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Wooster Weekly News, published March 05, 2022




March 5, 2022 Vol. 20 No. 4

Aaron Dorksen

The world-ranked Wooster robotics team is arguably the high school’s best kept secret — until now — The robotics team at Wooster High School is split into two squads, and both have already locked up spots in the state tournament and are on pace to qualify for the VEX World Championship. See page 4.

5 Highly rated

9 Heart-filled event

10 Lost treasure

Wooster third in national micropolitan rankings.

CCHO benefit will feature Romona Robinson.

Local film shot long ago may be gone.

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2 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022

WCSD celebrates Black History Month

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The schools of the Wooster City School District all celebrated the important contributions of African Americans throughout Black History Month. Black History Month was first officially recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976 and has been recognized by every U.S. president since. This month-long celebration evolved from week-long celebrations held by various educational institutions in an effort to pay tribute to African American achievements. Throughout February Wooster elementary students heard weekly announcements honoring the contributions of African Americans throughout history. Teachers focused on

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a different Black American each week during their lessons, and students learned about how those individuals positively impacted the world. Featured individuals included Ron McNair, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Kindergarten students at Kean learned about the famous Black artist Jean Michel Basquiat and participated in art projects inspired by his work, and third-graders made story quilts based on Faith Ringgold’s Caldecott Awardwinning book, “Tar Beach.” At Parkview second-graders also took inspiration from Jean Michel Basquiat and made self-portraits in his artistic style. Additionally, there are bulletin boards and posters throughout the elemen-

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced a partnership between the Ohio Traffic Safety Office and the Ohio High School Athletic Association to raise awareness about the resources available to help teens drive safely. “We want everyone on the road to make it home safely. If we put teens in controlled driving situations before they face them in real time, they will be better prepared to navigate the road safely,” DeWine said. “Inexperience behind the wheel is a major factor in crashes for new drivers.

Giving our young people more opportunities to practice making good driving decisions will prevent crashes and save lives.” OTSO houses the Teach Your Teen to Drive website, which includes links to short videos for teens to learn how to safely enter and exit a highway, change lanes, and manage intersections. Other links feature a

Spring Arts & Crafts Show NEW DATES Friday, March 11, 2022 • 5pm-9pm Saturday, March 12, 2022 • 9am-4pm Fisher Auditorium / Shisler Conference Center 1680 Madison Ave. • Wooster, Ohio 44691

OSU requires masks Sponsored by the Wayne County Arts and Craft Guild BF-17891

tary schools highlighting famous African Americans, as well as read-alouds and book displays in the library. Students at Edgewood Middle School listened to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech and studied it as part of a unit on figurative language and sound device. Their analysis focused upon the quality of the writing to help them understand why the speech is so widely referenced.

Wooster High School student Jeremiah Rickey performed as Follis at the Wayne County Convention and Visitors Bureau to help share his story. “Each year for Black History Month, our district puts great effort into finding new ways to highlight the many contributions of African Americans,” Wooster superintendent Gabe Tudor said. “It’s always exciting to see the ideas they come up with and the creative ways they incorporate this important history into their lessons and throughout our school buildings. I’m certain the knowledge our students have gained this month will resonate with them for many years to come.”

Partnership promoting road safety for teens

Free Admission • Lunch Available • Over 110 Booths Follow us on Facebook The Bargain Hunter is published by AloNovus Corp. © Copyright 2022


At the beginning of each choir class, students learned about an African American artist who has made an impact on music or sang a historical song. There also was a civil rights bulletin board in the sixthgrade hallway, and students took part in activities that led to class discussions about how human beings are all the same, regardless of their race. A t Wo o s t e r H i g h School, various bulletin boards were displayed throughout the building, and students heard daily morning announcements about famous Black individuals. Students celebrated Charles Follis, the first African American professional football player, who also happened to be raised in Wooster.


guide with tips and tricks to prepare for behind-thewheel practice, Ohio driving laws and requirements, and a tool to help families track their progress and record which driving environment their teens need more practice with. In 2019 DeWine launched a statewide virtual driver assessment program, Ready, Test, Drive!, to better equip Ohio’s new drivers with skills to safely navigate the roads. Additionally, by executive order in 2020, he created the Ohio Traffic Safety Council of federal, state and local partners to focus on ways to make Ohio’s roadways safer by using proven education, engineering, enforcement, emergency response and public policy countermeasures. The OTSO/OHSAA partnership builds on DeWine’s initiative by raising awareness during the boys and girls district, regional and state basketball tournament games and sectional, district and state wrestling tournaments. TYTTD messages will be included in programs, on parking passes and tickets, during pub-

Getty Images

Ohio Traffic Safety Office and the Ohio High School Athletic Association aim to raise awareness about the resources available to help teens drive safely.

lic address announcements, and on signs and banners during the sporting events. The goal of this campaign is to create an open conversation between teens, parents and other family members on the importance of road safety. “We are proud to partner with the governor and the Ohio Traffic Safety Office on this important safety initiative,” OHSAA executive director Doug Ute said. “We are committed to get this message in front of as many teens and

their families as possible. As teens are learning to drive, this safety program will help save lives.” Crashes are the leading cause of death among young drivers age 15-20 nationally. In Ohio young drivers age 15-25 represent almost 30% of deaths and 35% of serious injuries each year. This age group is more likely to be involved in fatal and serious crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks.

March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 3


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4 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022

World-ranked robotics team is WHS’ best kept secret By Aaron Dorksen


t’s a cold winter night, and 11 Wooster High School students are totally engrossed while working on a project in the old wood shop located in a back corner of the campus. The students are divided into two teams: 44691R Gold Rush and 44691X Blue Heat. Laptop computers, tools and notebooks are strewn about. Two impressive-looking robots are the center of everyone’s attention. Soon the teams are practicing against each other with determination.  Welcome to the Wooster robotics team, which is arguably the best kept secret at WHS. The Generals have deservedly received lots of publicity over the years for excelling in sports like football, basketball and swimming, as well as other extracurricular activities like band and speech and debate. The Wooster robotics team has worked in relative obscurity but takes a back seat to no one in performance. In fact, these high school boys could program a robot to drive circles around their peers. Wooster’s Gold Rush team is currently ranked 23rd out of more than 3,000 teams in the world while Blue Heat is ranked 231st. They’re ranked second and 22nd, respectively, in Ohio. Both teams have locked up spots in the state tournament in Marion on March 12 and are on pace to qualify for the Vex World Championship in Dallas, Texas on May 5-7. “I think most high schools including Wooster are dominated by huge sports,” senior Mark Wood said. “Our robotics teams here have really excelled to a high level, and that needs to be brought out into the spotlight. We’ve had two teams qualify for worlds the last several years. Robotics can be for fun, but it can also be career-building.” The odds of a robotics team member “going pro” in this activity is actually pretty good. Wood is planning on attending

Purdue and majoring in chemical engineering. Jacob Melrose, in his 21st year as a Wooster teacher, founded the Robotics Club five years ago and marvels at the way his students have taken off and run with the opportunity. “I had been teaching engineering classes, which involved some robotics and programming,” Melrose said. “I realized that some other schools that offered similar classes as mine had some competitive robotics teams. I thought, ‘We could totally do that.’ We really got

Our robotics “ teams here have really

excelled to a high level, and that needs to be brought out into the spotlight. We’ve had two teams qualify for worlds the last several years. Robotics can be for fun, but it can also be career-building. Mark Wood

our butts handed to us at first, but the kids were competitive and kept improving.” The inaugural team helped establish a tradition that keeps getting stronger. The 2022 Wooster Gold Rush team consists of Jaydan Norr, Alessandro Herrada, Kaden Carpenter, Brock Rising, Luke Hootman and Brandon Dreher. Blue Heat is manned by Jacob “Papa J” Yost, Wood, Tyler Massoni, Garrett Long and Antonio Reyes. How it works The teams work together to build and program a robot, each taking on specific roles. The team documents all parts of the design process in an engineering notebook.

This year’s VEX Robotics Competition Tipping Point is played on a 12-by-12-foot square field between a red and blue alliance. Teams score by collecting rings, moving mobile goals to alliance zones and elevating on platforms at the end of a match. “Pretty much we’re just driving around trying to get the most points,” Norr said. “It’s one minute, 45 seconds for driving.” Robotics is a co-curricular class, similar to band, and students have a graded class period during the day when they meet. They also are required to work after school for a combined 2 1/2 hours a week, but often Melrose is telling them to go home late in the evening. Aaron Dorksen Melrose also coaches a middle Wooster High robotics team members Brock Rising, left, Jaydan Norr, school team with six members called Brandon Dreher and Alessandro Herrada work on their robot during a Yuh Mum’s Spaghetts, which has recent session at the school. qualified for the state tournament. “Some of the boys have learned changing experience for 2020 WHS of Akron. She recently came in to help current teams present their more sophisticated coding languag- graduate Tyler Strand-Fox. “It’s a huge reason why I wanted robots and the design process to a es that I didn’t even teach them,” to pursue chemical engineering troop of Girl Scouts from Westfield Melrose said. at Cincinnati,” Strand-Fox said. Center. Frantz is one of the “founding “I’m a second-year student in the Lasting lessons The Wooster robotics mem- program here and just completed a fathers” of the robotics program and bers also enjoy the social aspect of co-op with Kinetic Vision. I learned studies petroleum and natural gas spending time with their teammates leadership skills, problem-solving engineering at West Virginia Uniand interacting with other teams at and how to work under extreme versity. He plans to make a presentation to current students about his deadlines.” competitions. Strand-Fox said he’s given college program and experiences. “It’s mainly student-led,” CarWooster robotics already has penter said. “Mr. Melrose coach- advice to several Wooster students es us, but it’s us students making since leaving about what a college an impressive network of alumni, the decisions, building our own engineering program involves and which is ever growing, one robot turn, push and lift at a time. robot and competing. We can have said he’s happy to talk with others. Other notable alums of the For updates on the Wooster between 30 to around 150 teams at a tournament, and we end up robotics team include Hayden Frank robotics team and videos of them networking with them. I’ve really (2021), Christina Sayre (2020) and in competition, follow them on Facebook. improved my social skills, and that’s Andrew Frantz (2019). Frank is a nuclear machinist The team would like to thank something I came into robotics not mate in the U.S. Navy and oper- its sponsors: Bowman Beverexpecting to work on.” It could sound intimidating for a ates the mechanical side of nuclear age, Built-Rite Box & Crate, CIX student without much experience to reactors that provide power and pro- Direct, Rayco Manufacturing, Rivjoin a robotics team, but it’s a deci- pulsion to submarines and aircraft erview Industrial Wood Products, sion Hootman, a junior, will always carriers. He finished in the top six of Schaeffler, Seaman Corporation his boot camp class and received the and Tekfor. be glad he made. “Alessandro, Jaydan and I ran Navy League Award. Aaron Dorksen can be emailed Sayre is in the integrated science at aar[email protected] Follow cross country together, so I knew them,” Hootman said. “Everyone education program at the University him on Twitter at @AaronDorksen. on the team was welcoming. I really found a group of friends when I joined this.” Gold Rush teammates showed Hootman how to bend metal and cut it with an angular saw soon after joining. “It was a bit scary; there were a lot of sparks,” Hootman said. Herrada is hoping to go to Case Western or Ohio State and is interested in studying mechanical engineering, computer science and coding. “Doing robotics is like looking into the future and seeing different possibilities,” Herrada said. “This Submitted has given me a big kind of realiza- The robotics team at Wooster High School is actually split into two squads, tion that I want to do something like and both have already locked up spots in the state tournament in Marion this on a grander scale.” on March 12 and are on pace to qualify for the VEX World Championship in The robotics team was a life- Dallas, Texas on May 5-7.

March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 5

City ranked third among nation’s micropolitans Wo o s t e r e a r n e d third place for Top 2021 Micropolitans in the Nation within Site Selection Magazine’s annual rankings for 543 micropolitan areas, a jump up from its seventhplace ranking in 2020. The recognition is highlighted in the magazine’s March 2022 edition at www. Wooster and Wayne County celebrate with Findlay, which garnered the top spot, as well as the State of Ohio, which ranked third in the USA for top-performing states by projects per capita and first for total number of top micros and number of micropolitan projects. Site Selection Magazine is a publication of Conway Data Inc., which ranks mic-

ropolitan areas based on the previous year’s creation of “new corporation facility projects with significant impact including headquarters, manufacturing plants, R&D operations and logistics sites, among others.” Retail, government, or schools and hospital projects are not considered, as the award is focused on basic-sector business expansion and investment. Throughout Wayne County, 13 different projects in 2021 launched the Wooster micropolitan area upward in the rankings. Micropolitan areas usually comprise an area of one or two counties with a principal city of 10,00050,000. The Wooster micropolitan area includes all

tabulating projects across the micropolitan area. The exercise helps the greater community to measure its economic activity and evaluate foreign-direct investment, and because the process is applicationdriven, it uniquely showcases to a global audience that Wooster and Wayne County actively welcome new businesses, investors and site selectors. Site Selection Magazine is the official cation of Industrial Asset Wooster earned third place for Top 2021 Micropolitans in the M a n a g e m e n t C o u n c i l , Nation within Site Selection Magazine’s annual rankings for a global industrial real543 micropolitan areas. estate association. Recogof Wayne County with the tion, the city of Wooster and nition by the publication city of Wooster serving as other Wayne County com- provides an opportunity to the principal city with its munities coordinate each highlight the community’s 27,232 residents. year with Wayne Economic economy to the world’s As part of the recogni- Development Council in l a r g e s t m a n u f a c t u r e r s

and service corporations, along with brokerages and site selectors. Correspondingly, the Wooster micropolitan area earlier received recognition from Policom for being Ohio’s top-performing micropolitan while ranking 14th in the nation based on a combination of current-year and historical performance metrics. P r o j e c t s i n Wo o s t e r include a nearly $18 million, 25-job expansion by The Wooster Brush Company; a new facility at the STAHL/Scott Fetzer Co.; and an expansion by Built Rite Box and Crate that represents a $4.7 million investment and will create 12 new jobs and 40,000 new square feet of space.

