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Tournament Guidelines




QSDL National Debating Championship 2021 QSDL National Debating Championship is a much-awaited annual end of debate season event for schools in Qatar. The championship showcases the best debate talent of the country for the debate season. QatarDebate tournaments follow a league system. After two QSDLs, the cumulative performance of all the teams that took part in both the leagues of this season is calculated – in both the Open & EFL category. Who qualifies to participate at Nationals 2021? -

The Top 20 ranked teams which took part in both the league tournaments of the season - 12 Open & 8 EFL Teams.


The top 20 teams may include a maximum of 2 teams from a school, depending on the cumulative league scores. (This means that if School X has 3 teams in the Top 20, only 2 teams will be selected to compete).


Once the school is informed of the number of teams qualified to participate – it is up to the school’s discretion to decide the team members representing the school’s team(s) at Nationals. * In the instance of an EFL team ranking in the Top 12, that team will break in the Open category and will compete only against remaining teams of the Open category. Please note that it is possible for a school to have 1 team breaking in the Open category and 1 team breaking in the EFL category.

How will I know if my school has qualified? -

After the 2nd QSDLs (Boys-6 February & Girls-13 February), the QD tab team will compile from the cumulative scores of both leagues. These top 20 teams and respective schools will be contacted and invited to the Nationals through their school debate coordinator, who will be receive the following via email:    

Championship Invitation Rules & guidelines Motions for prepared round & Grand Final Schedule


Coordinators are to send the confirmed names of debaters selected from their schools to QD by the stipulated deadline in the email.

If my school doesn’t qualify to debate, can we still attend? -

Yes, all registered QatarDebate Schools will be invited and can send observers (including students, teachers & parents) to observe, learn and support the participants.

What is the program for Nationals on April 3rd, 2021? -

3 Break Rounds for the top 12 Open teams • Partial Double Quarter Finals (Impromptu) • Quarter Finals (Prepared) • Semi Finals (Impromptu) * The Top 4 ranked teams gain an automatic spot in the Quarters. Teams ranked 5th – 12th will compete in a Partial Double Quarters in the Open category. Winners from this round will proceed to the Quarter finals.


2 Break Rounds for the top 8 EFL Teams • EFL Quarter Finals • EFL Semi-Finals


Awards (for the League winners under both Open & EFL categories) • Top 3 Schools • Top 10 Speakers (speakers who took part in a minimum of 4 rounds of debate would qualify)

When will the Finals be held? -

The Grand Final Debates (for the top 2 EFL Finalists and top 2 Open Finalists) & Closing Ceremony (awards distribution) will tentatively be scheduled: o Girls – Monday, 5th April 2021 o Boys – Wednesday, 7th April 2021


The venue for this program would be announced in due time. This program is tentatively scheduled from 4 pm until 7 pm.


The closing ceremony of Nationals will include awards of the below categories for both Open & EFL teams:  Champion  Runner Up  Best Speaker Grand Finals


Invitations will be sent to all QatarDebate registered schools to encourage students, teachers and Principals to attend this momentous evening.