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Twin Ports Vivid Client Guide and Summary Flipbook PDF

Twin Ports Vivid Client Guide and Summary





Hey there,Jolene!

It was so fun meeting you Wednesday!

I really enjoyed chatting with you and getting to learn more about your business! I am a huge fan of all things Private Label and can't wait to start working with you and for you to see the finished project! As promised, I've put together a brief meeting summary and marketing ideas to get the wheels turning. I also had a few thoughts regarding branding and consistency to build recognition. It is important to get branding right because as your business grows, people will see a consistent look and know they are getting a consistent product experience. If I've missed anything we discussed,  please let me know. And always feel free to share more ideas you've come up with since we met on Friday. In this project summary, you will find: Project Objective Project Deliverables Project Task List (includes items needed) Additional Marketing and Promotional Ideas (pages 6-7) Branding and Logo Considerations (pages 8-11) I will check in with you via email a couple of times per week, so we can discuss tasks we are working on, changes/readjustments that need to be made, and answer any questions you may have. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and I can't wait to get started on your project!

Chat soon!

Sara Smith Riversmith Media 218.324.6042

[email protected]



twin ports laser | vivid beauty This multi-faceted marketing plan has been uniquely designed for Twin Ports Laser & Vivid Beauty and will include a variety of digital designs, marketing assets, and a few marketing ideas for future use.


PROJECT STRATEGY Create new website that includes: General Information, e-commerce capabilities, video tutorial capabilities, future blog, basic SEO & Keywords, Optimized Images, Social Media Integration, and training video for easy website maintenance and updating as you see fit. Create a cohesive look and style for Vivid Beauty and Brands that perfectly reflect the lifestyle of Vivid's customers (see pages 8-11) to increase brand recognition. Learn how to create video tutorials for customers who purchase your products. Marketing and promotional ideas to help build your customer base (see pages 6 & 7).




The primary objective of this project is to create an easy-to-use and navigate website for Vivid Beauty customers to find general information about the products and purchase, as well as a branded graphics package, mini sales booklet, training on how to create video tutorials and post on your website. Domain name research and assistance purchasing and setting up a website platform on GoDaddy A fully functioning website with social media integration, e-commerce capabilities, video tutorial capabilities, and future blogging capabilities Mood board and branding essentials that can be used across all marketing platforms and media that will give your business a cohesive look and feel your clients and prospects will recognize Branded social media channel art to help increase brand recognition 8-page mini sales booklet to use as additional marketing at tradeshows and events (digital version included; print costs extra)

You will also receive a training video to show you how to update, maintain, and get the most out of your new GoDaddy website.


TASK LIST Life happens and things pop up. However, the speed at which we are able to complete all tasks for this project will determine the finalization and launch date of your project.

The task list below includes items to be completed by Jolene and Sara. Some tasks will be completed concurrently, while others will need to be completed in a specific order. In an effort to not bore you, this is a "macro-level" task list. I will keep in close contact with you via email on the step-bystep details and tasks where applicable.

From Awareness to Loyal Fan

PROMOTIONAL & MARKETING IDEAS The graphic to the left lays out the basic steps a typical customer takes to go from "stranger" to superfan. Between the website, social media, and other marketing channels, I am confident we will be able to get the word out about your business and have faithful customers lining up to purchase your awesome products for their business. The "Seed-Sow-Reap" roadmap will help you decide what marketing strategies to apply in your business and when to apply them. CONNECT: THE SEED STAGE Create "authority" by creating and maintaining your Google My Business profile and listings on other Business-to-Business sites. This will help you "fight" paid ads and algorithms ensuring your business will be found. Creating a social media content strategy is an excellent way to create awareness for various events and products. Post a minimum of 3-4 times/week and utilize targeted sponsored posts (ads) and automated scheduling tools to stay ahead of the game. Automation and scheduling are key to staying on top of your social media postings. Print media (booklets, flyers, posters, brochures, postcards) distributed or mailed to targeted prospects advertising your business's products. Themes to consider: wedding/bridal, graduation pictures, change of life situation (think: divorce), vacation, milestone birthdays, Mother's Day, etc... CULTIVATE: THE SOW STAGE Consistent social media posting that is fun, engaging, and inspiring (see next page for tips). Offer different events, promotions, deals, discounts, contests, and giveaways throughout the year, but especially at the beginning while you are working to get people to discover your business and products. Share your story on social media. Giving back to the communities where you operate is one of the best ways to "market" your business. Donations to local events and charities are always positively viewed and enhance your commitment to the community. Even though many of your customers won't be from the area, sharing your generosity is universal.