Kurt Holmes was honored as the 2022 Scouter of the Year at the Killbuck District Recognition Dinner on Feb. 17, when approximately 70 Scouts and adult Scout leaders were in attendance at First Presbyterian Church in Wooster for the annual Scouting celebration event. Holmes grew up in Ransomville, New York, where he earned the rank of Eagle and was part of a Philmont trek. He returned to Scouting in 2003 when his son joined Wooster Cub Pack 63. Holmes has been an adult volunteer for Troop 61 for the past 14 years and has helped four different Scoutmasters and assisted over 25 Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle. He is a fifthyear Pipestone holder and is a Brotherhood member of Order of the Arrow. Holmes has served the district as chairman of a District Camporee and served on the district committee as vice chair of finance and district chairman. He also has served Buckeye Council as a board member for 10 years including vice president of operations and currently serves as board president. Holmes was previously

honored to receive the Killbuck Award, the District Award of Merit and the Council Silver Beaver award. Holmes is the executive director of Ohio’s Hospice LifeCare, serving Wayne, Holmes, Ashland and Medina counties. He is an active member of the Wooster United Methodist Church. He is active in the community as past board president of Unit-

ed Way, past secretary of the American Cancer Society, a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board and a member of the Kiwanis Club of Wooster. He and his wife Gina are the parents of Alexandria and Fred, an Eagle Scout in Troop 61. Dr. Ned Lauver, district operations director of Avon Lake City Schools, an Eagle Scout and formerly the 7

Ranges Scout Reservation director and Wooster City Schools educator, was the guest speaker. He emphasized how Scouting had helped him and others learn to get things done by “finding your people” and learning to say “yes.” Eight Scouts from Wayne and Holmes counties that earned the rank of Eagle in 2021 were recognized:

lowing adult awards were presented: Commissioner Wreath of Service to Alan Engelhardt, Wooster; Commissioner Wreath of Service to Sally Turpin, Wooster; Akela Award to Ben Senff, Wooster; Killbuck Award to John Veney, Wooster; Ray Zeigman Award to Jim Sayre, Wooster; and District Award of Merit to Todd Gordon, Nashville.

Holmes named Killbuck’s 2022 Scouter of the Year Xander Amier, Troop 61, Wooster; Matthew Anderson, Troop 60, Orrville; Dylan Breitenbucher, Troop 71, Shreve; Andy Clabaugh, Troop 61, Wooster; Ryan Cunningham, Troop 65, Wooster; Isaac Hullinger, Troop 60, Orrville; Tyler Jewell, Troop 61, Wooster; and William Keim, Troop 66, Wooster. In addition, the fol-

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Kurt Holmes was honored as the 2022 Scouter of the Year at the Killbuck District Recognition Dinner on Feb. 17.

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March 5, 2022


March 7-12, 2022

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•Central Christian Church,  407 N. Market St., Wooster, in-house service Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Service also livestreamed on Facebook at • Faith Harvest Fellowship, 9464 E. Lincolnway, Orrville, Sunday service at 10 a.m. and Wednesday at 7 p.m. including youth group. Call 330-6422005, email [email protected] or visit • First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1736 Cleveland Road, Wooster, Sunday service and Sunday School at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday testimonial meeting at 7 p.m. Call 330264-1681, email [email protected] s s s n e t . c o m o r v i s i t w w w. • Hands of Grace Church, 4497 Melrose Drive, Wooster, Sunday services at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday service at 7:30 p.m. Call 330-641-5303. • Highland Church of God, 669 W. Highland Ave., Wooster, in-church service Sunday at 10 a.m. with Pastor Mark McCord, Facebook Live, Zoom (call 321626-6799, #741-202-338). Free breakfast last Saturday each month. More info at [email protected] Call Jane Reutter at 330-466-4889 or email [email protected] • Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, 4873 Cleveland Road, Wooster, 9 a.m. Bible study (view on Facebook at SalemLutheranWooster or join via Zoom) and 10 a.m. worship service (on Facebook and in person) with Pastor Alan Nathan. Safety protocols listed at Call 330345-6727 or email [email protected] • Smithville United Methodist Church, 243 N. Milton St., Smithville, in-person worship at 9:30 a.m. followed by Sunday School at 10:45 a.m. Facility handicapped accessible. Anyone attending worship in person must wear a mask. Sanitizer provided and social distancing observed. Services

also on Facebook Live. Search for Smithville UMC. Call 330669-2371 or email [email protected] Visit www. • The Lord’s Ministry, Rev. Mark Barreto, provides prayer, counseling and preaching; also available for weddings, funerals. Call 330-845-0718 or email [email protected] • Trinity United Church of Christ, 150 E. North St., Wooster, Sunday worship at 10:30 a.m. Weekly services and activity recordings on church website, Facebook and YouTube. Tune in and stay connected at, and • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Wayne County, 3186 Burbank Road, Wooster, Sunday services 10 a.m., please be masked, vaccinated, or join online at uufwc. Religious education available for children. • Zion Lutheran Church, 301 N. Market St., Wooster, Sunday services at 8:45 a.m. (coffee house worship) and 10:45 a.m. (traditional worship, also livestreamed on Facebook), as well as a food pantry at 5 p.m. on Sundays and a brown bag meal pickup at 5:30 p.m. on Sundays. Call 330262-5606, email [email protected] or go to • Church of the Cross United Methodist Church, 5100 Cleveland Road, Wooster, adult Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. followed by worship at 10:30 a.m. Service also livestreamed on Facebook at www.facebook. com/cotcwooster. • First Presbyterian Church, 621 College Ave., Wooster, outside First Word, fellowship at 9 a.m. (weather permitting or in Bruch Hall), followed by Sunday School for all ages and children’s music at 9:30 a.m. and worship in sanctuary at 10:45 a.m. Livestream service at www. or www.\fpcwooster.


• Clinton Lads ‘n Lassies 4-H first general meeting Tuesd a y, M a rc h 8 a t 7 : 3 0 p . m . at Shreve United Methodist Church Activity Center. • Wo o s t e r S t a m p C l u b meets third Thursday each month at 6:30 p.m. at Trinity Church of Christ, 150 E. North St., Wooster, with parking available on north side of the building. Visitors and new members welcome with stamp auctions at every meeting. Call 330-2625378. • Wooster Society of Model Railroaders meets second Thursday each month at 7 p.m. in basement of Zion Lutheran

Church, Larwill entrance, 301 N. Market St., Wooster. All are welcome. • Moreland Garden Club meets second Tuesday each month at various locations. Email Pat Rodgers for details at [email protected] • Wayne County Stitchers meets second Tuesday each month at 10 a.m. at Parkview Christian Church, 1912 Burbank Road, Wooster.


• Wooster BSA Troop 68 Lenten Fish Fry is Friday, April 1, from 5-8 p.m. at Church of the Cross UMC, 5100 Cleveland Rd., Wooster. The $12 meal includes fried fish, baked potato with toppings, applesauce, roll, homemade desserts and beverage, and is available for dine-in or takeout. • Elnora Bible Institute Choir program Saturday, March 12 at East Union Mennonite Church, 10678 Old Lincoln Way, Orrville, at 7 p.m. • Wa y n e C o u n t y R u r a l Youth dance April 9 from 7-10 p.m. at the Smithville High School cafetorium, featuring hoedown square dancing and country line dancing for all ages and experience levels with lessons at 6:45 p.m., live band and caller; Admission $5 with free refreshments. Other 2022 dance dates include June 11, Sept. 11 and Nov. 12. • Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce annual dinner meeting rescheduled March 31 from 5-8 p.m. at Greystone Event Center in Wooster. Social hour at 5 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 p.m. and awards at 7 p.m. Tickets $65 per person or $500 for table of eight. Call 330-262-5735 or email Grace Howell at [email protected] to be added to waiting list.


• People to People Ministries, 454 E. Bowman St., Wooster, open the following hours: food Monday through Friday from 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-4:30 p.m., clothing by appointment only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9-11:30 a.m., Thursdays from 1-4:30 p.m. and Fridays from 9-11:30 a.m. Other items available are hygiene products, cleaning products, diapers, baby food and miscellaneous items. Customers can come twice monthly and financial assistance available by calling PTPM at 330-262-1662. • Brain Injury Support Group meets on Zoom second Tuesday each month at 4 p.m. Email Jim Foley at [email protected] • D i s c u s s i o n G ro u p f o r Autistic Adults meets monthly on Zoom. Email Jim Foley at [email protected]

March 5, 2022

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Wayne County Schools Career Center grad and Wayne County commissioner Becky Foster, left, and superintendent Dr. Kip Crain congratulate Distinguished Alumni Tracie Ackerman, an Orrville graduate and owner of A Cut Above Hair Design in Wooster, at a past ceremony.

WCSCC accepting nominations for top alumni awards T h e Wa y n e C o u n t y Schools Career Center is seeking nominations for Distinguished Alumni Awards from area employers, past and present staff, and the community. Nomination forms can be obtained at www. or by calling 330-669-7000 ext. 1110. The annual awards are a means of recognizing career center graduates who have made significant contributions to their community and by their success in the world of work. The award is limited to those who have graduated from the career center and have been in the working world at least five years (Class of 2017 or earlier).

Each candidate must have nomination forms completed by two different people, and the forms must be returned to Wayne County Schools Career Center, Attn: Tracy Ferguson, 518 W. Prospect St., Smithville, OH 44677, or email [email protected] org by April 8. Selection will be made by a committee of representatives from local businesses and industries and past and present career center staff members. Each honoree will receive a plaque at the c a r e e r c e n t e r ’s S e n i o r Recognition Ceremony in May. A matching plaque will be displayed at the career center.

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March 5, 2022






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March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 9

Heart for the Home March 19 event to benefit CCHO By Lydia Calabrese

For some very special children who have had to deal with trauma of all types in their young lives, the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio offers a safe but structured environment to meet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs right here in Wayne County. The organization’s largest fundraising event, the Heart for the Home benefit and auction, which helps to support the children CCHO services throughout the year, will be held March 19 and feature a Cleveland news legend as its guest speaker. “We started looking for our guest speaker months ago and are thrilled Romona Robinson is available to be a part of this event,” said Dan Franks, director of development at Christian Children’s Home and organizer of Heart for the Home. Franks also will serve as emcee for the event. “Romona is known for her Emmynominated feature, ‘Romona’s Kids,’ and personally understands the importance

of organizations like Christian Children’s Home of Ohio. She is also the author of several books that will be available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds benefiting CCHO.” This year’s benefit and auction will take place March 19 at Greystone Event Center, located at 50 Riffel Road in Wooster. Doors will open at 5 p.m. with dinner served at 6 p.m. In addition to Robinson being showcased, a silent auction will be featured with some items up for bid. Tickets are $35 a person, or a table of eight may be purchased for $250. Online details and tickets can be purchased at www. “Christian Children’s Home of Ohio provides a safe, structured environment to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of children from all across Ohio who have been abused, neglected and traumatized by the people they should be able to trust most,” Franks said. “Children ages 6-18 live in spacious cottages and are provided with therapeutic, social, spiritual and educa-


Some children run outside the gymnasium at the Christian Children’s Home of Ohio north of Wooster. CCHO will hold its largest fundraising event, the Heart for the Home benefit and auction, on March 19 at Greystone Event Center, 50 Riffel Road in Wooster, featuring guest speaker Romona Robinson.

tional opportunities designed to aid the child with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, develop coping and life skills, and help them discover their worth in Christ.” Funds raised through the Heart for Home event not only go toward the general services CCHO offers its residents, but also additional programs and counseling services available through the facility. “Beyond our residential services offered on our 165-

Wooster AAUW taking applications

renewals is at the discretion of the scholarship committee. The deadline for applications is May 1. The online scholarship application and instructions for applying are on the Wayne

County Community Foundation website at www.waynecountycommunityfoundation. org/scholarships#available-toadults, and information about Wooster AAUW can be found at AAUW scholarship recipients will be notified by June 15, and funds will be distributed after July 1. For more information email Barb Friedhoff at [email protected]


20,000 Ohio children in the foster care system, Franks said. “These children have suffered various degrees of trauma, and frequently the children who come to CCHO have sadly endured a higher level of trauma,” he said. “The support provided through events like Heart for the Home helps us to provide a safe and loving environment where children can process their pain with highly trained professionals. Typically, children come to us a couple of grade levels behind where they should be at their age. During their time with us, we provide education on campus to help close this gap.” If someone is unable to attend Heart for the Home but would still like to be involved with CCHO, there are a variety of other ways to help including mentorship opportunities, work groups and sharing professional/life skills with the children there. Visit to learn more or to learn how to donate monetarily.

