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Times of Social Science December 10 (2) Flipbook PDF

Times of Social Science December 10 (2)




10/12/2021, Friday

TIMES OF SOCIAL SCIENCE DLDAV, SB is celebrating Social Science Day as Human Rights Day Interview with the Principal of DLDAV Model school: Click Here! Message By Ms Latika Aggarwal PGT(Political Science)

Humanities includes academic disciplines that seek to understand and interpret human experience from individuals to entire cultures .It gives roots by knowing the past which helps us in a deeper understanding of contemporary society and wings for creating a more equitable future for all. Human Rights are the bedrock of any society. Proud to be celebrating it at our school.

Message By Ms. Rashmi Sharma Academic Coordinator (6th-10th)

“This year’s Human Rights Day falls at a time we will never forget. COVID-19 has taken us by storm and shaken our world. A tragedy followed by an extraordinary opportunity to recover better. This Human Rights Day is a call to action. A call for all of us to seize this opportunity and build the world we want. For that, we must accept the lessons from this crisis. On Human Rights Day and every day, let’s resolve to act collectively, with human rights front and centre, to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and build a better future for all.”


Teachers create global citizens. They inspire students to achieve great things.

Geography is very much part of social science. Geography is one of the rare disciplines that cross the line between social science and natural science. This makes geography one of the most complex, wide reaching, and fascinating Ms. Neelu Kapoor subjects you can study in Social Science. On the occasion of Social Science Day I congratulate Madam Principal, my faculty members and my dear students. ‘Social Science is the branch of science devoted to studying human sciences and relationships among individuals within these societies.’ - David Emile Durkheim the father of Social Sciences. Studying Social Sciences gives students an understanding of the real world around them. Students learn about places, cultures and events around the world. It helps to shape children into dynamic learners and impacts all aspects of learning from an early age. Experiences such as group and partner play, working cooperatively and working individually all help to shape students socially. It teaches students fundamental concepts of culture, economics and politics ---- Skills to groom them into educated and productive citizens. Teaching students basic values such as justice and equality, which are the foundation of modern society. It is scientific in the sense that we seek true knowledge of man and his society. Social Scientists and Social Engineers additionally must take responsibility for inducing necessary changes in the political process..

Ms. Shilpi Mukherjee


Ms. Sushma Arya

Social studies is a study of multiple fields of social science including political science, geography, economics, history etc and hence it provides us a kind of knowledge that is valuable on a daily basis. Social Science prepares students to grow up as active, responsible, and reflective members of society. It also teaches them to address societal and global concerns. It allows us to integrate current events into their lessons and also facilitate healthy debates and classroom discussions. Teaching social studies is fun. There is so much learning everyday and also as a teacher you can have an impact on the future of a generation. Ms. Gaganmeet

LET’S CELEBRATE SOCIAL SCIENCE DAY In today’ s unprecedented milieu, it is difficult to imagine the next day, let alone the next few years. In these trying times, everyone needs the assurance that we are not alone in our misery. History provides us with a semblance of peace, because wars bigger than these have been fought and won. Sociology provides us comfort, that a large demographic of people face similar issues or are happy with similar situations like ours. While geography shows chartered terrains, it also gives us the next destination for our travel after this Pandemic. One must be aware of political science as well, for it tells us that we have the power to always change our leaders, our destiny. We are meant for bigger things, and power always lies with the one willing to change. I became a Social Science teacher because I genuinely believe that this subject shows us the better way to live our lives. Ms. Neena Bhatia Humanities and Social Science degrees can be vastly different, but all have one thing in common: they're centered on human life. While Humanities subjects are mostly analytical or philosophical, Social Science subjects are more scientific and experimental. 1. Adaptable graduate – you’ll develop a huge variety of transferrable skills for many career paths, including research, evaluation, analytical and communication skills. 2. Flexible degree options – there is greater module flexibility in both single and combined honors degrees, so you can customize your studies to your passions. 3. Important for future societies – These subjects keep us connected to the human world in a digital age, bringing human judgement, creativity and an inquisitive mind. Ms. Monika Malik I dream of building a better world, which is by and large what the social sciences try to help us to do. How to make cities more harmonious, reduce crime rates, improve welfare, overcome racism, increase our wealth -- this is the stuff of social sciences. I am happy being a teacher of social science as it makes students aware that the society they live in is diverse and multicultural and yet there is interdependence and interrelatedness between different people, families, cultures, religions and countries.

Ms. Shikha Sinha Social Science is not just a subject but a psychology of societies. It just does not includes societies but how it works and how those societies worked in the past civilisations and also how the politics work. It tells us about the diversified geographical conditions of the earth that we live at! Social Science at the core is the crux of all of cultures and societies around us, over the period of time with so many factors of the being.

Ms. Namita Gupta


They are not just universal rights. They are the standards of humans. HUMAN RIGHTS ARE FOR ALL!

Portraying Human Rights through Short movies by Class 9 1. A day in the life of A Human Rights Violation officer. Click here!


