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To, Them. Flipbook PDF

The prose of hope.





Written and illustrated by, Prachi Pearl Baptist

PREFACE A letter to someone in their hard times — this book will perhaps take a child-like humility to read. Written as a homage to those who suffered during the Bengal famine, in 1943, “To, Them.” takes inspiration from the work and style of Chittaprosad Bhattacharya – a true journalist and artist, who worked selflessly in documenting the misery of Indians in his book ‘Hungry Bengal’.

Dedicated to Pragya and Kanishk. I am, because you are.


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home... C

o m i n g . . .emoh

‘coming home’

And sometimes the paths you t ake will not be the ones you will

choose to follow.

Don’t forget, paper boat adventures always taught us that losing sight of the shore meant finding

new horizons.

So, don’t be afraid to get lost,

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Because that’s the only way one can be found.

Come what may, the sun will still chase you until the night will divide the day.

your eyes will have stories to tell,

A n d when t h e And when the wars are over, A butterfly will still be beautiful.

An th

nd when he wars are over, A butterfly And when will the wars are still over, be A

The end.

Thanks to dear Mrs. Uma, who, within a period of 6 months, was able to instigate a hunger and love for learning in young minds; she taught me the importance of educating myself. Thanks, also, to the artist - Chittaprosad Bhattacharya. In studying his life and works, I learnt not only about his art but also it’s value. An artist may not always be priviledged, but in his truest nature, he does give birth to extraordinary things, that age slowly, and make sense even slower. Credits to Mr. Ruskin Bond, for, through his pen came the last line; how perfectly it holds my art together! I’m grateful lastly and most of all, for my family and friends — distant and close. Everytime any one of them has picked this book up and smiled, I’ve carried on. Love, Prachi