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The goal of the national American Association of University Women is to advance equity and empower women. The Wooster branch of AAUW is now accepting applications for its 2022 AAUW Scholarship Program. The Wooster AAUW Scholarship is availa b l e t o Wa y n e C o u n ty women who are nontraditional students whose post-secondary education was interrupted and are enrolled or planning to enroll in a qualified, accredited undergraduate associate or bachelor’s degree program. Funding for the AAUW Scholarship Program is partially provided by the annual AAUW and Kiwanis used book sale held every year in the fall. Awards range from $500-$2,500 based on need and available funds and can be used for tuition and fees required for enrollment. Prior recipients are eligible to reapply, and the number of

acre campus north of Wooster, we also provide counseling to the general public through Encompass Christian Counseling and foster care services from Encourage Foster Care,” Franks said. “This event helps to provide for the services at our family of ministries. During the course of the evening, you will hear an inspiring message from Romona Robinson and stories of how children have been positively

impacted during their time at CCHO.” The event actually will begin online on Wednesday, March 9 when bidding will start for auction items. Registration for that is open at The auction will continue until 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, March 19, the night of the benefit. “This is an evening filled with great, amazing auction items and stories of lives that have been changed,” Franks said. “CCHO is a nonprofit agency that depends on the generosity of individuals, churches and businesses to provide the services necessary to bring healing to those who have suffered some of the most severe forms of trauma. While an individual is able to send a donation at any time, special events like the Heart for the Home provide a donor the opportunity to learn more about the organization they are supporting while having some fun and enjoying delicious food.” At this point there are about

10 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022

‘Wooster’s Hero,’ filmed here in 1923, is now lost By Susan Zimmerman

Often overlooked in cinema history are the local hometown movie films that were produced by itinerant film producers for exhibition in local theaters in semi-rural areas such as Wooster. In 1923 Wooster was visited by the itinerant movie maker Donald O. Newland. During the 1920s until his death, Newland traveled throughout the United States to small towns, making films that employed local citizens as stars and actors. He filmed simple two-reeler comedies that utilized the same standard script he took from place to place and customized each film according to its location, and that’s how the movie “Wooster’s Hero” was made. Operating as the Consolidated Film Producing Co. of Los Angeles, California, he was generally commissioned by local

newspapers to produce the films, which always contained the role of a reporter and a prominent look at how the local newspaper was produced. Contests were frequently held in each community to determine who the leading lady would be, and that formula was the one employed in Wooster as evidenced by the local Popular Girl Contest, which was sponsored by the Wooster Daily in March 1923. The winner of the contest was promised the leading lady role in a local movie comedy being produced by Newland. According to Newland’s Wikipedia page, “Filming usually took place in no more than three days, with Newland directing a cameraman and one or two crew members. A standard bit of action was to stage a head-on car crash on a city street using trick photography — two cars would be placed bumper to bumper and a smoke bomb released

under the radiators. The cars would then be backed away from each other, and the film, when developed, was reversed to make it appear to show a head-on collision. “Developing and editing took another couple of days, and within a week of Newland’s arrival in town, the hero film would be shown to the community at a local movie theater.” An advertisement to

see “Wooster’s Hero” was printed in the newspaper on March 28, 1923, nine days after the contest for the leading lady ended. Miriam Steiner, who became Mrs. Robert W. Ledrich in 1929, won the Popular Girl Contest in 1923. She was the daughter of T.E. Steiner. It is believed only one print of each of Newland’s films was made. Some have survived and enjoyed revivals in the communities

in which they were shot. Unfortunately, “Wooster’s Hero” does not seem to have survived as no copy has ever been brought to public attention since its premiere in 1923. Currently, only four of these hero films are known to still exist: “Janesville’s Hero,” 1926; “Belvidere’s Hero,” 1926; “Huntingdon’s Hero,” April 1934; and “Tyrone’s Hero,” May 1934. Adding the film “Towanda’s Queen,” only a total of five Newland films survive to this day. If you are interested in what other films were made in Wayne County, more information can be found on the Motion Picture Filmography of Wayne County, Ohio. The WCHS asks area residents to check their attics, closets and storage areas for old film reels and to let it know if anybody finds “Wooster ’s Hero,” although it is unlikely it survived all these years as

nitrate film is very unstable and flammable. Besides that film, the WCHS also is looking for the 1928 Orrville film produced by the National Film Co. of Akron and the 1942 Shreve Band Mother’s Club film. Editor ’s note: Susan Zimmerman is a member of the volunteer documents and archives committee of the Wayne County Historical Society.

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March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 11

Connections made

OHuddle celebrates year of growth By Ellen Pill

OHuddle is a nonprofit dedicated to serving school-age youth in Wayne County through creating and fostering mentorship relationships on a one-to-one basis. The group recently celebrated its fourth annual gala event as a fundraiser and a thank you to everyone who has been involved in its journey over the past year. Through the participation of a variety of community donors and volunteers, a major project for the nonprofit has been renovating a house that serves as office and meeting space and provides room for a variety of creative projects and living skills learning. Through an in-person and virtual media presentation, attendees witnessed the transformation of this new space. “We celebrate all the people who donated time and in-kind gifts to make a house for our students,” said Sara Reith, OHuddle executive director. Partnerships with numerous individuals and groups have provided materials and support to utilize the newly renovated space for everything from music lessons to practice in daily life skills such as cooking and laundry. “We’re always looking for opportunities to help students thrive,” Reith said. “We look for that spark of interest in every student.” At several times during the presentation, participants, both in person and virtual, were invited to contribute to several interactive portions of the evening by answering questions online. Attendees were asked to share words that come to mind that describe OHuddle. Responses painted a picture of the work the nonprofit accomplishes through its guided mentor-

ships and included love, relationship, connection, f r i e n d s h i p , g e n e r o s i t y, kindness, warmth, intentional and enrichment. The video presentation included an interview with a new mentor volunteer, James Fox. “My first impression coming on board as a mentor,” Fox said, “was thinking about the power of this role and the opportunity I have to impact a young person’s life.” Fox also described his anticipation that the learning and growth would not be a one-way experience. “I feel I will gain as much if not more than my student,” he said. A conversation with a mentor and his student showed the close connection that has grown over time with the pair. Ben Maibach has been an OHuddle mentor for four years. “It’s super rewarding for me to be a small part of (my student’s) life — to be a steady person there when he needs me. There’s nothing more you can do than to be there for people. “The bigger your huddle, the more chance there is you’ll find someone to help give you direction,” said Maibach, the president of Wooster Brush. “Whatever stage of life you’re in, you should always be looking for mentors. I still have mentors.” A special guest for the gala was actor Nate Torrence. A Canton native, Torrence has returned to make Northeast Ohio his home. He spoke about how See OHUDDLE Page 14

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March 5, 2022

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March 5, 2022

Harvest for Hunger campaign kicks off at breakfast The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank welcomed 350 guests to its annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign kickoff breakfast on March 1 at the John S. Knight Center as community members rallied in support of the 31st annual campaign. This year ’s goal is to provide the equivalent of 4.6 million meals including $1.13 million and 100,000 pounds of food. All proceeds from the campaign go directly to providing free food for the local community, distributed through the food bank’s network of more than 600 pantries, hot meal sites, shelters, backpack and after-school programs, and other hunger-relief programs. The campaign is led by co-chairs Sam Falletta, CEO of Incept, and Bernett L. Williams, vice president of external affairs at Akron Children’s

Hospital. They encouraged guests to support the campaign by coordinating food and fund drives; participating in Check Out Hunger, the donation collection that takes place in many local supermarkets; through employee giving campaigns; and by volunteering. Dan Flowers, president and CEO of the food bank, reflected on the food bank’s pandemic response and recovery efforts including its drivethru food distributions that served thousands and the support received from the Ohio National Guard. He also highlighted new initiatives including a delivery program for its hungerrelief partners, an innovative food delivery program to residents’ homes in partnership with DoorDash and United Way of Summit & Medina, and a mobile pop-up pantry that takes food to neighbor-


Dan Flowers, president and CEO of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, was one of the speakers at the March 1 kickoff breakfast for the food bank’s Harvest for Hunger Campaign.

hoods with limited food resources. “ We ’ v e h a n d e d o u t hundreds of thousands of masks and truckloads of hand sanitizer. We’ve set up vaccine clinics at our food distributions, helped people register to vote,

connected new moms to childcare services, partnered with community legal aid to help empower pantry visitors and so much more,” Flowers said. “We couldn’t do this work without you. And we couldn’t do this work

OHUDDLE Advanced Medical and Surgical Eye Care in Wayne and Holmes Counties

from Page 11 a mentor recognized his performing talent when he was a high school student at Hiland. “He saw a gift in me that I didn’t know I had,” Torrence said. And now, after seeing what a difference a mentor made in his own life, “It’s a gift to be a mentor,” he said. While OHuddle relies on and appreciates a vari-

without your support of the Harvest for Hunger Campaign. This campaign directly impacts that work. With so much at stake, our focus on this community campaign must be clear and present.” The Harvest for Hunger Campaign is the food bank’s largest fundraising initiative and helps support food distribution all year long. In addition to raising needed funds and food items for the food bank’s eight-county service area, the campaign hopes to educate the community on the tough choices people struggling with hunger are often forced to make, like choosing between groceries and paying for utilities, medical care, transportation costs and housing. The campaign is a collaborative partnership between the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Second Harvest

Food Bank of Mahoning Valley and the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio and focuses on fighting hunger across 21 counties in Northeast Ohio. The breakfast also celebrated the organization’s 40th anniversary and included a video with key community stakeholders who helped start the food bank in 1982. If interested in participating in the 2022 Harvest for Hunger Campaign, visit The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is a nonprofit organization and the source of emergency food for 600 food pantries, hot meal sites, shelters and other hunger-relief programs that directly serve individuals and families in Carroll, Holmes, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties.

ety of community support and donations, the greatest need at this time is for new mentors and those who wish to sponsor a mentee — a student in a mentor relationship. Sponsorship is $15 per month. Donation information may be found on the website at “Mentorship is one hour per week during the school day on the mentor’s preferred schedule,” Reith said. “Mentors are sup-

ported by site coordinators at each site who will provide a research-based activity option to support the pair.” Prospective mentors are asked to fill out a form online and attend training. Application forms and details may be located on the website at and click Mentor on the top left of the screen. For questions, email OHuddle director of operations Heather Warner at [email protected]

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March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 15

Taking a dribble around the area basketball scene

and defensive system,” said Kacere, a 2010 WHS graduate. “I thought they did a really good job of learning something new and playing hard.” Wooster ’s 186 made 3-pointers rank 26th on the OHSAA all-time single-season list. The Generals shot a respectable 33% on those attempts. Kacere didn’t tell his girls to “chuck up 3s whenever possible.” Rather, he told them “eliminate bad 2s.” “The analytics show that if you shoot 30% on 3s, you need to shoot 45% on 2s to score the same number of points,” Kacere said. “The girls bought into that and did a really good job. Late in the season we actually had a higher shooting percentage on 3-pointers (40%) than on 2 (39%) before we hit a cold streak.” Kacere taught his girls to take the ball to the basket and look for layups or 6-foot shots or take 3-pointers. Junior point guard Nora Levy earned Ohio Cardinal Conference Player of the Year honors after averaging 17.3 points a game, 5.1 assists and 1.7 steals. She made 38 threepointers. Junior Eily Badertscher (13.8 ppg) and sophomore Tori Pettorini (11.2) earned first-team All-OCC, sophomore Grace Kostohryz (5.0) was second-team, and honor-

able mention honors went to Haylee Braden and Grace Grey. Marcie Alberts, who starred for Wooster and Ohio State in the 1990s, has the topfour single-season 3-point seasons for the Generals. She made 77, 77, 63 and 62. Badertscher connected on 60 trifectas while Pettorini nailed 56 to claim the fifth and sixth best long-distance seasons. With Wooster’s top-six players all returning, the sky’s the limit in 2022-23. “We’re very optimistic about what we can do next year if the girls put in the work,” Kacere said. Coach Michael Snowbarger’s boys team overcame a 1-6 start to finish on an 11-4 run. The No. 24-seeded Generals came up just short of an impressive tournament upset when they lost an 80-73 game at No. 8 Medina. Wooster had led by eight points with just under four minutes left in regulation. Unlike the girls team, the Wooster boys will have a lot of rebuilding to do next year. Five seniors will graduate who all saw regular action: Drew Dossi, Micah McKee, Jack Williams, Javar Simpson and Zach Harpster. Dossi, who’s committed to play for Baldwin-Wallace, and McKee, a Shippensburg football signee, had 30 points and 14, respectively, to lead Wooster in its finale. Dossi (17.7 ppg, 3.6 rebounds, 5.0 assists) and McKee (16.3 ppg, 11.1 rpg) were one of the area’s best duos this season. They will be fun to follow in their college

careers. Parting shots Congrats to West Holmes senior Channer Wells on an outstanding career. The Knights were knocked out of the tournament after a 67-50 loss to host Dresden Tri-Valley in a Div. II sectional final. Wells led the Knights (12-10) with 19 points. The 6-foot-1 guard, who played his first three seasons at Triway, surpassed 1,000 career points in a sectional semifinal win over Beaver Local. He joined his brother Chance (1,382 points combined for West Holmes and Triway) in the exclusive 1,000-point club. The brothers teamed up when Chance was a senior on the Titans’ 2020 regional team, which didn’t get to play in the Sweet 16 due to the COVID shutdown. “It’s a very big accomplishment to score 1,000 points and extra special to share it with Chance,” Channer said. “We tease our oldest

brother, Chase, because he came close but didn’t get it. All the hard work playing basketball with my brothers and even my sister is paying off. It’s a goal my dad had for us before he passed away.” Curt Wells died after battling leukemia in 2017 at age 48. Since then the Wells boys have vowed to excel on and off the court in honor of their dad. Their mom, Chrystal Wells, is their biggest supporter. Channer is planning to play college basketball but is still undecided. Chance played for Hiram College this winter. “I thank my family, teammates and coaches for their support,” Channer said. “I learned a lot playing at Triway for coach (Ben) Holt. He taught me a tremendous amount about basketball. The practices were a lot harder than the games, and I really appreciate the three years I played for him. “I really want to thank the West Holmes community for

welcoming me to come back. Coach (Don) Hall is a great coach and person. He’s someone who I really look up to.” Despite a valiant effort, The College of Wooster men’s basketball team lost 85-84 in overtime against Wabash in the NCAC title game in Crawfordsville, Indiana on Feb. 26. The Fighting Scots (19-9) saw two incredible streaks come to an end: 24 straight 20-win seasons and a Div. III record 18 straight NCAA Div. III Tournament appearances. Senior Najee Hardaway capped a strong career by leading Wooster with 18 points in the NCAC title game while sophomore Elijah Meredith added 17. It was a tough ending to the season, but I fully expect coach Doug Cline and the Scots to reload and get back to the NCAA Tournament next year. Aaron Dorksen can be emailed at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter at @AaronDorksen.

