data, GPS, or any other location data. Should you choose to connect the stations online, or use the ReitEV mobile app, your data security is of utmost importance to us. We only use established server providers, with clear data policies, in countries with strict data protection laws. We do not sell information to anyone.


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Natarajan Srinivasan Co Founder, CEO

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SOLAR AI TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD Solar AI Technologies is a software startup which provides building intelligence for rooftop solar projects. We combine geospatial analysis of satellite imagery with big data and artificial intelligence to provide developers and installers with a centralized building database powered by intelligent lead scoring, empowering them to discover qualified leads and prioritize their sales efforts. It helps to learning to analyze rooftop solar potential and estimate savings virtually.

data as your competitive advantage. Our proprietary AI technology virtually identifies and analyzes your rooftop for solar deployment. Discover the solar potential of your roof and maximize the cost savings on your electricity bills.

Our mission is to hyperscale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition towards 100% renewables by modernizing the way rooftop solar is sold. Our building intelligence platform empowers solar developers and installers to search for new prospects, uncover insights and connect with building owners.

Revitalize your outbound sales ■ Prospecting at scale: Our algorithms identify and analyze prospects from satellite imagery and geospatial data, so you spend less time searching. ■ Instant Screening: Focus on only the prospects which matter to you, by screening and filtering for leads by project size, building characteristics and more. ■ Data-driven decisions: With up to 30 data points on each prospect, make informed decisions leveraging 36

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Bolong Chew Founder

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Canopy Power Pte Ltd Canopy Power is a Singapore-based company that was founded in 2016. Our current team of passionate individuals comes from six different countries with the common belief that the work we do should have a positive impact on society and the environment. We believe that by providing people with access to more reliable and cleaner electricity, we can improve lives and boost business profitability while minimizing environmental harm. Get in touch with us to talk about how we can work together in making our planet a better place. The company design, construct and finance renewable energy microgrid solutions which produce reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity. They aim to enable customers to achieve substantial cost savings through reduced diesel fuel usage, while reducing pollution and portal and data analytics capabilities to enhance CO2 emissions. The customer’s base includes remote system performance and project bankability industries such as mining and plantation operations, island resorts, remote villages and communities, as well ■ Project Financing: Financing through power purchase agreements and lease-to-own options to assist as island-based utility companies. customers to fulfill their energy transition dreams

Our Services ■ Microgrids: One stop shop for energy transition from diesel power and weak grid to reliable, cleaner and cheaper renewable sources ■ Engineering Services: Expert engineering support for feasibility studies, optimal design and project management to help you build high quality microgrids

Sectors Served ■ Tourism ■ Agriculture ■ Remote Communities ■ Mining

■ Fishery ■ Hornbill: Remote Monitoring & Management ■ Remote Industries. Technology On-site data collection, cloud-based 38

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Sujay Malve Founder, CEO

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Use of Technologies: Threats and Solutions The role and impact of technology in both our personal and working lives is ever growing. Understanding how people shape technology and how technology shapes people’s interactions with each other and the natural world is important not only for those who research, develop and implement new technologies but also for all those people and organizations that have to use those technologies in their working and personal lives.

knowledge is creatively applied to organized tasks involving people and machines that meet sustainable goals. There are important aspects to this definition:

1. Technology is about taking action to meet a human need rather than merely understanding the workings of the natural world, which is the goal of science. The invention of the microscope was driven by a need to explore the world of the small, beyond our unaided vision. This technological solution to a long standing Technology is not a neutral word. Different people will problem has in turn enabled us to understand more give it different meaning depending on their viewpoint the workings of the world which in turn has led to and context. the development of more technologies. Members of the Faculty of Technology are no different but for many years we have adopted one particular 2. It uses much more than scientific knowledge and includes values as much as facts, practical craft definition of technology that reflects our own aims and knowledge as much as theoretical knowledge. The objectives: iPod is an example of where the physics of making Technology concerns itself with understanding how a small device carry so much music is married 40

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with creative design to make an iconic must have ensure the computer is protected. accessory.  Scan Internet Downloads. Cybercrime is now big business and criminals are looking to steal information such as financial details, Ensure that all files downloaded from the Internet are credit card information, personal details, or any scanned for computer viruses before being used. Ideally other information which they can sell or trade. These this scanning should be done from one central point on criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated the network to ensure that all files are properly scanned. and employ many different methods of attacking  Don’t run programs of unknown origin. companies’ computer networks. It is important that you use a trusted source for your One of the primary weapons in their arsenal is the software requirements. This is to ensure that all software computer virus. While email has been the main method installed can be accounted for and that its sources can for the spread of these recent computer viruses, it is not be confirmed to be legitimate. Apart from ensuring that the only method. A computer virus can enter a network the correct licensing agreements are in place, using a by USB device, Internet download, visiting an infected trusted supplier can help reduce the risk of software website, instant messaging or messaging in social media infected with a virus compromising your business. platforms, file transfer and file sharing programs, or All users should be educated to never run a computer by remote users connecting directly to the corporate program unless the source is known or has originated network with an infected PC. Once a computer virus from a person or company that is trusted. gets into a network it can spread from computer to computer in multiple ways.  Make regular backups of critical data. It is important to ensure that regular copies of Given the numerous ways a computer virus important files are kept either on removable media such can spread, how can a company ensure that as portable drives or tape to ensure you have a trusted source for data in the event that the network is infected its network is protected? with a computer virus. Not only will this ensure that important data is available in the event of a computer  Install Anti-Virus Software. virus infecting the company’s network, backups will also Ensure that reputable anti-virus software is installed enable the company to restore systems to software that on all computers. This should include all servers, PCs is known to be free from computer virus infection. For and laptops. If employees use computers at home for added security you should store these backups securely business use or to remotely access the network, these offsite. That way should a major disaster happen to the PCs should also have anti-virus software installed. business, e.g. the building goes on fire, the data will remain safe in the secure offsite location and can be  Ensure that the anti-virus software is up to date. restored quickly in a new facility Every day new computer viruses are being released and it is essential that businesses are protected from these  Develop an Information Security Policy. viruses by keeping the anti-virus software up to date. The creation and publication of an Information Security If possible, companies should look at policies whereby Policy is key to ensuring that information security computers that do not have the most up to date anti- receives the profile it requires in the organization and is virus software installed are not allowed to connect to the first critical step in securing the company’s systems the network. and data. It is important that senior management support the Information Security Policy and that all  Employ a firewall to protect networks. users are made aware of their roles and responsibilities As computer viruses can spread by means other than under this policy. email, it is important that unwanted traffic is blocked from entering the network by using a firewall. For users that use computers for business away from the protection of the company’s network, such as home PCs or laptops, a personal firewall should be installed to MARCH 2021