CAPTURE: THE REAP STAGE Loyalty and VIP "Clubs" are excellent ways to encourage repeat business. Encourage folks to sign up for email or text message marketing (opt-in) to receive discounts and special deals. Email addresses are like gold. Offering video tutorials and "how-tos" like you are planning is an excellent way to create authority and show you are there to help and support your customers, not just sell products. Nurture: Preference & Loyalty Again, VIP/Loyalty discounts are something people look forward to receiving. You can also promote seasonal "loyalty club members specials." Be sure to ask for reviews from customers and ask for their permission to post on social. If they are willing to share their client before/after photos, all the better! REPEAT: REFERRALS & ADVOCACY Excellent experiences are the foundation of this phase in the customer/client journey. "Refer a friend" discounts are an excellent way to encourage advocacy for your brand, as well as garner new business. It has been proven you will spend less money on maintaining your relationships with current customers than obtaining new customers— the savings are in the referral. Getting the word out about your business and new website isn't going to be difficult, we just need to keep it simple so it is sustainable while reaching your ideal customers. There are no hard and fast rules in marketing besides "you have to do it." Haha!! That said, there are many ways to find new customers, keep them coming back, and encourage them to use your lash and whitening products on their clients. Simply, approach your marketing in a way that makes sense to you and gets your name in front of the people who are looking for a high-quality product for their clients.

Hashtags for Your Business As a business owner, you want two things: More customers and more reach—eyes on your content. Hashtags are a great way to accomplish both. Simply put, hashtags are keywords that help people find your content/golf course if they are searching for a something to do near them. Every post should always include #VividBeauty, #VividLash, #VividSmile, but will ideally include a few more: #eyelashextensions, #teethwhitening, #yourbeautypartner, #bridalbeauty, #whiteteeth, #yourbigday, #loveyoursmile, #beautifuleyes, #graduationphotos, #gradphotos

Social media Tips, content ideas, hashtags + headlines Ten Tips for Social Media Success 1. Keep your posts on a 3/4:1 ratio. Give value or information in 3-4 posts, then follow with one selfpromotional post. 2. Create your own content if you want to build a real brand. Limit reposts from others unless it delivers value and reinforces your brand and business. 3. Create your content around 3 things: your products, "feelings" or emotions, and lifestyle. Try to combine all 3 in one post, if possible. 4. Posting 20+ status updates/month will help you reach 60% of your unique audience monthly. This will keep you top of mind with your audience. 5. Do not be afraid to post the same content more than once in case someone missed it... especially if it's some really good stuff, or special discounts. 6. Links to videos result in 75% higher share rate—like a video of you sharing teeth whitening tips. 7. Posts with images result in 98% higher comment rate. 8. Including links (to your website or event page) with posts drives 200% more engagement. 9. Be consistent with the days and times you post. 10. Invest in simple tools that help you automate the jobs you do not enjoy doing. If it's easy, you'll do it. If it's not, you won't.

10 Content Ideas for Your Social Media Calendar Behind-the-scenes look at your business Fun facts and trivia: This Day in History, Did you know... Major holidays and quirky holidays Highlight something new about your business: products, services, employees, improvements, etc... Funny posts, inspirational quotes, weird words Testimonials and reviews of your business Discounts and promotions, upcoming events Ask a question or answer a question Take a poll (what is your favorite...) Product pics and announcements

10 Headlines/?'s for Your Social Media Posts 1. "What to Expect at/with..." 2. "5 Tips for Newbie Eyelash Wearers" 3. "Tips for Maintaining Your (insert whatever here)" 4. "This or That?" 5. "Beauty Meets Technology" 6. "The 5 Best Ways to Keep Your Teeth White Naturally" 7. "Fun Fact About..." 8. "Giving Back to Our Community" 9. "5 Things All New Brides Want for Christmas" 10. "5 Ideas to Help You (the spa owner) Sell More..."

Branding + Logo You have an excellent logo with clean, modern lines. I was not able to do an exact match to your current logo because I do not have Century Gothic in my arsenal of typefaces, nor was I able to figure out what font "Lash" is in. However, I was able to find two similar typefaces that we can use on the website and the booklet. Unless your customers are designers or font aficionados, it should be okay. Of course, this is with your approval only. If you prefer all fonts to match, please let me know. As I was recreating the logos using the fonts available to me, I thought maybe both your "lash" and your "smile" logos should match your "beauty" logo—the parent company/umbrella brand. Again, this was just a thought I had. As it is, "VIVID" ties everything together and works. Think about it and let me know how you want to proceed. If you DO want to stick with the current and then come up with something unique for the "beauty" logo, let me know. The important thing is to have one tying element across all logos. On pages 10 & 11, you will see some mood boards to help KICK OFF the colors and style you want surrounding your products. The website will still be clean and easy-to-navigate, but will be consistent with the brand style.