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A few thoughts from the week in sports … High school basketball tournament time is here, and it’s one of the most exciting stretches of the year. Congrats to two area girls teams who advanced to the regionals: Waynedale (26-0) and Dalton (16-10). The Golden Bears stayed perfect after a 52-40 win over Trinity in the Div. III Wooster District final. Alyssa Geiser led the way with 15 points and Mckenna Baney netted 11 to lead a balanced effort. Waynedale advanced to the Cuyahoga Falls Regional, where it will take on Youngstown Liberty on March 2. The title game is March 5 at 1:30 p.m. The Bulldogs defeated Loudonville 63-43 in the Div. IV Norwayne District title game on Feb. 26. Adessa Miller’s 19 points and nine rebounds led the way, followed by Kylee Johnson (13 points), Ella Lunsford (13) and Mia Weaver (9). Dalton moved on to the Massillon Perry Regional, where it will face Bristolville Bristol on March 3. The regional final will be March 5 at 7 p.m. Coach Rick Geiser ’s Bears and Katie Miller’s Bulldogs have proven once again how strong the quality of play is in the Wayne County Athletic League. Congrats also go out to the local boys teams that advanced to district action: Norwayne, Smithville and Waynedale in Div. III, along with Dalton and Hiland in Div. IV. Generals conclude 12-win seasons The Wooster girls and boys both won 12 games apiece before falling in the Div. I sectional finals, with the girls finishing 12-11 and the boys 12-10. The Generals girls lost 60-55 against Brunswick to end an impressive rookie season for Alex Kacere as a head coach. The Generals won four more games than they did the previous season and made the most 3-point shots in program history. “We essentially put in an entirely new offensive

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16 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022

As nature energizes with spring’s start, so can you Spring is a wonderful time of year, but it’s filled with many fluctuations in weather that may affect our attitudes and productivity. I don’t know about you, but especially with the time change around the corner, it’s a challenge to feel energized to accomplish the projects I didn’t get done over the winter months. I found the following tips to help energize life that I thought were helpful, and I hope you do as well. Wake up at a consistent time How much sleep do you need? National Sleep Institute suggests that in general preschoolers need 10-13 hours a night, elementary school age needs 9-11 hours, teens need 8-10 and most adults need 7-9 hours a night. For adults over age 65, the recommended time is 7-8 hours. If we set a regular routine of getting up and going to bed, that will help our bodies know what to expect on a daily basis. Most of us know

Melinda Hill

OSU Extension Wayne Co.

this is really important for our children but may not practice it for ourselves. Try a relaxing routine at the end of the day for you to fall asleep easily and wake refreshed. If naps are needed (for adults), make them short and early in the afternoon. Avoid exercising or alcohol prior to bedtime for a better night’s sleep. Go outside, enjoy nature We all know that being outside has a calming effect for most individuals. Research findings reported in the literature show that people who walk 15-30 minutes a day are healthier than people who don’t, as well as have fewer diseases and are less likely to get cancer. Other benefits include lower risk of heart attack and stroke and better bone density.

By walking regularly, you can: —Improve digestion. —Decrease the risk of intestinal cancer. —Reduce the risk of type II diabetes and reduce insulin dependency. —Recalibrate energy/fat storage so the body becomes more efficient and trim. —Help the kidneys, the lymphatic system and the joints. —Diminish some types of arthritis. There’s also a fair amount of research out there that indicates walking several times a week is effective in reducing depression symptoms, so grab a partner and set a regular time to walk and catch up with a friend or make it part of a family routine. Eat a good breakfast March is National Nutrition Month. ”Celebrate a World of Flavor” is the theme this year, and I hope you might talk with family members and think about

trying some new foods or recipes. Sometimes we get into a rut and tend to eat the same foods throughout the week or month. Remember the following points: —Children as students need a healthy breakfast to stay focused and alert for the learning. It’s hard to concentrate if they are hungry. Utilize the breakfast and/or lunch options if your school offers them. Pack nutritious snacks if there are after-school activities or if they are going to miss the evening meal. —Adults have less accidents on the job, are more productive on the job and are more pleasant to be around when they have started their day with breakfast. It can be any nutritious food if you don’t like traditional breakfast foods. — has many resources to help with recipes to give variety in our diets and are very cost effective. Get some exercise We understand many

health issues can be decreased with regular exercise, and it helps to improve our mood and reduce anxiety. Why is that? When we practice regular exercise, we: —Release feel-good endorphins that are natural chemicals in the brain that enhance your sense of wellbeing. —Take the mind off worries so you can get away from negative thoughts that feed depression and anxiety. —Build confidence, as meeting exercise goals or challenges can boost selfconfidence and help you feel better about yourself. Increase social interaction This is especially important for older adults to recognize and for family members to offer ways to engage with others. Some important points: —Grandparents being with grandchildren feel healthy and are more active with strong emotional bonds and strong family traditions.

—When we engage with others, it improves both physical and mental health and lowers the risk of dementia and increases a healthy life span. It’s also good for brain health and creates high cognitive skills to be with others engaging in conversation. Try a new hobby. When we try something new, we have a: —Sense of accomplishment when others are working with you while building a social support system. —Way to prevent burnout with something to look forward to after a hard day at work or a stressful time in life. —An improved physical health, as enjoyable free time activities show lower BMI and blood pressure. —Better work performance, as people become more satisfied with their jobs and are often more creative. — Wa y t o h e l p c h i l dren, who from hobbies can See HILL Page 17

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March 5, 2022

Wooster Weekly News • 17

For details or placement, call 330-674-2300 or email [email protected]

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CLASSIFICATIONS 0515 Entertainment Services 0517 Excavaing Services 0520 Financial Services

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0540 Holiday Services 0545 Landscaping & Lawn Care 0550 Painting

0560 Power Washing

0301 Antiques

0565 Roofing

0305 Arts & Craft Supplies

0575 Service

0817 Canal Lewisville 0818 Canel Fulton 0819 Canton 0820 Charm

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0888 Walhonding

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0825 County Line

0897 Zoar

0310 Baby Items

0580 Services Wanted

0590 Snow Removal 0315 Business Equipment If you spend many0595 ofTransportation For Sale your daily miles on a bicycle, 0596 Tree Service 0317 Collectibles

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Deep in the road less traveled 0302 Apparel & Accessories

0570 Security & Surveillance


0833 Fredericksburg

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0920 Farms

— an 0935 obvious obstacle for Office Space For Rent 0839 Hartville cars and trucks but clearly not 0940 Vacation Rental Property 0840 Holmesville much 0945 of hindrance for a guy you0320 will quickly learn 0597 theTutoring Services Computers Storage Space Rental 0842 Keene on a bike. ins 0325 andElectronics outs of a particular 0600 Pets 0950 Wanted to Rent 0843 Kidron I took this “road less trav0605 Birds area. takes a little 0328Pedaling Fine Arts 0955 Wanted To Buy 0844 Killbuck eled by” traveled 0610 Cats longer requires 0329 and Games & Toys a bit more 0960 and Mortgage Services along 0846 byLakeville ducking in glee1000 onTransportation a traffic-free paseffort stepping on a 0620 gasDogsmile of city traffic 0330than Holiday Craft & Items 0847 Loudonville down 0630 Exotic Pets a side street that dips sage for poetic moment. pedal, so you find yourself 0331 Jewelry 1001one Accessories 0849 Marshallville 0640 Fishunder a railroad bridge along That moment ended when almost obsessively 0335 Medical Equipment seeking 1002 Automobiles 0850 Massillon banks of Apple Creek. the frozen 0660 Petsthe Wanted crust of silt I had little shortcuts 0340 Merchandiseand squeeze1005 Busses Medina as a Well known to0851 locals 0700 Agriculture mistaken for a Cars mere dusting throughs to make life easier. 0345 Musical Instruments 1006 Classic 0852 Midvale spot prone to flooding, there gave way 0701 Agriculture Equip. that if I really under theTrucks weight of (Yes, I&know 1015 Commercial 0853 gates installed toMillersburg close the wheel 1025 0702 Feedare & Supplies 0350 Photography andHorse manDrawn to plunge wanted to “makeEquip. life easier,” Vehicles me 0854 when Mt. Eatonthe road at both ends 0355 Religious Items behind0710 knee deep into a mire of mud 1026 Motorcycles & ATV I could just climb theLivestock 0855 Mt. Hope water is high. 0711 Poultry 0356and Sewing/Sundries 1030 Pickupsof slogging to with 20 yards wheel be done with it, but 0858 Nashville fate, I go before 0360 Wanted Buythat?) or Trade 0715 Horses Not one to tempt 1032 ISport Utility Vehicles could even see the what’s the funto in 0859 Navarre would never ride or drive tops of1040 0716 Ponies 0400 & Garden myVans shoes again. I’veHome been learning a fresh 0860 Nellie through a flooded roadway, 0717 Standardbred 0401ins Appliances O n1055 c eVehicle b a cRepair k o nPartss o l i d set of and outs in traveling 0861of New and during much theBedford past 0718 Draft For Sale 0410 Building Materials to an entirely new workplace month, a period ground, I spent a good half0862 New Philadelphia filled with 0719 Riding 1060 Vehicle Repair Services 0420 Firewood in the past several weeks. hour cleaning up before I 0863 New Castle heavy snow melt and relent1070 Vehicle Wanted Heating & Air Cond. Prod 0720 Crops And0425while my bicycle com- less rains, I’d spent could even ride again. After 0864 Newcomerstown an awful Equipment 1100 Recreation & Leisure 0430 Home & Garden mute from home to work 0730 hasFarmlot removing my wheels to clear 0865 Northothers Lawrence of time reminding 0731 Dairy Equip. 1101 Bicycles 0440 Home Furnishings become considerably shorter, of that same danger. clogged fenders, I found But I 0868 Orrville 0740 Farm Services 1110 Boats & Water Sports 0450 Lawn & Garden it has actually grown in comthe puttyfound myself faced with an myself1120scraping 0870 Plainfield 0750 Meat & Produce Campers/Motor Homes 0451 Timber plexity simply because of0800 theYardinteresting thick goo off of my lower legs quandary once 0871 Port Washington & Garage Sales 1130 Exercise Equip. 0460 Tools & Equipment automobile traffic between with a1135 stick as it froze to a the waters had receded. My 0873 Seville 0801 Yard & Garage Sales Health 0470 Wallpaper & Floor here and there. And while hardened crust in the growing favorite shortcut 0874was Shreveonce 0804 Apple Creek 1140 Hunting & Fishing 0500 Services a whole mess of cars travel gloom of evening. again high and dry, yet the 0875 Smithville 0806 Baltic 1145 Pools & Spas 0501 Appliance Repair between Orrville and Wooster Shortcut had become long gates 0876 Stone Creek 0807 Beach City remained closed. 1150 Recreation & Leisure 0502 Business Services on 0503 anyChimney given& day, there are cut, and “the road less travI made this observation 0877 Strasburg 0808 Benton 1155 Sporting Goods Fireplace always some stretches0809 ofBerlin hadTrips given me a good at the end of a long work day eled” 1160 0878 Strongsville & Tours 0504 Christmas Trees roadway that remain relasome paths I stood conjuring Rob- reason 0879 Sugarcreek 0810 Big as Prairie 1200why Heavy Equipment 0505 Cleaning Services tively car free. One can quickshould simply remain ert Frost in his classic, “The 0882 Tippecanoe 0811 Blissfield 1201 Industrial Tools so. 0506 Construction & ly become enamored of,0812ifBolivar Kristin andEquip. John Lorson Road Not Taken.” Seeming 0883 Tuscarawas Remodeling 1205 Heavy not0507 entirely dependent upon, would1210 loveHeavy to hear to be every bit0885 passable, Uhrichsville I 0813 Brewster Trucks from you. Elderly/Child Care those shortcuts theBrunswick presumed the 0887 closure had Write Drawing 1220 TrailersLaughter, P.O. Wadsworth 0510little Plumbing & Electrical on 0814 continued merely by merit Box 170, Fredericksburg, OH road less traveled. One particular cut-through of a large tree that had been 44627, or email John at jlorallows OR:me to chop off a solid deposited in one of the lanes [email protected]

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creativity. Melinda Hill is an OSU Are you energized yet? Extension family and confrom Page 16 Pick out one area to start sumer sciences educator and acquire self-esteem, patience and form a routine to get may be called at 330-264Go to you ready for spring and the 8722 or emailed at [email protected] and social Fillskills out and thedevelop form and submit to get any classification for FREE! critical-thinking skills and warm weather to come.

