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A Guide to Guide to Getting Started with Your New Education Benefit.




Your Tomorrow A Guide to Getting Started with Your New Education Benefit


Welcome to Your Tomorrow Education Benefits for Your Future We created Your Tomorrow in partnership with Guild Education to help you develop new skills, evolve your career, and create opportunities for yourselves and your families. WM will pay 100% of your tuition upfront for more than 135+ education programs at accredited, non-profit academic institutions: • Select business, technology, science, and mathematics bachelor’s degrees & professional certificates • High school completion and college preparatory programs

Interested in earning your graduate degree? We’ll also pay for 40+ master’s programs with $12,000/year that will often cover the entire program cost. Books and any required fees for courses are also 100% reimbursable.

Guild at a Glance

Simple Steps for Signing Up

Guild Education’s mission is to unlock opportunity for America’s workforce through education. You’ll hear from Guild when you apply for your program — and they’ll provide you with a coach who’ll give you personalized support from application through graduation.

Want More Information or Need Help Choosing a Program? Call Guild Education directly, click the “Chat” button, or select “Contact a Coach” to set up some time to speak with a Guild coach, get your questions answered, and find the best program for your interests and goals.


Visit the MY WM page on WM Now and select the Your Tomorrow tile. Or visit on your browser.


Enter Your Preferred Email and Phone Number


Click “Sign Up”


Browse the Catalog to learn about Schools and Programs


Pick a Program and Apply!

Your dependents will be able to start exploring programs later this year and begin classes in 2022. While this benefit is currently only available to our U.S.-based team members, we’re reviewing solutions to offer our Canadian and Indian team members.

“Education is one of the most important benefits we can give our team members. I was nervous to get back in the classroom after a 10 year gap, and whether it’s your first degree or you’re going back after 10 years, you’ll quickly find that you aren’t doing it alone. Don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet!” JIM FISH, President and CEO

We believe the value of a WM job is more than a

We partner with Guild Education to provide these

paycheck. It’s an opportunity for growth – personally

benefits. To help you go beyond what’s expected

and professionally.

and find what’s possible, WM and Guild are dedicated to facilitating an educational experience

Your Tomorrow provides a variety of education

designed for working adults. Balance work, school,

options designed for your career aspirations and goals. Benefits-eligible employees who have worked at WM for 90 days have the opportunity to

and family by attending classes online, on your own schedule, and in your own time.

enroll in high school, college preparatory classes,

Want More Information?

professional certificate programs, and a selection

Visit to see more

of associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in

details and get to know Your Tomorrow.

business, technology, science, and mathematics.

“I’ve been wanting to go back to school to get a master’s degree, but I also didn’t want to apply for student loans. This benefit is amazing!”

JILL CONFORTI, Senior People Support Associate

Perks of the Program CHOICE



Choose from a variety of

Enroll in online

Receive one-on-one support throughout

associate, bachelor’s, and

and self-paced

your education journey from coaches

master’s degrees, professional

programs to help you

who can help with program selection and

certificates, college

balance your work,

understanding your benefits, eligibility, and

preparatory classes, and

life and education.

the application process, as well as provide

high school completion.

guidance from day one to graduation. Contamos con asesores bilingües.

Whether it’s been 30 days or 30 years since you were last in a classroom, with WM and Guild, you have everything you need to succeed!

What Education Benefits Are Available? FULLY-FUNDED DEGREES

Eligible team members will receive 100% tuition coverage for select associate and bachelor’s degree programs in business, technology, science and mathematics. We also offer fully funded high school completion programs, college preparatory courses and professional certificate programs. Plus, all required books and non tuition related fees for your education program are 100% reimbursable!


In addition to fully-funded undergraduate programs, we’ll also pay for 40+ master’s programs with $12,000/year that will often cover the entire program cost. Books and non tuition related fees are also covered!


Students get access to personal education coaches to help you explore your options and succeed in school from start to finish.


Tuition payments will be facilitated by our partner, Guild Education, directly to your university and/or learning provider on your behalf — meaning you don’t have to worry about it!

Who’s Eligible? Team members are eligible to participate in WM’s Your Tomorrow education benefit if you are: - A U.S.-based team member; - Employed by WM for 90 days, and; - A regular, full-time benefits-eligible team member Eligibility also depends on the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement. For questions about your eligibility, please contact the WM Benefits Center (800-964-3373).

How to Choose a Program 1. MAKE SOME LISTS


Start by listing out your strengths,

Every program option in Your Tomorrow was

interests and values. Knowing

selected to provide opportunities for students

your abilities and being honest

regardless of what their educational background

about your goals is crucial to

is, but each school and program may have slightly

finding a program and career that

different admissions requirements that could

might be a good fit.

include previous college credits or a specific GPA. Guild Education coaches can help you understand these requirements and find the best program for you based on your past experience.


4. NEED HELP? CONTACT A COACH! Not sure what’s right for you? No problem,

Spend some time reading

the coaches at Guild Education specialize in

through the catalog of programs.

helping you explore your options and find the

Go beyond the course

right path for meeting your education and

description and explore what

career goals.

classes you would take.

To connect with a coach, visit today.

Tips for Success From Your Coaches at Guild KNOW YOUR WHY


“One of the most important things that

“You don’t need to start with a full

you can do to stay successful for the

course load. If you want to get your

long haul is to understand why you’re

feet wet with one course that’s totally

doing this. Do you want to advance your

fine. Our programs provide you with

career? Set an example for your kids?

the choice to take as many or as few

Whatever it is for you — keep that big

classes as you would like.”

picture in mind throughout your journey.”

Kasey S., Onboarding Specialist

Nicki S., Onboarding Specialist



“Use a calendar and map out your

“Your instructors and classmates are

assignments and major due dates. To go

great resources. I think sometimes

an extra mile, I prefer to color code my

people feel hesitant to reach out to

main things — one color for work, one

professors or students they’ve never

for family, one for fun, one for school, so

met — but the more questions and

it’s easy to look at a glance and know

networking you can do, the better.”

what’s up.”

Mikayla M., Student Success Coach

Jonathan A., Student Success Coach “Success can happen no matter your circumstances. You have to make a commitment to yourself and be successful that way...we give so much of ourselves to our jobs, and our communities, and our neighbors and friends and everything. Take a little bit of time each week and focus on you and your development.”

Nancy J. Purdue University Global

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