Our Human Rights Activist Poetry is the best form of expression specially for crucial topics like HUMAN RIGHTS. Here is a video by our very honored Human Rights Activist – Vasu 9C reciting a self – composed poem. Click here! Here is another poem on Women’s Rights, Article 2 NO DISCRIMINATION. – BY Litika, Class 11.Click Here!

DANCE RIGHTS KE LIYE The variety is the key, even when it’s for spreading awareness. Let’s make our journey more jazzy by welcoming our dance elites… Click here!

2. The story of Raghav Click Here!

3. The story of a Dalit. Click here!

4. The Right to freedom of though, religion and opinion. Click Here!

HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL - A PADLET A Padlet is the newest form of presentation. Now it’s time for us to get an idea of the blood shearing history which lead to the emergence of HUMAN RIGHTS. This is a padlet presentation by Meenal Gupta of Class 11. Click here!

30 UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS Let’s get an insight of the 30 Human Rights by these sweet fellows of class . Click here!


Once again, What are Human Rights and how to protect them. Let us revise them again through a video by Riddhi Singh, 9A. Click here!

5. The Right to privacy and Cyber Security. Click here! This is a padlet presentation by Class 9.

Here is another presentation by Angel, 8D. Click here

SOME MORE PRESENTATIONS… Click here! ← 𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑠 10 Click here! ↑ 𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑠 8

Click here! ↑ 𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑠𝑠 10


Travelling requires a remix of things. On this page, we will encounter every possible aspect of TRAVEL REMIX


Sudden Climate Change? Why is it suddenly so hard for me to breathe and see? Oh! We are in Delhi now. It’s all because of this Smog. Let’s hear from Saanvi 9G, the causes and precautions for this hazardous climate change.

Let’s begin our journey with some monuments in North India. CLICK HERE TO VISIT NORTH INDIA


Rivers ~~ There are many Rivers in India. Here is a 3D view for some. CLICK HERE! Did you notice the Ganga? It seemed so dirty and so in pain. Let’s hear sorrows from herself. CLICK HERE!

ROAD SAFETY!!! Ooh! That accident was close! Travelling through Road is not easy nor safe. It’s time for A ROAD SAFETY LESSON by Krishnav, 9A.



South India We have reached South India. Hearing of South India, Dosa, Idli and Kuchipudi are prominent. Let us look at more things in South India. Click here to learn more about South India

Kerala Congratulation! You are the first customer to reach the end of our journey, Kerala. CLICK ON HERE TO ENTER KERALA


We now welcome you to the most prestigious Social Science Museum where all the subjects (Civics, History, Geography) live peacefully or do they?


Growing a plant requires patience and dedication, which this girl surely has. Let’s grow our patience with plants! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GROWTH OF HER PLANT

BEST OUT OF WASTE Innovation time! It’s time for overflowing creative.

Click Here!

ELECTION SPEECHES This time for our museum elections, many candidate have participated and decided to provide best facilities to the people.

This time, who will be your choice? Whom will you give the vote of your voice? CLICK HERE!

CITIZENSHIP We listen to, respect and consider the opinions of children It is necessary for them to understand the importance of their opinions on collective country decisions as responsible human. Let’s see a debate by some students on the citizenship.

SST MUSEUM ROTATION – DAY & NIGHT The occurrence of day and night always seem so impossible to understand but Gaurvi of 6G will explain to us with the help of a globe and her amazing intellectual. CLICK HERE!

UNITY DAY CELEBRATIONS Pledge by Junior Click Here! Pledge by Senior Click Here!

CONSTITUTION DAY CELEBRATIONS Congratulations and celebrations once again. Let’s view these amazing celebrations by the whole DAV staff and students in dear respect of our constitution day.

COMMUNITY HELPERS We know the importance of community workers but sometimes still forget to respect and care for them. Let us invite the juniors to remind us all. CLICK HERE!


Sikkim The Land of Love, Beauty And Adventure

Heritage Of Sikkim Sikkim is a unique blend of different customs, religion and traditions of different Click Here communities.

Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat

Flip the Pages to visit Sikkim

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Dance of Sikkim


Indian folk dances are full of energy and vitality. Some dances are performed separately by men Here and women.

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Song of Sikkim

Sikkimese Poetry Translated in English Click Here

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Brochure On Sikkim

The Land of Love, Beauty And Adventure By Padlet

Click Here

Sikkim is notable for its biodiversity, including climates, as well as being a host to Kangchenjunga

Fashion of

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Sikkim Click Here

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Sikkim is a State having very old and deep rooted handlooms, handicraft and traditions. The Kho or Bakhu is a traditional dress worn by Sikkimese people. It is made of thick cotton fabrics.


There is only one social science and we are its practitioners

Celebration of Social Science


Learning to work as part of a team will help children hone many social skills.


Fun With Social Science

Comic Times

Designed By: Darash Jain 8th A

Riddhi Singh 9th A

Anurup Mitra 8th A