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18 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022



Announcements (Free) ELNORA BIBLE INSTITUTE Choir will be giving a program on Satur‐ day evening, March 12, 2022, at East Union Mennonite Church 10678 Old Lincoln Way, Orrville. The program will begin at 7:00pm and anyone is welcome to join us for a night of Acapella singing.

LEARN ABOUT FIRST Century Christianity. Free classes starting in March. (330)897-2943 to sign up.


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CITY OF MEDINA Police & 911 Dis‐ patcher - A POLICE COMMUNICA‐ TION OPERATOR civil service exam given March 16, 2022. Job responsi‐ bilities include dispatching emer‐ gency medical, fire and police per‐ sonnel and clerical duties. SHIFT WORK, WEEKEND AND HOLIDAY HOURS INVOLVED. Apply at Med‐ ina City Hall, or visit www.medinaoh. org/job-opportunities for details and application. Deadline to apply is March 14th by 4pm. EOE.

CALL NOW 1-855-521-5138

330-893-RENT (7368)

Berlin/Millersburg and surrounding area

Must be licensed in the state of Ohio Work with Children and Families Provide Trauma-Informed treatment Adoption competent

Pathway is a non-profit foster, adoption, and counseling agency serving Holmes, Wayne and surrounding counties.

DRIVER/WORKER WANTED FOR interior construction. We instal hard wood, tile floors and trim. Also occa‐ sional remodeling. Call Noah Miller (330) 275-5177 LEHMAN AND SONS is looking to fill several positions in our woodwork‐ ing and panel shop. Needs are rip‐ saw operator ,panel processing and general shop work. Competitive wages and steady work . Contact Bert at 330-466-3453. LOOKING FOR HELPER to accom‐ pany me doing in-home furniture de‐ liveries. Gone 3-4 nights a week. In‐ cludes heavy lifting at times. Smoke free & drug free environment. Please respond with brief work history/expe‐ rience to 234-799-0400. Texts or calls welcome. PATROL OFFICER CITY OF MED‐ INA - Medina Civil Service Commis‐ sion will hold an open, competitive written exam for PATROL OFFICER for the City of Medina on Monday, March 21, 2022. Applications and more details may be obtained at the Medina Civil Service office, Lower Level at 132 N. Elmwood Avenue, Medina or at DEADLINE is by 4PM March 16th. EOE.

WOOSTER CLEANERS NEEDED. Full-time & part-time. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Shifts available. Call: 330-915-4974, Ext 115. Email: [email protected] Apply online on indeed or to our web‐ site: employment. WORKER WANTED FOR interior construction. We instal hard wood, tile floors and trim. Also occasional remodeling. Call Noah Miller (330)275-5177 YOU WON’T NEED the luck of the Irish to secure a job with Mancan! Mancan St Patrick Day Multi-Office Recruit!! Thursday March 17th 8am6:30pm. Bring 2 forms Gov’t ID and a friend. 435 Beall Ave Wooster, OH 330-264-5375. 34 S Clay St Ste F Millersburg, OH 330-674-5627. 314 S Main St Mt Vernon, OH 43050 740393-6000.


Employment Wanted WILL DO ELECTRICAL work, shops, new additions and solar systems. (234)249-9149




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DON’T MISS MANCAN’S On-site Recruit!! Wednesday March 9th 11am-2pm. Jae Tech Inc. 32 Hunter Street Apple Creek, OH. Looking for Machine Operators, Quality Control Clerks, and Heat Treat Technicians. Bring 2 forms Gov’t ID. For more info contact Wooster Mancan 330-264-5375.

TRUCK DRIVER POSITION. Class A drivers needed. Candidates must have at minimum 2 years verifiable experience. Drivers are required to do daily pretrip inspections, lift gate operations, driver will unload trailer, multiple drops, electric pallet jack provided, training available. Shuttle type positions are available as well. Driver can expect to be on the road 3-5 days. Brand new trucks, apu equipt, power inventors, sirius radio. Mileage pay, stop pay. $80-$100,000+ year potential. Con‐ tact Pleasant Valley Transport LLC. (330)466-5130. Leave message.

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Primarily entering classified ads in our weekly newspapers (Bargain Hunter papers, Wooster Weekly News, Coshocton Beacon, Hartville News, Medina Weekly News and Carrollton Free Press Standard). Must have good work ethic and cus‐ tomer service skills. Will train the right candidate. Able to speak Dutch is a plus. Please send reply to: AloNovus Corp., P.O. Box 358, Millersburg, OH 44654 or e-mail re‐ sume to: [email protected]

SEEKING ADVERTISING SALES Rep-Furniture industry publication seeking sales representative to meet with clients and prospective clients and close new sales and renewal sales. High commissions. Speak PA Dutch preferred but not required. Sales experience required. Full time or part time. $40-80k+ Call Ryan (216) 456-1322

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ADVERTISING SALESPERSON WANTED Terrific opportunity for growth and development. Estab‐ lished, 10 yr old furniture industry publication seeks an Advertising Salesperson to manage accounts and close new sales. FT/PT. $40k80k/yr. Experience preferred. Dutch speaker preferred but not required. Call Ryan (216) 456-1322


March 5, 2022 0280

Business Opportunities For Sale LOOKING FOR A new opportunity? Start your own commercial roof restoration business. Call Melvin at (740)815-6460.


Antiques HIGHEST PRICES PAID. Buying Antiques & Collectables: Glass, Pot‐ tery, China, Figurines, Old Books, Magazines, Catalogs, Postcards, Photographs, Holiday: Christmas, Halloween, Toys, Slot cars, Models, Games, Dolls, Hot Wheels, Lighters, Jewelry, Radios, Fishing Lures, plus so much more. Please call: (330)9074284.


Baby Items CHILD CARE EQUIPMENT for Sale Quality Wood Cribs, Change Tables with pullout stairs, other equipment and educational items for operating a childcare facility. Available at:1819 Market Ave, N, Canton Ohio Fridays 1:00-4:00 & Saturdays 10:00-2:00. CHILD CARE FURNITURE for Sale - Quality Cribs designed for daycare centers - very durable and Change Tables with Pull out Stairs. All birch construction. Other daycare and edu‐ cational items available. (330) 4152071


Merchandise LOVE STORY CHINA by Mikasa. 20 place settings with all accessories. New In Box. $1200 value. Asking $900 OBO. Brewster. (660)281-2270

RUSH RUN MAPLE season started and coming in full swing! Need maple syrup? Call/text for season special pricing (330)600-4182 TRAIN ONLINE TO do medical billing! Become a Medical Office Pro‐ fessional at CTI! Get trained & certi‐ fied to work in months! 888-5726790. The Mission, Program Informa‐ tion and Tuition is lo-cated at Ca‐‐ mation. (M-F 8-6 ET) DENTAL INSURANCE - Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Covers 350 procedures. Real in-surance not a discount plan. Get your free dental info kit! 1-888-623-3036 www. #6258. ATTENTION OXYGEN THERAPY users! Inogen One G4 is capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery. Only 2.8 pounds. Free info kit. Call 877-9299587. THE GENERAC PWRCELL solar plus battery storage system. Save money, reduce reliance on grid, pre‐ pare for outages & power your home. Full installation services. $0 down fi‐ nancing option. Request free no obligation quote. 1-855-270-3785. GENERAC STANDBY Generators provide backup power during power outages, so your home & family stay safe & comfortable. Prepare now. Free 7-yr extended warranty $695 value! Re-quest a free quote today! Call for terms & conditions. 1-844334-8353.

GENERAC STANDBY Generators provide backup power during power outages, so your home & family stay safe & comfortable. Prepare now. Free 7-yr extended warranty $695 value! Re-quest a free quote today! Call for terms & conditions. 1-844334-8353. ELIMINATE GUTTER CLEANING forever! LeafFilter, the most ad‐ vanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule free LeafFilter esti‐ mate today. 15% off Entire Purchase. 10% Senior & Military Discounts. Call 1-855-995-2490. DIRECTV NOW. No Satellite. $40/mo 65 Channels. Stream news, live events, sports & on demand ti‐ tles. No contract/commitment. 1-866825-6523. AT&T INTERNET. Starting at $40/month w/12-mo agmt. 1 TB of data/mo. Ask how to bundle & SAVE! Geo & svc restrictions apply. 1-888796-8850. BATH & SHOWER UPDATES in as little as ONE DAY! Affordable prices No payments for 18 months! Lifetime warranty & professional installs. Se‐ nior & Military Discounts available. Call: 855-761-1725. DONATE YOUR CAR to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veter‐ ans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398. HUGHESNET- Finally, super-fast in‐ ternet no matter where you live. 25 Mbps just $59.99/mo! Unlimited Data is Here. Stream Video. Bundle TV & Internet. Free Installation. Call 866499-0141. !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! GIB‐ SON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR PAID. CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-4338277.

Now Hiring in Wooster

LOOKING FOR ASSISTED LIVING, memory care, or independent living? ELIMINATE GUTTER CLEANING A Place for Mom simplifies the forever! LeafFilter, the most ad‐ process of finding senior living at no vanced debris-blocking gutter proteccost to your family. Call 1-833-386tion. Schedule free LeafFilter esti‐ 1995 today! mate today. 15% off Entire Purchase. counts. Call 10% Se nior & Mil i tary Dis Committed to Quality Since 1917 BECOME A PUBLISHED Author. We 1-855-995-2490. want to read your Daisy Brand is a family-owned company, producing the nation’s best-selling sourbook! Dorrance Publishing trusted since 1920. Con‐ cream and industry leading cottageNOW. cheese from ingredients. DIRECTV No simple, Satellite.wholesome sultateam, tion, pro tion, promotion & We believe that creating the $40/mo best products starts having andduc are always 65 Chan nels. with Stream news,the best distriDaisy bution.Brand Call family. for free author’s looking for qualified, passionate people to bring talents live events, sports & ontheir demand ti‐ to the guide 833-719-3029 or visit dorran‐ tles. No contract/commitment. Entry Level & Experienced Positions Scan Here to View 825-6523. Available

• Packaging Machine Operator • Warehouse Operator AT&T INTERNET.Technician Starting at • Processing Technician • Maintenance $40/month w/12-mo agmt. 1 TB of • Quality Analyst data/mo. Ask how to bundle & SAVE!

Industry Leading Benefits

Geo & svc restrictions apply. 1-888796-8850.

Company Paid Health Plan• 401(k) Match & Profit Sharing BATH & SHOWERInsurance UPDATES in as 4 Weeks Time Off in First Full Year • Disability little as ONE DAY! Affordable prices Life and AD&D Insurance • GymNoReimbursement payments for 18 months! Lifetime

warranty & professional installs. Se‐ nior & Military Discounts available. Call: 855-761-1725.


DONATE YOUR CAR to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veter‐ ans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398. HUGHESNET- Finally, super-fast in‐ ternet no matter where you live. 25 Mbps just $59.99/mo! Unlimited Data is Here. Stream Video. Bundle TV & Internet. Free Installation. Call 866499-0141. !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! GIB‐ SON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR PAID. CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-4338277.

Openings & Apply

PAYING TOP CASH for men's sport‐ watches! Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe, Heuer, Day-tona, GMT, Submariner and Speedmaster. Call 833-603-3236. PUT ON YOUR TV Ears & hear TV or clar apply w/unmatched ity. at TV Ears Origi‐ nal originally $129.95 - now w/this special offer only $59.95 w/code MCB59! 1-833-530-1955. ALOE CARE HEALTH medical alert system. Most advanced medical alert product on the market. Voice-acti‐ vated! No wi-fi needed! Special offer w/code CARE20 for $20 off Mobile Companion. 1-855-521-5138. HERO TAKES STRESS out of man‐ aging medications. Hero sorts & dis‐ penses meds, sends alerts at dose times & handles prescription refill & delivery for you. Starting at $24.99/month. No initi-ation fee. 90day risk-free trial! 1-888-684-0280. DISH TV $64.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free In‐ stallation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restric‐

ternet no matter where you live. 25 Mbps just $59.99/mo! Unlimited Data is Here. Stream Video. Bundle TV & Internet. Free Installation. Call 866499-0141. !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! GIB‐ SON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR PAID. CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-4338277.

Wooster Weekly News • 19

100% EMPLOYEE OWNED Benefits Include:

LOOKING FOR ASSISTED LIVING, memory care, or independent living? A Place for Mom simplifies the process of finding senior living at no cost to your family. Call 1-833-3861995 today!

 Bonus Program

 401k Plan

 Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Plans

 Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

 Company Provided Life Insurance and AD & D Insurance

 Wellness Program w/Free Onsite Visits

BECOME A PUBLISHED Author. We want to read your book! Dorrance Publishing trusted since 1920. Con‐ sultation, production, promotion & distribution. Call for free author’s guide 833-719-3029 or visit dorran‐

 Paid Vacation

 Educational Opportunities

 Paid Holidays

 Paid Weekly

PAYING TOP CASH for men's sport‐ watches! Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philippe, Heuer, Day-tona, GMT, Submariner and Speedmaster. Call 833-603-3236. PUT ON YOUR TV Ears & hear TV w/unmatched clarity. TV Ears Origi‐ nal - originally $129.95 - now w/this special offer only $59.95 w/code MCB59! 1-833-530-1955. ALOE CARE HEALTH medical alert system. Most advanced medical alert product on the market. Voice-acti‐ vated! No wi-fi needed! Special offer w/code CARE20 for $20 off Mobile Companion. 1-855-521-5138. HERO TAKES STRESS out of man‐ aging medications. Hero sorts & dis‐ penses meds, sends alerts at dose times & handles prescription refill & delivery for you. Starting at $24.99/month. No initi-ation fee. 90day risk-free trial! 1-888-684-0280.

