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THE GOOD NEWS A Christian Lifestyle Monthly Newsletter

IN THIS ISSUE: Devotional Read The Bread of Life

WELCOME LETTER Written by T Divinci Thank you for subscribing to The Good News & welcome


to our community, a place where Jesus is the vine, we

Wolf N Sheep

are the branches & the Father is the gardener. Here you

Clothing Co.

will find, The Bread of Life devotional read, the latest in

Donavon Brooklyn

apparel, new music, media, news, promos, & kingdom


resources! Our Brands represent a Ministry rooted in

Music & Media T Divinci MOB MOB Inked Publishing Community Service Kingdom Business

Christ, with Wolf N Sheep Clothing Co, Donavon Brooklyn Clothing, T Divinci, MOB, MOB Inked, & Kingdom Business as individual branches. Each branch of our tree bears fruit to glorify Jesus & advance the Kingdom of God. We hope you enjoy your experience and look forward to growing with you.

BREAD OF LIFE Written by T Divinci Bread of Life is a monthly feature in The Good News

About the Author and what to expect from Bread of Life.

newsletter. It is a devotional read by T Divinci of scriptures and testimony.

The Bread of Life is a devotional must-read filled with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and revelations from the word of God through T Divinci, a prophetess of God not here to profit off God. For many are called, but few are chosen, and T Divinci is a living testimony of God & speaks from a place or Authority & Confidence. A pleaser of God and not man. Divinci preaches the Gospel in truth & integrity. The Bread of Life is a Good News monthly Feature & will publish its first official read month.

WOLF N SHEEP CLOTHING CO. Written by T Divinci Wolf N Sheep Clothing Co is A Christian Lifestyle monthly feature previewing the hottest & latest in our apparel & accessories.

A Christian Lifestyle fueled by Faith, Family & Purpose. Wolf N Sheep Clothing Co is a newly launched Double Portion Christian Lifestyle Clothing Company specializing in Adult & Youth active street wear. Independent Owned & Family Operated since 2020, Wolf N Sheep Clothing serves as a separate division for adults & introduces Donavon Brooklyn Clothing for youth. Founded by born again Christian T Divinci in Los Angeles, CA, our mission goes far beyond fashion & delivers the word of God. Fueled by faith, family, purpose & giving honor to Jesus Christ through eye catching fashion.

DONAVON BROOKLYN CLOTHING Written by T Divinci Donavon Brooklyn Clothing is Christian Lifestyle monthly exclusive highlighting current & upcoming seasons & styles from our youth branch.

A Christian Lifestyle modeled by young believers in Faith, Love & Purity Donavon Brooklyn Clothing is a special addition to our family tree, an extension of Wolf N Sheep Clothing & modeled for young believers, Donavon Brooklyn offers its own stylish line of faith inspired street wear for the youth.

T DIVINCI Written by T Divinci The Good News is a multifaceted monthly newsletter with features from various branches within our vine including prophetess T Divinci, a Mother two children and an anointed Gospel musician and Entrepreneur.

A devoted Christian bringing the Gospel to the streets. T Divinci is walking in authority and bares much good fruit as a Mother, Prophetess, Gospel Musician & anointed Entrepreneur. Born on October 19th, 1983, in Palm Springs, CA. Divinci is the lovable Mother of two gorgeous Children, Donavon & Brooklyn, and the Founder & the CEO of the Wolf N Sheep Clothing Umbrella & credits God as the Rightful Owner. T Divinci uses her gifts to Honor & Exalt God while delivering the Gospel. With no lazy bones, taking lessons from the Ant, T Divinci is a dedicated mother who runs multiple businesses. She is busy developing her clothing line & working on brand new music & media productions. Divinci gets all her inspiration from Christ, and is living the word of God & preaching the gospel. Make sure to checkout The Daily Bread, a daily devotional blog written by T Divinci on

MOB Written by T Divinci MOB, our music & media portion, will also be an ongoing feature in The Good News & announcing new releases & projects.

A Gospel Music & Media Ministry PowerHouse MOB is an independently owned & Christian-based music & media company out of Los Angeles, California. Founded by T Divinci in 2019, MOB is a gospel powerhouse introducing Gospel Flow Hymns & Gospel Melodies, described as harmonic sounds of rhythm & rhymes that exalt Jesus Christ in praise, worship & testimony. MOB represents a form of ministry created to bring you the gospel through Music & Visuals and has several projects in development, including online Christian radio, films & new music. As we grow, we look forward to branching out and adding some new additions to our talent division.

MOB INKED PUBLISHING Written by T Divinci The Good News will keep you updated with the latest news rom MOB Inked Publishing

A Gospel Music & Media Ministry Publishing House MOB Inked Publishing is a Christian Publishing House for Gospel Musicians & Talents within our Umbrella.

KINGDOM BUSINESS Written by T Divinci Coming Soon: A bridge connecting Christian Communities with networking opportunities, services & referrals that lead to a better life in Christ.