AA/EEO employer | Interested candidates (must be 18 or over)

Maintenance Apprentice Needed


OR APPLY IN-PERSON NOT YOUR TYPICAL EMPLOYER! Robin Industries ESOP rewards employee-owners for the Company’s success. This benefit is entirely paid for the the Company, without any out-of-pocket contribution. That’s right, we OWN it!


300 West Clay St., Fredericksburg, OH 44627

Manufacturer of custom molded componenets


DISH TV $64.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free In‐ stallation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restric‐ tions apply. Promo Expires 1/21/23. 1-833-872-2545. Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has pur‐ chased the above classifieds. Deter‐ mining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer em‐ ployment but rather sup-ply the read‐ ers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clientsAtes-tab lish mail order we selling Weaver Leather, focus on creating a positive, and other busiatmosphere nesses at home. friendly where our employees can reach Under NO circumstance should you theirmoney highest If you value relationships, send any in adpotential. vance or give the client your checking, licenseothers, ID, have a heart to serve and strive to do your or credit cardeach num-bers. beware best day, Also you’ll fit right in. of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to re‐ quest any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. ■ TollManufacturing free numbers may or Positions at Mt. Hope, New Bedford and Orrville Locations may not reach Canada. ■ Warehouse (Stockers, Receivers, Leather Shippers & Order Pickers)



NOW HIRING FULL-TIME and Metal Shop Positions at Mt. Hope Location Seasonal Summer Positions: Ideal for parochial school teachers, high school and college students ■ Shifts End at 1:00 PM on Fridays ■ Transportation and 4029 plan options available ■


Visit or Call 330-674-7548


pare for outages & power your home. Full installation services. $0 down fi‐ nancing option. Request free no obligation quote. 1-855-270-3785.

DISH TV $64.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free In‐ stallation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restric‐ tions apply. Promo Expires 1/21/23. 1-833-872-2545. Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has pur‐ chased the above classifieds. Deter‐ mining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer em‐ ployment but rather sup-ply the read‐ ers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients es-tablish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card num-bers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to re‐ quest any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.


Wanted To Buy Or Trade BUYING 4 WHEELERS , 3 wheelers and dirt bikes in need of repair or running. 330-691-7049.

Search WE ARE Help Wanted NG!


Section 0220


March 5, 2022

BUYING ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, collections. Books, comics, vintage paper, photographs, art, records, artifacts, signs, jewelry, toys, knives, lighters, coins. Bob: 615-586-3312 I'm Local! BUYING: OLD INDIAN items blankets and rugs, pottery, baskets, beaded moccasins, kachina dolls, turquoise jewelry, arrowheads & artifacts, and any old indian items $$CASH PAID$$ (740) 525-2807 [email protected]

LOOKING FOR 4 wheelers, 3 wheel‐ ers and dirt bikes in need of repair or running. 330-691-7049.


Appliances NUWAVE OVEN COMPLETE with manual, DVD, and cookbook. Paid $200. Used once. Asking $80. (330)264-8806.


Home & Garden TRI-STAR SWEEPER WITH attachments. Good working condition $350.00. (330)600-5155


Lawn & Garden 2012 VENTRAC 4200 with heated cab. 31hp turbo diesel. 1,000 hours. Tractor runs great and is in good condition. $17,500 OBO. (330)473-2419

Jesus Centered Life Coaching Tired of feeling anxious, stressed or purposeless? Stress is linked to many major diseases. Own your inner work - let go of what is not yours. Schedule a risk free consultation today. You are 100% satisfied or you pay nothing.

Dave Sommers 330.352.7470

[email protected] BF-17663

For individuals and couples CANTON & APPLECREEK, OHIO

FOR SALE: CASE 224 lawn tractor with 44" mower deck ,and 44" snow/utility blade with tire chains has hydraulic lift and engine rebuilt 100 hours ago runs great, but has grind‐ ing noise in drive when under heavy load $1,500-OBO. Call or text (330)234-8274 if no answer leave message!

SELECT HANDYMAN LLC, Tile work, painting, remodeling, flooring, and more. Call (330)407-2377.


Excavating Services

JOHN DEERE X-485 Garden Trac‐ tor with 62" mowing deck. 1600 hours. Power steering. Wheel weights. Serviced annually. Excellent condition! Call: (330)763-4572.

R.A.K EXCAVATING, (330)6000091, driveways, building-sites, new ponds, pond clean out, waterway clean-outs, land-clearing, finishgrading, spring-developments, demolition and more. Friendly, reliable service.



Tools & Equipment

Handyman Services

FOR SALE: MULTIPLE Power Tools4" Rockwell Delta Precision Jointer . 9'-2 Wheel Band Saw. 6" Bench Grinder w/ 8" Drill Press. 48" Lathe and accessories. All in great condition. Selling from an estate woodworking shop. (330) 204-9367.

HANDYMAN SERVICES, SMALL jobs or repairs. Furniture assembly, mount TV's, hang pictures and mir‐ rors, install closet organizers, minor plumbing, fixing leaky faucets, in‐ stalling new bathroom hardware like faucets and shower heads. Minor electrical tasks such as installing new light fixtures or ceiling fans. Yard work/outside clean up. Call or text Mike at (330)437-9778.


Construction & Remodeling ABLE MASONRY AND BARN REPAIR Bank Walls, Replace Cabling, Chimneys Rebuilt, Stone, Brick, All Woodwork, Masonry, Pole Barn Construction, All Residential Remodeling, Fully Insured, Senior Discounts. Paul (330)674-2538.


Services ELECTRICIAN FOR HIRE licensed, insured. 35 years of experience. Small jobs only. Contact: (330) 3900038.

M&M SPOUTING! FOR all your gut‐ ter & spouting needs call: (330)4320482.




TOOLS - SMALL APPLIANCES - TOYS LAWN & GARDEN - WHOLESALE PALLETS, ETC. There will be several loads of new, used, returned and surplus items from mostly Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes, and Target. Mowers, hand tools, power tools, and electric, good selection of Lawn And Garden type items blowers, vacs, trimmers, etc. also there will be some household type items Usually small type kitchen appliances, toys and some sporting goods, misc. most items sold separately but will be some volume lots for wholesalers. or pics will be added sale week. We are going to have a preview Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM and will be opening registration then. Terms: Cash, or Visa/MC/Discover Credit/Debit Card, There will be a 5% Buyers Premium applied to all purchases. We will not be Accepting Checks Note: These items are mostly new but are surplus, scratch and dents or returned items. This is a partial list. We are bringing items in by the semi load so there are bound to be some unadvertised specials and some things on the list that don’t show up. Everything is on a one way ticket and sold as-is under your own inspection. There will be something for everyone. We will be selling in 4 rings out of the gate and up to 5 rings at times so bring a couple friends. Load out until 5 pm Saturday or 9-4 on Monday. Lunch stand on site. It should be a great day, a lot of volume and good volume so bring the box truck! Call Seth Andrews with questions 330-466-5471.

Real Estate & Equipment Specialists.

Apprentice Auctioneer Macin Hager


MOBILE SMALL ENGINE repair & service. Spring lawn mower service & any other small engine service. Free pickup & delivery call for details. (330)323-4204. MUDCO CONCRETE CALL FOR ALL TYPES OF FLATWORK! POLE BARNS, BASEMENTS, DRIVEWAYS, STAMPED WORK, AND MUCH MORE. 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. CALL ERIC MILLER AT: 330-275-2296.

ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME and Sherwood Memorial Gardens makes Pre-arranging your funeral and cemetery needs easy. Call Joshua Heiney at 330-345-5665, email: [email protected] or text at 844-552-5509 for information or to book an appointment. ROBERTS FUNERAL HOME and Sherwood Memorial Gardens makes Pre-arranging your funeral and cemetery needs easy. Call Joshua Heiney at 330-345-5665, email: [email protected] or text at 844-552-5509 for information or to book an appointment.


From bow wow to the cat’s meow… check out the pet classified ads! 0620


1&1/2-Y/O MINI POODLE, red+white parti colored ICA registered, 14lbs, $1200. 5-y/o ACA Bichon, male $400. 9MO.AKC Havanese male, chocolate+white parti color w/tan points, great hair coats, $1200. (330)275-4983 1 YEAR OLD AKC Bernese Moun‐ tain Dog female $5,000-OBO. 5 year old AKC Siberian Husky female; good mother raised 9 puppies last lit‐ ter $750-OBO. Nine dark red AKC Golden Retriever puppies 3 weeks old; 7 females 2 males make offer. (330)440-8004.

2 FEMALE, 1 male Border Collie Feist mixed dogs. 4 months old. Make offer, must go. Roman Bark‐ man, 8427 County Road 373, Big Prairie, OH.

Transportation Services

2-Y/O AKC OLD English Sheep dog, male, proven, $800 (330)275-4983


3 YEAR OLD Standard Poodle Parti male registered call or text: (330)2048164 if interested.


Tree Service BAD BOYZ TREE SERVICE, LLC. Tree removal, much more! Free estimates, 10% discount on everything booked by 2/28 Fully insured, crane removals and stump grinding. Buying standing timber! Call for Wood Chips. (330)275-9155 Like our Facebook Page!

Coffee Break? We’re there.

4 MINI SHEEPADOODLE Puppies, black and white markings, very friendly, 330-556-9405

4 YEAR OLD Red F1 Goldendoodle female. Should be cycling in March or April. $1,500.00 OMO call or text (330)407-7086. 6 MO OLD Mini Sheepadoodle fe‐ males. Blue Merle breeding stock. Also, AKC registered Chocolate Merle Moyen Poodle male. Call for pricing, (330)567-5963.

7-MINI-BERNEDOODLE PUPPIES DOB-12/13/21. Vet checked, UTD on shots and dewormer. $750-each OBO. (330) 600-2432 8 MONTH OLD male Standard Poo‐ dle Bernese Mountain Dog mix. Black in color, looking for a new home, he answers to the name Noo‐ dle he has had all puppy shots and is not fixed. Asking $50 rehoming fee, please text or call: (330)641-7174 for more information.

Buckeye Mini Horse & Donkey Auction

FOLLOWED BY PONIES & HORSES Wayne County Fairgrounds 199 Vanover Street, Wooster, OH 44691

Saturday, March 12, 2022 8:30 AM Tack & Equipment 12:00 PM Mini Donkeys & Mini Ponies Horses & Ponies to follow All animals must have halter & lead rope. Last Auction Top 10 Average was $3008 Stock Was In High Demand! For more information: Daniel Schrock, Auctioneer Ohio License #2015000116 330-763-0905 [email protected]


HERO TAKES STRESS out of man‐ aging medications. Hero sorts & dis‐ penses meds, sends alerts at dose times & handles prescription refill & delivery for you. Starting at $24.99/month. No initi-ation fee. 9020 • Wooster Weekly day risk-free trial! 1-888-684-0280.

March 5, 2022 ADORABLE BERNEDOODLE, GOLDENDOODLE, and Labradoodle Puppies for sale. All of our puppies are raised Happy & Healthy. All pup‐ pies are current with vaccinations and dewormers. All puppies have been microchipped. Please call 330407-1876.

Wooster Weekly News • 21 AKC REGISTERED BLUE Tick Beagle puppies. Up to date shots and ready to go. (330)749-3315

AKC REGISTERED CHOCOLATE Poodle female. Born July 30, 2019. Has had 2 litters, 1 with 8, 1 with 9. Very good mother! Should come in heat around June. $4,000. Text/call 330-204-7273.

AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD 3-y/o, female. Black+tan, confirmed bred to a solid black male. Her last litter was 9 pups, all lived. Very good mom. Puppies will not be eligible for regis‐ tration. We did not purchased the male with his papers. Sire is on promises for viewing. Will deliver within a reasonable distance. Please call/text (330)614-5627

AKC REGISTERED STANDARD Poodle female. Cream. Good breed‐ ing stock! A little shy. Some of her puppies have been genetic tested and cleared. Should come in heat in April. Born 4-8-17. $1,000. Text/call 330-204-7273.

AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER female, 3&1/2 yrs. old, $1,000. 6 mo. old dark red Miniature Goldendoodle, $300. 10667 Hackett Rd, Applecreek, OH 44606.

AKC REGISTERED STANDARD Poodle female. Cream-ish/red. Born 7-30-19. Should start heat anytime. Has had 1 litter of 7. All red! $4,000. Call/text 330-204-7273.

AKC GOLDEN RETRIEVER FEMALES. 10 months old. Excellent breeding stock! $1,750 OBO. Call or Text 330-536-3177.

APPROX. 3 YR. old male Rat Ter‐ rier, brindle & white colored. Friendly. Would make nice pet, $125.00, OBO. (330)897-0177.

AKC REGISTERED 4 yr old Old English Sheepdog female. Excellent mother! Call for pricing, (330)5675963.

AKC-REGISTERED. BLUE-MERLE, MINIATURE Australian Shepherd, $650 each. (330)473-5280


AT STUD, GETSBY, Tri Mini-Poodle for all your Bernese needs. Puppies will all be tri at reasonable price. Also other Mini-Poodles to choose from for various crosses. (330)201-2630



7 GENERATION FAMILY 136 ACRE FARM & MINERALS ONLI NE A UCTIO N O N LY 136.8 Acres | Buffalo & Seneca Townships | Noble County 7 Land Parcels | Mineral Rights | 134 Net Gas & Oil Rights offered Separately | Open Farmland | Wooded Acreage with Timber | Fenced Pastureland | Building Sites Privacy on Dead End Road

Bidding Ends: Tuesday, March 8, 2022 6:00 PM with extended bidding

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD BLUE Merle male. 1.5 years old, proven breeder with great disposition, good with children $500. 740-398-1801. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD puppies born on the farm 12/19/21. Ready for homes now. Vet checked,vaccinated,dewormed, dew-claws removed and tails docked. $400-each. 2nd-litter born 12/29/21. Will be ready 2/23/22,$1000-each blue-merle+black-tri colors. (330) 465-1439. No Sunday sales. Dalton OH.

DACHSHUND STUD SERVICE. Long haired, Miniature Dachshund. Red coloring. ACA certified. $450 service fee. Call Chester: (440)2262778. DOG KENNEL. 12×28 building with 8' runs on each side. Has 7 Gages for large breed and 1 cage for puppies. Inside has tender footing and wash down. It is equipped with a gas heater water heater, 4 by 4 bath station And secondary water tanks with a water pump. $53'000 Call or text at (330)365-7975

FOR SALE: BERNESE female, beautiful color, great family pet. Call/text (234)301-7527. FOR SALE: MINI Bernedoodles, 3males, 12-weeks old. Had all shots, vet checked. Ready to go! $350, (330)464-0655. I'M LOOKING FOR a toy fox terrier puppy registered/unregistered, com‐ panion dog, not a breeder. Contact: (330)243-5910.

LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUPPIES. AKC Registered, vet checked, UTD on shots and deworming. DOB: 0107-22. Males: 2 chocolate. Females: 2 chocolate, & 2 Black. Call or text today! 330-260-4320. MINI BERNEDOODLE PUPPIES, 3 females, $1,200 each, 3 males $900 each. Ready to go 3/22/22. (330)8930591. MINI BERNEDOODLES FOR sale. 2 brown males. Available 3/3/22 asking $550 if interested call/text (330)439-3528

MINI BERNEDOODLES FOR sale. Born on 12/25/21. Asking $400.00. If interested call or text 330-439-3528. MINI GOLDEN DOODLE female. 4 1/2 years old. bred to red Mini Poo‐ dle, due end of March. More info (330)275-7532.

MORKIE-POO TRI COLORED 1-M 1-F Perfect House Dogs 5 Month Old 330-600-5712 PUPPY ADVERTISING! Will take your puppy pictures and advertise them online! Contact Janell 330-2756845

SHIH-TZU PUPPIES. DOB: 01/02/2022. 2 males and 2 females; very lively and sweet, colors vary. Please call for more information: 330466-3328 or 330-695-9310.

STANDARD BERNEDOODLE PUP‐ PIES, mom's a friendly farm dog. Born Dec. 3rd. Females $600, males, $400. (330)893-0591.


For legal description, terms, photos, and Online Bidding please visit www.kaufman-auctions. com


Bidding Is Open & Starts Closing Monday, March 21, 2022 • 6:00 PM PICK UP DATE:  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 11:00-3:00 PM PICK UP LOCATION:  ADDRESS WILL BE ON THE INVOICE Nice collection of wood working tools, shop tools, riding tractor, new snow blower, wood lathes, wood working tools, exotic wood. TERMS: Online Terms Apply. 10% buyer’s premium. No shipping will be offered. KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 MYRON MILLER, Realtor/Auctioneer 330-204-0864 or  [email protected] DERRICK KANDEL, Realtor/Auctioneer 330.231.4524 or [email protected]




SPLIT LEVEL HOME IN CANTON – CONTENTS ON L IN E A UCTION ON L Y Split Level Home | .466 Acres | Plain Township Stark County | Plain LSD | 4 Bedrooms 2 Updated Bathrooms | Corner Lot | Storage Barn Household – Furniture – Tools – Lawn & Garden – Miscellaneous

Bidding Ends: Thursday, March 17, 2022 5:00 PM with extended bidding OPEN FOR INSPECTION: Monday, March 7, 2022 • 3:00-5:00 PM


4.05 Acres | Bucks Township | Tuscarawas County 4 Bedroom Country Home | Level Acreage for Pasture or Additional Outbuildings

Bidding Ends: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 5:00 PM with extended bidding OPEN FOR INSPECTION: Thursday, March 10, 2022 • 4:00-6:00 PM

LOCATION: Near 53800 Twp. Rd. 134, Pleasant City, OH 43772. GPS Coordinates: 39.8766292, -81.4647529. Directions: From I-77 (Buffalo exit 37) take SR 313 east 4.2 miles to SR 285, turn south 3.9 miles to TR 134, continue south to farm. Signs Posted.


LOCATION: 9892 Ragersville Rd. SW, Baltic, OH 43804. GPS Coordinates: 40.423053, -81.656600. Directions: From SR 93 in Baltic, take Ragersville Rd east 2.8 miles, turn left .1 mile to property. From SR 39 east of Sugarcreek, take Ragersville Rd south 4.3 miles to Ragersville, turn south 2.7 miles to the property. Signs Posted.

LOCATION: 3930 Boettler S.t NE, Canton, OH 44721. GPS Coordinates: 40.8834148, -81.3089052. Directions: From SR 43/ Market St, take Applegrove east 1.9 miles to Boettler St., turn right 1.1 mile to property. From US RT 62, take Harmont Ave north .3 mile to Columbus Rd., turn right 1.4 miles to Bentler Ave., turn left 2 miles to Boettler St., turn left to property. Signs Posted. For legal description, terms, photos and ONLINE BIDDING, please visit CONTENT TERMS: 10% Buyers Premium. Online Bidding Terms Apply. Load out date: Monday March 21st, Noon to 4:00 PM.

AUCTION BY ORDER OF: The Secrest Irrevocable Heritage Trust, Moriah Stehura, Trustee For legal description, terms, photos and ONLINE BIDDING please visit KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 CURT YODER, Realtor/Auctioneer 330.204.2447 [email protected]

AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Estate of Jay A Booher, Deborah L Durbin, Executor, Stark County Probate Case #241743

AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Andreas Real Estate LLC BF-15280


KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 CURT YODER, Realtor/Auctioneer 330.204.2447 [email protected]



KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 CURT YODER, Realtor/Auctioneer/Partner 330.204.2447 [email protected]



22 • Wooster Weekly News STUD SERVICE: AKC German Shepherd. (330)663-3672.

THREE 1-Y/O, AUSTRALIAN Shepherd females, blue-merle+redmerle, NSDR Registerable, $1000each. (330)275-4983 TWO 10 WEEK old Red Miniature male Poodles; Puppies well social‐ ized; No papers $800 Call or Text 330-221-3521.

March 5, 2022 RETIRING, LOOKING FOR FOR‐ EVER homes for my Paso Fino Horses, Teenagers, Mares, Stallions. Call 330-763-0960.


50-BALES 2ND CUTTING, alfalfa baleage, 20%-protein, good dairy hay. Delivery available. (330)473-2933


LS160 NEW HOLLAND skidsteer 1700 hours 10,000.00, (330)6633672.

AAA HORSE HAY, Heifer, and Beef cow hay. Round bales, FREE delivery (330)275-0880


TWO 1 1/2 year old F1 BB Mini Golden-doodle females; due to cycle soon. 1 1/2 year old dark red F1 B Mini Golden-doodle male; proven breeder. $1,500/each (330)763-1866.

FIRST CUTTING ROUND bales of mixed grass hay. Made early & Good quality. Dry and baleage available. $50 a bale. (330)466-1032.

WE HAVE 4 month Mixed beautiful Beagles asking $50. They have all shots; de-wormed and have been vet checked! They need good homes call me at: (440)693-4170.




LIONHEAD BUNNIES. BEAUTIFUL colors and very cute. Ready to go March 5th. $20. (330)521-4371.

4×4 ROUND BALES, 1st cutting, alfalfa orchard grass mixed. No rain. (330)473-2416

WARNING: ANIMALS ADVERTISED for "free" are sometimes acquired by people who use them as bait in train‐ ing other animals to fights or for sci‐ ence experiments. Please help us to stop animal cruelty by asking a nomi‐ nal fee for your pet to attract a sin‐ cere buyer.


4 YR OLD Standardbred Gelding 16+ hands, nice build, family type, fresh 3 weeks. TSS $7000. 6 yr old standardbred cross mare, tall and chunky. Will pull anything. Been on long trips an in the field. Anyone can drive. Good looking mare. $6800 330-521-0707



Standardbred 10-Y/O TROTTING-BRED MARE, tattoo#3K199, sire crase, SOD Muffles Yankee. Paid breeding for in range, TSS. (330)600-9945 6-Y/O GELDING. GOOD surrey horse, very dependable, TSS, $7000 Daniel Miller (330)275-8960

8-Y/O STANDARDBRED GELDING 16-hands, chunky build, easy keeper, nice family horse, TSS, $6900. (330)260-8531

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 • 4:00 PM LOCATION: Kaufman Auction Center, 559 Belden Parkway NE, Sugarcreek OH 44681. Directions: Off SR 39 east of Sugarcreek, turn north onto Belden Parkway. The Kaufman Auction Center/ Warehouse is on your right. Signs posted. GPS Coordinates: 40.509654, -81.622768. HALF CENTS-HALF DOLLARS: 1828, 51, half cents; 1808, 52, large cents; 1862, 68, 69/9, Indian head cents; 190svdb PCI MS63 Lincoln cent; 1913s type-2, 37 PCI PF67, buffalo nickels; 1820 bust dime; 1873s seated dime; 1897 barber dime; 1875s 20-cent pc.; 1854 seated quarter; 1932s, 34d, Wash. Quarters; 1826 bust half; 1913 barber half; 1921s W/L half. SILVER DOLLARS: 1803 bust; 1878 7/8-T.F., 78cc, 78s, 80o, 83cc, 84s, 86o, 86s, 87s, 89s, 91cc, 97o, 97s, 1904, Morgans; 1928 peace; 2021cc PCGS MS70, 2021s PCGS MS70, Morgans; 2021 PCGS MS70 Peace. GOLD: 1900 $20. Liberty head; 1908 $20. St. Gaudens; 1907 $10. Liberty head; 1926 $10. Indian head; 1839, 1881, 1882,$5. Liberty heads; 1913 $5. Indian head; 1878s $2.50 liberty head; 1927, 1929, $2.50 Indian heads; 1850o, 1851c, 1853, $1. Pcs.; 1851A France 20-francs. MISC.: 1936 Lynchburg NGC MS66, 1926s Oregon Trail, 1920 Pilgrim,Comm. Halves; 2011 ANACS MS70, 2015(W) ANACS MS70, 2013w PCGS PF70 Rev. PF, 2020w PCGS PR69 DCAM V75, 2021 Type 1 & 2 PCGS MS70, 2022 NGC MS70, silver eagles.

FIRST CUTTING ORCHARD Grass and Timothy Mixed Hay. Round and Square Bales. Contact:(740)8243621. HAY FOR SALE: second & third cut‐ ting organic grass mix hay, small square & 4x5 round bales, can de‐ liver. Call: 330-340-4915.


WHEAT STRAW FOR sale. Large square (3'x3'x8') or large round (4'x5'). $60 each or 10 or more $55 each. Delivery available. Esselburn Grain & Cattle Farm. Shreve. (330)465-1837.

1ST. 2ND & 3rd cutting grass/alfalfa, small squares. Chopped wheat straw, round bales, (740)502-9868.

WRAPPED ROUND BALES of dairy quality Alfalfa. Also some beef hay, (330)663-3672.



CERTIFIED ORGANIC 1ST cutting wrapped baleage good for dry cows, heifers, or beef cows. Test results available on request. Reasonably priced! (330)567-5963.


Farm Equipment FOR SALE - H & S Heavy Duty 270 Manure Spreader. Excellent condi‐ tion. Call 330-432-4687. JOHN-DEER 2355 TRACTOR w/roll bar and new rear tires in good condition, $9500 (330)473-2933




Yard & Garage Sale Millersburg GARAGE SALE: SATURDAY, March 19th. 9am to 5pm. Construction tools; Hand tools; Power tools; Scaffolding; Generator; Antique tools; Office equipment. 3528 CR 58 Millersburg, Ohio.


Real Estate For Sale FOR SALE : Investment property in Canton. 2 bed/1 bath. New lease @ $995/month, Professionally man‐ aged, Price 72k, 2021 updates in‐ clude, New paint throughout, New carpeting upstairs, Refinished oak hardwood floors living/dining rooms, New A/C unit. Also has large de‐ tached garage, huge fenced back yard, newer furnace and water heater. Also included washer, dryer, stainless fridge & gas range. Call/text for more info and pictures 330-6001068 .

SHERWOOD MEMORIAL GAR‐ DENS 2 side-by-side plots in Garden of Great Commission $1200.00 total. (330)264-3707.


Storage Space Rental FOR RENT 75X82 heated building, Millersburg, call 330-231-2179


Transportation Accessories RUNNING BOARDS FROM Chevy pick up truck, good condition. $125 for the pair. Call John (440)669-6991.





86 Acres in 4 Parcels | Farmhouse w/Bank Barn & Outbuildings | Tremendous Building Sites Coshocton County | Jefferson Township Riverview Schools | J Deere & Allis Tractors Farm Equipment | Household & Collectibles

4 Bedroom Home | 1.5 Bath | Updated Electrical 1,620 Sq. Ft. | Big Prairie | Ripley Twp. | Holmes Co. West Holmes Schools

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 • 10:00 AM Farm Sells at 12:00 Noon

Bidding Begins Ending: Thursday, March 17, 2022 • 6:00 PM OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, March 10, 2022 • 3:30-5:30 PM

OPEN HOUSE: Wednesday, March 9, 2022 • 4:00-6:00 PM LOCATION: 27927 TR 30, Warsaw, OH 43844. From US 36 just east of Warsaw, take TR 30 north 2.5 miles to farm or from SR 60 just north of Riverview High School, take TR 31 west 0.8 mile to TR 30 north to farm.

LOCATION: 13260 CR 100, Big Prairie, OH 44611. 2 blocks south of SR 226/First St. intersection. For legal description, terms, photos and ONLINE BIDDING please visit

For legal description, terms and photos please visit www. and watch future ads. AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Judith M. Wigginton Estate, John D. Wigginton, executor Estate #TBD

Note: This is only a partial list of approx. 400-lots to be sold in catalog order. Doors open 2-hrs. prior to auction. Terms: Cash, Check or CC. 10% BP applies to all purchases. 20% BP Online. Applicable sales tax does apply.

SALE BY ORDER OF: Denny Davenport, Executor KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 ADEN YODER, Auctioneer 330.231.8983 or [email protected] DERRICK KANDEL, Auctioneer 330-231-4524 or [email protected]



KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 STEVE MAAG, REALTOR, GRI, 330.763.4769 [email protected]



KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 330.852.4111 PAT KAUFMAN, Realtor/Auctioneer 330-204-6512 [email protected] CLIFF SPRANG, Realtor/Auctioneer 330-464-5155 [email protected]



March 5, 2022 1006

Classic Cars WANT TO BUY: Nice Muscle/Clas‐ sic car or truck. Serious private cash buyer! (330)601-3830.


Transportation 12 PASSENGER 2016 Nissan NV 3500 V8 Leather Seats, tinted win‐ dows and hitch. 70k miles. Located in Marshallville, 10 min West of Canal Fulton. $125/Day 350 miles included per day. 37¢/mile per additional mile. Call/text Dave:(330)352-7470.


Bicycles MAGNUM VOYAGER E-BIKE ,48 volt battery, very good. $1,800. (330)663-3672.


Boats & Water Sports FOR SALE 2000 210 super pro, pro craft new aluminum trailer, ultrex trolling motor, paired with a helix 7. 330-749-3315

Wooster Weekly News • 23 FOR SALE 2000 210 super pro, pro craft, new aluminum trailer, ultrex trolling motor paired with a helix 7 225efi mercury. 330-749-3315


Hunting & Fishing REMINGTON 1100-410GA. NEW condition, unfired, in box. Manufactured 1999, $2500 call Tom @ (330)201-3156 REMINGTON 700 SPS police tacti‐ cal 223 cal. hogue overmolded stock, x mark pro adjustable trigger,6x 24x50 lighted recticial sniper scope,bipod,sling, manufactured 2008. new unfired. $1,375. (740)5026041.

RUGER MARK 11 Automatic Pistol, NRA special edition, 22 cal. en‐ graved, checkered rosewood grips, William B. Ruger Endowment case. Unfired. (740)502-6041.

TEN-POINT RDX400 CROSSBOW w/ACU draw pro, 9 new bolts $750.00 (330)343-4498

going fishing?

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Looking for gear?

Strings & Things Sell your items in section 0345 ABSOLUTE MILLER AUCTION 2.122 Acres | Project House & 36x40 Garage Building Vehicles, Boat, Tractor | Household & Equipment Killbuck Township | West Holmes Schools Holmes County

Friday, March 25, 2022 • 11:00 AM OPEN HOUSE: Thursday, March 10th, 4:00-6:00 PM LOCATION: 3575 SR 60, Killbuck, OH 44637. 1 mile north of Killbuck on SR 60 or 5.2 miles on SR 60 south from SR 39 at Finneys. For legal description, terms and photos please visit AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Gerald D Miller

KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 888.852.4111 STEVE MAAG, GRI, Realtor 330.763.4769 or [email protected]




Horses | Equipment | Farm Machinery | Guns | Harness Shop Supplies

Saturday, March 19, 2022 • 9:00 AM LOCATION: 2181 Perron Rd SE, Carrollton, OH 44615. Directions: From Carrollton go 6.5 miles South to SR 9/Perron Rd West, 1 mile to farm. Watch for signs. 45+ HORSES: Team of 6+10 yr old Belg. Mares long tail, Team 6+12 yr old Belg. Geldings, Team of 3 yr olds blond geldings long tail 1.(Sire Final Kandyman Dam Sugar Hooker Supreme) 2.(Sire CD Buddy Supreme Dam Shade Rock Hickory Supreme), Team of 13 yr old Reg. Belg. Mare (Sire Stylish Stanley Dam Forks Anette) + 14 yr old Belg. Gelding, Team 3 yr olds Percheron Geldings half-brothers long tail, 3 yr old Gray Percheron Gelding, 3 yr old black Percheron Gelding, Team 14 yr old Belgiam Mare in foal +16 yr old Reg. Belg. Mare (Sire Troy Acres Mickey Dam AC Molly), Team of 18 yr old Reg Belg. Mare (Sire Dutch Maid Balance Dam Dutch Maid Jessica) in foal + 17 yr old Belg Gelding, Team of 16+17 yr old Belg. Mares, Team of 4+12 yr old Belg. Geldings 18 hands, 12 yr old Belg. Mare, 2 yr old Reg. Belg. Mare (Sire MDL Rockys Nate Farceur Dam Diamond Lakes Dolly), 2 yr old Reg. Gelding (Sire BJ Majesty Dam LCH Firestones Gretta, 2x 2 yr old Belg. Geldings long tails, 2x 1 yr old Belg. stud colts long tail, 2x 1 yr old stud colts, Team of 14 yr old Belg Geldings, 8 yr old Crossbred Gelding, 11 yr old Std Mare, 13 yr old Std Mare (Sire Gurbonator Dam Oumin) in foal to RFA Mars Star, 2- 8 yr old hackney cross ponies.  RIDING AND DRIVING HORSES: 10 yr old spotted mare riding horse, 10 yr old black and white gelding riding horse, 16 yr old red riding horse gelding, 4 yr old sorrel gelding riding horse, 14 yr old standardbred gelding surrey horse, 10 yr old standardbred mare (Sire Jereme Jet Dam Real Artistic), 10 yr old hackney pony cross mare, 10 yr old pony gelding, 3 yr old mini mare, 8 yr old Morgan cross gelding. HARNESSES/SADDLES/TACK:  5 sets of Bio Draft harnesses (3 with spots), 2 sets of Halflinger harnesses 1 bio & 1 nylon, Double set pony harness nylon, 12 set bio buggy harnesses new and used, 5 set new bio mini + pony harnesses, 2 sets single bio draft harnesses, 30+ western saddles all rebuilt including circle Y, Longhorn, Simco, Action, Red Ranger, Skyline, 30+ new + used horse collars all sizes, 60 new Weaver head stalls leather & nylon, 10+ Weaver breast collars, Weaver off billets, All sizes Weaver sir flex smart cinches, 15 new memory foam Weaver saddle blankets, Weaver leather reigns, dog collars, spur straps, 100+ halters from Weaver & Val Homa & Hillside sizes from pony to draft, lots of Weaver spurs & bits, sleigh bells, western belts, saddle bags, curry combs & brushes, 100+ Weaver neck ropes & lead ropes, buggy whips, lots of used tack, harness parts, old wooden hames, new dress shoes all sizes, 1+3 tier saddle racks, boxes of leather pieces, 2 horse eveners, 3 & 4 horse bars, neck yokes. 30+ PIECES FARM MACHINERY: JD B Tractor on rubber runs good, Pioneer 8’ cultimulcher withleveler & groomer attachments, 3 NI #10A Spreader on steel (1 rebuilt), 2 #9 mowers rebuilt 6’ & 7’ bar, Pioneer 14” walking plow like new, 2 Pioneer Left handed riding plows, 1 Pioneer right handed riding plow, Pioneer 2 bottom plow, Rebuilt INT Manure spreader on rubber, 2 2 row INT Corn planters, Rebuilt NH 273 Baler on rubber withPTO, GEHL feed grinder, 100 gal field sprayer, Pequea 710 Hay tedder, NI Hay rake, 2 INT grain

binders 8’ & 7’ field ready, INT Corn binder, NI 1 row corn picker withmotor mount, 10’ Pioneer spring tooth harrow, 12’ spike tooth harrow, 2 gravity wagons 1 on rubber 1 on steel, 2 forecarts on steel, 1 forecart withshafts on rubber, Oliver grain drill (needs work), JD grain drill (for parts), Buzz saw + 5 drive belts, Pioneer gang mower with clipper reels, 4 row INT corn planter, JD 24T Baler, 2x 8’ Dbl disks, 4 row JD corn planter, 3 pt 100 gal field sprayer.  GUNS:  30-30 Marlin Lever action #336A, 30-30 Win Lever action #94, 45 Colt Stoeger M8-A Lever action with13502, 30-06 Rem Pump #760, 7MM Savage bolt action #112 SS bull barrel, 44 Mag Rossia Lever action #R92, 45-70 Marlin Lever action #1895G, 22 Win Mag Marlin Bolt action SS barrel #882, 410 Stevens single shot #9478, 12 Ga Stevens Dbl Barrel #311, 12 ga Baikal over under #1ZH-27EM-IC, 12 ga 1100 Rem Semi auto 2 barrels, 12 ga 870 Rem Wingmaster pump withslug barrel, 12 ga Rem semi auto slug barrel, 20 ga Ithica pump, #37 featherlite, 20 ga Mag 11 Rem semi auto 2 barrels, 16 ga 870 Rem wing master pump, 12 ga Monte Carlo single shot trap special, 12 ga Marehich pump #88 slug barrel, 22 Marlin semi auto, 12 ga 870 Rem Wingmaster pump, 12 ga new england single shot, 50 cal black powder inline muzzleloader, 50 cal thompson center inline, 50 cal tradition inline, 45 ACP pistol withclip, 380 auto ruger pistol, Matthew mission compound bow.  LEATHER EQUIPMENT: Alder 205 Sewing machine withair motor & line shaft, Landis 16 Sewing Machine, Union Lockstitch Sewing Machine, Landis 6” leather splitter, Landis Skiver, Foot Riveter, 3 Nylon hot punches, CS Osborne Scissors, Osborne strap punches, Osborne arch punches.  BUGGIES & FARM MISC:  2-Seater surrey good cond., Fairview horse cart, 3 pony carts, 30+ buggy wheels & spreader wheels, 32’ Extension ladder withnew fiberglass, 2 24’ extension ladders, 20’ walk plank, new ladder jacks, fiberglass extension ladders, scaffold bucks, Lincoln welder gas powered, 2 belt driven table saws, tighten air compressor new withmotor, Master force air compressor withmotor, drum barrel white gas, empty 55-gal barrels, wagon loads of smalls.  ANTIQUES & HOUSEHOLD: Country Charm 6 Qt ice cream freezer, #32 chop right meat grinder, 4 sausage stuffers enterprise & others, 3 butter churns 6 qt 4 qt 2 qt, #3 1/2 cider press by Ames plow company, 3 hand crank corn shellers, 2 small hand crank corn shellers, 2 seed cleaners, 2 platform scales, 1 small store scale #4800, sharpening stone withseat, gas powered fridge (Refrigeration 77), DS Cole hot water heater, oak kitchen table with10 leaves, 6 chairs good cond., oak gun cabinet, rocking chair, oak wood box, oak magazine stand, dresser, harmonica clocks, auctioneer clock, gas lamps, alpaca stove, kerosine heater, boxes of Maryland China for decaling, Ruby band dishes, decals, China mist + lots more smalls.  LUNCH STAND by local school  SILENT AUCTION proceeds going for a local medical bill RAFFLE of Riding horse or $2,000 cash. Proceeds going for 2 widows. Don’t need to be present to win. To buy tickets before auction call 234-575-1607. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Great selection and a very large auction. We will be selling 2 rings a large portion of the day. Starting at 9 AM. Guns at 11 AM, EQUIPMENT 11:30-12, Horses at 1 PM. Gun buyers must be 18 to buy long guns and 21 to buy handguns and be an Ohio resident. Horses will start hitching at 10:00 AM.  TERMS:  Cash, Check, Credit with valid ID. 5% Buyers premium waived for cash or check. AUCTION BY ORDER OF: Steve & Sally Shetler 330-472-1818 Leave VM KAUFMAN REALTY & AUCTIONS 330.857.7777 or DAVE KAUFMAN, Auctioneer VERN YODER, Auctioneer 330.466.0520 [email protected]  STEVEN YODER, Auctioneer/Horse Pedigrees



24 • Wooster Weekly News

March 5, 2022


2019 HONDA HR-V LX 17,172 MI. #P9025

75,631 MI. #D891A





118,505 MI. #D908B



2014 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 LT LT2 137,903 MI. #D964A



40,915 MI. #P8995A





41,689 MI. #D991A


22,001 MI. #P9030





150,803 MI. #P8989A

88,894 MI. #D966A












36,314 MI. #D904A

72,692 MI. #D906B








2017 GMC ACADIA SLT-1 48,029 MI. #D968A




2011 NISSAN SENTRA 2.0 SR 110,100 MI. #D890C

61,339 MI. #D959A




7,199 MI. #P9021

31,685 MI. #P9026





43,548 MI. #P9011A



2019 TESLA MODEL 3 66,071 MI. #E004A





‘All prices are plus tax, title, & fees. Financing available for qualified buyers with approved credit. Expires 3-20-2022.

We’re your local Honda dealer in Wooster. Come check us out and see what we have to offer! 4600 Cleveland Rd. • Wooster • 330-345-5200 SALES HOURS: Mon. & Thurs. 9-8, Tues., Wed. & Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-3, Closed Sun.